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Compliance without credit: the National Security Agency and the international right to privacy. Beaudette, Peter, Jr. Dec 6, 2015 16083
Only in America! (and its outlying areas): the conflict between the SBA regulations and the far, and the importance of not burdening overseas and contingency contracting agencies with a requirement to execute U.S. small business set-asides. Mallone, Marc P. Dec 6, 2015 18361
Morrison, the restricted scope of Securities Act section 11 liability, and prospects for regulatory reform. Grundfest, Joseph A. Sep 22, 2015 10761
Morrison, the restricted scope of Securities Act section 11 liability, and prospects for regulatory reform. Grundfest, Joseph A. Sep 22, 2015 34269
Ohio Supreme Court rules in favor of nonresident athletes against City of Cleveland. Speece, Gregory; Walsh, Patrick; Prengler, Hannah M. Aug 1, 2015 1240
The Alien Tort Statute from the perspective of federal court procedure. Drobak, John N. Sep 22, 2014 9287
"I (won't) follow you": the misguided, and dangerous, interpretation of constitutional extraterritoriality in United States v. Ali. Chaput, Isaac D. Jul 1, 2014 15143
Innocent abroad? Morrison, Vilar, and the extraterritorial application of the Exchange Act. Herz-Roiphe, Daniel E. Apr 1, 2014 5846
Prosecuting cyberterrorists: applying traditional jurisdictional frameworks to a modern threat. Stockton, Paul N.; Golabek-Goldman, Michele Mar 22, 2014 9416
Prosecuting cyberterrorists: applying traditional jurisdictional frameworks to a modern threat. Stockton, Paul N.; Golabek-Goldman, Michele Mar 22, 2014 17086
Suing Americans for human rights torts overseas: the supreme court leaves the door open. Cassel, Doug Mar 1, 2014 20042
The ATS cause of action is sui generis. Casto, William R. Mar 1, 2014 15240
Alien tort litigation: the road not taken. Dodge, William S. Mar 1, 2014 17132
Two myths about the Alien Tort Statute. Bellia, Anthony J., Jr.; Clark, Bradford R. Mar 1, 2014 18440
The three lives of the Alien Tort Statute: the evolving role of the judiciary in U.S. foreign relations. Lee, Thomas H. Mar 1, 2014 13916
Determining which human rights claims "touch and concern" the United States: Justice Kennedy's Filartiga. Steinhardt, Ralph G. Mar 1, 2014 12105
The extraterritoriality of EU data privacy law - its theoretical justification and its practical effect on U.S. businesses. Svantesson, Dan Jerker B. Jan 1, 2014 25083
The sovereign Charter: security, territory and the boundaries of constitutional rights. Ceric, Irina Sep 22, 2013 12402
A military practitioner's guide to the Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act in contingency operations. Batema, Aimee M. Dec 1, 2012 17205
Patent infringement through foreign offer for domestic sale: Transocean V. Maersk. Zhu, Na Jul 1, 2012 21127
Boumediene applied badly: the extraterritorial constitution after Al Maqaleh v. Gates. Ghosh, Saurav Feb 1, 2012 12887
Amputating the long arm of the law: an analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Morrison and why (section)10(B) still reaches issuers of ADRS. Maslo, Paul B. Jan 1, 2012 3631
The U.K. Bribery Act: endless jurisdictional liability on corporate violators. Lordi, Jessica A. Jan 1, 2012 16977
Transnational law - requirement of a territorial nexus to the United States limits extraterritorial application of United States criminal law - United States v. Weingarten. Drake, Samantha Jan 1, 2012 5436
Antitrust law: jurisdictional review - analysis of Sherman Act claims against foreign defendants requires a merits-based review - Animal Sci. Prods., Inc. v. China Minmetals Corp. Secor, Patrick G. Jan 1, 2012 5281
The extraterritorial Constitution and the rule of law. Martinez, Jenny S. Dec 22, 2011 1078
Morrison v. National Australia Bank Ltd.: a clear statement rule or a confusing standard. Marshall, Brett R. Dec 22, 2011 10109
Life after Morrison: extraterritoriality and RICO. Mello, R. Davis Nov 1, 2011 13499
Transnational class actions and interjurisdictional preclusion. Wasserman, Rhonda Feb 1, 2011 34308
Patent law - no infringement for extraterritorial completion of method patents - Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc. V. St. Jude Medical, Inc. Feldman, Catherine Schulte Sep 22, 2010 8716
Apocalypse soon: how the implementation of Web Services changes the game for extraterritoriality. Joseph, Elizabeth T. Sep 22, 2010 10974
Labor law beyond U.S. borders: does what happens outside of America stay outside of America? Gould, William B., IV Jun 22, 2010 14182
Extraterritoriality by other means: how labor law sneaks across borders, conquers minds, and controls workplaces abroad. Arthurs, Harry Jun 22, 2010 13275
Territoriality and the First Amendment: free speech at - and beyond - our borders. Zick, Timothy Jun 1, 2010 36231
Extraterritorial jurisdiction in the United States: American attitudes and practices in the prosecution of Charles "Chuckie" Taylor Jr. Brownlee, Laura Richardson Mar 22, 2010 11043
NOPEC goes bananas: thwarting Congress's attempt to extend U.S. antitrust law's extraterritorial reach. Looper, Scott Mar 22, 2010 23199
State extraterritorial powers reconsidered. Rosen, Mark D. Mar 1, 2010 9729
The legal, framework for cross-border insolvency in Brazil. Filho, Paulo Fernando Campana Sep 22, 2009 19543
Our imperial criminal procedure: problems in the extraterritorial application of U.S. Constitutional law. Cabranes, Jose A. Jun 1, 2009 21503
State courts, state territory, state power: reflections on the extraterritoriality principle in choice of law and legislation. Florey, Katherine Mar 1, 2009 35716
Biodiversity and a new "best base" for applying the environmental statutes extraterritorially. Boudreaux, Paul Sep 22, 2007 20202
Extraterritorial application of state fishery management regulations under the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act: have the courts missed the boat? Mastry, Mike Jun 22, 2007 8717
Why the time has arrived to broaden protection of foreign trademarks in the United States and why it won't happen. Ayer, Michel J. Jun 22, 2007 9124
The Title VII tug-of-war: application of U.S. employment discrimination law extraterritorially. Brown, LaToya S. May 1, 2007 12702
Chevronizing foreign relations law. Posner, Eric A.; Sunstein, Cass R. Apr 1, 2007 25302
Hamdan, Lebanon, and the regulation of hostilities: the need to recognize a hybrid category of armed conflict. Corn, Geoffrey S. Mar 1, 2007 26477
Intellectual property. White, Katherine E.; Conway, Danielle M. Jan 1, 2007 6185
Human dignity in the line of fire: the application of international human rights law during armed conflict, occupation, and peace operations. Cerone, John Nov 1, 2006 29644
ARC Ecology v. United States Department of the Air Force: extending the extraterritorial reach of domestic environmental law. Stasch, Anna D. Jun 22, 2006 15097
Do DEA field agents have the power to unilaterally execute a trans-border abduction? The Ninth Circuit's take on Alvarez-Machain v. United States. Fohn, Stephen Sep 22, 2004 7115
Extraterritorial jurisdiction: can RICO protect human rights? A computer analysis of a semi-determinate legal question. Engle, Eric Allen Jan 1, 2004 12540
Extraterritorial jurisdiction - European responses. Layton, Alexander; Parry, Angharad M. Jan 1, 2004 6132
Torture, extraterritoriality, terrorism, and international law. Gathii, James Thuo Dec 22, 2003 17582
Global antitrust and the evolution of an international standard. Sugden, William May 1, 2002 13675
Fishing for the smoking gun: the need for British courts to grant American style extraterritorial discovery requests in U.S. industry-wide tort actions. Coelho-Adam, Y. Daphne Nov 1, 2000 15753
False alarm? Perritt, Henry H., Jr.; Stewart, Margaret G. May 1, 1999 5639
Judgments conventions and minimum contracts. Borchers, Patrick J. Jun 22, 1998 6927
Negotiating the tort long-arm provisions of the Judgments Convention. Weintraub, Russell J. Jun 22, 1998 5975
The role and status of American law in the Hague Judgments Convention project. Zekoll, Joachim Jun 22, 1998 12747

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