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Update: California Architectural and Industrial Maintenance VOC Rulemakings. Darling, David Oct 1, 2020 383
Novel Cashew Nutshell Liquid-based: Waterborne Curing Agents Designed for High-Performance and Low-VOC Protective Epoxy Coatings: A team of Cardolite scientists expands its research on Cashew Nutshell Liquid-based waterborne epoxy curing agents with two new agents in a range of direct-to-metal primer system formulations. Xu, Hong; Mauck, Joe; Tavares, Fernanda; Natesh, Anbu; Li, Jing Cover story May 1, 2020 5935
Thermal Spray Coatings Market To Be Influenced By Rising Need To Enhance Durability of Machines Among Industries To Reduce Maintenance Costs Till 2025 / Million Insights. Jan 21, 2020 1111
Indonesian Paint Company Adopts VOC Labelling Standards Based on California Air Quality Rules. Oct 18, 2019 650
Global Automotive Adhesive Tape Market Report, 2019-2024: Worldwide Growth, Trends, and Forecasts. Report Aug 19, 2019 965
Novel CNSL-based Waterborne Zn-rich Primer Systems for Protective Coatings. Xu, Hong; Tavares, Fernanda; Natesh, Anbu; Li, Jing Apr 1, 2018 4964
Illinois EPA Out of Bounds Targeting Quarries That Accept CCDD. Jan 1, 2018 763
Environmental Regulation. Van Doren, Peter Book review Dec 22, 2017 187
Illinois EPA tests show: Debris sites too toxic 80 percent, including some in the suburbs, surpass legal limit Toxic: Health not at risk, industry rep says. Nov 20, 2017 753
Green Coatings: A combination of regulatory trends and consumer demand help drive the market for green coatings. Pianoforte, Kerry Nov 1, 2017 981
Aftertreatment Architecture and Control Methodologies for Future Light Duty Diesel Emission Regulations. Chilumukuru, Krishna; Gupta, Aniket; Ruth, Michael; Cunningham, Michael; Kothandaraman, Govindarajan Oct 1, 2017 5681
Low and zero VOC coatings: environmental legislation and increasing consumer awareness are driving the market for low and zero VOC coatings. Pianoforte, Kerry Apr 1, 2017 1309
Modest Growth Forecast for Global Powder Coatings Market (2014 - 2022). Oct 9, 2016 571
I. Environmental quality. Jun 22, 2016 10202
A new soybean oil-based reactive diluent for low-VOC solventborne wood stains. Yu, Wumin; Chen, Zhigang Jun 1, 2016 3168
EPA proposes new methane regulations for midstream operations. Wilkinson, George O., Jr.; Snow, Corinne Dec 1, 2015 1561
EPA and the need to maintain current ozone standards ACA and the paint industry address air quality regulations. Oct 1, 2015 2287
Pushing the limits on VOCs: high performance waterborne acrylic direct-to-metal coatings below 50 g/L. Vielhauer, Laura; Procopio, Leo; McCrea, Mary Kate; Dombroski, Bridget Cover story Sep 1, 2015 4658
Low-and zero-VOC technology: increasingly stringent environmental regulations have created a greater demand for low-and zero-VOC coatings products. Pianoforte, Kerry Apr 1, 2015 1130
Europe shifts priority from VOC control to economic growth. Milmo, Sean Dec 1, 2014 1203
Eastman expert hosts Webinar on regulatory changes. Nov 1, 2014 111
Varied VOC Regulations being developed in China. Jul 1, 2014 362
Obama administration methane strategy light on potential regulation. May 1, 2014 355
Obama administration methane strategy light on potential regulation. Barlas, Stephen May 1, 2014 455
Selecting right system to handle VOC releases. Mar 1, 2014 990
Online option. Feb 1, 2014 271
CARB approves amendments to aerosol coatings and consumer products regulations. Nov 1, 2013 997
Regulation of AIM coatings sees increased activity. Oct 1, 2013 474
ACA submits comments to CARB on proposed amendments to Multipurpose Solvent and Paint Thinner regulations. May 1, 2013 835
ACA comments on proposed revisions to Canadian consumer products regulations. May 1, 2013 709
ACA submits comments to CARB on proposed changes to aerosol coatings and Consumer Products Regulations. Nov 1, 2012 698
New transmission pipeline emission regs. Oct 1, 2012 507
SCAQMD to review Rule 1168 for limiting VOCs in adhesives and sealants. Jul 1, 2012 252
Industrial coatings segment tackles VOC issues: previously confined to the decorative coatings segment, the VOC issue is now at the forefront of industrial coatings as well. Milmo, Sean Jun 1, 2012 1006
EPA adds three compounds to aerosol regulation, ACA petitioned for addition. May 1, 2012 326
Industrial solvent cleaning rules move forward in the states. Apr 1, 2012 371
LOW-VOC polyurethane coatings: making the grade. Challener, Cynthia Interview Mar 1, 2012 3842
ACA submits comments to OTC on paint thinner and multipurpose solvents; EPA proposes to approve California paint thinner rule. Nov 1, 2011 630
VOC bill passes in California. Jan 1, 2011 190
Scented products emit a bouquet of VOCs. Potera, Carol Jan 1, 2011 1008
Methods evaluated to minimize emissions from preplant soil fumigation. Gao, Suduan; Hanson, Bradley D.; Wang, Dong; Browne, Gregory T.; Qin, Ruijun; Ajwa, Husein A.; Yates Report Jan 1, 2011 5212
Canadian VOC regulations align North American paint sector. Jackson, Emma Sep 1, 2010 931
U.S. efforts underway to regulate AIM VOC. May 1, 2010 790
Jotun Paints supports 'Green Building' concept in Qatar. Nov 3, 2009 542
California Air Resource Board adopts rule limiting VOC in paint thinners and multipurpose solvents. Nov 1, 2009 244
Singapore blazes a trail in Asia with tight environmental coatings regulation. Rowe, Mark Jul 1, 2009 1072
SCAQMD adopts VOC rule for Paint Thinners and Solvents; California Air Resouces Board proposes its own rule. Apr 1, 2009 286
EPA publishes reactivity rule for Aerosol Coatings. Aug 1, 2008 222
Low-temperature waterborne pavement marking paints: a road assessment of this low-VOC option. Kosto, Kimberly B.; Schall, Donald C. Jul 1, 2008 5941
Quantification of the VOCs released during kiln-drying red oak and white oak lumber. Beakler, Brian W.; Blankenhorn, Paul R.; Brown, Nicole R.; Scholl, Matthew S.; Stover, Lee R. Nov 1, 2007 4948
Exterior architectural coatings market: rising raw material costs, an overall slowdown in economic activity in mature markets, tightening VOC regulations and consolidation are all key trends facing exterior architectural coatings manufacturers. Wright, Tim Cover story Oct 1, 2007 3364
As part of a commitment to reduce combined volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions among member states to 6.5 million total tons by 2010, the European Commission has issued a proposal to cut pollutants in decorative paints and varnishes by 280,000 tons, or 50%, each year. (European Union). Brief Article May 15, 2003 115
Water based coatings. Yang, L. Jan 1, 1999 997
Trends in finishing & sanding veneers. Kaiser, Jo-Ann Mar 1, 1998 2117
VOC rules challenge FRP processors. Gabriele, Michael C. Mar 1, 1995 743
Clean-air rules challenge processors. Sherman, Lilli Manolis Feb 1, 1995 1104
'Last' reg-neg meeting fails to produce final finishing agreement. Adams, Larry Nov 1, 1993 878
Economic impact of VOC reductions. Koenig, Karen Malamud May 1, 1992 2508
Finishing materials: must compliance mean an inferior product? Adams, Larry Dec 1, 1991 3421
New finishing process enhances quality, reduces VOC emissions for Metropolitan. Oct 1, 1991 1017
VOC emission enforcement: the search for non-compliance. Koenig, Karen Malamud Aug 1, 1991 1462
Terra on firm ground with VOC, safety compliance (Terra Furniture Inc.; volatile organic compounds)(includes directory) Koenig, Karen Malamud Aug 1, 1991 775
State-of-the-art finishing system doubles Wood-Mode's production, while reducing VOC levels. Koenig, Karen Malamud Mar 1, 1991 1249

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