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Households and businesses still most indebted economic sectors. Oct 9, 2018 231
Bill would ease process for buying back foreclosed homes. Munoz, Daniel J. Brief article Sep 6, 2018 220
Real Estate Finance in a Nutshell, 7th Edition. Book review Sep 1, 2018 167
EDVA: Widow's foreclosure claims don't show breach of contract. Bondurant, Jordan Aug 24, 2018 774
EDVA: FDCPA claim viable against lender, servicer. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 17, 2018 639
2nd-hand car business booms anew. Jul 29, 2018 501
Doubts over new moves on title deeds. Jul 15, 2018 1020
Our View: 11th hour Co-op vote typical of lily-livered parties. Jul 10, 2018 536
With NPL laws in place, Georgiades ready to resign over Co-op. Jul 9, 2018 426
What the new foreclosure bills mean. Jul 9, 2018 702
NPL bills provide for incentives, penalties, e-auctions. Jun 29, 2018 525
Georgiades says pressure intense to reform NPL laws. Jun 28, 2018 523
Foreclosure law ineffective, ESM says. Jun 21, 2018 361
IMF pushes for tougher foreclosures law to tackle NPLs. Jun 7, 2018 794
Judge won't shield cops who kicked family out of home. Vieth, Peter Jun 6, 2018 1497
Understanding Modern Real Estate Transactions, 4th Edition. Book review Jun 1, 2018 130
United States : Three Rubio Priorities Head to the President's Desk to Become Law. May 24, 2018 289
House to postpone discussion of pre-2014 mortgage bill. May 21, 2018 417
Our view: Proposed bill would shield strategic debtors. May 9, 2018 508
Bill seeks to exempt pre-2014 mortgages from foreclosure laws. May 7, 2018 555
Changes to foreclosures, insolvency laws on the way, Georgiades says. Apr 17, 2018 392
Sentencing Statute Interpretation. Apr 4, 2018 207
Our View: Reforms are all well and good but only if they're implemented. Apr 1, 2018 798
Raising the Bar: The Ninth Circuit's Troubling Interpretation of the Federal Foreclosure Bar. Rowan, Sarah Mar 22, 2018 8843
United States : Senate Clears Whitehouses Permanent Foreclosure Protections for Veterans and Servicemembers. Mar 15, 2018 368
Shahrukh Jatoi files review petition in SC. Feb 21, 2018 567
Why the Massachusetts tax deed process is problematic. Clifford, Ralph D. Jan 18, 2018 1614
Duterte's martial law extension challenged before SC. Dec 27, 2017 827
Our View: Selective respect for the law over foreclosures. Dec 22, 2017 500
United States : Whitehouse Bill to Protect Servicemembers and Veterans From Foreclosure Signed Into Law. Dec 15, 2017 311
United States : Whitehouse Bill to Protect Servicemembers and Veterans From Foreclosure Headed to Presidents Desk. Nov 20, 2017 261
The New Closing Protection Resets the Understanding Between Lenders and Title Insurers and Corrects Unhealthy Nationwide Trends in the Caselaw. Solomon, Marty Nov 1, 2017 4617
United States : Whitehouse Legislation to Protect Servicemembers and Veterans From Foreclosure Clears Senate. Sep 21, 2017 255
United States : CFPB Supervision Finds Some Student Loan and Mortgage Servicers Illegally Fail to Provide Protections to Borrowers. Apr 27, 2017 871
NH house rejects tighter foreclosure rules. Sanders, Bob Mar 17, 2017 420
Foreclosing Bartram. McBride, Bert Feb 1, 2017 2338
1 Zombies with addresses. Brief article Dec 1, 2016 123
Titles Searches On Properties Subject To In Rem Foreclosure Proceedings. Oct 28, 2016 501
United States : Governor Cuomo announces Proposed Regulation to Hold Banks and Mortgage Servicers Accountable for Maintaining "Zombie Properties". Sep 28, 2016 718
Cyprus needs to ensure effectiveness of foreclosure law, Moscovici says. Sep 27, 2016 284
The inescapable duty to prove and disprove standing in a residential mortgage foreclosure action. Muniz, H. Michael Jul 1, 2016 8985
United States : On Long Island, Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation to Combat the Blight of Vacant and Abandoned Properties Across the State. Jun 25, 2016 361
United States : Governor Cuomo Signs Sweeping Legislation to Combat the Blight of Vacant and Abandoned Properties. Jun 25, 2016 805
Bank of Cyprus tests foreclosure law today with first auctions in Paphos. Jun 23, 2016 360
Interrupting the blight cycle: managing the future of properties in tax foreclosure sales through pre- and post-sale initiatives. Kirtner, Ellen Jun 22, 2016 14543
Are non-judicial sales unconstitutional? The super-priority lien and its influence on state foreclosure statutes. Prsha, Ryan Jun 22, 2016 7261
BOC to test new foreclosure law next month. May 24, 2016 371
Insolvency Service to file first applications for debt relief on Monday. May 13, 2016 421
Trial court did not abuse its discretion in conducting hearing to determine fair market value of foreclosed property. Mar 22, 2016 533
A jury may determine fair market value within a range of appropriate values based on expert appraisal evidence. Case overview Mar 22, 2016 753
Breathing underwater: the survival of second mortgages in bankruptcy proceedings. Savino, Joseph C.; Streicher, Brian M. Cover story Mar 1, 2016 6047
HUD says foreclosure-rescue firms violated Fair Housing Act. Feb 1, 2016 318
Expert appraisal testimony reliable despite not using all three appraisal methods. Jan 1, 2016 578
Our view: Populism on NPLs watered down recovery efforts. Nov 20, 2015 492
Greece passes bailout bill but government majority shrinks. Nov 19, 2015 486
Greece reaches deal with lenders over reforms unlocking stalled aid -Finance Minister. Nov 17, 2015 358
NY governor signs agreement with servicers. Aug 1, 2015 598
Trial court may approve tax foreclosure sale even when court-ordered appraisal not filed in accordance with Uniform Standing Orders for Foreclosure by Sale. Jun 22, 2015 646
MPs warned over changes to foreclosures. May 25, 2015 323
Troika agrees to let new laws prove their effectiveness. May 21, 2015 173
Top bankers say foreclosure law will help reduce NPLs. May 20, 2015 108
Our View: We shouldn't expect political parties to act responsibly or sensibly. May 14, 2015 486
Foreclosures come into effect from Friday. May 14, 2015 563
MPs focus on logistics of foreclosure sales. May 12, 2015 577
ECB says aid review judgment on Cypriot insolvency law outstanding. Apr 27, 2015 366
Our View: Laws must be respected, regardless of the circumstances. Apr 25, 2015 495
MOODY'S: Thumbs-up to Cyprus banks after foreclosures law. Apr 23, 2015 436
Our View: As Troika returns, doubts raised over the bill amendments. Apr 21, 2015 450
CYPRUS: MPs approve foreclosures bill, ,e1/4500 mln QE buying to begi. Apr 18, 2015 628
ECB sees risks in Greece's planned home foreclosure law. Apr 11, 2015 450
MPs end talk on fifth insolvency bill. Mar 30, 2015 222
Lenders may resell property after a previous purchase at foreclosure sale is denied confirmation if they acted in good faith and show good cause. Mar 22, 2015 454
A standing question: mortgages, assignment, and foreclosure. Zacks, Eric A.; Zacks, Dustin A. Mar 22, 2015 21786
House extends suspension of foreclosures (again). Mar 19, 2015 334
DISY attempts to allay foreclosure fears. Mar 16, 2015 441
CYPRUS: "Little chance" of MPs to pass insolvency bill by March 19. Mar 12, 2015 299
Insolvency bill 'unlikely' to be passed in House next week. Mar 11, 2015 670
Our View: Home-owners can only be offered so much protection. Mar 10, 2015 441
Finance Minister expresses optimism for foreclosures & insolvency bills. Mar 8, 2015 278
Government optimistic that insolvency framework will pass. Mar 7, 2015 342
Cabinet passes fifth draft insolvency bill. Mar 6, 2015 106
Repossession law suspension only does harm. Jan 30, 2015 292
MPs defiant on foreclosures law. Jan 30, 2015 821
Foreclosures law suspended until March 2. Jan 29, 2015 233
Foreclosures bill heads for fresh deadlock. Jan 28, 2015 507
Signs of compromise on foreclosures. Jan 27, 2015 439
CYPRUS: Monday deadline for foreclosures. Jan 22, 2015 407
Our View: Nobody is being protected by this publicity stunt of a law. Jan 17, 2015 427
Economists disagree on impact of foreclosure legislation as lawmakers debate president's veto. Jan 15, 2015 103
Foreclosures bill reaches new stalemate, EC says Cyprus not compliant. Jan 15, 2015 683
MPs to override President's veto on foreclosures. Jan 9, 2015 508
Troika technical mission to visit on January 27. Jan 9, 2015 346
CYPRUS: New foreclosures law sent back to parliament... again! Jan 7, 2015 286
President will veto House amendment on foreclosures. Jan 6, 2015 572
A needless default. Dayen, David Jan 1, 2015 4903
CYPRUS: President to send foreclosures bill back to parliament. Dec 24, 2014 312
Our View: Parties' brazen dishonesty shames the state. Dec 21, 2014 824
Opposition votes to suspend foreclosures law. Dec 18, 2014 175
Foreclosure law suspension unnecessary, damaging, finance minister says (Updated). Dec 18, 2014 667
Two insolvency bills ready, three more to go. Dec 11, 2014 225
Two insolvency bills ready, three more to go. Dec 11, 2014 225
The foreclosure pendulum. Ford, Marcy; Zevitz, Michael; Walter, Wendy Dec 1, 2014 2137
MPs warned to avoid disrupting bailout programme again. Nov 18, 2014 211
Georgiades warns MPs on impeding foreclosures law. Nov 18, 2014 647
Cyprus fulfilled programme conditions: IMF source. Nov 7, 2014 423
Our View: AKEL foreclosures bill astonishing and could lead to financial collapse. Nov 5, 2014 507
Georgiades will try to get bailout programme back on track. Nov 5, 2014 317
AKEL moves to suspend foreclosures law. Nov 4, 2014 456
Eurogroup: no more money without foreclosure law. Oct 13, 2014 440
FORECLOSURES: House Plenary debates 2 bills referred back by the President. Sep 23, 2014 191
Difference of 16% between appraisal and foreclosure sale price is insufficient as a matter of law to prove the property sold for materially less than fair market value at foreclosure sale. Sep 22, 2014 741
Our View: Bullying a debate-stifling way of life. Sep 21, 2014 783
CYPRUS: Troika to simplify process for next tranche. Sep 17, 2014 457
IMF: how do you plan to proceed? Sep 12, 2014 797
FORECLOSURES: Commission awaits Cyprus plans says O' Connor. Sep 11, 2014 467
Our View: Anastasiades backed himself into a corner on foreclosures. Sep 9, 2014 450
Down to the wire on foreclosures bill. Sep 5, 2014 776
CYPRUS: Parliament to vote tomorrow for foreclosures bill. Sep 5, 2014 552
CYPRUS: New delay in foreclosures bill. Aug 29, 2014 260
NEC urges bill to be passed "or paralyse Cyprus economy". Aug 27, 2014 558
Foreclosures bill to be discussed by plenum on Monday. Aug 26, 2014 158
Borrowers call for foreclosures bill to pass. Aug 26, 2014 349
Cabinet approves additional measures to protect borrowers. Aug 20, 2014 409
Binding resolution sought for insolvency. Aug 20, 2014 644
'Back to the brink of bankruptcy'. Aug 13, 2014 694
Dire outcome if bill fails to pass. Aug 13, 2014 709
Effects of approved bill would be more severe, says DIKO boss. Aug 13, 2014 510
'A shame to turn back' if foreclosure bill not passed. Aug 9, 2014 568
OUR VIEW: Foreclosures bill could spark first mass anti-troika protest. Aug 3, 2014 747
Think tank concerned over fate of foreclosures bill. Aug 2, 2014 314
The foreclosures bill explained. Aug 1, 2014 812
IMF: if bill not passed, Troika will come back. Jul 31, 2014 826
CYPRUS: Troika ends mission, waits for repossessions bill. Jul 25, 2014 891
Foreclosures bill stalls again. Jul 22, 2014 880
Political parties leap to criticise bill. Jul 22, 2014 356
Troika pushes for repos bill, but primary home could be saved. Jul 16, 2014 780
Banks try to block foreclosure regs; Worcester ordinance enacted this year. Kotsopoulos, Nick Jul 2, 2014 789
"We buy houses": market heroes or criminals? Harvey, Cori Jun 22, 2014 6849
"We buy houses": market heroes or criminals? Harvey, Cori Jun 22, 2014 26916
United States : Wolters Kluwer Financial Services Integrates StateLink into VMP Mortgage E-Forms. Apr 1, 2014 389
Protecting mortgage borrowers through risk awareness: evidence from variations in state laws. Collins, J. Michael Report Mar 22, 2014 9423
In determining amount of deficiency judgment, court is not bound by irreconcilable appraisals offered by parties. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2014 559
Appraisers are not required to enter home to conduct appraisal if interior condition does not impact value of property. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2014 510
"We buy houses": a foreclosure rescue as the solution to the trapped homeowner equity problem. Harvey, Cori Mar 22, 2014 21801
Litigation exposure under the 2013 Dodd-Frank mortgage servicing regulations (Part 3). Mar 3, 2014 1518
Litigation exposure under the 2013 Dodd-Frank mortgage servicing regulations (Part 3). Mar 3, 2014 1549
Banks file 6,000 foreclosure requests to land registry. Feb 6, 2014 387
Regulations will keep marijuana dispensaries out of neighborhoods. Kotsopoulos, Nick Dec 5, 2013 608
Foreclosure laws have impact. Dec 1, 2013 666
The paper chase: securitization, foreclosure, and the uncertainty of mortgage title. Levitin, Adam J. Dec 1, 2013 8058
The paper chase: securitization, foreclosure, and the uncertainty of mortgage title. Levitin, Adam J. Dec 1, 2013 8695
The paper chase: securitization, foreclosure, and the uncertainty of mortgage title. Levitin, Adam J. Dec 1, 2013 26170
A First Amendment approach to generic drug manufacturer tort liability. Sullivan, Connor Nov 1, 2013 6782
Population of refinance-eligible borrowers declines sharply. Report Nov 1, 2013 348
The brave new world of mortgage servicing. Iseley, Wes Nov 1, 2013 1038
Foreclosures in Florida dip. Blankenship, Gary Oct 1, 2013 1799
Delay sought on foreclosure ordinance; City manager cites state regulations in effect. Kotsopoulos, Nick Sep 23, 2013 841
Limit on real property bought at auctions sought. Aug 27, 2013 117
United States : Governor Quinn Signs Law to Strengthen Protections for Illinois Renters. Aug 22, 2013 467
Saving preemption in the Clean Air Act: climate change, state common law, and plaintiffs without a remedy. England, J.J. Jun 22, 2013 23848
Plan in place to work foreclosure backlog. Blankenship, Gary Jun 1, 2013 1191
Foreclosure. McNamara, Kevin; Woodward, Dave Letter to the editor May 15, 2013 976
Foreclose this rule; Mediation ordinance not needed. Editorial Apr 3, 2013 230
FHFA Wades into Force-Placed Issue with Proposed Regulation. Mar 26, 2013 623
NCB Capital: published laws by SAMA will benefit KSA. Feb 27, 2013 521
Saudi banks to feel 'impact of new mortgage regulations' in long-term. Feb 26, 2013 801
Saudi Arabia says close to finalising new mortgage laws. Feb 25, 2013 459
Ill. League touts foreclosure law. Feb 20, 2013 262
Dubai Land Department calls a halt to auctions of bank repossessed properties. Feb 17, 2013 403
Passidomo intends to streamline foreclosures: Bill has the support of Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section. Blankenship, Gary Feb 1, 2013 1125
Underwater Homeowners Breathe a Sigh of Relief as Congress Extends Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act. Jan 23, 2013 308
Underwater Homeowners Breathe a Sigh of Relief as Congress Extends Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act. Jan 10, 2013 339
California's Homeowner Bill of Rights. Wilson, Donna; Reilly, Brandon Jan 1, 2013 1874
Trapped between tax and foreclosure law: a receiver's power to sell mortgaged real estate and its effect on the CMBS industry. Soles, Gary; Ryan, Michael; Higgins, Robert F.; Peterson, David E. Jan 1, 2013 4685
Negotiating the American dream: a critical look at the role of negotiability in the foreclosure crisis. Ice, Thomas Erskine Cover story Dec 1, 2012 6979
Working papers: below is a summary of some recent papers that may be of interest to Regulation's readers. Van Doren, Peter Sep 22, 2012 2679
Timing "externalities" imposed by mineral ownership law: Coasean versus Lockean remedies. Bratland, John Sep 22, 2012 6164
Has it really come this far--sympathy as a defense to foreclosure? Bergman, Bruce J. Sep 1, 2012 889
Foreclosure 'sunsets' debated. Sep 1, 2012 168
Manager spurs home ownership; Foreclosure prevention law hailed. Aug 12, 2012 1523
Homeowners facing foreclosure get help from new state law. Jul 12, 2012 244
FIRPTA notice requirements for property acquired in foreclosure sale. Smith, Annette B. Jul 1, 2012 949
States plan for settlement money. Morton, Heather Jul 1, 2012 820
Foreclosure wasteland. Rowland, Tim Legislation Jun 22, 2012 831
Research and Markets: Risk in the Global Real Estate Market: International Risk Regulation, Mechanism Design, Foreclosures, Title Systems, and REITs. Jun 12, 2012 491
New rules for foreclosure litigation. Bailey, Adam Leitman; Treiman, Dov May 16, 2012 700
The man the banks fear most: for three years, President Obama refused to launch a criminal investigation of Wall Street for its role in wrecking the economy--until New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman compelled him to change course. Meyerson, Harold May 1, 2012 5249
Legal fees to borrowers! World sees servicers as bad guys. Bergman, Bruce J. Apr 1, 2012 918
Rescue foreclosure bills. Feb 29, 2012 614
National market report. Jan 3, 2012 1010
Appraiser's expert opinion supported court's conclusion that foreclosure sale brought true market value of property. Jan 1, 2012 494
Unsettled times make well-settled law: recent developments in New York state's residential mortgage foreclosure statutes and case law. Dillon, Mark C. Jan 1, 2012 5696
Unsettled times make well-settled law: recent developments in New York state's residential mortgage foreclosure statutes and case law. Dillon, Mark C. Jan 1, 2012 26716
Enforcement Agencies Continue to Fight Loan Modification, Mortgage Relief, and Foreclosure Rescue Scams. Dec 21, 2011 647
Senate panel seeks ways to expedite foreclosures: nonjudicial foreclosure options explored. Blankenship, Gary Dec 15, 2011 1170
Las Vegas Notice of Default Numbers Show Historic Drop; Down 90% According to Default Research. Nov 18, 2011 446
Foreclosure Sales, Bankruptcies on the Rise in Bulgaria. Nov 14, 2011 341
Two faces: demystifying the Mortgage Electronic Registration System's land title theory. Peterson, Christopher L. Oct 1, 2011 20078
Discerning the desirable: finding the right multifamly residents means looking beyond Fico scores and foreclosure. Webb, Bailey Jul 1, 2011 1440
Foreclosure sale for full judgment amount deemed adequate as a matter of law. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2011 655
Bar offers free management CLEs to assist its members: foreclosure litigation, trust accounting, building business, and starting anew are among the free programs available. Mar 15, 2011 260
A simple approach to preventing the next housing crisis - why we need one, what one would look like, and why Dodd-Frank isn't it. Dana, David A. Mar 1, 2011 5137
Building policy through collaborative deliberation: a reflection on using lessons from practice to inform responses to the mortgage foreclosure crisis. Golden, Robin S. Mar 1, 2011 8200
The legal infrastructure of ex post consumer debtor protections. Jacoby, Melissa B. Mar 1, 2011 6950
FHA extends waiver of 'anti-flipping' rule through end of 2011. Mar 1, 2011 368
-Regulator says banks may be fined for their handling of foreclosures. Feb 18, 2011 165
Foreclosure notice filed against The Lodge. Brief article Feb 11, 2011 272
The crossroads of commoditization: back to fundamentals. DeLisle, James R. Jan 1, 2011 9803
The untold story of Crane v. Commissioner reveals an inconvenient tax truth: useless depreciation deductions cause global basis erosion to bait a hazardous tax trap for unwitting taxpayers. Katz, I. Jay Jan 1, 2011 6668
The untold story of Crane v. Commissioner reveals an inconvenient tax truth: useless depreciation deductions cause global basis erosion to bait a hazardous tax trap for unwitting taxpayers. Katz, I. Jay Jan 1, 2011 15146
Five realities about the current financial and economic crises. Carr, James H.; Lucas-Smith, Katherine Jan 1, 2011 10876
New CRA regulations support stabilization efforts in high-foreclosure areas. Jan 1, 2011 372
Rebuilding a house of cards: envisioning sustainable federal housing policy. Lewis, Katherine L. Jan 1, 2011 18821
Application of the nonhorizontal merger Guidelines. De Coninck, Raphael Dec 22, 2010 8185
Getting the balance right: careful planning, the right technology and good execution can help lenders find the right balance in their production channels. Katz, Rob Dec 1, 2010 2259
Home wreckers: foreclosure barons like David J. Stern have made the housing nightmare even worse. So why are America's biggest banks helping them do it? Kroll, Andy Nov 1, 2010 4286
Supreme Court: contractors can enforce oral home-repair contracts: the high court looks to a recent revision in the Home Repair and Remodeling Act in holding that a contractor can enforce an oral contract against a homeowner. Nov 1, 2010 884
White house says no sign of system-wide foreclosure paperwork problems. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 172
Where is the tipping point for outsourcing REO? Barnett, Brandon Nov 1, 2010 836
Treading water. Grey, Liana Oct 20, 2010 1132
A fixer-upper for finance. Hockett, Robert Oct 5, 2010 31041
A 'boots on the ground' View. Klein, Robert Oct 1, 2010 1182
Foreclosure sale not disturbed if record shows evidence property sold for fair market value. Weinberger, Alan M. Sep 22, 2010 727
Vacant properties complicate the foreclosure crisis. Brooks, James Sep 20, 2010 853
Stripdowns and bankruptcy: lessons from agricultural bankruptcy reform. Fitzpatrick, Thomas J., IV; Thomson, James B. Aug 3, 2010 2723
ABN AMRO: a victory for the foreclosed-upon: the Illinois Supreme Court holds that in a foreclosure suit, the mortgage lender must name (and thus notify) the personal representative of a deceased borrower before the trial court can hear the case. Gunnarsson, Helen W. Aug 1, 2010 891
Strict courts create servicer headwinds. Bergman, Bruce J. Aug 1, 2010 1084
The foreclosure explosion: how Illinois courts are responding: courts in the Chicago metro area are drowning in a sea of foreclosures. Here's a look at the pressure judges, lawyers, and litigants face and what they're doing in response. Fortunato, Joseph R.; Bashaw, Steven B. Jul 1, 2010 1070
From 'don't ask, don't tell' to 'zero tolerance, zero defects'. Focardi, Craig Jun 1, 2010 1112
Nonjudicial foreclosure bill appears dead. Blankenship, Gary May 1, 2010 1118
A strategy suggestion. Bergman, Bruce J. Apr 1, 2010 1302
Foreclosure city; expert are starting to see some light at the end of the foreclosure tunnel, judging by the latest available statistics. It's encouraging, yet we remain at a precarious point in the turnaround for markets such as Las Vegas; Cleveland; and Riverside, California. Warson, Albert Mar 1, 2010 3997
The right to rent, another approach to combat the foreclosure crisis. Behrend, Daniel J. Mar 1, 2010 6213
The unintended and unconstitutional consequences of the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act. Hicks, Leila A. Mar 1, 2010 7145
Municipalities fight effects of foreclosure with litigation and neighborhood stabilization program grants. McKinney, S. Adeline Mar 1, 2010 7243
Mortgage cramdown in bankruptcy as a necessary incentive to encourage mortgage modifications. Maynard, Marjorie B. Mar 1, 2010 4176
Saudi mortgage law includes foreclosure. Feb 19, 2010 402
Averting the "tipping point of dysfunction". Diner, Jesse H. President's page Feb 1, 2010 754
Laying out the new tenant protection act. Burden, Joseph Jan 20, 2010 372
Always be foreclosing: mortgage sharks are still cheating Americans out of house and home--and no one's doing anything about it. Kroll, Andy Jan 1, 2010 1387
New provisions protect tenants who rent foreclosed properties. Nov 1, 2009 310
Creating chaos: the amount of new red tape being created in the name of foreclosure avoidance is mind-boggling. Demuth, Jerry Oct 1, 2009 3443
Center on homeowners' side. Coffey, Kathy Sep 4, 2009 1444
New FHA loan-mod program launched to curb foreclosures. Sep 1, 2009 485
The successor developer conundrum in distressed condominium projects. Schwartz, Martin A. Jul 1, 2009 4886
Murphy deed right-of-way reservations: a 1930s taxpayer bailout yields right-of-way cost savings. Brown, Henry M.; Brown, Rebecca E. Jul 1, 2009 5227
Exclusive dealing in on-premise establishment sales of beer in Edmonton. Eckert, Andrew; West, Douglas S. Jun 22, 2009 12014
Reverse piercing: a single member LLC paradox. Bishop, Carter G. Jun 22, 2009 17632
Apartment renter protection provisions enacted. Jun 1, 2009 547
President signs bills to help homeowners and combat mortgage fraud. Wallace, Mike May 25, 2009 761
Foreclosure defense a practice option real estate lawyers: representing foreclosed-on homeowners might be a way for real estate lawyers to pick up slack left by the weak economy. Gunnarsson, Helen W. May 1, 2009 847
The high cost of segregation: exploring racial disparities in high-cost lending. Been, Vicki; Ellen, Ingrid; Madar, Josiah Apr 1, 2009 12408
Bringing it all back home: how to save main street, ignore K Street, and thereby save Wall Street. Hockett, Robert Apr 1, 2009 8012
Private risk, public risk: public policy, market development, and the mortgage crisis. Immergluck, Daniel Apr 1, 2009 17379
Navigating the foreclosure process: here are some tips that could help protect lenders faced with foreclosing on condominium projects. Osborne, Scott B.; Lewis, Brian L. Apr 1, 2009 2776
Subprime loans: turning the American dream into a nightmare. Martinez, Baldy Mar 22, 2009 13382
Helping law catch up to markets: applying broker-dealer law to subprime mortgages. Macey, Jonathan R.; Miller, Geoffrey P.; O'Hara, Maureen (American law professor); Rosenberg, Gabrie Mar 22, 2009 33254
City Council aims to protect churches slated for closure. Mar 20, 2009 361
How mortgages fall underwater. Heffern, Rich Mar 20, 2009 364
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC): summary of actions in support of housing and financial markets. Gonzales, Oscar R.; Getter, Darryl E. Report Mar 1, 2009 4328
Foreclosures persist. Mar 1, 2009 392
Levy sued to block Anglo foreclosure. Jones, David Feb 27, 2009 411
Ralph R. Roberts Featured in Special CNN Report on Foreclosure. Feb 23, 2009 554
Stimulus could prevent foreclosures. Brief article Feb 12, 2009 93
Talbott affiliate edges toward foreclosure. Brief article Feb 12, 2009 102
The Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Law 20 years later; one of the drafters of the statute describes how it improved the procedure process and what loose ends remain. Feb 1, 2009 828
Consumer Advocate Ralph R. Roberts Reveals the Top Five Dos and Don'ts of Loan Modification. Jan 12, 2009 672
The price of salvation. Jan 1, 2009 387
Beyond balls and strikes: towards a problem-solving ethic in foreclosure proceedings. Brescia, Raymond H. Jan 1, 2009 20013
Stemming the subprime crisis: the North Carolina foreclosure prevention project. Miller, Michael Jan 1, 2009 2913
Community response to the foreclosure crisis: thoughts on local interventions. Dec 22, 2008 488
State to launch $54.5m fund to buy foreclosed homes. Nov 12, 2008 611
HUD launches two separate foreclosure-prevention programs. Nov 1, 2008 625
NEWS UPDATE: Day Pitney LLP Updated Commentary Available on "New Jersey's Passing of the 'Save New Jersey Homes Act of 2008' To Extend Foreclosure Protection to New Jersey Families.". Oct 23, 2008 393
Voices: starting over: foreclosure on their home turned life upside down for Amber Vickerman and her family. Vickerman, Amber Essay Oct 20, 2008 584
Renters facing eviction from foreclosure put pressure on local resources. Pankowicz, Joyce Oct 20, 2008 554
Striking the right balance: new regulations issued by the Federal Reserve seek to carve out protections for borrowers in a new category of "higher-priced loans." But will these protections be enough to satisfy Congress as it seeks to enact tough restrictions on originators in the wake of the foreclosure crisis? Platt, Laurence E. Oct 1, 2008 4959
Foreclosure sale set aside when purchase price was grossly inadequate because of mortgagee's innocent mistake. Sep 22, 2008 380
Foreclosure situation may not be as bad as it seems. Shamir, Uri Sep 17, 2008 947
Business briefs. Sep 3, 2008 486
Ginnie Mae tops $3 billion in jumbo loan securitizations in four months. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 250
State of affairs; A hectic year of mortgage legislative activity in the states has ended with some solid accomplishments. But lawmakers are expected to again take up a slew of mortgage industry measures in 2009. DeMuth, Jerry Sep 1, 2008 2580
Free market foreclosures. Monkerud, Don Aug 1, 2008 1174
Law changes on buying, selling foreclosure property. Davis, Yvette Aug 1, 2008 567
HOPE NOW helps 1.7 million borrowers, rolls out new guidance. Aug 1, 2008 677
NeighborWorks America Supports Sweeping Housing Legislation. Jul 30, 2008 842
Landmark federal housing bill nears president's desk. Wallace, Mike Jul 28, 2008 663
Massachusetts Foreclosures Continue in Holding Pattern as New Regulations Take Effect. Jul 21, 2008 933
California Bankers Association Applauds Signing of Bipartisan Solution Reforming Foreclosure Law. Jul 8, 2008 220
Foreclosure Phil: would you trust the man who broke America's financial system to fix it? John McCain does. Corn, David Jul 1, 2008 1707
Mortgagee clause claims in the subprime fallout. Gerber, Daniel W.; O'Neal, Nikia A. Jul 1, 2008 7137
New Law Creates Temporary Lull in Massachusetts Foreclosure Filings. Jun 16, 2008 962
Consumer Protection Law. Jun 15, 2008 930
House passes housing-stimulus legislation. Jun 1, 2008 711
HUD official: Congress should avoid 'federalization of mortgage industry'. Jun 1, 2008 527
Credit repair--not a good fix; With many borrowers seeing their credit scores getting hammered by late mortgage payments and foreclosures, it might seem a good time for credit-repair companies. This article explains why that is not a good fix for struggling consumers. Dipaolo, William Jun 1, 2008 3230
Servicer errors to avoid. Bergman, Bruce J. Personal account Jun 1, 2008 1882
House passes housing stabilization measure. Wallace, Mike May 12, 2008 1235
Discriminatory practices. May 1, 2008 467
Beyond borrowers. Burtka, Allison Torres May 1, 2008 531

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