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Minister Ronald Lamola: Reports from South African Law Reform Commission. Mar 29, 2022 1101
Minister Ronald Lamola: Reports from South African Law Reform Commission. Mar 29, 2022 1101
Law Reform Commission hands reports to Justice Department. Mar 29, 2022 1076
Government meets with OHCHR to discuss legal reform. Nov 9, 2021 248
Judicial reform steering committee discusses online trials. Aug 27, 2021 461
Advancing judicial reform. Aug 26, 2021 696
Abia Reconstitutes Law Reform Commission. Jul 9, 2021 188
Law Reform Commission to support geographical indications to boost agriculture. Apr 23, 2021 304
Senate expands jurisdiction of first and second-level courts. Feb 8, 2021 642
The Emperor's Law Stops at the Village Gate: Questioning the Primacy of Formal Institutions in Vietnam's Land Law Reform. Ellett, Rachel; Phan, Diep Dec 1, 2020 10162
Uganda law reform commission pokes holes in constitutional reforms Bill. Feb 27, 2020 689
Tambuwal Set To Reinvigorates State Judicial, Law Reform Commissions. Dec 31, 2019 417
Kyrgyzstan's Bishkek hosts third meeting of Judicial Reform Council under President. Dec 10, 2019 182
Judicial and legal reform has already become irreversible, Jeenbekov. Dec 10, 2019 506
President Jeenbekov to hold Judicial Reform Council meeting. Dec 10, 2019 204
NEC Election Law Reform consultation opens in Buchanan. Oct 23, 2019 950
Electoral Law reform consultation ends in Gbarnga. Sep 18, 2019 635
NEC concludes Electoral Law Reform. Sep 17, 2019 550
Jeenbekov: Main objective of judicial and legal reform is to achieve fair trial. Aug 22, 2019 215
Vice PM Razakov, representatives of EU discuss implementation of judicial reform in Kyrgyzstan. Aug 16, 2019 160
Health minister calls for tact amid concern over backlash from drug law reform. Jun 27, 2019 629
Kim Kardashian West wants to get convicted murderer cleared - after studying law; Kim Kardashian has become a prominent judicial reform campaigner and believes Kevin Cooper is innocent. Jun 1, 2019 371
How patent law reform can improve affordability and accessibility of medicines in South Africa: Four medicine case studies. Tomlinson, C.; Waterhouse, C.; Hu, Y.Q.; Meyer, S.; Moyo, H. Report Jun 1, 2019 4810
Legal Reform Bills will change lives of vulnerable: Farogh Naseem. Apr 27, 2019 250
Legal reform bill to change lives of vulnerable: Farogh Naseem. Apr 26, 2019 213
New Zealand passes gun law reform bill. Apr 10, 2019 200
Ireland's Law Reform Commission calls for banking system reforms. Feb 27, 2019 154
Ireland's Law Reform Commission calls for banking system reforms. Feb 27, 2019 152
Gun law reform? Jan 28, 2019 161
Gun law reform? Jan 28, 2019 1491
Scaffold law reform should be priority for state legislators. Milstein, Jolie Jan 9, 2019 561
Towards legal reform. Apr 19, 2018 1081
8 Business Associations in Bulgaria Have Joined in Signing a Position Statement on the Judicial Reform. Jun 29, 2017 119
Women in India won't be stopped. Mitchell, Penni Mar 22, 2013 800
Supporting criminal justice system reform in Mexico: the U.S. role. Seelke, Clare Ribando Report Mar 1, 2013 8757
Back to the drawing board: re-examining accepted premises of regional circuit structure. Dragich, Martha Sep 22, 2011 22969
Welcome to Amerizona - immigrants out!: assessing "dystopian dreams" and "usable futures" of immigration reform, and considering whether "immigration regionalism" is an idea whose time has come. Aoki, Keith; Shuford, John Nov 1, 2010 37907
Compassionate immigration reform. Bender, Steven W. Nov 1, 2010 9750
Wrestling with Mexican criminal procedure: how law schools in the United States and Mexico can team up to rebuild Mexico's criminal trial. Lee, Zachary J. Sep 22, 2010 15568
Intellectual property reform for the Internet generation: an accident waiting to happen. Jones, Richard May 1, 2010 8293
A foothold for real democracy in Eastern Europe: how instituting jury trials in Ukraine can bring about meaningful governmental and juridical reforms and can help spread these reforms across Eastern Europe. Sheyn, Elizabeth R. May 1, 2010 26407
Promoting civil rights through proactive policing reform. Harmon, Rachel A. Dec 1, 2009 34777
Sticky expectations: responses to persistent over-optimism in marriage, employment contracts, and credit card use. Williams, Sean Hannon Jan 1, 2009 25809
Testing Japan's convictions: the lay judge system and the rights of criminal defendants. Soldwedel, Arne F. Nov 1, 2008 28505
How not to do medical malpractice reform: a Florida case study. Coombs, Mary Jun 22, 2008 28281
(Mis)appropriated liberty: identity, gender justice, and Muslim personal law reform in India. Choudhury, Cyra Akila Jan 1, 2008 26867
What are lobbyists saying on Capitol Hill? Climate change legislation as a case study for reform. Ackerman, Sybil Jan 1, 2007 6695
Keynote address Fordham University School of Law: Friday, April 7, 2006: why we seek reform. Feerick, John D. Jan 1, 2007 4601
What makes a good appointive system for the selection of state court judges: the vision of the symposium. Greene, Norman L. Jan 1, 2007 18433
English reforms to judicial selection: comparative lessons for American states? Maute, Judith L. Jan 1, 2007 16952
A view from the ground: a reform group's perspective on the ongoing effort to achieve merit selection of judges. Goodman, Shira J.; Marks, Lynn A. Jan 1, 2007 11603
"Peer to patent": collective intelligence, open review, and patent reform. Noveck, Beth Simone Sep 22, 2006 18377
Sentencing lessons. Weisberg, Robert; Miller, Marc L. Oct 1, 2005 16265
The functions of sentencing and sentencing reform. Tonry, Michael H. Oct 1, 2005 13674
Mr. Madison meets a time machine: the political science of federal sentencing reform. Bowman, Frank O., III Oct 1, 2005 15571
Reforming the Federal Sentencing Guidelines' misguided approach to real-offense sentencing. Yellen, David Oct 1, 2005 3852
Distinguishing offense conduct and offender characteristics in modern sentencing reforms. Berman, Douglas A. Oct 1, 2005 7040
Perspectives on judicial selection reform: the need to develop a model appointive selection plan for judges in light of experience. Greene, Norman L. Jun 22, 2005 7447
Legislative reform in post-conflict zones: jus post bellum and the contemporary occupant's law-making powers. Boon, Kristen Jun 1, 2005 21254
The contours of what is criminal. Bowal, Peter; Lau, Benjamin Jun 1, 2005 2316
The class action counterreformation. Cabraser, Elizabeth J. Apr 1, 2005 23039
Creating an indigenous legal community. Borrows, John Feb 1, 2005 12983
Legislative reform and the struggle to eradicate violence against women in the Dominican Republic. Perez, Mercedes Jan 1, 2005 24792
Law and development as democratic practice. McInerney, Thomas F. Jan 1, 2005 14688
Illinois death penalty reform: how it happened, what it promises. Warden, Rob Jan 1, 2005 19320
Lay participation in the Japanese justice system: a few preliminary thoughts regarding the lay assessor system (saiban-in seido) from domestic historical and international psychological perspectives. Anderson, Kent; Nolan, Mark Oct 1, 2004 25535
Protect Act amendment 'intimidates' judges, critics say. Moen, Christian Harlan May 1, 2004 1910
Constitutional courage. Arthurs, Harry Jan 1, 2004 9874
Sentencing scholarship and sentencing reform in Canada. Roberts, Julian V. Aug 1, 2001 3481
Litigation reform bill introduced in House of Representatives. Brief Article Mar 1, 1993 125

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