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The Right to a Well-Rested Jury. Howe, Caroline May 1, 2020 13742
DEAD-Locked: Evaluating Judge-Imposed Death Sentences Under Missouri's Death Penalty Statute. Essma, Michael J. Jan 1, 2020 10505
Trump Impeachment: Narrow Majority Of Voters Approves Of House Vote, Shows New Poll. Unnikrishnan Nair Dec 21, 2019 771
The Pervez Musharraf case and the mindless assassin (Part four). Mehr Tarar, Special to Gulf News Dec 20, 2019 1483
Police leaking footage of citizens, suspects raises questions about fair trial. Ikram Junaidi Dec 9, 2019 729
Jeenbekov: Main objective of judicial and legal reform is to achieve fair trial. Aug 22, 2019 215
ANF seeks inclusion in Investigation for Fair Trial Act 2013. Mar 10, 2019 548
Guevarra assures Ressa of fairness in cyberlibel case. Reprint Feb 14, 2019 591
THE NEW IMPARTIAL JURY MANDATE. Jolly, Richard Lorren Feb 1, 2019 24144
Trial was fair despite faulty jury instruction. Cresenzo, Bill Dec 20, 2018 578
Fair trial for women. Oct 4, 2018 705
Plight of the Public Defender: Excessive Caseload as a Non-Mitigating Factor in Sanctions for Ethical Violations. Payne, Taylor Sep 22, 2018 15209
"All those involved in tobacco-making, smuggling case to receive fair trial" aCaCaCaCaC PM. Aug 30, 2018 202
Cumbersome legal procedures and right to fair trial. Jul 16, 2018 660
Trial and error in Avenfield. Jul 11, 2018 824
Individual voir dire not required, 1st Circuit says. Egan, Tom Mar 29, 2018 1113
ACTIVE JUDGING AND ACCESS TO JUSTICE. Carpenter, Anna E. Dec 1, 2017 32697
No opportunity of fair trial being given : Maryam Nawaz. Oct 27, 2017 348
Unraveling unlawful command influence. Bedi, Monu Sep 1, 2016 23548
Legal aid and access to legal representation: redefining the right to a fair trial. Flynn, Asher; Hodgson, Jacqueline; McCulloch, Jude; Naylor, Bronwyn Aug 1, 2016 13714
What every judge should know about the appearance of impartiality. Abramson, Leslie W. Jun 22, 2016 18212
Privilege against self-incrimination--guarantee for fair trial in modern criminal procedures (nemo tenetur prodere seipsum). Bilalli-Zendeli, Arta Essay Oct 1, 2015 5076
Kuczborski v. Queensland and the scope of the Kable doctrine. Ananian-Welsh, Rebecca Jun 1, 2015 14074
Solving Batson. Tetlow, Tania Apr 1, 2015 9148
Solving Batson. Tetlow, Tania Apr 1, 2015 32644
Case comment: missing the forest for the trees in Canada (Attorney General) v. Bedford. Wu, David W.L. Dec 1, 2014 9608
Lawful command emphasis: talk offense, not offender; talk process, not results. Garrett, James F.; Maxwell, Marx; Calarco, Matthew A.; Rosenblatt, Franklin D. Aug 1, 2014 15380
Balancing fairness to victims, society and defendants in the cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses: an impossible triangulation? Bowden, Phoebe; Henning, Terese; Plater, David Apr 1, 2014 19754
A fair trial: when the Constitution requires attorneys to investigate their clients' brains. Koenig, Ellen G. Nov 1, 2013 18968
Nearing thirty years: the Burger court, Strickland v. Washington, and the parameters of the right to counsel. Kastenberg, Joshua Sep 22, 2013 4899
Nearing thirty years: the Burger court, Strickland v. Washington, and the parameters of the right to counsel. Kastenberg, Joshua Sep 22, 2013 16725
The star-spangled chamber: the venire's role in satisfying the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Walz, Eric J. Mar 22, 2013 11385
Truth, justice, and the American style plea bargain. Strutin, Ken Mar 22, 2013 8600
Truth, justice, and the American style plea bargain. Strutin, Ken Mar 22, 2013 19020
Contra nemo iudex in sua causa: the limits of impartiality. Watson, John H., Jr. Nov 1, 2012 15183
Advisability and practical considerations of court-imposed time limits on trial. Goldman, Andrew L.; Sinclair, J. Walter Oct 1, 2012 5228
Sorry Linus, I need your security blanket: how the smartphone, constant connectivity with the Internet, and social networks act as catalysts for juror misconduct. Delaney, Patrick M. Jun 22, 2012 14784
Neuroscience in the courtroom: an international concern. Church, Dominique J. Apr 1, 2012 11666
Constitutional law - Ninth Circuit effectively precludes future findings of Brady violations in the absence of a conviction - Smith v. Almada. Burke, Andrew J. Mar 22, 2012 6453
Ensuring an impartial jury in the age of social media. St. Eve, Amy J.; Zuckerman, Michael A. Mar 11, 2012 11378
How 'reasonable' has become unreasonable: a proposal for rewriting the lasting legacy of Jackson v. Indiana. Rosinia, Nicholas Mar 1, 2012 16389
The unjust "web" we weave: the evolution of social media and its psychological impact on juror impartiality and fair trials. Simpler, Miland F., III Jan 1, 2012 9017
Dagenais 2.0: technology and its impact on the Dagenais test. Bottomer, Timothy Jan 1, 2012 16597
Children in chains: indiscriminate shackling of juveniles. McLaurin, Kim M. Jan 1, 2012 10508
Alvarado revisited: a missing element in Alaska's quest to provide impartial juries for rural Alaskans. May, Jeff D. Dec 1, 2011 14937
A fair and impartial juror. Levco, Stan Oct 1, 2011 622
Trying international crimes on local lawns: the adjudication of genocide sexual violence crimes in Rwanda's Gacaca courts. Amick, Emily Jun 22, 2011 31358
Clarifying the implied bias doctrine: bringing greater certainty to the voir dire process in the military justice system. Staten, Philip Mar 1, 2011 16202
Reduced victim participation: a misstep by the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia. Sokol, David S. Jan 1, 2011 10419
Herring v. United States: are errors in government databases preventing defendants from receiving fair trials? Hess, Alex R. Jan 1, 2011 11122
Victim participation at the International Criminal Court and its impact on procedural fairness. McAsey, Bridie Jan 1, 2011 13400
Two cheers, not three, for Sixth Amendment originalism. Bibas, Stephanos Jan 1, 2011 3301
Originalism as an anchor for the Sixth Amendment. Fisher, Jeffrey L. Jan 1, 2011 3855
The Iphone and Blackberry mistrials: the factors courts consider and proposed solutions. Kourinian, Arsen Jul 1, 2010 6282
Pre-trial prejudice 2.0: how YouTube generated news coverage is set to complicate the concepts of pre-trial prejudice doctrine and endanger Sixth Amendment fair trial rights. Mastromauro, Matthew Jul 1, 2010 29511
Federal civil practice - local district court rule does not provide judge authority to order "narrowcast" of motion hearing - In re Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Schwartz, Jordan K. Jun 22, 2010 6202
What to do when opposing counsel uses the Internet as a weapon: tools to combat the publication of discovery materials and extrajudicial statements on the Internet. Kopon, Andrew, Jr.; Flotte, Sarah E. Apr 1, 2010 4212
Looking for "facts" in all the wrong places: jurors - and yes, lawyers and judges - increasingly use social networking sites and other Internet tools to gather and exchange information. But some of these practices undermine the quest for a fair trial. Spears, Ronald D. Feb 1, 2010 1126
Classifying constructive amendment as trial or structural error. Oyer, Kendra Jan 1, 2010 16120
A delicate balance: re Charkaoui and the constitutional dimensions of disclosure. Hudson, Graham Jan 1, 2010 6331
Zentai v. Honourable Brendan O'Connor (No 3) (2010) FCA 691 (2 July 2010). Tully, Stephen R. Jan 1, 2010 2966
A critical reappraisal of class action settlement procedure in search of a new standard of fairness. Piche, Catherine Dec 22, 2009 17467
The confessions rule and the Charter. Stewart, Hamish Sep 22, 2009 16320
The appointment of counsel to indigent defendants is not enough: budget cuts render the right to counsel virtually meaningless. Mandel, Roberta G. Apr 1, 2009 3882
Say what? South Dakota's unsettling indifference to linguistic minorities in the courtroom. McKeown, Cassandra L.; Miller, Michael G. Mar 22, 2009 28983
A relational Sixth Amendment during interrogation. Holland, Brooks Mar 22, 2009 25768
Did Pat Fitzgerald say too much? Lawyers disagree about whether prosecutor Fitzgerald crossed the line when he said Rod Blagojevich's conduct "would make Lincoln roll over in his grave.". Gunnarsson, Helen W. Mar 1, 2009 922
Untruthful jurors in the federal courts: have we become comfortably numb? Press, Joshua S. Jan 1, 2009 13371
Victim participation at the International Criminal Court. Gillett, Matthew Jan 1, 2009 10953
The Australian trials of class B and C Japanese war crime suspects, 1945-51. Okada, Emmi Jan 1, 2009 22719
L'evolution des fondements de la publicite des procedures judiciaires internes et son impact sur certaines procedures arbitrales internationales. Menetrey, Severine Dec 22, 2008 20159
The newest spectator sport: why extending victims' rights to the spectators' gallery erodes the presumption of innocence. Elizabeth, Sierra Nov 1, 2008 14848
Trial by media: the betrayal of the First Amendment's purpose. Phillipson, Gavin Sep 22, 2008 8354
The prosecutor and the press: lessons (not) learned from the Mike Nifong debacle. Cassidy, R. Michael Sep 22, 2008 13977
Sheppard v. Maxwell revisited - do the traditional rules work for nontraditional media? Hengstler, Gary A. Sep 22, 2008 4968
Hearts on their sleeves: symbolic displays of emotion by spectators in criminal trials. Lind, Meghan E. Mar 22, 2008 10345
Court-ordered restrictions on trial participant speech. Pahl, Jonathan Eric Feb 1, 2008 12916
Reputation management or what color is your hat? Wallace, David; Steckelberg, K.C. Nov 1, 2007 1920
Voir dire: new research challenges old assumptions: research shows that 1) judge-directed voir dire can be less revealing of juror prejudice than lawyer questioning and 2) attitudes toward hot-button issues like tort reform are better predictors of juror bias than race, class, and other demographic factors. Andreano, Frank P. Sep 1, 2007 2894
Basis for finding an inmate incompetent to be executed expanded; gross delusions that obstruct an inmate's rational understanding of why the inmate is being executed are relevant; inmate entitled to a fair hearing and to submit own expert evidence on the competency question. Jul 1, 2007 1938
Re-justifying the fair cross section requirement: equal representation and enfranchisement in the American criminal jury. Re, Richard M. May 1, 2007 20503
Foreword: lessons from the Saddam trial. Scharf, Michael P. Jan 1, 2007 5568
Ceding the high ground: the Iraqi High Criminal Court statute and the trial of Saddam Hussein. Bassiouni, M. Cherif; Hanna, Michael Wahid Jan 1, 2007 39105
Judging Human Rights Watch: an appraisal of Human Rights Watch's analysis of the Ad-Dujayl trial. Blinderman, Eric H. Jan 1, 2007 26991
Transcript: preparing for the mother of all trials and lessons learned from Dujayl. Hodgkinson, Sandra Jan 1, 2007 3291
Transcript: analysis of the Dujail trial. Wierda, Marieke; Sissons, Miranda Jan 1, 2007 2621
Debate: did Saddam get a fair trial? Discussion Jan 1, 2007 10253
Media matters: reflections of a former war crimes prosecutor covering the Iraqi tribunal. Monasebian, Simone Jan 1, 2007 9263
ICC inability determinations in light of the Dujail case. McNeal, Gregory S. Jan 1, 2007 11588
Transcript: lessons learned from the Dujail trial, a crossfire panel. Discussion Jan 1, 2007 7733
"So I says to 'the guy,' I says ...": the constitutionality of neutral pronoun redaction in multidefendant criminal trials. Shay, Bryan M. Oct 1, 2006 22300
Elevating choice over quality of representation: United States v. Gonzalez-Lopez. Mezzina, Paul Alessio Sep 22, 2006 5085
A fair trial remedy for Brady violations. Dewar, Elizabeth Napier Apr 1, 2006 8221
Toward a limited right of access to jury deliberations. Lewis, Torrence Jan 1, 2006 9668
Are unaccompanied alien children really getting a fair trial? An overview of asylum law and children. Gordon, Christine M. Sep 22, 2005 15247
Reliability matters: reassociating Bagley materiality, Strickland prejudice, and cumulative harmless error. Blume, John H.; Seeds, Christopher Jun 22, 2005 21071
Lost in translation: the need for a formal court interpreter program in Alaska. Briggs-Sykes, T. Caroline Jun 1, 2005 8935
Revitalizing the last sentinel: the year in unlawful command influence. Ham, Patricia A. May 1, 2005 11467
A "full and fair" trial: can the executive ensure it alone? The case for judicial review of trials by military commissions at Guantanamo Bay. Lohr, Jennifer A. Mar 22, 2005 10560
Jurors' discussion of personal expertise not prejudicial, court holds. Sileo, Carmel Mar 1, 2005 948
"What do you mean you're not ready?" The Impact of State v. Naveira on a defendant's right to a speedy trial. Brennan, Victoria R. Nov 1, 2004 2945
Recent developments in unlawful command influence. Garret, James F. May 1, 2004 5924
Select the right jury for your case: here's how to root out bias among potential jurors during voir dire to strengthen your client's chance of a fair trial. Christensen, Dan Apr 1, 2004 3420
A response to why Military Commissions are the proper forum and why terrorists will have "full and fair" trials. Barry, Kevin J. Editorial Nov 1, 2003 709
Voir dire necessities: the Florida Supreme Court clarifies when trial counsel's investigation of the venire must be undertaken. Waldman, Glenn J.; Trigoboff, Craig J. Oct 1, 2002 3052
English criminal procedure under Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights: implications for custodial interrogation practices. Toney, Raymond J. Mar 22, 2002 23257
Basic rights and anti-terrorism legislation: can Britain's Criminal Justice (Terrorism and Conspiracy) Act 1998 be reconciled with its Human Rights Act? Kent, Kevin Dooley Jan 1, 2000 23943
Disclosing officer misconduct: a constitutional duty. Regini, Lisa A. Jul 1, 1996 3390

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