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Basicmed: mixed views from pilots. Mar 1, 2017 819
Mid-pacific international medevac. Langan, Justin Jul 1, 2015 1547
Climb considerations: you perform at least one on each flight, but the math may dictate the best efficiency is found by flying much faster than the published speeds for your airplane. Higdon, Dave Apr 1, 2013 2381
Stupid pilot tricks: pilots don't normally try to be amusing. But when it comes to providing fodder for the NTSB reports, well, sometimes we're downright hilarious. Berge, Paul Jan 1, 2013 2137
Everywhere but there: they tell you to turn. You turn. They tell you to descend. You descend. Sometimes you wonder why they can't just let you fly the airplane. What's up with all that guidance? Kramer, Tarance Jan 1, 2013 2372
Good habits gone bad: there's no dispute: good pilots have good habits and good habits help make good pilots. But, good habits performed at the wrong time or without thinking can have bad results. Shelton, Joe Jan 1, 2013 1280
Unpublished holds: you want me to what? Where? En route holds are a rarity but fly enough, especially in high-traffic areas, and you'll get one eventually. You should be prepared. van West, Jeff Nov 1, 2012 1434
Your route on the visual: instrument flight rules are spelled out in meticulous detail, and we yet still uncover ambiguity day after day. Unfortunately, some people seem to seek out ever more. Brenneman, Dog Nov 1, 2012 1534
Pilot to act: I'm unable, too. Bowlin, Frank Oct 1, 2012 953
Threats and errors: pilots find creative ways to die, while human-factors geeks look for creative ways to stop us. Airlines use "Threat and Error Management." Could it work for GA? Bowlin, Frank Oct 1, 2012 1263
Unclear on the concept. Van West, Jeff Aug 1, 2012 493
Keep those NASA forms handy. Van West, Jeff Jul 1, 2012 621
Low over water: ATC is in charge of traffic management, and we're in charge of getting to our destination alive. When those responsibilities are in conflict, it's up to us to prioritize. Haber, Dennis R. Jun 1, 2012 1090
Down to the driggs: every airport with an instrument approach must have some blessed IFR departure. But that doesn't mean you can fly it, and the problem might not be climb rate. Van West, Jeff Apr 1, 2012 813
Proficiency in pieces 2.0: it's easy to lull yourself into believing you're IFR proficient just because you've logged cloud time recently set up a real proficiency program and you'll never fool yourself again. Robinson, Frank Apr 1, 2012 1797
Stalking the elusive LP: the plate says it's an option. Your GPS software and database are up-to-date. Yet that new LP approach refuses to load. That could be a plus if you like vertical guidance. Collins, John Apr 1, 2012 976
PT in the days of RNAV: simple in principle, procedure turns can turn ugly if the pilot and the controller aren't on the same page. GPS has made this worse, not better. But that's easily remedied. Ewing, John Jan 1, 2012 1443
Filing for a lat/long: sometimes just knowing the preferred route isn't enough. You need the secret code for putting that route into the system. Collins, John Jan 1, 2012 1002
The play-by-play as seen from from ATC's seat. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 279
You cleared me to what? Almost everything ATC tells you to do is old hat. However, some clearances are NASA forms looking for paper. Let's cover the most likely offenders. Bowlin, Frank Nov 1, 2011 1877
Cleared to do what I meant, not what I said. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 317
Progress in reverse: just when the pilot population was really getting the groove of terminal arrival areas, the FAA is regulating them right out of the approach book. Read on. You won't believe this one. Sep 1, 2011 993
Launching with failures: stuff breaks with utter disregard for the fact that you've got places to go. How far are you willing to stray from a book-perfect aircraft and still lift off into the clouds? Aug 1, 2011 2229
Dissecting the hold: despite currency requirements, for-real holds are too rare for us to stay proficient. Understanding them is easy if we break them down to the basics. Burnside, Joseph E. Aug 1, 2011 2443
Shootin VORs with a GPS: regulations dictate what you must use for course guidance, but systems that simply assist you can likely use any navigation source you want. Jul 1, 2011 667
Southwest 737 comes within 100 feet and a tenth of a mile of a Cirrus SR22. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 142
Changing destinations: you filed a destination and accepted a clearance to go there, but that doesn't mean you have to follow through. there are plenty of reasons to say one thing but execute another. Van West, Jeff Jun 1, 2011 1453
The IFR preflight: a serious look in the logbooks of many "IFR-legal" aircraft would have even a St. Christopher statue booking seat 23D instead. blind trust has no place in blind flying. Brenneman, Dog Jun 1, 2011 1764
A rogue gust in IMC? A pilot encounters violent, unforecast winds on an approach and the aircraft is lost. A mistake was made, but was it by the forecaster or the pilot? You might be surprised. Dennstaedt, Scott Jun 1, 2011 1894
No personal minimums: to paraphrase Dirty Harry, "a pilot's got to know his limitations." When it comes to personal minimums, though, arbitrary numbers are worse than no limitations at all. Smith, Lee May 1, 2011 1754
Get with the program, or get out. West, Jeff Van Apr 1, 2011 619
Watch that crane. Herr, Dan Brief article Apr 1, 2011 206
Oddball chart notes: oh, the persnickety minutia of notes. Most chart notes don't amount to much. But sometimes they really matter, even if only for a chuckle. Shelton, Joe Apr 1, 2011 1006
Those mysterious MVAS: unpublished minimum vectoring altitudes tell ATC how low you can go, even if your TAWS display starts turning yellow with concern. Ewing, John Jan 1, 2011 992
Tips for flying the SFRA: if you know the rules, you can exercise a bit of freedom inside the Washington, D.C., SFRA without danger of becoming a flight of two with a coast guard helicopter. Smith, Lee Dec 1, 2010 1461
Flying with expired data: ever since the first databases, we've complained about the expense of keeping the data current. But obsolete data might be more expensive. Bowlin, Frank Nov 1, 2010 2329
Into uncontrolled air: the airport is uncontrolled, but how about the airspace just above? Savvy pilots know how to use the difference to their advantage, and how a mistake could mean a violation. Shelton, Joe Nov 1, 2010 1780
You're so busted: you messed up and didn't comply with ATC. Will the FAA come knocking on your door? That depends on what you did and how you handle it. Kramer, Tarrance Jul 1, 2010 2235
As far ahead of the plane as the prop. Van West, Jeff Oct 1, 2009 536
Digital chart rules: what does it take to make a digital representation of a chart legal for sole use in the cockpit? The answer is, "everything.". Van West, Jeff Oct 1, 2009 702
Busted on the altitude: only 300 feet high may get your ticket suspended. Tips from the pros can keep you off the enforcement radar screen. Pestal, Mark Feb 1, 2009 2506
Stupid pilot tricks: political promises come and go. The stock market gets St. Vitus' Dance. But every January we skewer aviation's inept and inapt. Garvey, Jane Jan 1, 2009 1962
Pattern-altitude SID: when the DP is notorious for earning altitude busts, the key is reducing the task load. Singer, Neil Brief article Jan 1, 2009 339
Stay away from the ATC police. Van West, Jeff Oct 1, 2008 568
FAA requires ICAO flight plans for pre-assigned RNAV. Brief article Aug 1, 2008 138
Assuming the position. Patlovany, Robert Oct 1, 2007 375
An evening with ATC: you get a crowd at an FAA seminar when you hold it in a pub. Turns out, the beer wasn't the only thing that was worth coming for. Van West, Jeff Apr 1, 2007 1358
Flying below the MEA: when the MEAs over mountains stretch into the oxygen altitudes, you might sneak past a bit lower, but it's probably not kosher. Apr 1, 2007 657
Stabilized approaches: whether flying an instrument procedure or using the VFR traffic pattern, a good landing is much more likely after a stabilized approach. Turner, Thomas P. Feb 1, 2007 2453
The invisible barrier: you won't find it on a high or low chart, but if you try to fly through on the wrong day, you'll get vectored the long way around. Richardson, Charles Jan 1, 2007 876
Power-user checklists: you had to buy a heavy-duty binder just to hold all your STCs, but have you customized your checklists as much as your airplane? Lavenson, Markus Nov 1, 2006 1612
Travel Safety Update. Brief article Sep 18, 2006 260
Use the other rules. Van West, Jeff Jun 1, 2006 582
Getting ATC's picture: visualizing your place in ATC's flow is like knowing your spot in the VFR traffic pattern--and is just as critical in avoiding conflict. Crawford, James Jun 1, 2006 1477
Procedure turn follies: cold logic dictates when you must fly the published procedure turn even though common sense may say otherwise. Dennstaedt, Scott C. Column May 1, 2006 2535
Rogue's gallery: attitude is everything, whether discussing the aircraft or its pilot. How to tell if you or someone else has what it takes to be a "rogue pilot.". Pardo, Jeff Feb 1, 2006 2576

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