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Economic interests are often at the root of border disputes. Oct 17, 2021 1177
2018 Municipal elections : winning lists may not fall before 2023 (statement). Oct 6, 2021 203
Women inheritance rights protected under law. Sep 23, 2021 400
SejdiA: Mr. Schmidt, you also have to take us, the "Others" into account. Sep 8, 2021 428
SC issues notices to RPO Multan, 32 others in anti-terrorism law implementation case. Sep 8, 2021 294
The Law Applicable To Alcohol Consumption in the UAE. Aug 31, 2021 1233
Nairobi MCA charged with illegal possession of firearm. Aug 12, 2021 242
Bankruptcy as per the Omani Law. Jun 30, 2021 3533
Nebraska Restaurant, Owner Ordered to Pay Overtime, Comply with Wage Laws. Jun 24, 2021 188
Pakistan abided by all int'l obligations in Jadhav case: FO. Jun 21, 2021 632
Pakistan's legislation on Jadhav case in line with ICJ judgment: FO. Jun 20, 2021 308
Pakistan rejects India's remarks on ICJ bill passed by NA. Jun 20, 2021 206
Pakistan abided by all its int'l obligations in Kulbhushan Jadhav case: FO. Jun 20, 2021 308
Pakistan's legislation on Jadhav case in line with ICJ judgment: FO. Jun 20, 2021 307
Pakistan's legislation on Jadhav case in line with ICJ judgment: FO. Jun 20, 2021 307
Law Minister chairs meeting on removal of difficulties in installation of new gas, electricity connections. Jun 17, 2021 212
Not accepting adjudication. May 27, 2021 354
IzetbegoviA: Now I am most optimistic about the changes to the Election Law. May 11, 2021 293
KomA!iA and Field on the reform of the Constitution and BiH Election Law. May 6, 2021 210
Lawlessness turning Nigeria to jungle - Uwaifo, AfBA president. Interview Apr 30, 2021 2076
Sindh asks Centre to withdraw Board of Governors notification regarding hospitals. Mar 25, 2021 278
KomA!iA: CoE demands that we eliminate discrimination against citizens. Mar 12, 2021 314
Timely renewal of memo upon a property. George Coucounis Mar 8, 2021 796
Stop Parading Yourself as PDP State Chair to Avoid the Wrath of the Law, Umahi Warns Fred. Feb 21, 2021 390
GrubeA!a:Proposal of action plan for implementation of ECHR judgments is prepared. Feb 19, 2021 341
Making sense of ICC's conviction of Ongwen. Feb 17, 2021 767
Man Bags Life Imprisonment For Defiling Teenager In Ekiti. Feb 8, 2021 264
Maati Monjib Case: the Higher Council of the Judiciary Rejects Attempts to Politicize a Common Law Case and Undermine Respect to Justice. Feb 1, 2021 711
SC voids PHC decision regarding increase in retirement age of KP employees. Jan 8, 2021 321
SC voids PHC decision regarding increase in retirement age of KP employees. Jan 8, 2021 321
Fisherman bags 1 month imprisonment for stealing cables. Dec 22, 2020 300
ECJ upholds decision dismissing damages claims after 2013 haircut. Source: Cyprus News Agency Dec 16, 2020 457
Review petitions: Judgements are rendered in accordance with law, counsel told. Dec 9, 2020 768
Landmark judgment on ship arrests under UAE Law. Oct 26, 2020 2350
Kiggundu vs DTB case needs more of wisdom than law. Oct 16, 2020 703
The gas cess predicament lingers on. Nasir Jamal Oct 5, 2020 1104
IzetbegoviA: Not realistic to expect further negotiations on the Election Law. Sep 16, 2020 605
GCTA Law also applies to foreigners -- Guevarra. Sep 11, 2020 274
Holy Quran does not mandate punishment of death for offence of adultery, says SC. Sep 5, 2020 649
Form v. Substance: the requirements for an enforceable commercial agency agreement in the UAE. Aug 31, 2020 1315
Malaysia: Philippines claim over Sabah has no basis. Aug 29, 2020 590
NAB: The beginning of the end? Salahuddin Ahmed Aug 28, 2020 1204
As ICEN Writes Buhari To Revive ALSCON. Aug 28, 2020 1470
NAB seeks expunging of tough SC observations in Paragon City verdict. Nasir Iqbal Aug 13, 2020 698
Importance of judiciary. SANAULLAH KALWAR - Islamabad Aug 4, 2020 269
Being a responsible state Pak promulgated an Ordinance to give effect to ICJ judgment in Kulbhushan Jadhav case: Farogh Nasim. Jul 25, 2020 938
Honorary ranks in Levis Force withdrawn. Jul 18, 2020 205
IHC reserves judgment in PUBG games case. Jul 15, 2020 324
'All I wanted was judgment by law and apology'. Jul 13, 2020 570
The Difference between August 29 and June 25. Jul 2, 2020 1266
IOK HCBA to challenge HC's judgment in Mian Qayoom's case. Jun 6, 2020 290
Bayelsa: Lyon Concedes Defeat, Urges Supporters To Work With Diri. Feb 27, 2020 462
Imo Judgment Review: Law Is No Respecter Of Person a Group. Feb 16, 2020 677
Imo Guber: What Do PDP, Ihedioha Want? Feb 9, 2020 1783
How the law has changed on enforcing a debt. Dimah Talal Alsharif Feb 5, 2020 474
Departments asked to amend rules. Jan 9, 2020 154
Minister asks all depts to review their laws, rules and regulations. Jan 9, 2020 195
Musharraf's Death Sentence. Dec 23, 2019 1110
India's fascist citizenship amendment act. Amjed Jaaved Dec 17, 2019 1232
Trump Forced to Pay $2mln over Misuse of Charity Money. Dec 11, 2019 463
Tailor-made laws. Dec 4, 2019 889
Opposition to be taken on board in legislation: Qureshi. Dec 1, 2019 477
Subdivision Mangochar and Pelaogh old name restored. Nov 30, 2019 290
A two-state solution is off the table. Nov 22, 2019 825
Pakistan to amend Army Act to allow Kulbhushan Jadhav right to appeal against conviction. Nov 13, 2019 304
How Saudi Arabia has speeded up civil justice. Dimah Talal Alsharif Oct 30, 2019 504
EU, US Embassy, OSCE and OHR's statement regarding ECHR case 'Baralija vs BiH'. Oct 30, 2019 205
Govt allows opposition's 'Azadi March' conditionally Won't resign, Fazl's march has a specific agenda: Imran. Oct 24, 2019 553
It's time to scrap not proven verdict which set my girl's killer free; CALL FOR CHANGE IN SCOTS LAW Dad wants judgment abolished. ANNIE BROWN Oct 10, 2019 571
Govt decides to challenge Mushtaq Sukhera's restoration. Sep 22, 2019 118
CUPP Rejects Validation Of Buhari's Victory By Election Tribunal. Sep 11, 2019 962
ICJ judgment in Jadhav Case. Jul 20, 2019 488
Revisit law on illegal dismissal cases. Jul 19, 2019 274
Town hall leaders 'falling short' on clean air targets. Jul 8, 2019 584
Parliament's housing committee approves draft law cancelling old rent for non-housing units. Jun 14, 2019 550
WHAT IS "NEW"? DEFINING "NEW JUDGMENT" AFTER MAGWOOD. Cothern, Patrick Jun 1, 2019 13915
Federal govt takes over three major hospitals of Sindh. May 24, 2019 292
Arbitration in the UAE: Pacta Sunt Servanda. Apr 30, 2019 2027
Up in smoke. Apr 30, 2019 715
Expert advice on your legal problems; You and the law. Apr 29, 2019 429
Haleem files resolution against bids to politicize Sindh police. Apr 17, 2019 765
The terror of the Anti-Terrorism Act. Apr 12, 2019 933
Hamza will have to surrender at any cost, says PM aide. Apr 7, 2019 199
Terrorist act needs to be defined in detail: SC. Apr 3, 2019 235
Parliament Has Set New Prices For Social Services. Mar 7, 2019 224
Jamaat men to be tried for 1971 roles: Anisul. Feb 27, 2019 491
Inconsistencies lead to amended injury verdict. Feb 19, 2019 1535
CM okays over 900 judicial posts for merged districts. Feb 10, 2019 666
Md. lawmakers plan bill to close 'Noah's Law' loophole. Jan 23, 2019 482
Fairness, distributive justice and the apportionment of the pre-salt royalties: a new analysis from Rawls' theory/Equidade, justica distributiva e a reparticao dos royalties do pre-sal: uma releitura de J. Rawls. Siqueira, Natercia Sampaio; Moron, Eduardo Daniel Lazarte Jan 1, 2019 5881
Aasia Bibi. Nov 15, 2018 314
Fazl offers no comment on SC judgment. Nov 12, 2018 242
SC reserves judgment in Aasia Bibi case. Oct 8, 2018 528
Overview of the Saudi process for the Enforcement of Judgments. Oct 4, 2018 2607
Moral dilemmas as India makes adultery personal. Sep 28, 2018 731
Decriminalising adultery in tune with spirit of times: Ashwani Kumar. Sep 27, 2018 195
Criminal Law: Refusal of Breathalyzer- Revocation of Driving Privileges- Probable Cause for Arrest. Sep 21, 2018 162
Supreme Court expands its rules on finality. Vieth, Peter Sep 13, 2018 629
Private schools barred from increasing tuition fee by more than 5pc. Sep 4, 2018 920
LLB program will be of five years after December 31, 2018: SC. Sep 1, 2018 274
LLB program will be of five years after December 31, 2018: SC. Sep 1, 2018 150
Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Jordan. Aug 31, 2018 1413
Neglect for weightier things. Aug 28, 2018 305
HC strikes down law that criminalises begging in national capital. Aug 8, 2018 244
Do we have laws in Nigeria? Aug 6, 2018 325
SCV: Creditor deserved trial on objections to modified judgment. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 3, 2018 648
HadA3/4iomeroviA: Bosniaks are once again victims of discrimination in RS. Jul 30, 2018 231
IHC reserves judgment over blacklisting of Bukhari. Jul 4, 2018 313
IHC reserves judgment over blacklisting of Bukhari. Jul 4, 2018 373
Setting the Course Right. Jun 30, 2018 943
Florida Insurers May Rescind Auto Policies in NY Accidents, but Proof Must Comply with NY Law: T & S Med. Supply Corp. v Ocean Harbor Cas. Ins. Co. Rogak, Lawrence Jun 25, 2018 702
Lawmakers' acts. Jun 20, 2018 139
Affidavit with nomination forms. Jun 8, 2018 658
SC gives nod to quota in promotions with rider. Jun 6, 2018 195
"A Not-Exactly-Good Man": Lionel Trilling on Law and Judgment. Fitzpatrick, Katie Jun 1, 2018 13207
Making Bahria Town law-abiding. May 31, 2018 956
FBiH HoR adopts amendments to the Law on Bankruptcy Procedure. May 22, 2018 289
Attempt to Smuggle SR1 million abroad, Foiled, Illicit Traders, in Furniture, Arrested -Ministry of Commerce Announced. May 21, 2018 181
Filing an appeal against judgment. May 5, 2018 1321
MD PSRA makes surprise visits to private schools. May 2, 2018 280
MD PSRA makes surprise visits to private schools. May 2, 2018 280
Controversial University Law draws teachers' ire. Apr 20, 2018 319
Workplace Issues: Under FLSA's Executive Exemption, does a maintenance supervisor get OT? Apr 20, 2018 659
Mecca Masjid verdict: Owaisi urges Telangana governor to request Centre for retrial. Apr 19, 2018 275
Daf Yomi: When Religious Rulings Must be Disobeyed. Kirsch, Adam Apr 10, 2018 160
Uber, Careem to continue operations. Apr 8, 2018 187
Even Without a Good Denial, Plaintiff Cannot Collect More Than Fee Schedule Amount: Oleg's Acupuncture, P.C. v Hereford Ins. Co.. Rogak, Lawrence N. Mar 26, 2018 527
Public Nuisance Insufficient Service. Mar 22, 2018 353
What's the law on equal pay? the saturday essay. Louise Lawrence Column Mar 17, 2018 536
Mashal Khan's father files appeals against case verdict. Feb 24, 2018 602
Three Dreaded Words. Feb 23, 2018 964
Israel's holding of Palestinian bodies violates international law, say groups. Feb 21, 2018 539
TadiA received Ambassador of the Netherlands to BiH in an inaugural visit. Feb 21, 2018 211
AoviA and Ambassador Cormack discuss electoral legislation reform. Feb 21, 2018 187
Shahrukh Jatoi files review petition in SC. Feb 21, 2018 567
Criminal Law:Drug Conspiracy -Witness Testimony -Jury Instruction. Jan 31, 2018 158
ICT admin to strictly implement 'One Dish' law at marriage functions. Jan 5, 2018 220
Parliamentarians on bill to accelerate terror-related trials. Jan 5, 2018 334
SC judgement. Dec 20, 2017 155
SHC directs Sindh Govt to legislate law against mainpuri, gutka. Oct 21, 2017 599
Surveying Britain's road to perdition. Aug 19, 2017 1093
IHC issues detailed judgment in blasphemy case. Aug 12, 2017 568
Foundation of Quaid-e-Azam's Pakistan has been laid: Imran. Jul 29, 2017 367
No Liability for Dog That Ran Down Street Trailing Loose Bike Rack Behind. Rogak, Lawrence Jun 26, 2017 3680
ABA Files for Summary Judgment in Legal Battle Over FOM Rules. May 30, 2017 294
Tayyaba Torture case: IHC reserves judgment on ICA maintainability. May 24, 2017 519
Lessons learned from the police response to the San Bernardino and Orlando terrorist attacks. Straub, Frank; Zeunik, Jennifer; Gorban, Ben May 1, 2017 6265
Improving use-of-force outcomes: never mind the numbers. Wittrup, Brian Nov 1, 2016 2338
A case study on court of appeals finality. Nolan, Michael Jun 22, 2016 8879
Neglect for weightier things. Aug 24, 2015 341
Early appellate remedies: partial final judgments. Yagoda, Jay A. Dec 1, 2013 4796
The status of recognition and enforcement of judgments in the European Union. Larobina, Michael D.; Pate, Richard L. Report Jul 1, 2011 5865
Confessions of an Illinois judgment: as more loans go bad, banks looking for better ways to collect from defaulting borrowers are turning to judgments by confession. The author explains how they work and argues they typically can be enforced as soon as they're entered, with no notice to the debtor. Cortina, Michael G. Nov 1, 2010 1813
Getting what's due: prejudgment interest in Illinois: make no mistake, the accrued interest on your client's damage award can add up to real money. This article describes the steps for obtaining prejudgment interest and weighs the pros and cons of a recent proposed statutory amendment that would have provided prejudgment interest for tort claims. Hirsch, Adam N. Aug 1, 2010 3513
Montana court rules in favor of aid in dying. Frieden, Joyce Report Apr 1, 2010 871
Reviving judgments in Illinois: Illinois now has a revival of judgment statute that spells out what should be included in a petition to revive judgment and when one may be filed. It also makes clear that a properly revived judgment may be enforceable for 27 years. This article describes how the revival process works. Markoff, Robert G.; McGeehan, Christopher J. Jan 1, 2010 4158
Avoiding collateral damage: vacating a judgment as part of a settlement. Drummy, John B. Jan 1, 2010 3344
Enforcing proposals for settlement and offers of judgment in federal court: mission impossible? Sneed, Julie Simone; Berman, Ceci Culpepper Dec 1, 2009 4569
Postjudgment sanctions: do trial courts have too little power? Illinois trial judges should be able to impose sanctions for civil litigation misconduct after final judgment and on behalf of nonparties if the facts warrant. But a recent case from the first district suggests otherwise. Parness, Jeffrey A.; Phillips, Badea V. Jun 1, 2009 972
Civil procedure - sufficiency of evidence not reviewable in absence of post-verdict judgment as a matter of law or new trial motion - Unitherm Food Systems, Inc. v. Swift-Eckrich, Inc. Dennis, Corey M. Dec 22, 2007 4240
When does a postjudgment motion toll the deadline for appeal? Using postjudgment motions skillfully can give you a decided edge in postjudgment litigation. But it's important to know under what circumstances postjudgment motions qualify for additional time and toll the deadline for appeal. Here's a review of the applicable statutory and case law. Finkel, Leon I.; Silva, Bradley A. Mar 1, 2007 2913
Towards a cosmopolitan vision of conflict of laws: redefining governmental interests in a global era. Berman, Paul Schiff Jun 1, 2005 28338
There is always a need: the "necessity doctrine" and class certification against government agencies. Tenny, Daniel Mar 1, 2005 11255
Offer of judgment does not derail class action, Third Circuit holds. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Dec 1, 2004 625
Asking for written opinion from a court that has chosen not to write one. England, Arthur J., Jr. Mar 1, 2004 5172
Staying a money judgment in federal court without posting a supersedeas bond. Mullins, Edward; Escobar, Annette C. Dec 1, 2003 4562
The oral judgment practice in the Canadian appellate courts. Cote, J.E. Sep 22, 2003 3325
Offers of judgment and tenders of relief before class certification; when is it permissible to pick off the class representative. Davis, John C. Nov 1, 2002 8459
No postjudgment interest on prejudgment interest? A rebuttal. Herring, William W. Jul 1, 2002 2729
Interjurisdictional preclusion. Erichson, Howard M. Feb 1, 1998 39654
An intent-based approach to the acceptance of benefits doctrine in the federal courts. Friedman, Benson K. Dec 1, 1993 15389
Toward a liberal application of the "Close of All the Evidence" requirement of Rule 50(b) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: embracing fairness over formalism. Ransom, Rollin A. Mar 1, 1993 21639

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