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Islamabad lions' death: Police register case against 'negligent' caretakers. Aug 1, 2020 183
Islamabad lions' death: Police register case against 'negligent' caretakers. Aug 1, 2020 188
FALSEHOODS AND THE FIRST AMENDMENT. Sunstein, Cass R. Mar 22, 2020 18524
Wedding event at Lahore Fort: WCLA removes official over negligence. Khalid Hasnain Jan 16, 2020 636
Prosecutor General rebukes Batken authorities over negligence. Jan 16, 2020 230
Prosecutor General rebukes Batken authorities over negligence. Jan 16, 2020 189
Negligent drivers with children can be issued a Dh400 fine. Mariam M. Al Serkal, Web Chief Reporter Dec 26, 2019 430
KE fined Rs50m for negligence. Dec 10, 2019 292
Negligence and medical monitoring. Roche, Jim Dec 6, 2019 679
Mum who lost seven children in Fujairah fire charged with negligence. Aghaddir Ali, Senior Reporter Nov 6, 2019 925
Negligent farmer fined for fouling SSSI. Nov 1, 2019 604
Corporate Dualism: Applying a Dual-Standard of Liability Under Section 14(e)'s Tender Offer Antifraud Provisions. Bay, Katlyn M. Sep 22, 2019 8594
Drilon: Corruption, negligence behind Sanchez' clean prison record. Sep 3, 2019 578
Education Department discarded 15 DDOs over negligence. Aug 25, 2019 200
Abu Dhabi Police: Parental negligence major cause of children drowning. Jun 11, 2019 309
Parental negligence should not go unpunished. Jun 3, 2019 437
Authorities negligence doubles villagers loss. May 6, 2019 237
The Army's Broken Personal Property Program. Juge, Robert J., III May 1, 2019 5554
Failure to breastfeed, vaccinate kids considered 'negligence' in UAE. Apr 30, 2019 803
COA boots claims against personal trainer. Dryden, Lee Apr 18, 2019 1036
COA denies Ypsilanti officer governmental immunity. Franz, Thomas Apr 4, 2019 997
COA rules for woman injured in hospital. Dryden, Lee Mar 27, 2019 849
Landlord's security promises opened door to lawsuit. Cresenzo, Bill Mar 27, 2019 690
Drug testing labs liable for negligent methods, inaccurate results. Bennett, Abbie Mar 27, 2019 978
Judge buries claims over disputed cremains. Bondurant, Jordan Mar 25, 2019 836
Note--The Issues with Deterring Negligence and the Vulnerable User Law in Washington State, Plus Recommendations for Legislatures and Prosecutors. Lyman, Kyle M. Jan 1, 2019 16986
Workers' comp law allows retaliation claim by injured worker. Berkman, Eric T. Nov 29, 2018 1422
Retailer can be liable for selling defective gas cans. Chaney, Matt Nov 14, 2018 690
Most data breaches due to employee negligence, NPC says. Nov 8, 2018 460
Negligence: Rail Carrier Liability- Train Derailment- Statute Of Limitations. Sep 21, 2018 156
RTI facing negligence, law minister says to make it effective. Sep 10, 2018 433
Jury rejects claim in patient's fall from window. Vieth, Peter Aug 21, 2018 1316
The Price Of Negligence. Aug 2, 2018 369
Jury rejects claim in patient's fall from window. Vieth, Peter Jul 13, 2018 1366
Negligence claim against lender's appraiser not available to borrower. Mueller, Scott B. Jun 22, 2018 932
Foreign Ministry: Persistence of US-led coalition in committing crimes in Syria shows Security Council's negligence in enforcing international law. Jun 12, 2018 218
COA: Contractors can use open and obvious defense. Dryden, Lee May 18, 2018 1031
Negligent entrustment claim boosts value of boating death case. Vieth, Peter May 4, 2018 1134
Insurance Claim Negligence. Apr 30, 2018 285
Cities, towns join MDL effort vs. opioid manufacturers, distributors. Bridges, Barry Apr 19, 2018 1413
MSC rules for resort in suit over child's burns. Dryden, Lee Apr 11, 2018 700
LOOK AFTER YOUR STAFF OR PAY FOR THEIR CARE; NEW LAWS TO PROTECT HEALTH OF WORKERS; Negligent firms could face extra costs. Apr 10, 2018 902
What is an other outdoor recreational use' under RUA? Dryden, Lee Mar 29, 2018 960
Violating laws, risking lives, motorcyclists negligent in wearing helmets. Mar 19, 2018 240
Interlocutory appeal on immunity issues certified. Lightle, Rebecca M. Mar 19, 2018 699
Is ice always open and obvious during winter? Dryden, Lee Feb 26, 2018 1086
Negligence cant sustain contributory infringement. Lightle, Rebecca M. Feb 16, 2018 1863
Affirmative defense triggers indemnity clause. Lightle, Rebecca M. Feb 16, 2018 959
Will take notice of any sign of negligence, Sanaullah on Kasur scandal proceedings. Jan 27, 2018 667
ET's negligence: Thousands left deprived of vehicle's registration documents. Jan 17, 2018 401
Medical malpractice or ordinary negligence? Dryden, Lee Jan 3, 2018 839
Duty of Care: Opportunity for EAPs. Burgess, Ken; Board, Nancy Jan 1, 2018 2059
Statute of limitations in negligence claim begins to run when claimant first has notice of irregularities. Mueller, Scott B. Jan 1, 2018 1003
Causation in Negligence (reprint, 2015). Brief article Dec 1, 2017 130
THE CONJUNCTION PROBLEM AND THE LOGIC OF JURY FINDINGS. Schwartz, David S.; Sober, Elliott Nov 1, 2017 28322
No immunity for MDOT plow driver. Dryden, Lee Oct 30, 2017 971
Price cap plan 'verges on negligence'. Oct 14, 2017 331
Mother's conviction in son's drowning death reversed. Vieth, Peter Sep 29, 2017 1046
A snowball's chance for success? Dryden, Lee Sep 21, 2017 927
First Responders Sue Texas Chemical Plant For Gross Negligence. Sep 8, 2017 1273
Does alarm company's 'We are not an insurer' language overcome negligence claim? Reprint Aug 3, 2017 1117
IC seeks BSP probe of UCPB's 'negligence' of Provident Plans. Jul 24, 2017 598
Opting out of the grand bargain: a pathway to poverty? McNally, Fallon Jun 22, 2017 8577
Amendments to jury instruction regarding medical negligence. Jun 15, 2017 1350
Yusuf Sameh Alaraby: martyr of chaos, negligence, recklessness, and absence of law. Jun 4, 2017 712
CA clears Mayor Gatchalian of admin liability on Kentex Fire. Jan 18, 2017 495
The Responsibility for Payment of Demurrage According to Kuwaiti Law. Dec 4, 2016 1129
The New UAE Medical Liability Law: An Analysis. Dec 4, 2016 2565
Dengue cases showing downward trend. Nov 11, 2016 129
Shippers: do not use the new NMFC bill of lading. Moore, Peter Nov 1, 2016 764
Chemical safety law creates exposures for manufacturers. Green, Meg Nov 1, 2016 340
Demurrage Payments Under Kuwaiti Law. Oct 23, 2016 1002
Intentional injury and compensation. Aug 19, 2016 1353
Five one-wheelers, renting rules violators netted. Aug 17, 2016 126
IESCO for adopting precautionary measures in rainy spell. Aug 8, 2016 288
Zero tolerance to motoring offences in Oman. Aug 7, 2016 1047
Public authority liability for negligence in the post-Ipp era: sceptical reflections on the 'policy defence.' Bell-James, Justine; Barker, Kit Aug 1, 2016 20184
Discovery rule and statute of limitations. Tan, S.Y. Aug 1, 2016 1365
Public health officials and MECs should be held liable for harm caused to patients through incompetence, indifference, maladministration or negligence regarding the availability of hospital equipment. McQuoid-Mason, D.J. Report Jul 1, 2016 2189
Best practices for concealed carry options in the workplace. Blake, Marilyn A. Jul 1, 2016 1086
UAE Child Protection Law takes effect on June 15. Jun 14, 2016 986
UAE Child Protection Law kicks in today -- June 15. Jun 14, 2016 1005
Pope's law to force bishops to end abuse. Jun 5, 2016 117
Gorilla warfare needs a rethink. Jun 3, 2016 132
A global conversation about emerging liability: members of the insurance industry talk to A.M. BestTV about emerging liability. Apr 1, 2016 443
Brazil faces modern slavery allegations at Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Scruggs, Gregory Mar 18, 2016 1193
Bill aims to better protect bicyclists. Mar 1, 2016 768
Law & medicine: to whom do doctors owe a duty? Tan, S.Y. Feb 1, 2016 1121
High-risk specialties threatened by runaway legal costs. Bateman, Chris Jan 1, 2016 2142
Legal challenges of the adoption procedure: current views from regulation and practice. Dobre, Raducu Razvan Essay Dec 1, 2015 5303
Negligence: what you need to know: part 2. Pagura, Ingrid Dec 1, 2015 2131
'Negligence claims may rise if reform bill passed'. Nov 10, 2015 701
Moon Beever Solicitors: Over 100 years of experience in legal excellence; Operating on a 'no win, no fee' basis, Moon Beever cover a range of legal issue, including corporate negligence and flight compensation. Oct 29, 2015 714
Regional Bar continued. Oct 22, 2015 1492
Morrison, the restricted scope of Securities Act section 11 liability, and prospects for regulatory reform. Grundfest, Joseph A. Sep 22, 2015 10770
The evolution of municipal risk management. Corcoran, Stanley Sep 1, 2015 1884
CDA Director Law charged sheet in another case. Aug 12, 2015 150
The reality of TV contestant releases in the UAE. Jul 15, 2015 1584
NHS payouts topping [pounds sterling]78million have been made in the North East due to hospital errors; Medical negligence experts in Newcastle say they expect claims to fall in coming years due to legal aid limitations. Jul 13, 2015 1297
What you don't know can hurt you: avoiding the fair credit reporting act class action trap. Torphy-Donzella, Elizabeth; Teare, Teresa D. Jul 1, 2015 1303
Clean air advocates want Trade execs' heads over smoke-belching cars. Jun 23, 2015 525
Probe ordered against CDA officers over Rs. 33m loss. Jun 3, 2015 780
Reasonableness in and out of negligence law. Zipursky, Benjamin C. Jun 1, 2015 17540
Criminal case and five-year political ban for Yingluck. Jan 23, 2015 690
Cocktails on campus: are libations a liability? Bendlin, Susan S. Jan 1, 2015 9780
Cocktails on campus: are libations a liability? Bendlin, Susan S. Jan 1, 2015 11718
In Florida, the statute of limitations for negligence attaches when party knew or should have known appraisal misrepresented value of the property. Jan 1, 2015 425
Senator Santiago files bill increasing death liability. Dec 26, 2014 588
Oil spill compensation law unenforced, say lawmakers. Oct 15, 2014 482
Time runs out for negligent dog owners. Sep 23, 2014 514
An appraisal report can serve as basis for a negligent misrepresentation claim by lender who relied on the report in making a loan. Sep 22, 2014 771
Reforming New York Labor Law section 240(1). Greagan, William J. Sep 22, 2014 7979
Former minister laments job safety flaws, negligence. Sep 12, 2014 564
Former minister laments job safety flaws, negligence. Sep 11, 2014 564
Law to fine drivers who are negligent and inattentive proposed. Apr 9, 2014 389
Law & medicine: Factual and proximate cause. Tan, S.Y. Mar 1, 2014 1114
What you learn on: CIMA Mastercourses on legal issues for accountants. Feb 1, 2014 554
Religious practice as a "thin skull" in the context of civil liability. Redko, Olga Jan 1, 2014 20746
Bahrain vows to build on reforms. Dec 2, 2013 680
The West Midlands comprises Birmingham and the surrounding counties of Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire; WEST MIDLANDS Leading individuals. Nov 21, 2013 756
UK Doctors and Nurses to Face Jail for Negligence. Nov 16, 2013 591
Carwyn 'negligent' over fracking rules; FRIENDS OF EARTH SAY MORE OR BETTER REGULATION IS NEEDED. Oct 23, 2013 780
Section 304 claw backs: can negligence qualify as 'misconduct?'. Cimino, Thomas P., Jr.; Zubairi, Junaid A.; Thorsness, William W. Jul 1, 2013 1149
Environmental groups' challenges to natural gas infrastructure projects. Duncan, Deidre G. May 1, 2013 1634
'No justice for residents abused in care homes' PRIME MINISTER SAYS HE WILL NOT CONSIDER CHANGING LAW. Apr 26, 2013 739
PM refuses negligence law change. Apr 25, 2013 282
'No justice for residents abused in care homes' PRIME MINISTER SAYS HE WILL NOT CONSIDER CHANGING LAW. Apr 25, 2013 739
Cabinet Condemns Policy of Medical Negligence Against Prisoners, Holds Israel Responsible for Their Lives. Apr 10, 2013 835
Reconsidering the "recognizable psychiatric illness" requirement in Canadian negligence law. Belanger-Hardy, Louise Mar 22, 2013 14793
Mere negligence or abandonment? Evaluating claims of attorney misconduct after Maples v. Thomas. Zupac, Wendy Zorana Mar 1, 2013 19378
Preemption as inverse negligence per se. Moreland, Michael P. Feb 1, 2013 17187
Interest rate swaps take bite out of property development; Interest rate swaps are strangling property development say Andrew Brown and Helen Rowland, partner and solicitor respectively at Capital Law, both of whom specialise in banking and financial negligence disputes. Jan 30, 2013 913
New health push. Dec 18, 2012 594
No Pay, No Play Has Modest Effect on Uninsured. Dec 5, 2012 378
Family of Savita Halappanavar blames Irish law, medical negligence for her death. Nov 15, 2012 855
Recoupment under Dodd-Frank: punishing financial executives and perpetuating "too big to fail". Mitts, Joshua Nov 1, 2012 6300
Medical law cases of note. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Oct 1, 2012 1095
Unforeseen ethical/legal complications with screening tests in the capitation model of medical aid schemes. Jansen, Rita-Marie; Gouws, Chris; Verschoor, Teuns Report Oct 1, 2012 2260
Risks and rewards of blowing the whistle. Thompson, Kimberly Sep 22, 2012 984
Stricter penalty for man- made disasters. Sep 20, 2012 281
Audit of custodial deaths in Karachi - An autopsy-based study. Mirza, Farhat Hussain; Memon, Akhtar Amin; Adil, Syeda Ezz-e-Rukhshan; Paryar, Hamid Ali Report Aug 31, 2012 3383
Tandem Law Supports Right to Buy Mortgage Claims. Aug 23, 2012 449
Nursing law case on point. Tammelleo, A. David Aug 1, 2012 932
Can the common law adjudicate historical suffering? Van Rijswijk, Honni; Anthony, Thalia Aug 1, 2012 15519
Constitutionalized negligence. Sacks, Deana Pollard Jul 1, 2012 7697
Constitutionalized negligence. Sacks, Deana Pollard Jul 1, 2012 27890
UAE Cabinet to consider 'Wadiyma's Law'. Jun 25, 2012 367
Greek authorities undecided on Tsalikidis. Jun 2, 2012 544
Greek authorities undecided on Tsalikidis. Jun 2, 2012 491
Hospital-acquired infections--when are hospitals legally liable? McQuoid-Mason, David Report Jun 1, 2012 2065
Medical Law Cases of Note. Tammelleo, David A. Case overview Jun 1, 2012 1062
Hospital Law Decisions of Note. Tammellero, A. David Case overview Jun 1, 2012 1083
Nursing law case of the month. Tammelleo, David A. Case overview Jun 1, 2012 822
Failure-to-warn claims preempted in Texas unless the FDA finds fraud. Beck, Julie May 1, 2012 1000
Hospital law decisions of note. Case overview Apr 1, 2012 1048
Federal mens rea interpretation and the limits of culpability's relevance. Brown, Darryl K. Mar 22, 2012 12742
Muddy waters: the end of proximate causation in FELA and Jones Act claims. Maples, Aaron Mar 22, 2012 11208
Nursing law case of the month: cerebral palsy does not mean nurse or Dr. negligent. Mar 1, 2012 845
Negligent hiring and the information age: how state legislatures can save employers from inevitable liability. Peebles, Katherine A. Mar 1, 2012 13637
Legal, ethical and professional concepts within the operating department. Wilson, Rachel Report Mar 1, 2012 3846
Beirut Building Collapse: Owner's Negligence or Obsolete Rent Laws? Jan 16, 2012 456
Where do I fit in? Citizenship claims and the (section) 1332 diversity statute in Underwriters at Lloyd's v. Osting-Schwinn. Benton, Terri K. Jan 1, 2012 6039
Hospital law decisions of note. Tammclleo, A. David Case overview Jan 1, 2012 1071
Is the exclusionary rule dead? Bradley, Craig M. Jan 1, 2012 9969
Working with proximate cause: an "elements" approach. Maurer, Daniel D. Dec 1, 2011 5149
Negligence is punishable. Nov 29, 2011 347
Interior Minister: No Negative Attitude Will Be Tolerated, Those Found Negligent Will Be Held Accountable. Nov 27, 2011 360
Medical law cases of note. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Nov 1, 2011 1070
Legal Aid is crucial for families needing help; working day Amanda Yip, QC, is a barrister specialising in personal injury, clinical negligence and medical law at Exchange Chambers, in Liverpool. This is her working day ... Oct 5, 2011 617
(Mis)aligning accident law. Oct 1, 2011 362
Misalignments in tort law. Porat, Ariel Oct 1, 2011 28845
Fast food and slow payers: Sadcas v. Professional Finance. Palmer, Norman Company overview Oct 1, 2011 9341
Vehicular heat stroke fatalities - tragic accident or murder? Von Fricken, Alexander G.; Sylvester, Sandra R.; Knox, Barbara Oct 1, 2011 4334
The limits of liability in promoting safe geologic sequestration of CO2. Adelman, David E.; Duncan, Ian J. Sep 22, 2011 28848
Date of conduct determines statute of limitations in professional negligence causes of action. Sep 22, 2011 368
A new look at duty in tort law: rehabilitating foreseeability and related themes. Golanski, Alani Sep 22, 2011 25115
BP can be sued for punitive damages over Gulf of Mexico spill. Aug 28, 2011 248
Finding fault with Ault - why the exclusion of subsequent design change evidence in product liability cases makes sense, even in California. Livingston, Craig A.; Hentschel, John C. Jul 1, 2011 5173
Policing the ratings agencies: the case for stronger criminal disincentives in the credit rating market. Maas, David A. Jun 22, 2011 15377
Legal advice for community. Jun 21, 2011 255
Robbie's Law to give families the right to get the truth about medical negligence; FATHER URGES ASSEMBLY TO IMPLEMENT THE LAW IN WALES. Jun 16, 2011 734
PMA for establishment of technical body to probe complaints against doctors. Apr 28, 2011 303
U.S. Supreme Court holds in-state contacts of foreign manufacturer Goodyear France, whose tires are implicated in fatal accident abroad, insufficiently 'continuous and systematic' to justify exercise of general jurisdiction, despite small percentage of its tires distributed within state by other Goodyear USA affiliates. Apr 1, 2011 733
FDA preemption of drug and device labeling: who should decide what goes on a drug label? Valoir, Tamsen; Ghosh, Shubha Mar 22, 2011 19955
Liability for fairness opinions under Delaware Law. Cushman, Cameron Mar 22, 2011 8787
Sayhood calls for allowing Maliki dismiss negligent. Mar 7, 2011 151
The Model Business Corporation Act and corporate governance: an enabling statute moves toward normative standards. Olson, John F.; Briggs, Aaron K. Jan 1, 2011 6264
Press freedom and private people: the life and times (and future) of Chapadeau v. Utica Observer-Dispatch. McCraw, David E. Jan 1, 2011 13724
Entering the abyss: the resident's standard of care. Cabaj, Chantel Jan 1, 2011 8944
NCUA first to recoup New London losses. Samaad, Michelle A. Dec 22, 2010 632
Taxpayer off the clock for real estate loss. Schnee, Edward J. Dec 1, 2010 689
The law in your everyday life. Oct 20, 2010 211
Caught up in the trafficking web. Oct 17, 2010 947
Bus backing up to avoid truck in front that was backing up, is not an emergency; bus liable to Car it Backed Into! Rodriguez v Consolidated Bus Transit, Inc. Rogak, Lawrence N. Sep 17, 2010 1297
The law in your everyday life. Sep 8, 2010 213
The tragic death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili reminds us of some important legal lessons. Findlay, Hilary Sep 1, 2010 1993
Establishing liability for harm caused to patients in a resource-deficient environment. McQuoid-Mason, David Report Sep 1, 2010 2931
The defence of joint illegal enterprise. Goudkamp, James Aug 1, 2010 14070
Faulty doors can leave you in a legal jam: learn how faulty or damaged door hardware can turn into a personal injury liability case against you. Leighton, John Elliott Aug 1, 2010 574
Drinking and driving: taxpayer allowed to take casualty loss for car he wrecked. Whitehead, Roy, Jr.; Jones, Kris Jul 1, 2010 1481
Liability of supervising physicians. Tan, S.Y. Jul 1, 2010 842
Law & medicine: liability of supervising physicians. Tan, S.Y. Jul 1, 2010 964
Pak Govt.'s negligence renders critical Anti-Terrorism law 'defunct'. Jun 14, 2010 259
Challenge to constitutionality of ER 'gross negligence'. Case overview Jun 1, 2010 785
Studies in American tort law, 4th ed. Book review May 1, 2010 196
New law, new hope. Apr 8, 2010 536
What's all the headache?: Reform needed to cope with the effects of concussions in football. Diehl, Erika A. Mar 22, 2010 19629
Intentionally inflicted economic harm in Canada. Donovan, Brendan Mar 22, 2010 12065
Legal case briefs for nurses. Tammelleo, A.David Mar 1, 2010 1057
Nursing law case on point. Mar 1, 2010 873
The possibility of "inference causation": inferring cause-in-fact and the nature of legal fact-finding. Brown, Russell Mar 1, 2010 20476
Ponzi schemes and litigation risks: what every financial services company should know. Johnston, Kenneth C.; Johnson, Kellie M.; Hummel, Joseph A. Mar 1, 2010 10239
Tort Law Resources for Illinois Practitioners: from simple to complex, general to specific, common law to statutory--Illinois tort law gets a full treatment in a variety of secondary resources. Gaylord, Tom Mar 1, 2010 827
Annual review of developments in instructions. Grammel, Timothy; Hawks, Kwasi L. Feb 1, 2010 8852
Take two of these and sue me in the morning: efficacy of the learned intermediary doctrine in prescription drug failure to warn cases. Friedman, Robert J. Jan 1, 2010 9075
Medical law case of the month: settlement release applied to agents as well as principals. Case overview Jan 1, 2010 792
Finding middle ground: reconciling the disparate approaches courts have taken in determining liability when a purchaser declines optional safety equipment. Stuhan, Richard G.; Pugh, Charles W. Jan 1, 2010 7722
The construction defect hot potato: the interplay between the performance bond and CGL policy - a surety's perspective. Briglia, Shannon J.; Etcheverry, Edward Jan 1, 2010 7849
Medical monitoring in North America: does this horse have legs? Hamer, David I.W. Jan 1, 2010 7097
Consent to medical treatment. Zucker, Karin Waugh; Boyle, Martin J.; Jefferson, Thomas C.; Ratliff, Dennis J. Jan 1, 2010 2417
Medical law and litigation. Dhai, Ames Editorial Dec 1, 2009 810
Assessing professional tax advice and taxpayer sophistication. Morris, Donald Dec 1, 2009 6353
Defendants may owe a duty of care to a child injured on a treadmill. Dec 1, 2009 768
Embedded federal questions, exclusive jurisdiction, and patent-based malpractice claims. Wilson, Christopher G. Dec 1, 2009 15150
Tort law and economics. Book review Nov 1, 2009 143
A sea of confusion: the Shipowner's Limitation of Liability Act as an independent basis for admiralty jurisdiction. Medley, Amie L. Nov 1, 2009 13799
Putting safety first in pneumatics: PWE highlights the importance of meeting the latest health and safety standards in pneumatics applications. Nov 1, 2009 1033
Medical negligence barrister the new boss at city's Atlantic Chambers. Oct 6, 2009 211
The duty to warn against serious injury: can plaintiffs successfully challenge Illinois' tough standard? In Iseberg v Gross, the Supreme Court ruled that a defendant has no duty to warn a plaintiff against serious injury unless the two are in one of the "special relationships" described in the Restatement of Torts. The authors argue that the Restatement may offer a way for plaintiffs to argue for a more expansive duty. Pavalon, Eugene I.; Lee, Harry C. Oct 1, 2009 2738
Worker breaking up roadway has no case for slipping on debris she created: Mosca v Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Auth. Rogak, Lawrence N. Sep 28, 2009 2748
Patient negligence. Goodwin, Michele; Richardson, L. Song Sep 22, 2009 13600
Ministry warns against not following H1N1 directives. Aug 5, 2009 688
Defending against suits brought by illegal aliens. Knauff, Jerry Joe, Jr. Jul 1, 2009 12197
The U.S. Supreme Court: no federal preemption of failure to warn tort actions against pharmaceutical manufacturers. Paul, Niall; Terek, Christina S. Jul 1, 2009 3438
Medical manslaughter. Dobinson, Ian Jul 1, 2009 6517
Discretion to follow the law: the collision of Ohio's Nursing Home Bill of Rights with Ohio's Political Subdivision Tort Liability Act. Traska, Peter; Knouff, Katherine Jun 22, 2009 19778
The many faces of fault in contract law: or how to do economics right, without really trying. Epstein, Richard A. Jun 1, 2009 8518
When is a willful breach "willful"? The link between definitions and damages. Craswell, Richard Jun 1, 2009 7642
Fault at the contract-tort interface. Kreitner, Roy Jun 1, 2009 8617
The fault principle as the chameleon of contract law: a market function approach. Grundmann, Stefan Jun 1, 2009 8821
Victory for defendants in asbestos case: the Illinois Supreme Court allows defendants in asbestos cases to introduce evidence that someone else's negligence was the sole proximate cause of a plaintiff's injuries. Gunnarsson, Helen W. Jun 1, 2009 852
Evidence is insufelent to prove negligence if the conclusion its merely possible. Jun 1, 2009 374
Fault in contract law. Posner, Eric A. Jun 1, 2009 7774
Proving proximate cause in malpractice cases: trial and appellate courts in Illinois have struggled to determine the plaintiff's proper burden of proving proximate cause in "lost chance" medical malpractice cases, the authors argue. They offer several appellate court decisions to make their point that confusion persists. Lavin, Terrence J.; Lau, Kristina M. May 1, 2009 4106
Limiting manufacturers' duty to warn: the sophisticated user and purchaser doctrines. Sungaila, Mary-Christine; Mayer, Kevin C. Apr 1, 2009 7169
Fine doesn't reflect loss; HEALTH AND SAFETY LAWS BROKEN. Mar 27, 2009 304
Burley v. Kytec Innovative Sports Equipment, Inc.: expert testimony in strict products liability cases in South Dakota. Dylla, Joseph M. Mar 22, 2009 18742
What'cha gonna do brother when Hulkamania runs wild on you? A practitioner's guide to section 322.09 of the Florida statutes. Gooden, Kansas R. Mar 22, 2009 17115
Medical malpractice and new devices: defining an elusive standard of care. Greenberg, Michael D. Mar 22, 2009 10162
Approve tort reform. Editorial Feb 27, 2009 496
Avoid or compensate? Liability for incidental injury to civilians inflicted during armed conflict. Ronen, Yael Jan 1, 2009 21322
Mens rea for sexual abuse: the case for defining the acceptable risk. Johnson, Eric A. Jan 1, 2009 25044
A new way of thinking about child abuse and neglect prevention. Hmurovich, Jim Dec 1, 2008 818
Landlord's negligence led to death of three tenants in fire, official says. Nov 21, 2008 395
Torts and innovation. Parchomovsky, Gideon; Stein, Alex Nov 1, 2008 16887
Teleradiology: images of an improved standard of medical care? Nayar, Vivek Sep 22, 2008 12484
Corporate neglect in nursing homes: over the years, government agencies and independent investigators have found rampant abuse and neglect in nursing homes. So far, nursing home owners have evaded responsibility, but that may be starting to change. Couch, David Sep 1, 2008 3739
D&O market trends. Murray, Susanne; Podolsky, Fred T. Sep 1, 2008 866
Group pushes for patients' rights law. Aug 12, 2008 432
Counter the nursing home's defense themes. Rusk, Jeff E. Aug 1, 2008 369
Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales v. Dederer: negligence and the exuberance of youth. Stewart, Pam; Monahan, Geoff Aug 1, 2008 11693
Media coverage, hill hearing put spotlight on preemption. Jul 1, 2008 324
When the balance shifted: in every trial, there is a moment when you can tell something important has happened: you've made a critical point, averted potential disaster, or changed the trial's momentum. Here, four lawyers share what moved juries in their client's favor - whether technique, testimony, or just plain luck. Burke, Kevin G. Jul 1, 2008 1064
The Vioxx litigation: disincentivizing patient safety through misdirected tort rules. Wolsing, Jennifer Jul 1, 2008 12416
A veterinary standard of care: the court makes explicit that veterinarians are "skilled" practitioners of a "profession or trade" and thus owe a duty of care. Gunnarsson, Helen W. Jul 1, 2008 1054
Supreme Court of Virginia holds that the University of Virginia Health Services Foundation is not entitled to assert charitable immunity doctrine as a defense to lawsuits. Hafemeister, Thomas L. Jul 1, 2008 1707
The limits of apology laws. Dresser, Rebecca May 1, 2008 1637
Alternative theories for environmental contamination cases: although environmental pollution cases generally revolve around negligence claims, don't overlook nuisance and trespass. These alternative theories may become an important part of your case. LeBlanc, Burton; Farris, Misty A. Apr 1, 2008 3650
Government liability in negligence. Aronson, Mark Apr 1, 2008 21497
Leichhardt Municipal Council v. Montgomery: non-delegable duties and roads authorities. Witting, Christian Apr 1, 2008 8994
Medical monitoring: Missouri's welcomed acceptance. Patel, Anita J. Mar 22, 2008 6789
Information privacy and employee records in Australia: which way forward? Pyman, Amanda; O'Rourke, Anne; Teicher, Julian Report Mar 1, 2008 7456
A clear path for railroad negligence cases: many railroad cases have been blocked by preemption in recent years, but a legislative amendment has cleared the way for them to move forward. Here's what the amendment means for you. Van Dyck, Sharon L. Feb 1, 2008 2577
NY: Pt.'s daughter-exposed to hepatitis B-died: did patient's physicians have duty to warn? Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Feb 1, 2008 582
Key change in the law on corporate manslaughter; Health and Safety at Work Tim Hill pictured, explores the impact that the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 will have on all of the region's employers and urges them to be prepared for its introduction. Jan 25, 2008 928
Chapter 5 Principles of negligence. Professional standards Jan 1, 2008 9878
Chapter 5 Principles of negligence. Professional standards Jan 1, 2008 19683
Chapter 8 Protecting patrons' property. Professional standards Jan 1, 2008 24685
Ensuring you protect your business; It's the law Business advice from north west employment law specialists ELAS. Dec 10, 2007 419
Statutory parental liability for teenage drivers. Graves, Deana M.; Davidson, Charles Darwin Dec 3, 2007 378
Report says British are still slow to sue. Report Nov 14, 2007 367
Offsetting risks. Porat, Ariel Nov 1, 2007 18956
No duty to warn, Illinois high court holds: the court reaffirms the rule that Party A has no duty to warn Party B about a threat posed by Party C unless there's a special relationship between A and B. Gunnarsson, Helen W. Nov 1, 2007 1175
Keeping it legal; small business In association with RBS DICKINSON DEES. Oct 2, 2007 413
La responsabilite de la societe de classification en droit maritime Canadien. Braen, Andre Sep 22, 2007 10061
Teachers must get extra reassurance. Sep 13, 2007 709
Corporate Manslaughter Act finally becomes law. Sep 1, 2007 467
Pass this bill; Negligent contractors would face debarment, high fines. Editorial Aug 14, 2007 422
No common law right to sue for negligent credentialing--but. Tammelleo, A. David Aug 1, 2007 870
The problem of classification in private law. Jensen, Darryn Aug 1, 2007 12393
Tort law, policy and the High Court of Australia. Witting, Christian Aug 1, 2007 12441

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