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COA: Wrongfully convicted have no remedy. Chaney, Matt Apr 30, 2019 671
Enforcement of FDUTPA by Competitors: Did the Florida Legislature Create a Right Without A Remedy? Jaensch, Tracey K.; Johnson, Viktoryia Sep 1, 2017 4407
Commencing litigation against a defendant with international ties? Not so fast - an introduction to an international approach to domestic litigation. Smith, Grant Stanton Jan 1, 2017 3727
Costs Awards by International Courts and Tribunals: Key Lessons from Philip Morris v. Australia. Tully, Stephen Jan 1, 2017 12894
Constitutional avoidance as interpretation and as remedy. Fish, Eric S. May 1, 2016 21552
Les "dents" de la Loi sur les langues officielles: le recours judiciaire sous la partie X. Soubliere, Renee Mar 22, 2016 12248
Diplomatic immunity and the abuse of domestic workers: criminal and civil remedies in the United States. Vandenberg, Martina E.; Bessell, Sarah Mar 22, 2016 15662
The right to remedy by due course of law - a historical exploration and an appeal for reconsideration. DeBoer, Michael J. Sep 22, 2014 4773
The right to remedy by due course of law - a historical exploration and an appeal for reconsideration. DeBoer, Michael J. Sep 22, 2014 23008
Saving preemption in the Clean Air Act: climate change, state common law, and plaintiffs without a remedy. England, J.J. Jun 22, 2013 23848
Using civil remedies in corruption and asset recovery cases. de Willebois, Emile van der Does; Brun, Jean-Pierre Mar 22, 2013 15503
Enforcing ERISA. Stris, Peter K.; O'Connell, Victor A. Sep 22, 2011 4933
Constitutional litigation against institutions: remedies. Magnet, Joseph Eliot Mar 22, 2011 5622
The two-step evidentiary and causation quandary for medium-specific laws targeting sexual and violent content: first proving harm and injury to silence speech, then proving redress and rehabilitation through censorship. Calvert, Clay Mar 1, 2008 13277
A fair trial remedy for Brady violations. Dewar, Elizabeth Napier Apr 1, 2006 8221
Antitrust remedies in the U.S. and EU: advancing a standard of proportionality. Sullivan, E. Thomas Jun 22, 2003 16829
Supreme Court preserves plaintiffs' access to state courts. Brownstein, Andrew Jun 1, 2003 570
Statutory inflation and institutional choice. Solan, Lawrence M. Apr 1, 2003 29978
A footnote for Jack Dawson. White, James J.; Peters, David A. Jun 1, 2002 13253
Fighting fire with ... mire? Civil remedies and the new war on state-sponsored terrorism. Hoye, William P. Jan 1, 2002 21367
Tortious interference and the law of contract: the case for specific performance revisited. Varadarajan, Deepa Dec 1, 2001 11245
Drowning in a sea of contract: application of the economic loss rule to fraud and negligent misrepresentation claims. Barton, R. Joseph May 1, 2000 25495
Admiralty and federalism in the wake of Yamaha Motor Corp., USA v. Calhoun: is Yamaha a cry by the judiciary for legislative action in state territorial waters? Lapp, David R. Feb 1, 2000 13893
The right-remedy gap in constitutional law. Jeffries, John C., Jr. Oct 1, 1999 14389
Introduction: property rules as remedies. Sherwin, Emily May 1, 1997 3656
A clear view of 'The Cathedral': the dominance of property rules. Epstein, Richard A. May 1, 1997 16374
Unifying remedies: property rules, liability rules, and startling rules. Levmore, Saul May 1, 1997 14148
The shadow of 'The Cathedral.'(Property Rules, Liability Rules, and Inalienability: A Twenty-Five Year Retrospective) Rose, Carol M. May 1, 1997 13778
Remarks: a public law perspective. Melamed, A. Douglas May 1, 1997 2146

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