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Why Firms Offer Paid Parental Leave: AN EXPLORATORY STUDY. Goldin, Claudia; Kerr, Sari Pekkala; Olivetti, Claudia Nov 1, 2020 15034
Veterans Burn Pits Exposure Recognition Act: Legislation to protect veterans exposed to burn pits moves forward. Dever, Mary Nov 1, 2020 469
Firefighter Cancer Benefits: A Case for Prospective Application. Thomas, Glenn E.; Rustin, Janice D. Jul 1, 2020 3871
Carceral Trauma and Disability Law. Hattem, Benjamin C. Apr 1, 2020 20225
MicNews at 02 pm. Mar 25, 2020 590
Bringing the fight to a new decade. Ilem, Joy J. Jan 1, 2020 456
A New Auer: Overview and Analysis of the Supreme Court's Decision in Kisor v. Wilkie. Ferrara, Lacey Sep 22, 2019 8420
STAYING IN THE GAME: With record low unemployment, it pays to help injured and ill workers get back to work quickly. Cunningham, Josh Sep 1, 2019 1759
Second Injury Funds Nationally and in Missouri: Liability, Functionality, and Viability in Modern Times. Buchmiller, Rhett Jun 22, 2019 8377
New Washington Law Requires Plan for Statewide Disaster Resilience. Jergler, Don Brief article May 14, 2019 212
ADA suit barred by employee's benefit claims. Murphy, Pat May 2, 2019 1727
Gov. Murphy signs bill boosting NJ family leave, temporary disability. Feb 19, 2019 520
Expanded paid family leave bill sent to Murphy. Perry, Jessica Feb 1, 2019 695
ALJ Error Disability. Dec 4, 2018 175
Substance use materiality' prompts disability remand. Bridges, Barry Nov 29, 2018 1374
Australian regulator calls for ending general insurance commissions. Nov 8, 2018 207
Australian regulator calls for ending general insurance commissions. Nov 8, 2018 209
ALJ Error Disability. Nov 5, 2018 169
ALJ Error Disability. Sep 17, 2018 277
ALJ Error Disability. Aug 6, 2018 187
4th Cir.: Corporate structure didn't change plan administrator. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 3, 2018 1023
Supplemental Security Income and Disability Insurance Benefits. Jul 30, 2018 220
CAV: Replacement WCC panel member was proper. Lightle, Rebecca M. Jun 10, 2018 1255
ALJ Error - Disability. May 15, 2018 226
4th Cir.: State disability findings may deserve substantial weight. Lightle, Rebecca M. May 8, 2018 1289
Newly Discovered Evidence. Apr 23, 2018 216
Bar: Social Security disability appeals on rise in federal court. Bridges, Barry Mar 1, 2018 1367
Supplemental Security Income and Disability Insurance Benefits. Feb 26, 2018 220
FBiH House of Representatives adopts new law on pension and disability insurance. Jan 24, 2018 292
The work that won't get done during a government shutdown. Jan 20, 2018 1090
Trump's Team to Let Major Disability Claim Regs Take Effect. Jan 5, 2018 481
For occupational diseases, date of disability determines liable insurer. Bridges, Barry Jan 4, 2018 1445
Despite a Temporary Reprieve, the Social Security Disability Insurance Program Needs Structural Reform. Pradhan, Tejesh; Capretta, James C. Essay Dec 1, 2017 3960
Feds Officially Delay Obama-Era Group Disability Regs, a Little. Nov 24, 2017 471
Novalic: Do not gamble with fate of 410,000 pensioners! Nov 21, 2017 225
Police officers in peaceful protest in front of FBiH Parliament building. Nov 21, 2017 176
Novalic: New draft law on Pension and Disability Insurance harmonized (VIDEO). Oct 22, 2017 263
The National Disability Insurance Scheme: Administrators' perspectives of agency transition to 'user pay' for early intervention service delivery. Marchbank, Alison M. Report Sep 1, 2017 6594
Appeals legislation a win for veterans. Sep 1, 2017 264
Top 20 Things to Know About NYPaid Family Leave. White, Richard A. Jun 12, 2017 883
Enabling the exercise of choice and control: how early childhood intervention professionals may support families and young children with a disability to exercise choice and control in the context of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Brien, Jackie; Page, Jane; Berman, Jeanette Report Jun 1, 2017 6479
Benefiting from social security's often overlooked programs. Kess, Sidney; Grimaldi, James R.; Revels, James A.J. May 1, 2017 2291
Obama administration revamps group disability claim rules. Dec 16, 2016 508
Legislative goals: the way forward in veterans advocacy. Nov 1, 2016 670
Bookmark your spot. Marszalek, James T. Nov 1, 2016 319
DOL wants to keep bosses out of sick-leave checks. Sep 29, 2016 266
A primer on social security disability law. Russell, Emily C.; Voisin, Glynn F. Sep 22, 2016 15955
Jennifer Sheehy, Deputy Assistant Secretary, US DOL, Office of Disability Employment Policy, to Speak at KG's Proposed DOL Disability Claim Regulations Live Webcast. Aug 12, 2016 521
The Knowledge Group Has Scheduled a Live Webcast on the Proposed DOL Disability Claim Regulations: Time to Assess The Impact On Company Policies And Practices. Aug 12, 2016 338
James A. Keller, Partner, Saul Ewing LLP, to Speak at KG Proposed DOL Disability Claim Regulations: Time to Assess the Impact on Company Policies & Practices Live Webcast. Aug 9, 2016 481
Social security "clarifies" rules on proof of disability. Levinson, Jerry Oct 1, 2015 576
Benefit appeals. Brief article May 1, 2015 251
The way forward: legislative goals for the new year. Bryant, Ashleigh Nov 1, 2014 633
Eligibility for VA disability compensation and health care benefits for Army National Guardsmen discharged with an other than honorable discharge. Bedford, Jeremy R. Jul 1, 2014 3005
No to single form. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 227
Social Security asks for more enforcement funding. Jan 17, 2014 221
A legal review of autism, a syndrome rapidly gaining wide attention within our society. Cohen, Jeffrey A.; Dickerson, Thomas A.; Forbes, Joanne Matthews Dec 22, 2013 13195
Hidden privatization of disability revealed. Cover story Dec 1, 2013 2128
Calif. bill may set mental health disability cover standards. May 21, 2013 314
The 9/11 litigation database: a recipe for judicial management. Hellerstein, Alvin K.; Henderson, James A., Jr.; Twerski, Aaron D. Apr 1, 2013 6429
Reforming SSDI: the program's looming insolvency provides an opportunity to encourage beneficiaries to rejoin the workforce. Gokhale, Jagadeesh Mar 22, 2013 4418
Partial relief from liability under section 8(F) of the Longshore Act. Warns, Raymond H., Jr.; Reinhalter, Mark A. Sep 22, 2012 9691
Line crossing. Jul 13, 2012 324
Transition: there is change in the air. Report Jul 1, 2012 625
Constitutional law - Ninth Circuit guts the VA: amidst alarming PTSD and suicide rates, the current system violates veterans' rights to health care - Veterans for Common Sense v. Shinseki. Silverio, Andrew Mar 22, 2012 7650
Social security disability benefits. Jones, Daniel C. Mar 1, 2012 1051
Social security disability law and the obstacles facing claimants with mental disabilities. Griffin, Oren R. Jan 1, 2012 18256
Disability insurance: residual/recovery benefit. Noca, Joe; Wood, Josh Jan 1, 2012 991
What definition of disability is in your policy? Noca, Joe Nov 1, 2011 894
Hardt v. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co.: breathing new life into claimants' ability to obtain attorney's fees under ERISA's civil enforcement provision. Timmerman, Tiffany R. Sep 22, 2011 15928
A piecemeal, step-by-step approach toward mental health parity. Shamash, Aviv Sep 22, 2011 28416
SSDI or SSI? What a difference a D makes. Butenhof, Ann N.; Bomster, Judith L. Essay Sep 1, 2011 1668
Taking it on the Chenery: should the principles of Chenery I apply in social security disability cases? Bond, Bryan C. Sep 1, 2011 14254
WVSMA/WVMIA announces preferred carrier relationship with Union Central: (15% membership premium discount). Report Jul 1, 2011 491
Sweet dreams aren't made of these: how the VA's disability compensation program leaves veterans alone in the nightmare of posttraumatic stress disorder. Haar, Alexandra S. May 1, 2011 13959
Please don't pitch those records! May 1, 2011 1747
PTSD in returning wounded warriors: ensuring medically appropriate evaluation and legal representation through legislative reform. Liang, Bryan A.; Boyd, Mark S. Jan 1, 2011 19588
All in your head: a comprehensive approach to somatoform disorders in adult disability claims. Flatt, Gregory C. Oct 5, 2010 14067
Thinking down the road to SSDI benefits. Dumont, Marsha Jun 22, 2010 451
Fix the backlog. Thor, Richard Brief article May 1, 2010 102
Persistence prevails for blind veteran: it would be more than 66 years before the World War II veteran would prevail in obtaining the disability compensation for his service-connected injury, with assistance from a good friend and a DAV National Service Officer. Hall, Jim May 1, 2010 1217
Pension and disability insurance law to change. Apr 28, 2010 123
New look at old problems. Report Jan 1, 2010 305
Virtual March: rallies support for claims overhaul. Chenelly, Joseph R. Nov 1, 2009 871
Know the facts before you choose a DI policy. Reger, Graham Report Sep 1, 2009 1606
VA's disability claims process. Sep 1, 2009 153
There but for the grace of God go I: the right of cross-examination in social security disability hearings. Dixon, Bradley S. Jun 22, 2009 8846
Staying healthy to stay in the workforce: the role of health insurance. Hall, Jean P. Jun 1, 2009 823
Missouri's Second Injury Fund - should it stay or should it go? An examination of the question facing the Missouri State Legislature. McClitis, Jason R. Mar 22, 2009 11284
New VA Secretary pledges reforms: Secretary Shinseki said he supported advance appropriations for veterans health care and deemed long delays for disability claims to be adjudicated unacceptable. Chenelly, Joseph R. Mar 1, 2009 1146
Combat-related special compensation. Edwards, Nichelle L. Dec 1, 2008 809
DI insurers tell Grassley: we're not hurting SSDI program. Postal, Arthur D. Aug 11, 2008 670
"The toughest job": Adkins v. Rumsfeld, gender, incentives, and the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act. Decker, Brian R. Jun 22, 2008 11103
Bringing absence management out of the age of Silos: many employers want a single source for administering all leave programs. Cooke, Brian Jun 16, 2008 1104
Lawsuits challenge new health insurer tactics to deny claims and benefits. Porter, Rebecca Jun 1, 2008 1590
Labor and employment law - a deferential standard for administrators within a statute meant to protect workers. Leonard, John R. Mar 22, 2008 4688
Common insurance mistakes. Mar 1, 2008 772
Sustainable income. Jones, Dan Sep 1, 2007 1178
That bites. Mitchell, Teresa Case overview Sep 1, 2007 169
Discretionary debate: state insurance regulators are increasingly invalidating discretionary clauses, finding such provisions violate specific state insurance laws. Darras, Frank N. Jun 1, 2007 544
Planning for those with special needs. Hersch, Warren S. Apr 9, 2007 1340
Disability insurers continue to wrestle with apathy. Bell, Allison Mar 19, 2007 442
Immigrants sue government over suspended benefits. Villa, Alba Lucero Mar 1, 2007 771
Military pension division: the "evil twins" - Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP) and Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC). Sullivan, Mark E.; Darnell, Sue Dec 1, 2006 8599
Some disabled retirees to receive back pay. Wilborn, Thom Nov 1, 2006 436
Vets shouldn't need to hire lawyers. Wilson, Arthur H. Jul 1, 2006 972
Recent cases regarding division of military retired pay when the servicemember elects to receive disability compensation. Jurden, John P. Jul 1, 2006 3079
Punishing disabled veterans. Wilson, Arthur H. May 1, 2006 513
New York bans health and DI discretionary clauses. Bell, Allison Apr 3, 2006 412
The social security disability offset: a comprehensive review of statutory and case law guiding reduction in Florida workers' compensation benefits. Gonzalez, Rafael Apr 1, 2006 4357
California Vs. disability insurers. Bell, Allison Mar 6, 2006 767
5 Points to consider when assessing disability policy value. Edgren, Roger Mar 6, 2006 884
NCD releases 2005 progress report on federal disability policy. Brief article Mar 1, 2006 156
Cause or sympton? Two key court decisions define the limitations of mental illness insurance claims. Darras, Frank N. Case overview Mar 1, 2006 777
Industry asks for role in updating disability program. Bell, Allison Nov 7, 2005 621
Broker, beware the 'definition of disability' trap. Roberts, John Oct 24, 2005 957
UnumProvident Settlement Affects Social Security Recovery Process. Oct 20, 2005 1284
California department forces changes in LTD definitions: settlement with UnumProvident could have broad ramifications for the industry. Postal, Arthur D. Oct 10, 2005 1160
Disability pay not in the nature of workers' compensation. Youngblood, Alfaye May 1, 2005 821
The ABCs of asset protection. Jones, Dan May 1, 2005 936
Targeting disability. Russell, Marta Apr 1, 2005 3671
The Medicaid Institutionalized Care Program, the simple estate plan, and the elective share: why the qualified special needs trust was born. Morgan, Robert M.; Safer, Eliot J. Dec 1, 2004 2323
Adjusting the definition: a court ruling maintains that a literal interpretation of the total disability clause would defeat the very purpose of own-occupation disability insurance. Darras, Frank N. Nov 1, 2004 775
Make the most of buy-sell agreements: these complex contracts solve many problems. Hoekstra, Chad Oct 1, 2004 3753
Undiagnosed illness not a preexisting condition. Moen, Christian Harlan Sep 1, 2004 722
Group Disability insurers fight for flexibility. Bell, Allison Aug 9, 2004 937
SSA helping to protect those in harm's way. (News Flash: National). Brief Article May 1, 2003 123
SCI and SSA disability. (On the Job). Apr 1, 2003 403
Saving state law bad-faith claims from preemption: most lower courts continue to void state law remedies for ERISA plan participants. But a few federal district court judges are reevaluating the act's preemptive effect on state law insurance bad-faith claims in light of recent U.S. Supreme Court analyses. Bogan, Donald T. Apr 1, 2003 4458
Safe, but not sound: limiting safe harbor immunity for health and disability insurers and self-insured employers under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Ziegler, Rachel Schneller Dec 1, 2002 23830
Corporate disability buy-ups: getting more coverage for less for highly compensated employees. Siegel, Stanley B. Dec 1, 2002 1337
Landmark family leave legislation. (Worth Noting). Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 89
Disabling the disability carrier: how to overcome unfavorable evidence in a bad-faith case. Bamberger, David T. Jun 1, 2002 3684
Workplace disputes. (On the Job). Brief Article May 1, 2002 299
HHS announces approximately $64 million in new grant opportunities. (Legislative Update). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 97
LSGMI helps clients collect $1.9 million in benefits last year. Brief Article Apr 15, 2000 230
House Passes `Ticket to Work' Measure; Would Guarantee Benefits for Working Disabled. Guastella, Samantha Brief Article Oct 25, 1999 262
The double-edged helix: advances in genetic testing reveal yet another reason we need national health insurance. Townsend, Kathleen Kennedy Nov 1, 1997 1384
Health benefits required for some disabled public safety officers. Quist, Janet Jan 13, 1997 1090
The Supplemental Security Income program: the welfare state's black hole. Wright, Christopher M. Nov 1, 1995 3415
Small employer disability insurance bill slows in House. Williams, Jeff Feb 20, 1995 684
Legislation seeks 'guaranteed' disability, health benefits. Walters, Dixie Jan 30, 1995 1275
Work incentives from SSD. Cooper, Laura Jun 22, 1994 648
Disability in the Netherlands: legislative and associated arrangements. Dec 1, 1991 2275
"SSDI reformed!": the headline I'd love to read. Hagen, Kathryn Column Sep 1, 1991 749
New insurance option for workers. Jun 22, 1990 187
Nonservice-connected disability pension. Widger, Harry L. Jan 1, 1990 701
No money damages for improper denial of Social Security benefits. Jul 1, 1988 575
Social security notes. Falls, Kathryn Jan 1, 1988 649
Social Security notes. Geraty, C. Cooper, III Jul 1, 1985 4832
Social security notes. Geraty, C. Cooper, III Jul 1, 1984 2817
Medical Improvement Standard. Geraty, C. Cooper, III Jan 1, 1984 402

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