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Charity calls on government to end ban on HIV sperm and egg donors; The national campaign is being backed by Liverpool's own LGBTQ+ charity Sahir House. By, Paul McAuley Aug 12, 2022 869
cruel law that defies di's legacy; Fight to end ban on HIV sperm and egg donors. EXCLUSIVE BY AMY SHARPE Aug 7, 2022 688
A positive move; Navy hero wins his fight to end ban on serving abroad with HIV. MATT ROPER Jun 21, 2022 475
Navy hero with HIV told he was unfit to serve abroad WINS fight and changes the law; Lieutenant Commander Oli Brown, 30, who is HIV positive, pushed for the policy change after being told he would be medically downgraded, even though he was taking suppressive treatment and has no detectable virus. By, Matt Roper Jun 20, 2022 475
UK's CAA takes major step to change medical rules for pilots with HIV. Jun 20, 2022 947
Regulation of quackery amid unprecedented HIV outbreak in Sindh, Pakistan. Mustufa, Muhammad Ayaz; Khan, Rehan; Hussain, Saqib; Qidwai, Minhaj Ahmad Report Aug 31, 2021 2134
Pritzker signs legislation repealing penalties for HIV transmission. PETER HANCOCK Capitol News Illinois Jul 28, 2021 563
Human Rights Council Adopts Three Resolutions on Human Rights in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia, Human Rights in the Context of HIV and AIDS, and on Violence against Women and Girls with Disabilities. Jul 13, 2021 1518
Let's not fall behind on ending HIV, TB. Mar 16, 2020 785
Group criticises sexual offences law in war against HIV. Dec 2, 2019 1130
What you need to know about Philippine HIV and AIDS policy act? Nov 29, 2019 560
Florida Man Accused Of Not Telling Sexual Partners He Had HIV. Kevin Billings Oct 19, 2019 290
California To Let Residents Get HIV Prevention Drugs Without Prescription. Darwin Malicdem Oct 11, 2019 384
California Pharmacists Can Dispense HIV Prevention Meds Without Rx; Medications include both preexposure prophylaxis and postexposure prophylaxis. Oct 8, 2019 145
Gareth Thomas: I was pressured into revealing HIV diagnosis. Sep 18, 2019 491
HIV Positive Members Separated From Families. Jul 29, 2019 462
Despite new law, HIV cases rising. Jul 17, 2019 955
LEADERSHIP TO H.O.P.E.: HIV-POSITIVE DONATIONS. Boerner, Heather Jul 1, 2019 1578
HIV outbreaks indicate lapse in regulation of health system: Lancet. Jun 29, 2019 718
HIV prevalence survey to begin from July in prisons across Sindh. Jun 22, 2019 502
HIV prevalence survey to begin from July in prisons across Sindh. Jun 22, 2019 502
International Experts hold series of meetings to discuss HIV outbreak. May 30, 2019 381
International Experts hold series of meetings to discuss HIV outbreak. May 30, 2019 345
DOLE asked to provide 'highly-improved support' for OFWs with HIV. May 25, 2019 449
Senate body seeks details of HIV cases in Sindh. May 3, 2019 500
656 children with HIV/AIDS live in Kyrgyzstan as of Feb 1. Feb 19, 2019 111
Ad Men: HIV campaigns aimed at black gay men need to be less social marketing and more social justice. Stephens, Charles Dec 1, 2018 691
House ratifies bill seeking to replace old law on HIV and AIDS. Oct 10, 2018 266
Bill strengthening law on HIV response OK'd. May 24, 2018 227
Senate approves HIV-AIDS bill on final reading. May 21, 2018 330
Amendment allowing HIV-positive organ transplants passed. May 18, 2018 176
Colonialists may be to blame for high HIV in women - study. Mar 5, 2018 324
To stem the inroads of HIV. Dec 13, 2017 707
House approves HIV-AIDS bill on final reading. Dec 4, 2017 529
Do doctors attending sexual-offence victims have to notify sexual-offence suspects that their patients who were forced to have unprotected sexual intercourse are HIV-positive? What should doctors do? McQuoid-Mason, D.J. Report Dec 1, 2017 2421
Physicians can lead change in H.I.V. laws. Boerner, Heather Report May 1, 2017 1603
Indian government implements measures that will boost patients' access to HIV and Hepatitis B & C treatments. Mar 23, 2017 248
Indian government implements measures that will boost patients' access to HIV and Hepatitis B & C treatments. Mar 23, 2017 244
ASICON 2016 calls for making HIV a chronic, manageable condition in reality. Oct 6, 2016 679
Tainted Blood Caused Many HIV Cases In India. May 31, 2016 414
Reprieve for HIV positive parents. May 25, 2016 732
Discipline right measure to stop the spread of HIV. May 24, 2016 487
Bad blood: Taylor Swift's lyrics resonate in a troubling way for those who've seen blood reconfigured as a weapon by misguided HIV criminalization laws. Kerr, Theodore Feb 1, 2016 711
ANA and Association of Nurses in AIDS care call for repeal of HIV criminalization laws. Jan 1, 2016 547
ANA and association of nurses in AIDS care call for repeal of HIV criminalization laws. Reprint Jan 1, 2016 547
'RH law key to minimizing HIV-AIDS cases'. Dec 3, 2015 380
Senate prodded on approval of HIV-AIDS policy measure. Jul 2, 2015 385
UN report calls for changing legal environment to enhance HIV response in Pakistan. Jan 22, 2015 559
The global commission on HIV and the law: recommendations for legal reform to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights. El Feki, Shereen; Avafia, Tenu; Fidalgo, Tania Martins; Divan, Vivek; Chauvel, Charles; Dhaliwal, Ma Nov 1, 2014 8244
Ethical and legal issues related to iris/aids patients. Murthy, Anup R.; Kappadi, Damodhar; Pradeep, S.; Rekha, M.; Chalsani, Srikrishna Sep 4, 2014 2535
Insurers accused of discrimination against HIV-infected. Thomas, Katie May 30, 2014 537
Uganda's president urged to veto 'flawed' HIV law. May 15, 2014 142
Issues of improving prevention of HIV considered in Bishkek. Mar 29, 2014 243
HIV testing in the nation's opioid treatment programs, 2005-2011: the role of state regulations. D'Aunno, Thomas; Pollack, Harold A.; Jiang, Lan; Metsch, Lisa R.; Friedmann, Peter D. Feb 1, 2014 6984
Hopkins helps overturn ban on transplanting HIV-infected organs. Dec 1, 2013 421
Child privacy rights: a 'Cinderella' issue in HIV-prevention research. Strode, A.; Slack, C. Report Sep 1, 2013 3183
Bill to protect HIV patients on way... Jan 30, 2013 350
RH law to help fight HIV. Sep 27, 2012 526
SA patent law blocking vital second-line HIV drugs. Bateman, Chris Aug 1, 2012 354
Towards A More Enabling Environment For Effective HIV/AIDS Responses. Feb 25, 2012 1481
The Impact of Law on Effective HIV Responses In India. Feb 24, 2012 1566
'Shoura Council working on HIV/AIDS legislation to safeguard victims' rights'. Nov 3, 2011 519
Linkages between HIV and family planning services under PEPFAR: room for improvement. Boonstra, Heather D. Sep 22, 2011 3307
Prevent Bad Laws From Spreading HIV. Sep 2, 2011 1242
31 Days, 31 Ways: State Underfunds HIV Medication Program. Aug 27, 2011 868
Dialogue on legal barriers obstructing HIV response in Asia-Pacific. Feb 25, 2011 761
HIV and AIDS awareness low in Yemen. Conference notes Dec 20, 2010 703
Launch of Global Commission on HIV and the Law. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 153
HIV testing in mental-health settings. Harty-Golder, Barbara Jul 1, 2010 879
90pc of gay men in the Asia-Pacific region 'denied HIV care'- UN. May 20, 2010 334
HIV criminalisation and sex work in Australia. Jeffreys, Elena; Matthews, Kane; Thomas, Alina Report May 1, 2010 5228
Kyrgyz Parliament approves amendments in the law "On HIV/AIDS in Kyrgyz Republic". Mar 12, 2010 89
Compulsory HIV testing of alleged sexual offenders: role of the health care professional. Roehrs, Stefanie Oct 1, 2009 3466
When it comes to HIV infection, some are more equal than others. Murphy, Timothy F. Sep 1, 2009 696
Government regulation of sex and sexuality: in their own words. Gruskin, Sofia; Ferguson, Laura May 1, 2009 6453
Criminalising HIV transmission: punishment without protection. Brown, Widney; Hanefeld, Johanna; Welsh, James May 1, 2009 5091
Protecting HIV-positive women's human rights: recommendations for the United States National HIV/AIDS Strategy. Ahmed, Aziza; Hanssens, Catherine; Kelly, Brook May 1, 2009 5101
Advocating prevention over punishment: the risks of HIV criminalization in Burkina Faso. Sanon, Patrice; Kabore, Simon; Wilen, Jennifer; Smith, Susanna J.; Galvao, Jane May 1, 2009 5356
Vertical HIV transmission should be excluded from criminal prosecution. Csete, Joanne; Pearshouse, Richard; Symington, Alison May 1, 2009 6137
International consultation on the criminalization of HIV transmission: 31 October-2 November 2007, Geneva, Switzerland: Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) Geneva, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), New York, 2007. May 1, 2009 4593
Most state laws agree with CDC HIV guides. Currie, Donya May 1, 2009 266
HIV bill would expand Medicaid. Schneider, Mary Ellen May 1, 2009 109
HIV + immigrants still banned. DasGupta, Debanuj Mar 1, 2009 169
HIV and the law. Spinelli, Frank Brief article Mar 1, 2009 139
The ghost of AIDS denialism: Manguzi Hospital and Dual Loyalty. Richter, Marlise; van Bogaert, Donna Knapp Dec 22, 2008 4425
Criminalizing HIV. Dec 9, 2008 792
California requiring HIV testing coverage. Currie, Donya Dec 1, 2008 285
HIV testing and ARV prophylaxis for newborns without their mothers' consent. Chersich, Matthew; Richter, Marlise Sep 22, 2008 1726
Mandatory HIV testing in New Jersey. Schneider, Mary Ellen Feb 1, 2008 112
State laws may impede CDC HIV guidelines. Arias, Donya C. Dec 1, 2007 238
Bills in the New York state Senate. Feb 1, 2006 538
Ryan White CARE Act: Factors that Impact HIV and AIDS Funding and Client Coverage. Aug 1, 2005 633
What works? Roberts, Helen Mar 1, 2005 8692
Federal homogeneity from the bottom up: provincial shaping of national HIV/AIDS policy in South Africa. Steytler, Nico Jan 1, 2003 7649
A strategy to prevent the spread of AIDS. Burke, Donald S. May 1, 1988 1084

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