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CPA to recall all defunct vehicles. Sep 14, 2022 236
CPA launches national campaign for faulty vehicles recall. Aug 24, 2022 251
Regulator lodges complaint against accountancy bodies. Aug 21, 2022 465
Quality assurance review in horizon: Equipping CPAs in a transforming profession. Jul 5, 2022 675
PICPA: The professional organization of CPAs. Jul 5, 2022 685
Malawi's Accountant General Office caught into fraud transactions. Jun 27, 2022 224
Expat fined RO2,000 for selling tobacco: CPA. Jun 25, 2022 156
Seller beware! Consumer protection issues in Oman. Jun 4, 2022 766
PICPA: The professional organization of CPAs. May 24, 2022 685
JS passes CPA Bill. Apr 6, 2022 326
PICPA Doha hosts webinar on internal controls. Apr 2, 2022 436
Lagos Assembly Approves Sikiru Salami As Auditor-General. Mar 22, 2022 153
CPA launches campaigns to monitor prices, promotions. Mar 21, 2022 331
Pakistan's banking sector moving towards bright future. Khalil Ahmed Mar 13, 2022 1315
CPA issues warning to suppliers for ignoring price lists. By: Times News Service Mar 6, 2022 181
CPA imposes OMR 500 fine on business establishment. By: Times News Service Dec 12, 2021 202
CPA issues directives about warnings on flammable chemical products. By: Times News Service Dec 7, 2021 322
Understanding CPA Mobility: How to Abide by the Rules. Dickins, Denise; Higgs, Julia L.; Reid, Joseph Dec 1, 2021 1849
Public officialsA allowed to work as accountants, medical staff atA public schools. Nov 24, 2021 243
CPA chairman inspects efforts made to serve consumers. By: Times News Service Nov 15, 2021 216
WHISTLEBLOWING LAWS EVOLVE: History has taught us the importance of whistleblowers, and increased protections will ensure that they can report crime and misconduct with confidence. Schiano, Patrice; Zaydenverg, Arcady Nov 1, 2021 1148
CPA imposes OMR 1,000 fine on expat for selling tobacco. By: Times News Service Oct 27, 2021 262
CPA seizes store over misleading promotions. By: Times News Service Sep 5, 2021 215
Envoy tasks diaspora on investment opportunities in Nigeria. Sep 4, 2021 458
Musings on the amendments of the Accountancy Law. Aug 23, 2021 571
Uganda picks new member for EALA. Aug 22, 2021 257
Musings on the amendments of the Accountancy Law. Jun 21, 2021 692
Musings on the amendments of the accountancy law. Jun 7, 2021 786
Musings on the amendments of the accountancy law. May 31, 2021 630
Accountants in Cyprus updated by ACCA about regulations following the UK EU trade deal. Press Release Feb 8, 2021 552
CPA warns against manipulation of weight of goods. Feb 6, 2021 191
Public sector account officers to benefit from IPSAS certification programme. Jan 25, 2021 862
More CARES Relief: Qualified Improvement Property, Excess Business Losses. Josephs, Stuart R. Dec 1, 2020 786
Accountant Rizwan Ashraf turns approver in Gujrat police corruption case. Nov 15, 2020 264
Accountant turns approver in Rs.3 Billion Gujrat police corruption case. Nov 15, 2020 254
Egyptian property developers discuss CPA's potential scope for intervention. Shaimaa Al-Aees Oct 25, 2020 1404
20th Amendment: Deafening silence by chartered accountants. Oct 21, 2020 480
AML regulations notified for non-financial businesses. Oct 1, 2020 721
Businesses to follow unrealistic guidelines to escape FATF grey list. Sep 30, 2020 851
Amendments reinforce oversight, accountability - minister. Sep 13, 2020 414
Parliament passes Financial Reporting Bill. Sep 13, 2020 398
Early warning signs of a large malpractice claim. Ference, Sarah Beckett Sep 1, 2020 1542
UAA Model Rule changes proposed in support of CPA Evolution. Aug 1, 2020 328
Responding to client requests for confidentiality. Wolfe, Joseph; Sterna, Stanley D. Aug 1, 2020 1443
Certification key to building trust, competence. Mar 16, 2020 573
Fiduciary Duty, Due Care, and the Public Interest: A Practical Dilemma for CPAs. Love, Vincent J.; Eickemeyer, John H. Mar 1, 2020 2679
Tax & Accounting Update. Feb 1, 2020 731
Saudi Arabia's financial landscape evolving, say experts. Dec 26, 2019 613
Pakistan still need more time and efforts to promote professional education. Khalil Ahmed Nov 24, 2019 1177
Providing Services to the Marijuana Industry. Chiang, Wei-Chih; Du, Jianjun; Summers, David Nov 1, 2019 3372
Privacy Is a Priority. Pugliese, Anthony Nov 1, 2019 873
A framework for maintaining ethics compliance. Ference, Sarah Beckett Nov 1, 2019 1412
Updating the Statements on Standards for Tax Services. Preusch, Nick Nov 1, 2019 710
Family Law Issues. Pugliese, Anthony Oct 1, 2019 735
Concerns raised over recent incident in Mullaitivu. Sep 30, 2019 681
One year after. Sep 16, 2019 589
DLSU grads tie for first in CPA licensure exam. May 28, 2019 326
The Changing Regulatory Climate on Privacy: What CPAs Need to Know about 23 NYCRR 500 and the CCPA. Wertheim, Steven May 1, 2019 1203
CREDIBILITY IS PARAMOUNT: By demonstrating consistency, transparency, and accountability, accountants show colleagues, management, and regulators that they're credible and trustworthy. Lampton, Jolene May 1, 2019 1000
State Supreme Court establishes boundaries of liability for accountants. Stephenson, Correy E. Apr 4, 2019 1291
The New Yellow Book: What CPAs Need to Know. Ashenfarb, David C. Apr 1, 2019 2008
A Lost Opportunity for the Profession. Ackerman, Jason L. Apr 1, 2019 570
Providing services to cannabis clients. Rood, Deborah K. Apr 1, 2019 1424
Affiliates, confidentiality, and more: Find out how well you understand some of the most challenging ethical questions CPAs face today. Tysiac, Ken Apr 1, 2019 1397
Disclosure of Noncompliance with Laws and Regulations: What Whistleblower Protections Exist for CPAs? Allen, Catherine R.; Mair, David N. Mar 1, 2019 3016
Ethical Issues. Discussion Feb 1, 2019 2082
JS passes Cost and Management Accountants Bill, 2018. Oct 30, 2018 195
Tsogwane calls for strengthening of parliaments. Aug 19, 2018 432
Are Audit Committees Worth the Cost? Radin, Arthur J. Aug 1, 2018 1355
Kyrgyzstan, International Federation of Accountants sign agreement on use of copyrighted materials. Jul 20, 2018 272
To C or not to C? Jul 9, 2018 1068
CA Day talk spotlight on IT security. Jul 2, 2018 171
Mandatory Nonfinancial Reporting in the EU: Implications for U.S. CPAs. Weber, Jessica; Pippin, Sonja; Vreeland, Jannet; Wong, Jeff Jul 1, 2018 1783
CPD and innovation. Jun 17, 2018 635
Understanding the value and contribution of a professional accountant need of the hour - Interview with Syed Shariq Waqar - an analyst. Jun 10, 2018 867
Giving due recognition to the 4 Ps of the profession. May 20, 2018 576
How law finally caught up with former Makueni accountant. May 19, 2018 1085
Proclamation of a grand celebration. May 7, 2018 624
Radio show launched in Dubai for chartered accountants. May 3, 2018 289
IMF help inevitable if trade deficit not curtailed: Miftah. May 2, 2018 699
The trouble with nondisclosure agreements in attest engagements: Agreeing to keep certain items confidential may result in a breach of professional standards. Allen, Ben May 1, 2018 955
Reporting on Audits Conducted under: Dual Standards. Levy, Howard B. May 1, 2018 1422
Registry of accountants may be created in Azerbaijan. Apr 26, 2018 243
Accountants oppose scrapping of law capping lending charges. Apr 8, 2018 1064
ICAP proposes budgetary measures to promote growth. Apr 6, 2018 488
Experts call for incentivising documentation of economy. Mar 5, 2018 469
EXEMPTION FROM EARLIEST-YEAR MD&A REPORTING? Barlas, Stephen Brief article Mar 1, 2018 258
FORENSIC ACCOUNTANTS TO THE RESCUE: A good forensic accountant with experience in cost/managerial accounting has the ability to save your organization's reputation and finances. Heitger, Les; Greer, Olen L. Mar 1, 2018 2492
CPA votes proposal struggling. Feb 22, 2018 253
Car owner rights in new Consumer Protection Law. Feb 4, 2018 1519
Making the Transition to GASB's Codification from of the Original Pronouncements. Levine, Michele Mark Feb 1, 2018 1359
Ethics rule would require CPAs to discuss suspected illegal acts with clients. Ridgeway, Heidi; Tapajna, Joseph J. Feb 1, 2018 1227
Putting a Milking Stool Behind a Horse Does Not Make it a Cow: "Accountants' Charging and Retaining Liens" in Florida. Insignares, Luis; Kruger, Brian Feb 1, 2018 4009
We are 95 years old. Jan 29, 2018 495
CPA competencies within law overlap with other supervisory agencies: CFI vice chairperson. Jan 10, 2018 641
Obligations of accounting professionals. Jan 8, 2018 696
This Week: Roger Norman: Arkansas Legislative Auditor. Jan 1, 2018 409
Top Five: What CPAs Should Know About Controlled Groups. Roberts, Christine P. Jan 1, 2018 1520
At last, accountants are 'rock stars'. Dec 30, 2017 562
Which engagement letter reigns supreme? Ference, Sarah Beckett Dec 1, 2017 1313
Liability Risks and Other Concerns when Servicing Marijuana Businesses. Sterna, Stanley; Wolfe, Joseph Oct 1, 2017 1331
CPA gives 6 electricity companies a period of 1 month to adjust their conditions. Aug 16, 2017 539
Resolving Disputes by Expert Determination: What Happens When Parties Select Appraisers, Accountants, or Other Technical Experts to Decide Disputes. Willis, Brian C. Jul 1, 2017 6007
New consumer protection law in the making: CPA Head. Apr 27, 2017 158
AICPA proposal raises the ethical bar: incorporating international standards into the Code of Professional Conduct. Allen, Cathy; Snyder, Lisa Mar 1, 2017 4929
Another call for less onerous CPA licensing regulation. Levy, Howard B. Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2017 2167
Working With Professional Services Firms. Dec 1, 2016 1700
SECP consults stakeholders on reforms in insurance regulatory framework. Oct 25, 2016 305
SECP consults stakeholders on reforms in insurance regulatory framework. Oct 25, 2016 303
Financial inclusion still a challenge in low income communities in Africa. Oct 20, 2016 417
2017 changes: CBA approves new CPE requirements. Fox, Jason; O'Connor, Kasey Sep 1, 2016 696
New York's seven-year itch. Barry, Joanne S. Column Sep 1, 2016 739
Advisors involved in financial planning. Kess, Sidney; Mendlowitz, Edward Sep 1, 2016 1801
16 satellite TV channels to be investigated for misleading ads: CPA. Aug 3, 2016 225
Factors that influence a student's intention to sit for the CPA Exam. Coe, Martin Aug 1, 2016 2138
The unexpected risks of trustee services. Sterna, Stanley D.; Rood, Deborah K. Jul 1, 2016 1463
Financial reporting and securities regulation resources. Anders, Susan B. Jul 1, 2016 1209
It's amazing what CPAs can do: made to measure. Kravitz, Richard H. Editorial Jul 1, 2016 643
Mr. M. A. Lodhi joins Alpha Insurance as C.E.O. Jun 30, 2016 669
Filing amended and current returns in cases of past noncompliance: how not to make matters worse. Brackney, Megan L. May 1, 2016 1679
A look at how internal auditors uncover hidden risks. Apr 7, 2016 1357
Trends in SEC enforcement: what CPAs need to know. Betman, Ronald S. Mar 1, 2016 2523
In defense of CPAs in pension planning. Bencivenga, Joseph V. Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2016 862
Working together: governor signs bills supported by CalCPA into law. Allen, Bruce C.; Fox, Jason Nov 1, 2015 691
CPAs may be responsible for clients' payroll tax penalties. Lewis, Jan F. Oct 1, 2015 1475
Will spy thrillers add up to literary success? A Birmingham accountant, dubbed the James Bond of his profession, has used his daredevil experiences to write two spy thrillers. He talks to Roz Laws. May 14, 2015 821
E-commerce fraud spreads in Egypt, lack of counter-fraud laws: CPA head. Feb 4, 2015 540
New written tax advice and other revisions to Circular 230 and their effect on CPAs. Blatch, Mary L.; Bresnahan, James F.; Schreiber, Gerard H.; Schrock, Norma J.; Purcell, Thomas J. Dec 1, 2014 5869
The impact of the Consumer Protection Act on pharmacists. du Toit, K.; van Eeden, E. Report Nov 1, 2014 2339
Understanding the basics of crowdfunding: how CPAs can add value to companies and investors. Rechtman, Yigal; O'Callaghan, Susanne Nov 1, 2014 2540
CPA firms are being urged by the AICPA State Regulation and Legislation team to review their registration compliance procedures to ensure that they are complying with out-of-state registration requirements when performing attest engagements. Oct 1, 2014 478
Lawsky makes a bet on New York. Barry, Joanne S. Aug 1, 2014 681
The 150-hour education requirement: accounting practitioners' views. Deppe, Larry A. Aug 1, 2014 2750
State tax tribunals: is taxpayer representation by CPAs a potential independence problem? Kirkell, Brian J.; Villa, Michael J. Apr 1, 2014 2238
What you learn on: CIMA Mastercourses on legal issues for accountants. Feb 1, 2014 554
SEC, FINRA Enforcement: 4 Accountants Booted for Faulty Audits. Nov 14, 2013 1062
IRS oversight of CPAs who provide valuation services. Gregory, Michael; Marino, Renee Nov 1, 2013 3018
The pitfalls of assuming management responsibilities. Ference, Sarah Beckett Nov 1, 2013 1232
Government Relations Committee: advocating for you. Nov 1, 2013 231
Edward Law; Accountant turned local historian. Oct 8, 2013 379
What due care means for CPAs: examining the standards and relevant case law. Lawson, Celia; Love, Vincent J.; Manisero, Thomas R. Oct 1, 2013 2865
Breaking dawn: proposed private company accounting principles. Bloom, Robert; Weinstein, Gerald Oct 1, 2013 2911
Recess time: California legislature adjourns for the year. Allen, Bruce C.; Fox, Jason Oct 1, 2013 823
The institute: the latest developments from CIMA, plus upheld decisions. Sep 1, 2013 724
Susan P. Clark, CPA, FHFMA, Senior Manager, PYA to Speak at KC's Understanding IRS Proposed Regulations on Community Health Needs Assessments Live Webcast. Aug 8, 2013 684
CPAs and the trust fund recovery penalty. Kebodeaux, Keith Aug 1, 2013 1271
Perspectives on the Pathways Commission report: an analysis of the proposals. Bloom, Robert Aug 1, 2013 3664
Audit ethics in international business. Hassani, Mohsen; Khodayari, Reza; Mehdizadeh, Soosan Report Aug 1, 2013 3977
Is this client the right fit for your firm? Rood, Deborah K. Jul 1, 2013 1352
CBA reminder: Peer Review Reporting deadline: did you file? Allen, Bruce C.; Tindel, Jeannie Jul 1, 2013 825
The effect of the Affordable Care Act on charitable hospitals: the new IRC section 501(r) and the CPA's role. Bailey, William A.; Tidd, Ronald R.; Cahalan, Ryan May 1, 2013 4534
The Dodd-Frank act's conflict minerals provision: what CPAs should know about the SEC's final rule. Gaynor, Greg; Campbell, Katherine; Ellingson, Dee Ann; Notbohm, Matthew Apr 1, 2013 3672
Reporting illegal acts externally: a conflict between confidentiality and the public interest. Pany, Kurt; Zhang, Jian Mar 1, 2013 3037
Guidance for CPAs performing nonattest services: revisions to Interpretation 101-3. Clark, Ronald L. Mar 1, 2013 2263
CPA asks mobile companies to make licensed distributors database public. Feb 4, 2013 326
Avoiding allegations of improper tax advice: casual advice creates big exposure for malpractice claims. Rood, Deborah K. Jan 1, 2013 1205
National mobility campaign adds California and D.C.: what does this mean, and what are the next steps? Bond, Daniel Jan 1, 2013 1154
US adoption of IFRS will happen in the long run, say investors. Heffes, Ellen M. Dec 1, 2012 433
A Uniform CPA exam, but not-so-uniform requirements: education and licensure rules vary among states. Shelton, Margaret L.; Thompson, Steve; Serrett, Randy Nov 1, 2012 3023
Choose wisely: new brochures can help CPAs vet investment advisers. Jason, Julie Oct 1, 2012 3091
Finally: mobility: governor's signing of SB 1405 brings conformity to California. Allen, Bruce C.; Tindal, Jeannie Oct 1, 2012 851
Investigating the dark side of business: Mike Mason, F CCA, is a forensic accountant at accountants BDO and is also a barrister. He runs the Bar Standards Board's teaching on forensic accounting for family, civil and criminal law for all newly qualified barristers. Mason, Mike Sep 1, 2012 733
CBA: makes peer review changes. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 111
Criminal minds: what CPAs can learn from the way thieves think. Drew, Jeff Aug 1, 2012 3855
Proposed revisions clarify responsibilities for preparers: compilation standard would undergo significant changes. Glynn, Mike; Goria, Ellen Aug 1, 2012 2031
Business e-mails and potential liability: protecting privilege and confidentiality through disclaimers and prudent use policies. Ruhnka, John; Loopesko, Windham E. Aug 1, 2012 3033
Last-minute buzz: end of legislative session promises a flurry of activity. Allen, Bruce C.; Tindel, Jeannie Aug 1, 2012 796
The Outstanding Issues Between the Two Sudans: a Way to Peace or Conflict. Jun 29, 2012 7941
Demand for accountants remains strong. Cottingham, Jan Jun 11, 2012 1193
A government affairs program that works for you. Barry, Joanne S. Jun 1, 2012 874
Miles Mason, Sr. Presents "Forensic Accounting 101". Mar 3, 2012 263
Success! Members head to capitol to educate, inform legislators. Allen, Bruce C.; Tindel, Jeannie Mar 1, 2012 807
CBA elects new officers, approves clarification of new education requirements. Jan 1, 2012 178
A fresh look at our business climate. Barry, Joanne S. Jan 1, 2012 980
Business valuation engagement letter--regulations adopted in selected standards. Grudzinski, Michal Dec 1, 2011 4787
New laws: retires; status bill; ethics requirement. Nov 1, 2011 245
Legislative wrap-up: a summary of CalCPA's advocacy in 2011-12. Allen, Bruce C.; Tindel, Jeannie Oct 1, 2011 839
Accounting regulations for a private company. Kozij, Stanley J. Sep 19, 2011 668
Cpapac: how does it work for you? Barry, Joanne S. Aug 1, 2011 803
Retired license for CPAs a step closer in California. Aug 1, 2011 130
Expanding service organization controls reporting: SOC 2 reports offer CPAs new opportunities to address clients' needs. Halterman, Chris Jul 1, 2011 3275
Guidance for accounting professors. Scarpati, Stephen Jun 1, 2011 1393
An international business code of conduct: guidelines for sustainable global competitiveness. Wilhelm, Jana; Wilhelm, Paul G. Jun 1, 2011 5266
Enforce CPA/IC and The Hague peaceful settlement in Abyei - Sudanese rights group. May 27, 2011 652
When auditors fail to audit: themes from PCAOB enforcements. Herron, Terri L.; Gilbertson, David L. May 1, 2011 3741
Accounting for income taxes: a misfit in the convergence of standards? Fleming, Damon M.; Gill, Steven L.; Gillan, Siobhan May 1, 2011 2819
Penalty assault: negligence, substantial understatement of tax penalties on IRS radar. Caplan, Robert A. Mar 1, 2011 922
Trouble brewing: are nonprofits the next Roslyn? Barry, Joanne S. Column Feb 1, 2011 846
Accounting for unclaimed property. Walwyn, Sonia Feb 1, 2011 2505
John L. Darr, CPA, MT, Federal State and Local Government, Internal Revenue Service to Speak at Employment Law: Emerging Trends for 2010 and 2011. Jan 6, 2011 502
Answering the call: new FTB phone service working well. Williams, Leonard W. Jan 1, 2011 713
A revised code of conduct for the new law. Barry, Joanne S. Sep 1, 2010 1187
Law's anniversary is quiet reminder to get it right. Barry, Joanne S. Aug 1, 2010 627
Rx for healthcare reform? CPA translation. Barry, Joanne S. Jun 1, 2010 599
CPAs and health care reform. Parks, Pete May 31, 2010 690
The IRS announced plans to regulate all tax return preparers: CPAs are exempted from education and testing requirement. May 1, 2010 336
The power of a collective voice. Barry, Joanne S. May 1, 2010 699
Wiley CPA Exam Review Regulation. Book review Apr 1, 2010 94
The Jobs/Careers Shelf. Book review Apr 1, 2010 233
Is outsourced data secure? Desai, Renu; McGee, Robert W. Jan 1, 2010 2982
Bankruptcy fraud: reporting, responding to fraudulent activity in bankruptcy cases. Cohen, Marc S.; Clough, Alicia Jan 1, 2010 1701
Southern Sudanese civil society position paper on recent political developments in Sudan. Dec 11, 2009 479
The way forward: new laws and regs represent fundamental changes for California CPAs. Dec 1, 2009 1342
NABA: forty years of growth: advocacy efforts opened doors for African-American CPAs. Flesher, Dale L.; Gabre, Helen G. Dec 1, 2009 2769
Accountant fined pounds 27k for breach; REGULATIONS. Nov 19, 2009 96
Socially responsible accounting: a call for reform in the profession. Kravitz, Richard H. Nov 1, 2009 4728
Accounting and regulation and ethics, oh my! Kranacher, Mary-Jo Nov 1, 2009 704
The new CBA CPE requirement. Josephs, Stuart R. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 159
Sudan's SPLM blames NCP for breakdown of CPA talks. Sep 11, 2009 516
Industry CPAs fully join the profession. Grumet, Louis Column Aug 1, 2009 586
Accountants' liability in the Madoff scheme: a CPA Journal symposium. Cover story Aug 1, 2009 8126
Attention all CPAs: changes to CPE requirements effective for Jan. 1, 2010 license renewals. Aug 1, 2009 354
New York CPAs warned of new law in effect Sunday. Brief article Jul 24, 2009 237
Legal split; A recent test case on prenuptial agreements means a change to the 'rules of engagement': David Liddell, forensic accounting partner in the Birmingham office of accountants and business advisers PKF, and Mike Vale, divorce specialist at Else Commercial Solicitors, talk break-up and intrigue as judges 'approve' prenuptial agreements. Jul 22, 2009 1046
Navigating the state's new accountancy law. Grumet, Louis Column Jun 1, 2009 625
SB 691 marches on: 150-hour legislation moves through the process. Allen, Bruce C.; Tindel, Jeannie Jun 1, 2009 857
Accountants try to read the runes in Obama's financial regulation reforms. Osborn, Alan Jun 1, 2009 875
It's a busy year; Major legislative and regulatory activity. Allen, Bruce C.; Tindel, Jeannie May 1, 2009 826
AICPA responds to New York mobility column. Letter to the editor May 1, 2009 837
Publisher's response. May 1, 2009 1630
Momentum continues on CPA mobility success as Florida becomes 39th state to enact legislation. May 1, 2009 469
IFRS: a preparer's point of view: be ready to lead your company's transition to IFRS. Dulitz, Lewis Apr 1, 2009 2221
Accountant workpaper privilege upheld by First Circuit. Nevius, Alistair M. Apr 1, 2009 466
New law addresses mobility for CPAs. Grumet, Louis Mar 1, 2009 534
California regulates exchange intermediaries. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 119
NY passes stricter rules governing CPA's. Jan 12, 2009 431
SEC releases final rule mandating companies report financial statements using XBRL; January 12 AICPA Webcast scheduled. Jan 1, 2009 212
COT meets FTB: new laws, tools and answers for CPA. English, Damien B.M. Interview Dec 1, 2008 1844
CPA/client privilege within reach: did you know that, under current Ohio law, you could be forced to reveal the most sensitive information your client has shared with you? Though it doesn't happen often, it could. And that's a problem for CPAs and all Ohioans. Benton, Barbara Nov 1, 2008 468
CalCPA salutes those who keep CPA-PAC strong. Nov 1, 2008 6956
California $ crisis: "conformity, or the Lack thereof, has to be the single biggest issue for practioners (and their clients).". Nov 1, 2008 799
AICPA legislative victory: mortgage lenders still required to have annual financial statement audits. Oct 1, 2008 237
AICPA helped make new rules on expatriation simpler than proposed. Aug 1, 2008 218
CPA2Biz, announce business alliance helping CPAs deliver basic accounting services more efficiently. Aug 1, 2008 104
AICPA applauds SEC proposal to require financial statements be filed using XBRL. Jul 1, 2008 202
Fair-value reporting: if you are an insurance accounting executive, be careful what you wish for. Stein, Robert Column Jul 1, 2008 535
Estate planning 101; What every CPA should know. Weintraub, William M.; Allmon, Michael B. Jun 1, 2008 2378
Privacy Principles for accountants: legal issues and business opportunities. Hildebrand, Mary J.; Savare, Mathew May 1, 2008 4130
Joined-up thinking: Fermin del Valle addressed leaders of the Federation des Experts Comptables Europeens last year in his capacity as president of the International Federation of Accountants. In the following edited extracts of his speech, he explains IFAC's vision for the future of professional regulation. del Valle, Fermin Mar 1, 2008 2279
Embracing a borderless, technologically advanced world: time for a new era of accounting regulation. Grumet, Louis Column Feb 1, 2008 865
Senate passes farm bill without provision adverse to CPA firms. Feb 1, 2008 149
President signs mortgage forgiveness debt relief act of 2007; AICPA urged enhanced exclusion provision. Feb 1, 2008 193
AICPA applauds legislation to reduce recently enacted "more likely than not" reporting standard. Jan 1, 2008 126
Money-laundering: members in practice are not the only CIMA accountants who are affected by the UK's tough new law. Martin Nimmo explains its implications. Nimmo, Martin Dec 1, 2007 817
Recognizing a litigious reality: safeguarding against unfair competition and tortious interference. Benson, Sandra S.; Wall, Patricia S.; Harper, Betty S. Nov 1, 2007 6686
CMA Examination in Arabic. Devonish-Mills, Linda Nov 1, 2007 576
New laws sorting out the legal duties of company directors; LEGAL FINANCE Gill Ball, president of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and finance director of the University of Birmingham looks at implications of the new Companies Act. Sep 28, 2007 516
Professional guidance in business valuation: applying SSVS1. Reilly, Robert F. Sep 1, 2007 2481
SFAS 159: the fair value option; CPAs at a crossroad? Cataldo, James; McInnes, Morris Aug 1, 2007 4410
The UAA and you: plenty of reasons to care about Uniform Accountancy Act. Allen, Bruce C. Aug 1, 2007 910
The appearance of accounting officers before the public accounts committee?/ Les temoignages des administrateurs des comptes devant le Comite des comptes publics. Murphy, Shawn Jun 22, 2007 4264
Barriers to mobility: a crisis for many CPAs: the chair of the AICPA's Special Committee on Mobility outlines the mobility problem facing the CPA profession and the Institute's recommended solution. Voynich, Scott Apr 1, 2007 1787
Chair's corner. Williamson, Jimmy L. Apr 1, 2007 695
'It's the public trust, stupid'. Kranacher, Mary-Jo Mar 1, 2007 712
Interstate commerce versus public protection: why cross-border licensing must be handled with care. Grumet, Louis Column Dec 1, 2006 1031
Employee benefit plan audit opportunities. Geller, Sheldon M. Oct 1, 2006 395
Comparing state board of accountancy CPE requirements: with an emphasis on professional ethics requirements. VanZante, Neal R.; Fritzsch, Ralph B. Oct 1, 2006 3947
Substantial equivalency: practice privileges: the 55 U.S. CPA licensing jurisdictions are embracing change slowly. Rydholm, Andreas Sep 1, 2006 2102
Pension reforms enacted by congress; AICPA helps CPAs understand new rules. Sep 1, 2006 170
Transparency and accountability (for some?). Kranacher, Mary-Jo Editorial Aug 1, 2006 787
Practice privilege: CalCPA-supported AB 1868 amended. Allen, Bruce C. Aug 1, 2006 905
Tax advice or investment advice: where is the line? Fohn, Dick Jul 1, 2006 2566
Strengthening our voice for management accountants. Brower, William Jul 1, 2006 574
Senate passes Gramm-Leach-Bliley privacy exemption for CPAs. Jul 1, 2006 174
Ignorance of the law is not a defense. Grumet, Louis Column Jun 1, 2006 815
Expanding the field of practice for CMAs. Colman, Robert Editorial Apr 1, 2006 369
In the public interest: regulating with a customer focus. Speech Mar 1, 2006 3639
MAcc versus MBA: can CPAs deduct the costs? Mounce, Patricia H.; Spikes, Pamela A. Mar 1, 2006 2542
Certification drives membership in the Middle East. Albrechtson, Jeffrey Feb 1, 2006 617
CPA volunteers needed to develop new simulation concepts for CPA exam. Nov 1, 2005 231
Should Sarbanes-Oxley reforms extend to nonpublic companies? Czaja, Rita Nov 1, 2005 2133
Further EU directive to affect cross-border services. Brief article Oct 1, 2005 178
Practice privilege: out-of-state CPAs must register with CBA as of Jan. 1, 2006. Allen, Bruce C. Oct 1, 2005 811
CPA not liable for client's trust fund penalty. Secret, Anthony Aug 1, 2005 801
Written tax advice: new Circular 230 rules apply to advice rendered after June 20, '05. Josephs, Stuart R. Aug 1, 2005 857
AICPA endorses bill to mow small businesses to extend benefits to employees. Aug 1, 2005 140
AICPA commends Congress for introducing Privacy Protection Act. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 159
Special feature: the year in review. Jul 1, 2005 2717
Interstate practice requirements. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 81
Money business: how the Bank Secrecy Act impacts CPAs and their clients. Fishman, Neil H. Jul 1, 2005 628
Document destruction and privacy protections. Cohen, Elizabette Jun 1, 2005 465
Eyeing nonprofits: the Charity Integrity Act & other pending governance, accountability rules. Ljung, David Jun 1, 2005 1433
They're back ...: audit rotation and other issues re-emerge. Allen, Bruce C. May 1, 2005 797
State and federal legislation. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 170
(Un)intended consequences? California's 2005 tax amnesty program. Rosario, Ric Mar 1, 2005 1044
Trusty trustees: what every trustee should know about California law. Rogers, John T., Jr. Mar 1, 2005 1895
Deloitte CEO: regulation will strengthen reporting, confidence. Heffes, Ellen M. Interview Mar 1, 2005 2067
150 hours and the market. Yelvington, John S. Feb 1, 2005 367
CPAs and the changing valuation field. Saroney, Edward F., III Feb 1, 2005 874
Measuring Damages Involving Individuals--A CPA's Litigation Service Guide with Case Studies. Jan 1, 2005 100
Practice alert issued on illegal acts. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 172
AICPA welcomes SEC proposed rule on use of XBRL in commission filings, encourages public companies to adopt XBRL. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 271

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