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Israeli settlements continue, imposing Israeli sovereignty. Sep 20, 2020 1014
Cambodia reminds OHCHR to respect sovereignty and domestic jurisdiction of states. Sep 13, 2020 632
Siraj insists FATF laws to harm national sovereignty. Aug 29, 2020 431
India's military occupation of J and K warrants ICC intervention: Legal Fact Finding Report. Aug 5, 2020 378
India's military occupation of J and K warrants ICC intervention: Legal Fact Finding Report. Aug 5, 2020 794
Report suggests independent war crimes tribunal to investigate atrocities committed by India in IIOJK. Report Aug 5, 2020 770
'India's military occupation of J and K warrants ICC intervention'. Aug 4, 2020 793
The ICJ decision that set Kosovo on the path of independence. EMINA OSMANDZIKOVIC Jul 21, 2020 938
Racist Laws at the Israeli Knesset To Legalize Settlements Annexation in the West Bank. Jul 20, 2020 712
Vigt Nam reaffirms sovereignty over Spratly and Paracels islands. Jul 17, 2020 813
Arab foreign ministers warn annexation will ignite conflict, feed extremism. Jul 7, 2020 385
South China Sea Dispute: China's Role and Proposed Solutions. Report Jun 30, 2020 6293
Palestine Chronicle Explains: What You Need to Know about Israel's Annexation Plan. Jun 29, 2020 2046
Now is the time for true negotiations, not annexation. Alistair Burt May 6, 2020 942
Palestinian FM denounces US readiness to recognize Israel's annexation of occupied lands. Apr 28, 2020 299
US ready to recognize Israeli 'sovereignty' in occupied Palestinian lands. Apr 28, 2020 271
ICC Says: U.S. committing crimes in another country warrants probe - No Sovereignty. Mar 10, 2020 2343
Report: Netanyahu plans to extend Israeli sovereignty over Jordan Valley & settlements. Feb 3, 2020 739
Mavroyiannis: Turkey's drilling operations violate Cyprus sovereignty. Source: Cyprus News Agency Jan 30, 2020 479
Minister: Morocco's Interests Must Come First in Turkey FTA Review. Jan 27, 2020 1020
Morocco Consolidates Maritime Sovereignty off Atlantic Coast with Landmark Vote. Jan 23, 2020 1224
Morocco adds W. Sahara waters to its maritime territory. Jan 22, 2020 362
Egypt warns against unilateral measures harming stability in Cyprus. Sarah El-Sheikh Jan 21, 2020 641
Egypt voices support to sovereignty of Cyprus. Egypt Today staff Jan 20, 2020 381
Al-Hakim and Al-Amri insist on preserving Iraqi sovereignty, restoring state prestige and imposing law. Jan 20, 2020 185
Saudi Press: KSA is Top Reformer and Improver among 190 Economies. Jan 16, 2020 211
Al-Maliki and the delegation of the Iraqi Forces Alliance stress the necessity of coordinating efforts to come out with a unified political position that preserves the sovereignty of the country. Jan 16, 2020 143
Inzko: False claims about the statehood of RS will be reported to UN SC. Jan 12, 2020 488
Israeli Practices of Governance in Palestine. Zureik, Elia Report Jan 1, 2020 5688
Moscow: West used humanitarian aid delivery to undermine Syria's sovereignty. ruaa-jazaeri Dec 24, 2019 416
US ban vs De Lima jailers an issue of sovereignty - DOJ chief. Dec 23, 2019 416
US Senate resolution vs De Lima detention tramples on sovereignty Palace. Dec 14, 2019 599
Astana 14th round final statement affirms strong commitment to Syria's sovereignty, territorial integrity. ruaa-jazaeri Dec 11, 2019 354
Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action across Intergovernmental Landscapes: Who Can and Should do What? Poirier, Johanne; Hedaraly, Sajeda Dec 1, 2019 14961
U.S. reverses long-held policy on West Bank. Matthew Lee AP Diplomatic Writer Nov 19, 2019 407
How safe is your citizenship of Cyprus? Alper Ali Riza Nov 17, 2019 1039
Arab Parl. affirms standing with sovereignty of all Arab countries. Oct 31, 2019 446
Sisi: Turkish offensive is aggression against Syria's sovereignty. Egypt Today staff Oct 10, 2019 333
Syrian gov't slams new Turkish operation in Syria. Oct 9, 2019 288
Al-Fatah Alliance: Legislation To Get Foreign Forces Out Is The First Task Of The Committee Of Preservation Of Sovereignty. Sep 26, 2019 267
Mideast won't enjoy security as long as Israel violates int'l law, says House Speaker. Sep 15, 2019 182
Ministry: Armenia shouldn't doubt Azerbaijans ability to restore its sovereignty. Sep 13, 2019 1031
Maldives strongly condemns the irresponsible statements made by Israel to annex Arab Land. Sep 12, 2019 227
(GCC) SG. condemns Israeli Prime Minister's remarks on West Bank. Sep 11, 2019 241
OIC condemns Netanyahu's remarks and welcomes Saudi Arabia's call for emergency meeting at foreign minister level. Sep 11, 2019 356
GCC Secretary General Condemns Statements of Israeli Prime Minister to Annex West Bank Lands. Sep 11, 2019 256
Turkmenistan to adopt cyber security law to protect its sovereignty. Sep 9, 2019 250
Turkmenistan to adopt cyber security law to protect its sovereignty. Sep 9, 2019 300
Sovereignty Council Reviews its Regulation and Opening of Schools. Aug 27, 2019 132
China says India move on Kashmir violates its territorial sovereignty. Aug 6, 2019 450
Kataeb rejects armed Palestinian protests, says Lebanese laws above all. Jul 19, 2019 182
Duterte's remarks on sovereignty, EEZ 'erroneous' ex-solgen Hilbay. Jun 27, 2019 761
Senior Lawmaker: US Spy Drone Flight "Act of Aggression against Iran". Jun 23, 2019 857
Tehran Calls on Washington to Immediately End Illegal Presence in Syria. Jun 19, 2019 930
Pope Francis Calls for End of Sovereignty and for Global Government. Jun 3, 2019 325
QUASI-SOVEREIGN STANDING. Hessick, F. Andrew May 1, 2019 14199
AN ORGANIZATIONAL ACCOUNT OF STATE STANDING. Crocker, Katherine Minis May 1, 2019 15678
US moves could escalate tension in ME. Apr 30, 2019 942
EU rejects Israeli claim to Golan, other occupied territory. Apr 17, 2019 502
Aoun: Trump's Recognition of Golan Heights Comes as Israeli Flouts Intl. Law. Apr 10, 2019 415
Will Middle East crises affect Egypt-US relations? Apr 8, 2019 738
Ex-Diplomat: Trump's Deal of Century, A Plan for Israeli Regime to Destroy What's Left of Palestine. Apr 4, 2019 1695
Getting to Yes: Lessons for a Transnational Activist--Protest, Challenge, and Features of the Transnational Legal Order. Gray, Kevin W.; Kalyalya, Kafumu Apr 1, 2019 13483
Putin calls for adopting political means based on respecting states sovereignty for solving crisis in Syria. Mar 31, 2019 178
Saadi: We Are Not Looking For Hostility To Washington .. We Are Looking For Sovereignty Of A State. Mar 31, 2019 124
A Test For The UN. Mar 29, 2019 464
Russia: Golan Heights Decision May Come as Forerunner of US 'Deal of Century'. Mar 27, 2019 290
Arab Parliament rejects US recognition of Golan Heights. Mar 26, 2019 171
US decision to recognise Israel sovereignty on Golan Heights garners global condemnation. Mar 26, 2019 542
'Extreme Contempt for International Law': World Furious at US over Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty over Occupied Golan Heights. Mar 26, 2019 1641
OIC openly deplores US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan. Mar 26, 2019 182
OIC Denounces US Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty over Occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Mar 26, 2019 178
Trump's Golan statement may undermine US strategy. Mar 25, 2019 1072
Russia warns US of recognizing Israel's sovereignty over Golan Heights. Mar 25, 2019 181
US ignores Int'l laws over Syrian Golan Heights move - Turkish FM. Mar 25, 2019 184
'Give Israel One of US States': Golan Heights Residents Strongly Condemn Trump's Decision on Occupied Land. Mar 24, 2019 585
Syrian rights group says Trump's tweet on occupied Golan Heights will destabilize region. Mar 23, 2019 325
Foreign Ministry: Trump's position on occupied Golan Heights a boost to colonialism. Mar 23, 2019 265
EU Says Doesn't Recognize Israel's Sovereignty over Golan Heights. Mar 23, 2019 511
Any recognition of Israel's sovereignty over Syrian Golan illegal -- Aboul-Gheit. Mar 22, 2019 356
Socialist group in EP slams TrumpUo's tweet on Golan. Mar 22, 2019 208
Egypt: Golan Heights are Syrian Occupied Lands. Mar 22, 2019 552
The Trump Administration and the International Criminal Court: A Misguided New Policy. Sterio, Milena Mar 22, 2019 4038
World War Web: Rethinking "Aiding and Abetting" in the Social Media Age. Cambron, Rebecca J. Mar 22, 2019 12591
Look Back in Compassion. Dubnov, Arie M. Mar 22, 2019 4372
Gov't inclined to block entry of ICC staff to probe war on drugs. Mar 18, 2019 453
EU empire's citizens surrender sovereignty. Feb 7, 2019 264
Networking Responsibility: Regional Agents and Changing International Norms. Seaman, Kate Report Jan 1, 2019 10305
The parting of the seas: norms, material power and state control over the ocean. Moraes, Rodrigo Fracalossi de Jan 1, 2019 8266
Hariri at Chatham House: A government before the end of the year --We are committed to 1701 and to the disassociation policy. Dec 13, 2018 5722
Azerbaijan FM: Conflicts in OSCE area remain most serious threat to peace, security. Dec 7, 2018 575
US, world leaders condemn Russia's aggression on Ukraine. Nov 27, 2018 782
UN General Assembly votes overwhelmingly in favor of resolution affirming Syria's sovereignty over occupied Golan. Nov 16, 2018 475
Martial law, human rights and other stark issues. Nov 8, 2018 1241
Litigating Data Sovereignty. Woods, Andrew Keane Nov 1, 2018 32991
'No sale on' for Kingdom's sovereignty gov't tells IPU. Oct 29, 2018 743
After Khashoggi, back to the Israel-Palestine dispute. Oct 29, 2018 957
Democrats Need To Talk About The Caravan. Oct 25, 2018 605
Across the Public/Private International Legal Divide in the Governance of Global Public Goods. Lixinski, Lucas Sep 22, 2018 13761
International Human Rights Commission: US military buries nuclear waste at Taji military base. Sep 7, 2018 291
Archiving Sovereignty: Law, History, Violence. Book review Sep 1, 2018 101
EU reiterates support to Georgia's sovereignty. Aug 7, 2018 171
Speaker of Shura Council condemns Canadian transgression against kingdom's regulations, sovereignty. Aug 6, 2018 227
DIVIDED ISLAND: Steps are being taken to resolve the heated question of who owns a remote Arctic island claimed by both Canada and Denmark. Aug 1, 2018 444
Beyond federalism, ConCom's notable reforms. Jul 29, 2018 707
PLO Executive Committee: Jewish nation-state law a basis for "ultimate deal". Jul 28, 2018 156
Former DFA Secretary: 'Our common goal is peace without sacrificing our sovereignty'. Jul 12, 2018 649
A Matter of Sovereignty. Davis, Jim Letter to the editor Jul 9, 2018 698
OIC lauds UNGA resolution on protecting Palestinians. Jun 14, 2018 143
Sovereignty: The Race to Regulate, Putting Consumers First as Communications Technology Emerges. Clark, Justin; Davis, Sean, Jr.; Kennedy, Morgan Rucker; Nelson, Grant; LeBlanc, Travis May 1, 2018 4986
Kuwait rejects sovereignty breach, ready to work with Manila. Apr 30, 2018 203
Kuwait rejects sovereignty breach amid diplomatic row with Philippines. Apr 30, 2018 415
Kuwait rejects sovereignty breach, ready to work with Manila to solve issues. Apr 29, 2018 194
Chinese Envoy Reiterates Opposition to US-Led Missile Strikes against Syria. Apr 15, 2018 463
Iran Condemns US-Led Aggression on Syria, Warns of Repercussions. Apr 14, 2018 919
De facto and de jure Crown Sovereignty: Reconciliation and Legitimation at the Supreme Court of Canada. Beaton, Ryan Mar 22, 2018 5488
ONE NATION. Fonte, John Book review Mar 22, 2018 1817
SOVEREIGNTY AND DIAMONDS IN SOUTHERN AFRICA, 1908-1920. Press, Steven Mar 22, 2018 3436
UAE military jet violates Qatar's airspace again. Mar 17, 2018 297
EU condemns anew Russian occupation of Crimea. Mar 16, 2018 267
Punishment but Not a Penalty? Punitive Damages Are Impermissible Under Foreign Substantive Law. Hoversten, Paul A. Mar 1, 2018 13322
Tweet to Defeat Government Bribes: Limiting Extraterritorial Jurisdiction under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to Combat Global Corporate Corruption. Routh, Sarah Mar 1, 2018 14063
PLO Official Says New Israeli Bill Aims to Legalize Annexation of Occupied West Bank. Feb 27, 2018 372
PLO official says new Israeli bill aims to legalize annexation of occupied West Bank. Feb 26, 2018 372
Ashrawi: Knesset bill aims to legalize annexation of the occupied West Bank. Feb 26, 2018 538
Foreign Ministry: Any foreign military presence on Syrian territories, without Syria approval, is an aggression and occupation. Feb 1, 2018 520
Arctic Ocean Shipping: Navigation, Security and Sovereignty in the North American Arctic. Book review Feb 1, 2018 117
Poland, Hungary Object to EU Attacks on Poland's Sovereignty. Jan 22, 2018 340
Foreign Ministry: US Military Presence in Syria Act of Aggression on Country's Sovereignty. Jan 18, 2018 248
Foreign Ministry: U.S. military presence in Syria act of aggression on Syria's sovereignty. Jan 18, 2018 352
Foreign Ministry: US announcement of forming armed militia in north-eastern Syria violates Syria's sovereignty, int'l law. Jan 15, 2018 249
Qatar Complains to UNSC after UAE Violates Airspace. Jan 13, 2018 292
Employer must show reasons for pay disparity actually used. Vieth, Peter Jan 11, 2018 825
Israeli Forces escalate effort to create Jewish majority in the oPt. Jan 4, 2018 1281
'Race Law' Takes Jerusalem a Step Closer to Being a Jewish-Only City. Jan 4, 2018 1243
'Race law' takes Jerusalem a step closer to being a Jewish-only city. Jan 3, 2018 969
Ashrawi condemns Likud vote on occupied territories saying it ends peace process. Jan 2, 2018 360
PLO Ashrawi condemns Israeli Knesset bill to unite Jerusalem. Jan 2, 2018 403
Constructing a "Creative Reading": Will US State Cannabis Legislation Threaten the Fate of the International Drug Control Treaties? Tackeff, Michael Jan 1, 2018 22613
US Must Include 'Sovereignty' in Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act. Dec 11, 2017 613
The Hermeneutics of Sovereignty: The Written Word, State Sovereignty, and Freedom of Religion in the Late Antiquity Roman Empire. Bateman, C.G. Dec 1, 2017 8549
Update-UN General Assembly calls on Israeli occupation to withdraw from Syrian Golan..Munzer:Syria's sovereignty over Golan is non-negotiable. Nov 30, 2017 777
IN SEARCH OF THE LOST CONSENSUS: Some remarks on the article. Solntsev, Alexander Oct 1, 2017 1928
Ukraine v. Russia and Philippines v. China: Jurisdiction and Legitimacy. Tzeng, Peter Sep 22, 2017 10102
When the Levee Breaks: Climate Change, Rising Seas, and the Loss of Island Nation Statehood. Juvelier, Ben Sep 22, 2017 12885
In confronting Israel, symbolic victories can make a difference. Jul 16, 2017 903
Statehood experience, legal traditions, and climate change policies. Ang, James B.; Fredriksson, Per G. Abstract Jul 1, 2017 15597
Iran Blasts Turkey's Airstrikes on Iraq's Sinjar Region. Apr 26, 2017 289
Gov't to proceed with nationality law in line with state sovereignty - Min. Apr 8, 2017 209
"Close settlement on the land". Rostow, Eugene V. Excerpt Mar 22, 2017 3146
Sereno: Constitution puts focus on human rights, sovereignty. Feb 2, 2017 408
The power to control immigration is a core aspect of sovereignty. Eastman, John C. Jan 1, 2017 2592
The Arab Parliament calls on Turkey to withdraw its troops immediately and to respect the sovereignty and independence of Iraq. Oct 12, 2016 341
Beyond the deterrence paradigm in global refugee policy. Gammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas; Tan, Nikolas Feith Sep 22, 2016 4889
Minister of Justice: JASTA Violates Sovereignty of States. Sep 16, 2016 206
JASTA violates sovereignty of states: Saudi justice minster. Sep 16, 2016 145
Pakistan forcefully raising drone strikes issue at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva: FO. Jun 16, 2016 179
Pakistan Raises Issue of Drone Strikes at UN Human Rights Council. Jun 16, 2016 165
The facts about the EU and UK sovereignty; The issue of sovereignty is proving to be one of the more emotive aspects of the referendum debate. Here, we examine some of the facts behind the issue. Jun 14, 2016 1351
4th Joint Ministerial Meeting for Strategic Dialogue for GCC States, Russia Issues Joint Statement 4. May 26, 2016 739
Loyalty to Resistance: Concerned to follow up financial sanctions law within measures preserving monetary sovereignty. May 26, 2016 117
An international Commission of Inquiry for the South China Sea? Defining the law of sovereignty to determine the chance for peace. Mitchell, Ryan May 1, 2016 10378
An international Commission of Inquiry for the South China Sea? Defining the law of sovereignty to determine the chance for peace. Mitchell, Ryan May 1, 2016 20979
A unilateral declaration of independence from God. Apr 17, 2016 201
The state's right to property under international law. Tzeng, Peter Apr 1, 2016 6623
EU underlines commitment to Ukraine's sovereignty. Mar 18, 2016 194
Debating sovereignty: self-encounters of the limitation in the implementation of international law. Mamuti-Fazlia, Drita Essay Dec 1, 2015 5173
Kuwait lashes Israel for trifling with int'l laws. Oct 27, 2015 416
The Arctic: Klaus Dodds is Professor of Geopolitics at Royal Holloway, University of London and author of Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction. Dodds, Klaus Oct 1, 2015 612
Masum confirms the importance of upholding the Constitution and the laws and the consensus that safeguard the country's unity and sovereignty. Aug 11, 2015 315
Ibrahim confirms not neglecting sovereignty, laws when negotiating release of military hostages. Jun 5, 2015 240
'Sovereignty' versus 'sovereign rights'. Apr 8, 2015 571
Toward a South American citizenship? the development of a new post-national form of membership in the region. Arcarazo, Diego Acosta Mar 22, 2015 4274
The federal public trust doctrine: misinterpreting Justice Kennedy and Illinois Central Railroad. Blumm, Michael C.; Schaffer, Lynn S. Mar 22, 2015 17663
Claims of sovereignty - burdens of occupation: William and the future of reconciliation. Nichols, Joshua Jan 1, 2015 13034
The legal status of the Kurdistan regional government (KRG) in international law. Radpey, Loqman Dec 22, 2014 12148
Ghana's battle for seed sovereignty. Jehu-Appiah, Ali-Masmadi; Walker, Chris Dec 1, 2014 813
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Oct 14 - UK Lawmakers Pass Symbolic Motion To Recognize Palestine. Oct 18, 2014 553
U.K. lawmakers pass symbolic motion to recognize Palestine. Oct 14, 2014 609
May traditional deference to state sovereignty serve as a rational basis to deny marriage equality to same-sex wedding vows? Weeden, L. Darnell Sep 22, 2014 13056
The United States, China, and freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. Houck, James W.; Anderson, Nicole M. Sep 22, 2014 4939
Our (national) federalism. Gluck, Abbe R. Apr 1, 2014 20647
Sri Lanka requested UN Human Rights Council Members to Reject US Sponsored Resolution by a Vote. Mar 28, 2014 2582
G7 states support Ukraine's sovereignty, threaten Russia with serious consequences. Mar 25, 2014 270
OIC condemns Israeli Parliament's laws. Mar 6, 2014 827
Al-Jaafari: selectivity and double-standard policy hampered sovereignty of law on international level. Feb 20, 2014 369
Palace: No state can subject high seas to its sovereignty. Jan 11, 2014 321
The legitimate reach of the environmental revolution. Blais, Lynn E. Jan 1, 2014 4210
Transatlantic trade and investment partnership--overview. Abboushi, Suhail Jan 1, 2014 4405
The 21st century Atlantis: the international law of statehood and climate change-induced loss of territory. Jain, Abhimanyu George Jan 1, 2014 8289
The 21st century Atlantis: the international law of statehood and climate change-induced loss of territory. Jain, Abhimanyu George Jan 1, 2014 20743
Sovereignty mismatch and the new administrative law. Zaring, David Dec 1, 2013 6082
Sovereignty mismatch and the new administrative law. Zaring, David Dec 1, 2013 19541
Pakistan reiterates demand for end to US drone strikes. Oct 9, 2013 614
Douglas Valentine: The United States doesnaACAOt Recognize SyriaaACAOs Sovereignty. Sep 29, 2013 2587
The sovereign Charter: security, territory and the boundaries of constitutional rights. Ceric, Irina Sep 22, 2013 12380
Independence in Europe: secession, sovereignty, and the European Union. Connolly, Christopher K. Sep 22, 2013 6746
Independence in Europe: secession, sovereignty, and the European Union. Connolly, Christopher K. Sep 22, 2013 18728
America's sovereignty at stake. Rabkin, Jeremy Essay Sep 1, 2013 2679
United States sovereignty: UN intrusion a growing concern. Aug 23, 2013 2034
The mutuality of citizenship and sovereignty: the Society of American Indians and the battle to inherit America. Lomawaima, K. Tsianina Essay Jun 22, 2013 8144
A normative theory of sovereignty transfers. Verdirame, Guglielmo Jun 22, 2013 23191
Doughnut hole in the Caribbean Sea: the maritime boundary between Nicaragua and Colombia according to the International Court of Justice. Khan, M. Imad; Rains, David J. Jun 22, 2013 6771
Dangerous precedents: circumventing extradition to implement the death penalty. Drake, Samantha K. Jun 22, 2013 15123
Drone attacks unacceptable, violate country's sovereignty and international laws: Nawaz Sharif. Jun 9, 2013 143
UAE Foreign Minister urges embassies to respect UAE sovereignty. May 22, 2013 486
Is seasteading the high seas a legal possibility? Filling the gaps in international sovereignty law and the law of the seas. Fateh, Ryan H. May 1, 2013 14407
The high court wades into state-law water allocation. Starr, Logan Apr 1, 2013 15855
UNESCO, Palestine and archaeology in conflict. Keane, David; Azarov, Valentina Mar 22, 2013 18321
Humanitarian intervention: to protect state sovereignty. Gulati, Jasmeet; Khosa, Ivan Mar 22, 2013 9416
The choice-based perspective of choice-of-law. Peari, Sagi Mar 22, 2013 12281
UN says: US Drone strikes violate international laws & Pak sovereignty. Mar 18, 2013 1180
UN report on drone attacks in Pakistan: US withholds judgment. Mar 17, 2013 466
UN report on drone attacks in Pakistan: US withholds judgment. Mar 17, 2013 466
Commandeering and constitutional change. Campbell, Wesley J. Mar 1, 2013 7938
Commandeering and constitutional change. Campbell, Wesley J. Mar 1, 2013 29502
Preemption and choice-of-law coordination. O'Connor, Erin O'Hara; Ribstein, Larry E. Mar 1, 2013 12790
Preemption and choice-of-law coordination. O'Connor, Erin O'Hara; Ribstein, Larry E. Mar 1, 2013 19372
Double immunity. Tang, Aaron Feb 1, 2013 7865
Returning sovereignty to the people. Ludsin, Hallie Jan 1, 2013 10204
Returning sovereignty to the people. Ludsin, Hallie Jan 1, 2013 24633
Extraterritoriality and extranationality: a comparative study. Clopton, Zachary D. Jan 1, 2013 25960
Sitting on solid ground: the international legal basis for overseas sittings of the Military Court of Australia. Wall, Patrick Jan 1, 2013 11644
Defending weak states against the "unwilling or unable" doctrine of self-defense. Ahmed, Dawood I. Jan 1, 2013 20214
National strategy, collective security, and the global common. Hart, Gary W. Dec 22, 2012 2780
Politics or law? The dual nature of the responsibility to protect. VanLandingham, Rachel E. Dec 22, 2012 12089
The responsibility to protect in the anarchical society: power, interest, and the protection of civilians in Libya and Syria. Eckert, Amy E. Dec 22, 2012 5730
Israel Must Halt Construction of West Bank Settlements. Dec 4, 2012 658
'Respect the sovereignty of countries'. Sep 25, 2012 209
Asserting state sovereignty over national communities of Islam in the United States and Britain: Sharia courts as a tool of Muslim accommodation and integration. Lepore, Christopher R. Sep 22, 2012 11269
-Airlines for America Commends U.S. Senate committee for EU ETS bill approval. Aug 1, 2012 323
Occupation? What Occupation? Israeli report denies its existence. Jul 16, 2012 506
The inherent international tax regime and its constraints on Australia's sovereignty. Sadiq, Kerrie Jul 1, 2012 8713
Makdessi: Turkish Military Aircraft Violated Syria's Sovereignty, Syrian Response Was Defensive Act. Jun 25, 2012 1278
Baker, Bush, and ballot boards: the federalization of election administration. Tokaji, Daniel P.; Wolfe, Owen Jun 22, 2012 13087
China opposes Vietnamese maritime law over sovereignty claim. Jun 21, 2012 269
The role of international law in intrastate natural resource allocation: sovereignty, human rights, and peoples-based development. Miranda, Lillian Aponte May 1, 2012 25823
Our federalism(s). Gerken, Heather K. Apr 1, 2012 9627
A complementarity conundrum: international criminal enforcement in the Mexican drug war. Thomas, Spencer Mar 1, 2012 18567
EoACAyUS respects Baghdad's sovereignty'. Jan 27, 2012 978
State sovereign standing: often overlooked, but not forgotten. Cuccinelli, Kenneth T., II; Getchell, E. Duncan, Jr.; Russell, Wesley G., Jr. Jan 1, 2012 17404
No compromise on sovereignty, dignity and national honour: PM. Dec 14, 2011 1303
Barzani backs up sovereignty of law. Dec 3, 2011 416
The Crown's radical and native title: lessons from the sea:. Secher, Ulla Dec 1, 2011 19396
Globalization and structure. Ku, Julian G.; Yoo, John C. Nov 1, 2011 18801
UNESCO Electioneering. Tracy, Marc Nov 1, 2011 599
Three disputes and three objectives: China and the South China Sea. Dutton, Peter Sep 22, 2011 11396
The UNRWA anomaly. Sep 12, 2011 110
J Street Opposes the Statehood Gambit. Tracy, Marc Sep 9, 2011 932
Sept. at UN: Will the UN Endorse Ethnic Cleansing?. Brief article Sep 8, 2011 102
Sept at UN: 3 Israeli Experts: Is Israel Prepared?. Brief article Sep 6, 2011 113
Sept. at UN: PR is Used by the Arabs, Israel is Silent. Brief article Sep 5, 2011 114
Sept. at UN: Jihad is Against the Bible. Brief article Sep 5, 2011 104
"And make a Northwest Passage to the sea": from the early explorers seeking a Northwest Passage to the present day, exercising sovereignty over Canada's Arctic territory has proven to be a tremendous challenge. Konkel, Chuck Aug 1, 2011 3378
The Crown's radical title and native title: lessons from the sea. Secher, Ulla Aug 1, 2011 11510
South China Sea: a commons for China only? Jul 7, 2011 1428
A realist defense of the Alien Tort Statute. Knowles, Robert Jul 1, 2011 28364
Powers, rights, and section 25. Woolhandler, Ann Jul 1, 2011 23353
Contemporary assertions of state sovereignty and the safeguards of American federalism. Dinan, John Jun 22, 2011 14858
Palestinians Reconsider U.N. Statehood Push. Tracy, Marc Jun 10, 2011 334
Daybreak: Israel Prepares Diplomatic Push. Tracy, Marc Brief article Jun 10, 2011 130
Sundown: Obama, Merkel Nix U.N. Route. Tracy, Marc Brief article Jun 7, 2011 286
Did Obama Sway Europe to Israel's Side? Tracy, Marc Jun 6, 2011 544
The individual mandate, sovereignty, and the ends of good government: a reply to Professor Randy Barnett. Brennan, Patrick McKinley Jun 1, 2011 11492
Bound to fail. May 31, 2011 1366
La controverse sur la nature du droit applicable apres la conquete. Decroix, Arnaud Apr 1, 2011 28004
A Grotian moment: changes in the legal theory of statehood. Sterio, Milena Mar 22, 2011 15976
Three climate crises. Badrinarayana, Deepa Mar 22, 2011 2763
Resolving Arctic sovereignty from a Scandinavian perspective. Traner, Helena Mar 22, 2011 12276
The last frontier of human rights protection: interrogating resistance to regional cooperation in the Asia-Pacific. Saul, Ben; Mowbray, Jacqueline; Baghoomians, Irene Jan 1, 2011 17807
The nature, status and future of amnesties under international criminal law. Perry, Robin Jan 1, 2011 15940
Michael Eilenberg: at the Edges of States: Dynamics of State Formation in the Indonesian Borderlands, KITLV Press is about to be released. Jan 1, 2011 160
Denied and disparaged: applying the "federalist" Ninth Amendment. Rokosky, Seth Dec 1, 2010 25704
Issues for congress. O'Rourke, Ronald Report Oct 1, 2010 20026
Coming full circle: the Rome Statute and the crime of aggression. Kacker, Devyani Sep 22, 2010 12335
Canada's Arctic sovereignty claim. Report Sep 1, 2010 1268
The uncertain fate of Venezuela's black pearl: the petrostate and its ambiguous oil and gas legislation. Cuervo, Luis E. Jun 22, 2010 21530
Thin ice, shifting geopolitics: the legal implications of Arctic ice melt. Mendez, Tessa Jun 22, 2010 10158
Katrina, federalism, and military law enforcement: a new exception to the Posse Comitatus Act. McGrane, Sean May 1, 2010 15656
At the crossroads: a new and unfortunate paradigm of tribal sovereignty. Pommersheim, Frank Mar 22, 2010 12608
The time has come for the United States to ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Heyman, Michael G. Mar 22, 2010 12836
A treaty on thin ice: debunking the arguments against U.S. ratification of the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea in a time of global climate crisis. Hudzik, Elizabeth M. Mar 22, 2010 8780
The influence of law on command of space. Bellflower, John W. Mar 22, 2010 18028
The irrelevance of writtenness in constitutional interpretation. Coan, Andrew B. Mar 1, 2010 29319
The responsibility to protect and the decline of sovereignty: free speech protection under international law. Magnuson, William Mar 1, 2010 27232
The moral paradox of adverse possession: sovereignty and revolution in property law. Katz, Larissa Mar 1, 2010 17660
Facing off with the feds: sovereignty measures and other steps may indicate an upsurge in anti-federal sentiment in legislatures. Weiss, Suzanne Feb 1, 2010 1386
The Berlin Act of 1885; here are some excerpts from the main provisions of the General Act signed on 26 February 1885 by the 14 participating countries of the Berlin conference. Excerpt Feb 1, 2010 644
Being all it can be: a solution to improve the department of defense's overseas environmental policy. Laporte, Margot Jan 1, 2010 15695

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