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Energy Committee Advances AFS-Supported Critical Minerals Legislation. Aug 1, 2019 213
Conversations on Capitol Hill: Metalcasters convened in Washington, D.C., to ask for investment in infrastructure and legislation that supports U.S. manufacturing. Jul 1, 2019 2308
11 Tips for Communicating in a Crisis: By having an emergency communication plan in place, foundries can respond quickly and accurately white avoiding mistakes that could make the problem worse. Wetzel, Shannon Jun 1, 2019 1740
Priorities of Federal Labor Agencies Unveiled in Spring 2018 Regulatory Agenda: BOTH OSHA AND THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR REVEALED THEIR GOALS FOR UPCOMING LEGISLATIVE ACTION. Salmon, Stephanie; Hannapel, Jeff; Richter, Christian Jun 1, 2018 193
10 Safety Rules to Remember: Some OSHA regulations and standards are less obvious, but that doesn't mean they can be forgotten by metalcasters. Sandalow, Brian; Garesche, Juliette Apr 1, 2018 1906
EPA Delays WOTUS Rule for Two Years. Brief article Mar 1, 2018 288
Renacci Visits REFCOTEC. Oct 1, 2017 326
AFS member testifies on burdensome regulations at SBA hearing in Washington, D.C.. Sep 1, 2017 162
Division notebook: active EHS Group tracks major regulations. Apr 1, 2017 464
For Weber, outside passions reflect metalcasting. Nov 1, 2016 403
Success still happens. Spada, Alfred T. Editorial Jun 1, 2016 490
Regulatory reform on the agenda in Washington: a glut of new regulations on industry could have a lasting impact on how metalcasters conduct business. Jun 1, 2016 1430
Wave of new regulations continues. May 1, 2016 140
OSHA plans release of final silica rule in 2016: congressional intervention to negate the rule likely will be vetoed by President Obama. Dec 1, 2015 1612
Letter urges congressional action on tax extenders. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 138
Key policy issues for the metalcasting industry: Modern Casting takes a look at pending legislative actions that could heavily impact the metalcasting industry. Jun 1, 2015 1478
Metalcaster testifies before small business committee on regulatory relief. Jun 1, 2015 185
Metalcaster testifies before small business committee on regulatory relief: leader of ferrous and nonferrous casting company speaks up on impact of regulations. Salmon, Stephanie Apr 1, 2015 195
OSHA releases 2015 regulatory plans: the agenda informs the public of the current status and future outlook of proposed federal regulations. Salmon, Stephanie Jan 1, 2015 309
High regulatory period continues: while the 113th Congress could yield the fewest laws in 60 years, a variety of federal government agencies have been busy issuing a large number of new rules and regulations that are impacting the metalcasting industry. Salmon, Stephanie; Wetzel, Shannon Nov 1, 2014 1872
Legislation to make permanent bonus depreciation passes house. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 227
Proposed silica rule testimony under review: OSHA is considering the testimony from a two-week public hearing on its proposed rule to reduce the permissible exposure limit to silica before it submits its final draft to the U.S. Office of Management & Budge. Wetzel, Shannon Jun 1, 2014 2703
Early voting signed into law by Patrick; Bill allows casting ballots over 10 days before Election Day, starting in 2016. Monahan, John J. May 23, 2014 656
ECP to act against voters casting more than one vote. May 20, 2014 303
Presiding Officer's casting vote on flagship education policy. Dec 4, 2013 467
Conversion of Dalits to Buddhism Casting out Caste. Nov 3, 2013 1706
What to expect from the proposed silica rule: the proposed silica rule cuts the current PEL in half and will have a significant impact on the U.S. metalcasting industry. Slavin, Tom; Wetzel, Shannon Nov 1, 2013 1803
Reclamation rule enforcement on the rise: as the regulation debate continues, emissions standards and Subpart UUU affect metalcasters processing sand onsite. Kapel, Denise Jun 1, 2013 1197
CNIC mandatory for casting vote: ECP. May 9, 2013 112
CNIC mandatory for casting vote: ECP. May 9, 2013 112
CNIC mandatory for casting vote, says ECP. May 5, 2013 120
CNIC mandatory for casting vote, says ECP. May 2, 2013 114
Enforcement alert: EPA Region V for air regulations aimed at metalcasters: the agency has cited several facilities. Salmon, Stephanie; Hannapel, Jeff; Richter, Christian Mar 1, 2013 383
Pace of regulatory activity to pick up at EPA: EPA is expected to finalize a number of regulations that have been delayed by the election. Jan 1, 2013 314
SEC adopts conflict minerals rules: metalcasters using the minerals must file a report with the SEC. Salmon, Stephanie; Strategies, Artemis; Hannapel, Jeff; Richter, Christian Oct 1, 2012 535
U.S. Committee slashes EPA funding. Aug 1, 2012 165
House to vote on domestic energy and jobs act. Jul 1, 2012 119
Reducing seacoal in practice: the idea of reducing seacoal use to control metalcasting facility emissions has gone from the theoretical to the practical. Lafay, Vic; Schifo, Jim Jul 1, 2012 1283
Regulation, taxes & reform: what metalcasters need to know: in a year when the economy and control of the White House are up in the air, numerous regulations could impact the way metalcasters do business. Jun 1, 2012 1436
Sivyer Steel launches latest green initiative. May 1, 2012 126
AFS supports sunshine act of 2012. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 134
Don't ignore aluminum dross regulations: although a common material in metalcasting facilities, aluminum dross is a potentially dangerous material, and shipping and handling regulations should be considered. Cochran, Brian Jan 1, 2012 1084
House votes to roll back Boiler MACT Rule. Nov 1, 2011 130
The parlance of profitability. Marcus, Dan Oct 1, 2011 863
Metalcaster testifies on U.S. EPA regulations. Jun 1, 2011 268
House votes on bill to block EPA climate rules: Senate also debates amendments to slow EPA'S rulemaking authority. Salmon, Stephanie; Strategies, Artemis; Hannapel, Jeff; Richter, Christian Apr 1, 2011 317
Currency reform legislation re-introduced in Congress: bill would make chronic undervaluation a punishable offense. Mar 1, 2011 283
Obama backs off emissions legislation: regulation efforts on greenhouse gases shift to EPA. Salmon, Stephanie; Hannapel, Jeff; Richter, Christian Dec 1, 2010 491
Walking-working surfaces rule to be revised. Dec 1, 2010 157
Cutting binder emissions: BMW announced its Landshut, Germany, casting facility will be emission-free in 2010 using inorganic binders, but opinions differ on the role the binders play in the industry. Wetzel, Shannon Feb 1, 2010 1619
EPA issues final emissions rule for nonferrous metalcasting area sources. Jul 1, 2009 363
Cap-and-trade, card check, health care top metalcasting lobbying efforts. Jun 1, 2009 328
Requests made to exclude diecasters from HAP rules. May 1, 2009 116
Stimul-us? With the metalcasting forecast turned downward for 2009, can the recently passed stimulus bill help? Gibbs, Shea Mar 1, 2009 1972
Revisions proposed for FMLA: the revised Family and Medical Leave Act may affect metalcasters' human resources policies. Apr 1, 2008 390
Coming clean on chemicals: recent legislation requires metalcasters to report to the government on the chemicals in their plants. Gibbs, Shea Mar 1, 2008 2093
Rule on chemical safety could affect metalcasters. Nov 1, 2007 330
Countervailing duties applied to illegally subsidized Chinese paper imports. May 1, 2007 666
California: the copper stopper? Metalcasters and engineers have joined forces to adapt to a new legislative measure that decreased the amount of lead allowed in copper plumbing. Gibbs, Shea Apr 1, 2007 1637
AFS files comments with Commerce Dept on applying CVD law to China. Mar 1, 2007 208
Consortium works to develop no-lead copper alloys in wake of new law. Feb 1, 2007 790
Copper casters, others discuss lead-free legislation. Oct 1, 2006 338
Know your HAPs: with increased regulations for hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions, there's an urgent need for HAP factors that can assist iron casting firms in determining their emission levels. Schifo, James Oct 1, 2005 2774
Association health plan legislation moves out of committee. Brief Article May 1, 2005 244
History holds keys for future environmental, health & safety issues. Bauer, Kyle Editorial Oct 1, 2004 2431
President refuses to sign Section 421 for the metalcasting industry. Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 238
Grasping the impact of emission factors: this article provides a list of sources for foundry emission factors and shows if new factors could affect whether a foundry is considered a "major" source. Crandell, George R. Jun 1, 2003 1693
Focusing on EPA issues. (Environmental, Health & Safety). Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 287
AFS, metalcasting industry agree to dismiss secondary aluminum MACT EPA suit. (AFS/CMI News). Mar 1, 2003 308
Bush administration revokes controversial government procurement rule. (Washington Alert). Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 168
AFS Prevails as EPA Removes RCRA Enforcement Alert from Internet. (Washington Alert). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 372
Metalcasters Take the Issues to Capitol Hill. Spada, Alfred T. Jun 1, 2000 3643
Confronting government policy: yesterday, today and tomorrow. Waterman, Diana L. Jul 1, 1995 3126
Foundry industry makes strides in Washington in 1993. Jan 1, 1994 1779
Myriad of issues confronts foundry industry. Lessiter, Michael J. Apr 1, 1993 1661
Foundry suppliers consider effects of NAFTA. Kanicki, David P. Sep 1, 1992 659
What to expect from the new Clean Air Act. Frye, Russell S. Feb 1, 1991 2954
Environmental: 'What's hot & what's not'. Mosher, Gary E. Feb 1, 1991 715
Cast metals bill could pave way for increasing foundry research. Waterman, Diana Oct 1, 1990 1335
Environmental trends concern suppliers. Kanicki, David P. Jan 1, 1990 631

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