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BEDC Cries Out Over Vandalisation Of Facilities Across Franchise Areas. Aug 6, 2021 451
Duterte inks seven broadcast, telco franchise laws. Aug 4, 2021 359
Duterte grants Davao City franchise to operate radio stations. May 20, 2021 251
DITO's franchise extended for 25 years. May 19, 2021 258
Ins and outs of franchising in Saudi Arabia. Dimah Talal Al-Sharif May 12, 2021 637
Senate panel OKs franchise bid of Dito Telecommunity. Mar 10, 2021 547
Onward and Upward. Cresanti, Robert Feb 1, 2021 479
Telcos warned: Implement mobile number portability or face franchise revocation. Jan 29, 2021 331
3 franchise renewal measures lapse into law. Jan 7, 2021 180
Despite 'celebrity' backings from Congress, solon sees ABS-CBN getting little chance in regaining franchise. Jan 5, 2021 544
It's Congress' call to enact law on proposed ABS-CBN franchise, says Roque. Jan 5, 2021 300
San Miguel airport franchise lapses into law. Jan 4, 2021 346
Dito's bid for fresh 25-year franchise in limbo ahead of March 2021 commercial rollout. Dec 7, 2020 589
Sen. Poe: DITO Telecommunity must fulfill initial commitments before Senate grants franchise. Dec 5, 2020 506
Public advised not to invest in LOKAL.PLATE. Nov 29, 2020 571
Palace urges Congress to approve franchise of motorcycle taxis. Oct 14, 2020 322
Approval of Bulacan airport franchise reflects failure of gov't to value fishers, environment group. Oct 13, 2020 609
Senate approves bill granting San Miguel franchise to operate Bulacan airport. Oct 13, 2020 411
Lacson points out probable Constitutional issues involving CREATE bill and San Miguel Aerocity airport. Oct 8, 2020 411
Senate OKs Bulacan airport franchise bill on 2nd reading. Oct 7, 2020 496
Move to fasttrack passage of Bulacan airport franchise 'unfortunate' environmental group. Oct 6, 2020 396
Senate OKs on 2nd reading bill granting franchise to San Miguel subsidiary to construct, operate airport in Bulacan. Oct 6, 2020 481
Senate OKs on second reading Bulacan airport franchise. Oct 6, 2020 310
Senate approves 10 franchise bills for various firms. Oct 5, 2020 412
10 franchise bills get final Senate nod. Oct 5, 2020 376
P 740-B SMC Bulacan airport gets 50-year franchise. Sep 8, 2020 211
House OKs franchise for Bulacan airport. Sep 8, 2020 1025
House OKs bill granting SMC firm franchise to construct Bulacan airport. Sep 7, 2020 496
House OKs SMC franchise for Bulacan airport. Sep 2, 2020 402
House OKs on 2nd reading bill granting franchise to construct Bulacan airport. Sep 1, 2020 246
2 broadcasting firms given 25-year franchises. Aug 27, 2020 323
House grants Dito franchise to operate. Aug 25, 2020 541
House OKs bill granting 25-year franchise to 3rd telco player DITO. Aug 24, 2020 327
2 broadcast firms get 25-year franchise extension. Aug 5, 2020 274
Palace insists Duterte neutral in ABS CBN Congress vote. Jul 28, 2020 384
Solon seeks franchise renewal of NOW Cable Inc. for another 25 years. Jul 27, 2020 520
Groups to wage noise barrage, motorcade vs anti-terror law, ABS-CBN franchise denial. Jul 18, 2020 300
ABS-CBN to lay off employees by August. Jul 16, 2020 568
De Lima raps Cayetano for 'infamous' House vote rejecting ABS-CBN's franchise renewal. Jul 16, 2020 401
ABS-CBN owners had no remorse--Cayetano. Jul 16, 2020 666
Duterte 'happy' for dismantling oligarchy without need for martial law. Jul 14, 2020 917
Complicity. Jul 14, 2020 670
ABS CBN owners, not government to blame for network shutdown - Cayetano. Jul 13, 2020 423
Lagman seeks repeal of 89-year-old law blamed partly for ABS-CBN's downfall. Jul 13, 2020 422
Ironic. Jul 13, 2020 1003
FOCAP on junking of ABS CBN franchise bid: We won't flinch from this attack. Jul 11, 2020 550
'Pandemic of intolerance': Senators assail House vote displacing 11K workers when 7M have lost jobs. Jul 11, 2020 1254
Solons voice dismay, disgust after panel dooms ABS-CBN franchise. Jul 10, 2020 767
Drilon laments rejection of ABS-CBN franchise renewal. Jul 10, 2020 441
House panel closes down ABS CBN. Jul 10, 2020 576
Angel, Rita, other celebs devastated by failed ABS CBN franchise bid. Jul 10, 2020 438
Duterte gives Zamboanga broadcasting company another 25 years to operate. Jun 29, 2020 332
Broadcast firm franchise renewed. Jun 29, 2020 152
GMA 'maintains legality' of its PDRs amid comparison with ABS-CBN. Jun 12, 2020 530
Senators: Not enough time time for Congress to renew ABS-CBN franchise. May 20, 2020 898
Solon deplores delay in House approval of ABS-CBN provisional franchise. May 19, 2020 468
House recalls second reading approval of ABS CBN provisional franchise bill. May 18, 2020 538
Solon questions franchise bill's provision requiring ABS CBN to give 10% paid ads to gov't. May 18, 2020 504
Provisional franchise for ABS CBN 'likely' invalid - Enrile. May 17, 2020 536
Sotto: HoR approval of ABS-CBN measure 'highly irregular'. May 16, 2020 486
House urged to fix flaws in interim franchise bill. May 16, 2020 534
Solon moves for recall of ABS CBN provisional franchise approval in House. May 15, 2020 623
Pangilinan questions House approval of ABS-CBN's 5-month franchise. May 14, 2020 295
Calls for new ABS CBN franchise persist despite House approval of provincial franchise till end-October. May 14, 2020 359
PRRD may sign law on provisional ABS-CBN franchise if it adheres to the Constitution, says Roque. May 14, 2020 400
Pangilinan cites likely error on House's okay of ABS CBN's interim franchise. May 14, 2020 548
Lagman urges House: Fast track action on ABS CBN franchise renewal. May 14, 2020 541
Sotto questions House bid on 5-month ABS CBN provisional franchise. May 14, 2020 317
House okays bill granting ABS-CBN provisional franchise on 2nd reading. May 14, 2020 666
House OKs ABS-CBN provisional franchise. May 13, 2020 1411
Duterte respects House measure allowing ABS-CBN to operate till October - Roque. May 13, 2020 263
Senators hopeful of soon passing temporary franchise for ABS-CBN. May 13, 2020 578
BREAKING: House bill giving ABS CBN interim franchise until October 2020 passed on 2nd reading. May 13, 2020 347
Senate to act 'expeditiously' to pass bill on ABS CBN's provisional franchise. May 13, 2020 788
House Committee of the Whole OKs bill on ABS CBN provisional franchise 'til October 2020. May 13, 2020 339
Cayetano files bill granting ABS CBN provisional franchise until October 2020. May 13, 2020 467
Congress could craft law automatically extending franchises pending renewal - Poe. May 12, 2020 423
Lapid bill grants provisional franchises to radio stations. May 11, 2020 613
Congress must OK ABS CBN franchise and let Duterte have final say - solon. May 7, 2020 477
Calida: Blame Congress, not NTC, for ABS CBN shutdown. May 6, 2020 301
LTFRB: Franchise of P2P bus operator not suspended. Feb 28, 2020 269
IBP: Better for Congress to decide on ABS-CBN franchise bills than to authorize provisional license. Feb 27, 2020 700
'Senate hearing on ABS-CBN franchise doesn't breach law'. Feb 24, 2020 456
Saudi Arabia to introduce new franchising laws. Hebshi Alshammari Feb 17, 2020 437
$4.2 million in penalties ordered against former car wash franchisor Geowash and two executives. Jan 24, 2020 445
ABS-CBN case 'not a press freedom issue'. Jan 3, 2020 628
FRANCHISING'S BIGGEST THREAT: AB-5: Everything you need to know to protect your business from AB-5, the law that plans to dissolve the franchise business model. Worley, Stephen; Pratt, Chris Jan 1, 2020 704
FRANCHISING IS ALIVE AND KICKING IN NEW ZEALAND: Details on New Zealand's operating laws and reasons why you should think about franchising there. Germann, Stewart Jan 1, 2020 719
ABS-CBN franchise renewal up to Congress. Dec 8, 2019 688
'Be independent': Journalists ask Congress to pass ABS-CBN franchise renewal bill. Dec 6, 2019 331
Cayetano: 'Congress will be fair' on ABS-CBN franchise renewal. Dec 4, 2019 882
Subway Korea faces punishment for violating franchise law. Oct 27, 2019 276
LTFRB warns PUJ operators joining transport strike. Sep 27, 2019 497
Duterte approves Skyjet Airlines International franchise. Sep 19, 2019 353
Duterte signs 25-year franchise of Ignite Telecommunications. Sep 3, 2019 546
Duterte signs law granting 25-year franchise to SkyJet Airlines operator. Aug 29, 2019 224
Duterte approves SkyJet's 25-year franchise. Aug 29, 2019 238
PRRD signs law granting SkyJet 25-year franchise. Aug 29, 2019 351
Cops in active service not allowed to own STL franchises - Albayalde. Aug 20, 2019 434
'Assure me there's no corruption' Duterte backs cops, soldiers owning STL franchise. Aug 9, 2019 607
Duterte signs franchise of Solar ng Bayan. Aug 2, 2019 357
Loren's son secures solar franchise. Aug 2, 2019 395
Duterte signs into law a bill granting franchise for Legarda solar firm. Aug 1, 2019 276
Duterte signs 25-year renewable energy franchise granting Leviste firm business to distribute electricity. Aug 1, 2019 595
Consumers in underserved rural areas push for solar franchise approval. Jul 19, 2019 641
TV5 Network's franchise renewed for another 25 years. Jul 18, 2019 232
PROPOSED NETHERLANDS FRANCHISE LAW: Why franchising in the Netherlands could disappear. Zwisler, Carl E. Jul 1, 2019 1020
ABS-CBN: We can't comment on speculations about franchise renewal. Jun 13, 2019 378
LTFRB stands pat on TNVS policy issues. Jun 13, 2019 851
Congress okays 'Solar Para sa Bayan' franchise. Jun 8, 2019 574
Senate approves Skyjet franchise for 25 years. Jun 5, 2019 245
Group claims Legarda violated law with approval of son's franchise bill. Jun 4, 2019 409
Senate passes bill granting franchise to Solar Para Sa Bayan. Jun 4, 2019 617
Senate, House ratify Solar Para sa Bayan franchise bill. Jun 3, 2019 350
Senate approves 25-year franchise of Solar Para sa Bayan. May 27, 2019 308
Legarda son's solar firm secures legislative franchise. May 27, 2019 155
Senate OKs franchise of Legarda son's solar firm on 2nd reading. May 24, 2019 346
Legislative franchises for telcos should be removed-PIDS study. May 21, 2019 640
A TRADEMARK PRIMER FOR FRANCHISING IN CANADA: Everything you need to know about the Great White North's trademark registration system. Marrocco, Andrae; Giddens, Peter May 1, 2019 1033
TOP 5 LEGAL ISSUES ON THE RADAR: Developments in the law that should all franchisors should watch in 2019. Knack, Gaylen; Hussey, Karli Apr 1, 2019 979
MORE Power promises 'just' compensation for Cachos. Mar 26, 2019 344
Powerless. Mar 1, 2019 1014
LTFRB: PUVs violating campaign rules could face cancellation of franchise. Feb 28, 2019 241
Duterte extends INC telecom franchise for 25 years. Feb 20, 2019 211
DICT seeks House nod on NMP franchise. Feb 20, 2019 202
Razon group is granted Iloilo City power franchise. Feb 20, 2019 199
DICT seeks formal House nod on Mislatel's franchise. Feb 20, 2019 504
More Power granted 25-year distribution franchise in Iloilo City. Feb 19, 2019 447
Duterte renews INC telco franchise. Feb 19, 2019 431
Car dealers voice opposition to Tesla sweetheart deal. Perry, Jessica Feb 15, 2019 393
Iloilo power firm refuses to turn over assets to another distributor. Feb 13, 2019 700
LTFRB to review fines against franchise violators; Poe welcomes move. Feb 8, 2019 462
Senate OKs Mislatel franchise. Feb 7, 2019 498
Senate gives green light to Mislatel. Feb 6, 2019 520
DICT assures 3rd telco legal issues unlikely to affect common towers. Feb 1, 2019 457
LEGAL LANDSCAPE: MEXICO: What franchisors should know about doing business in Mexico. Mondragon, Jorge Feb 1, 2019 909
Senate to decide on 3rd telco player today. Jan 30, 2019 448
2019: State of Franchising. Cresanti, Robert Jan 1, 2019 269
House renews ACI franchise for 25 years. Dec 11, 2018 288
House OKs Legarda son's solar energy supply franchise on final reading. Dec 10, 2018 178
House OKs franchise to solar energy firm of Legarda son on 2nd reading. Dec 4, 2018 374
Senate OKs franchise of Razon power firm. Nov 29, 2018 339
Joint Employer and the Trademark Catch-22. Cresanti, Robert Nov 1, 2018 267
EU Privacy Trends: Prepping for U.S. Arrival: How European rules could impact your franchise, and the trends that are heading across the pond. Chandran, Sunil Nov 1, 2018 947
No easy way to build an F&B franchisee alliance. Oct 27, 2018 659
NLRB eyes setting new 'joint employer' standard: Agency seeks to overturn 2015 decision affecting franchisors, service providers. Casolaro, Nicholas F. Oct 26, 2018 701
Iloilo City will have new power distributor. Oct 24, 2018 213
Duterte approves franchise of Villar telco. Oct 24, 2018 192
House OKs franchise for Iloilo power company. Oct 9, 2018 253
Know the Laws Before You Go Global: A primer for franchisors considering ways to grow businesses outside national boundaries. Cheng, Amy Oct 1, 2018 996
Co-ops slam bill granting Leviste a national franchise for solar firm. Sep 6, 2018 483
Solar Philippines seeking 'mega-franchise' for electrification ventures. Sep 4, 2018 513
Know the Joint Employer Risks Where You Operate: Key developments in joint employer liability in countries around the globe. Woods, Will; Harbison, Emily Sep 1, 2018 965
Ready for GDPR? New rules for data privacy in the European Union could have big implications for U.S. franchises. Knack, Gaylen; Cohen, Michael; McAllister, Amanda Aug 1, 2018 998
House of Representatives okays on 3rd reading ban on govt hospital privatization, 25-year extension of INC franchise. Television program review Jul 31, 2018 1631
Turning Up the Heat: Reviewing the top legal issues for the rest of 2018. Marchiano, Karen Jun 1, 2018 1050
Senate renews franchises of 4 broadcast firms. May 28, 2018 311
House OKs bill requiring firms to get legislative license to operate mines. May 23, 2018 851
Who Are the Active Players in Europe? Ranking the prospects for franchising in 17 countries across Europe. Edwards, William; Jones, Bob May 1, 2018 1718
Risk Rises Down Under: Australian franchisors face uncertainty with joint employer regulations. Giles, Stephen May 1, 2018 1016
Can These State and Local Developments Affect You? Reports from states and cities across the U.S. Hanscom, Jeff Apr 1, 2018 579
Beyond NLRB: Wider Impacts of Joint Employer: Legislative action must be taken to ensure the commonsense definition of joint employer is passed into law. Layman, Michael; Williams, Tom Mar 1, 2018 1015
Big Changes in 2018: Is Your Franchise Prepared? Shifting regulations affect SBA funding, rollover start-up plans. Kerley, Dallas Mar 1, 2018 494
Restaurant smoking sections in South Africa and the perceived impact of the proposed smoke-free laws: Evidence from a nationally representative survey. Little, M.; van Walbeek, C. Survey Mar 1, 2018 4352
Duterte extends NOW Telecom's franchise for 25 years. Feb 23, 2018 207
Now Telecom gets franchise extension until 2043. Feb 23, 2018 492
IFA2018: Building Franchising's Future, Together. Cresanti, Robert Feb 1, 2018 268
How Franchising Avoided the Worst of the FASB Storm: An IFA task force saved franchisors money with the FASB decision, and potentially much more in negative business impacts with prospective franchisees, unhappy franchisees and regulators. Johnson, Darrell Feb 1, 2018 1009
A Tool to Help Franchises Get Affordable Coverage. Nov 1, 2017 550
Positive Developments With Overtime, Joint Employer. Cresanti, Robert Oct 1, 2017 664
Bill requires franchise for mining firms. Aug 26, 2017 431
CPRL says McDonald's India terminating its franchise is 'desperate action'. Aug 22, 2017 415
Governor signs NH 'joint employment' bill: measure aims to define employer-employee relationship at franchises. Sanders, Bob Aug 4, 2017 605
Will 'gapjil' culture vanish in Korea? Aug 2, 2017 1223
Joint employer concerns linger for franchising industry. Lotito, Michael J.; Parry, Missy Aug 1, 2017 1761
No, not another article: joint employer. Heyl, Dean; Hanscom, Jeff Aug 1, 2017 599
All Dubai taxis and limos must provide child car seats. Jul 6, 2017 376
Camp Bow Wow Introduces Public Protector Discount Inspired by Selfless Pet Saving Heroes. Jun 29, 2017 728
Former NYPD detective makes case for franchising. Parker, Andrew Jun 1, 2017 700
Franchise relationship legislation: A comeback? Hanscom, Jeff Jun 1, 2017 684
The British Columbia new franchises act and franchises regulation: A primer: the franchises act and franchises regulation significantly change the law regarding franchising in British Columbia. BC franchisors now have mandatory disclosure obligations and failure to comply can give franchisees potent rights and remedies. Swanson, Matthew; Little, Eric May 1, 2017 1144
Smart franchise approved by Congress, awaits Duterte OK. Mar 30, 2017 355
Smart franchise extension gets bicam ok, only Du30 signature needed. Mar 29, 2017 340
Senate OKs bill extending Smart franchise by 25 years. Mar 13, 2017 730
Poe seeks Smart franchise extension. Mar 1, 2017 413
An international model for vicarious liability in franchising. Emerson, Robert W. Mar 1, 2017 25032
Changing legal landscape: what franchisors need to know under the new administration: new administration's pro-business policies could spark franchise industry growth. Erich, John Mar 1, 2017 905
Support grows in states for joint employer reversal: nine states have enacted joint employer bills and 10 states are examining the issue in 2017. Hanscom, Jeff Mar 1, 2017 520
Ex-mayor calls for review of rules on STL franchises. Jan 23, 2017 1293
Corporate social responsibility: are franchises off the hook, or can a treaty catch them? Verseman, Lauren Jan 1, 2017 10400
The insurance industry's approach to joint-employer: regardless of the opinion one might have on the NLRBs Browning-Ferris decision, the fact remains that franchisors have essentially been put on high alert. Taffae, Peter R.; Navarro, Alfonso M. Nov 1, 2016 1301
Are employers being blacklisted from doing business with the government? The Obama Administration's onerous new requirements are deterring many franchisees from doing business with the federal government and reducing the products and services available. Layman, Michael; Shaw, Shelby Oct 1, 2016 798
French fries, franchisees, and the FMLA: understanding the McDonald's decision and what it may mean for expanding franchisor joint liability. Ebert, Maddisen Sep 22, 2016 9380
Egypt's parliament and expectations for legal reform: franchising law. Aug 14, 2016 1567
What to consider when buying a franchise: starting up a franchise does not eliminate risk--he prepared to scrutinize the contract. Hanson, Brian D. Aug 5, 2016 636
New safety and health regulations require businesses to post work-related injuries online: new rule shows that OSHA's approach is to shame employers into promoting safety. Phan, Doan; Layman, Michael Aug 1, 2016 601
#IFA2017 Convention: setting a course for the future of franchising: with new federal laws posing challenges to the business model, it's critical for those involved in the industry to gather in Las Vegas and present a unified voice about the positive impacts of franchising on local communities. Sun, Shelly Aug 1, 2016 1430
How franchise businesses can prepare for changing regulations: one of the most important steps that a franchise business can take to ensure that it is following all necessary regulations is to define the expectations that both franchisor and franchisees have for the business. Leverant, Jason Aug 1, 2016 1088
Minnesota Company Begins Nationwide Franchising Effort. Jul 24, 2016 355
IFA, U.S. chamber issue joint employer decision report. Layman, Michael Jul 1, 2016 736
2016 IFA Legal Symposium focuses on cybersecurity, shifting federal regulations: record number of attendees return to Washington, D.C. amid a changing legal landscape for franchise businesses. Parker, Andrew Jul 1, 2016 479
Legislative wins in the heartland. Heyl, Dean Jun 1, 2016 555
How privacy shield updates will impact your franchise: new U.S. / E.U data transfer program paving way for broader; more restrictive regulation in 2018. Caprio, Dan Jun 1, 2016 1100
IFA expands its reach through state retail, restaurant and lodging associations: IFA's state association allies remain strong frontlines of defense and offense for the franchise business model. Heyl, Dean; Hanscom, Jeff; Johns, Nicholas May 1, 2016 720
Why wine producers hate franchise laws: a system designed for selling cars still applies to wine sales in many states. Trinidad, John Apr 1, 2016 2033
What revised federal civil procedure rules mean for litigation: recent changes in federal rules may affect franchise dispute resolution and push some systems to revise their agreements. McIntosh, Scott Cover story Mar 1, 2016 1190
Five top labor and employment issues to watch in 2016. Morris, Marlen Cortez Feb 1, 2016 1175
Through muddled regulatory process, an opportunity to increase small business lending: a constructive relationship with federal regulators should yield more efficient regulations that unlock loan guarantees for franchise small business owners. Serafino, Kevin Jan 1, 2016 928
Craig Barber, Board Chair of Denny's Franchisee Association and Denny's Franchisee to Speak at KC's Event. Sep 11, 2015 542
Gary R. Duvall, Partner, Dorsey & Whitney LLP to Speak at KC's Event. Sep 10, 2015 635
Craig Barber, Board Chair of Denny's Franchisee Association and Denny's Franchisee to Speak at KC's Event. Sep 9, 2015 486
10 FAQs on employee handbooks: before implementing a workplace restriction, review applicable federal, state, and local laws. Pires, Michael Sep 1, 2015 1101
New Texas law: Franchisors generally not employers of franchisees' workers. Reprint Jul 14, 2015 505
Historic Tennessee joint employer/independent contractor bill becomes law: IFA builds on momentum of legislative wins in state legislatures to halt National Labor Relations Board's anti-franchise campaign. Hanscom, Jeff Jul 1, 2015 262
Francis buys East Wenatchee 911 Driving School. McDaniels, Nevonne Jul 1, 2015 2434
Franchising opens doors for exportation to local suppliers. May 17, 2015 407
The legal issues when a franchisor operates competing systems. May 14, 2015 999
The legal issues when a franchisor operates competing systems. May 14, 2015 1036
California governor's veto of relationship law raises bar for proponents. Seid, Michael Dec 1, 2014 1067
Regulator sets public hearing on app-driven transport servies. Nov 21, 2014 493
How to set up a franchise business in Brazil: the most efficient structure for implementing a franchise business in Brazil will depend on the particulars of the case. Do Amaral, Luiz Henrique O. Oct 1, 2014 1223
Consequences of the failure to comply with laws that regulate franchising. Sep 15, 2014 965
Parsing the laws that regulate franchising. Aug 8, 2014 1016
Franchises beware: new overtime exemption standards coming, and not for the betterment of business. Perron, Jay B. Jul 1, 2014 819
Expanding your franchise system into Canada: a variety of key legal and business steps must be taken into account before expanding into Canada. Weinberg, Larry Jun 1, 2014 1217
LTFRB cancels franchises of 2 bus firms. Mar 7, 2014 410
2 bus firms' franchises cancelled. Mar 7, 2014 447
Franchising contract in Islamic jurisprudence: comparative study. El-Seoudi, Abdel Wadoud Moustafa Moursi Report Mar 1, 2014 2775
Professional employer organizations and the franchise industry: through 2014 and beyond, we can expect more Obamacare developments, delays and new implementation of rules and regulations. Cleary, Pat Mar 1, 2014 1040
Franchise owner rights bill finds little support: no N.H. franchisees testify at House hearing. Sanders, Bob Feb 21, 2014 525
Crossing the line: reviewing franchising and business opportunity fundamentals. Wright, Lee Feb 1, 2014 864
House bill touts rights of franchisees: HB 1215 aims to 'level the playing field' for franchisees. Sanders, Bob Jan 24, 2014 1704
The Affordable Care Act: what every franchise needs to know: mall employers can lower their costs by pooling the risk of providing health insurance with other small businesses buying plans in the "marketplace.". Olafson, Meredith Jan 1, 2014 936
Health care law poses burdens on hours flexibility, growth for small-business owners: franchising's high-achieving multi-unit franchisees share views on key topics. Jan 1, 2014 578
Barriers, foreseen and unforeseen, face franchisors entering the U.S.: U.S. disclosure requirements may very well be the most complex of any country. Krakus, Beata Jan 1, 2014 1203
PIP founder Bill LeVine passes away. Dec 1, 2013 151
Developing new tools to take on new challenges. Caldeira, Stephen Column Oct 1, 2013 457
Employer mandate delay does not alter problems with Affordable Care Act: regulations within the ACA are keeping small-business owners from creating new jobs. Perron, Jay Sep 1, 2013 482
What's next after the employer mandate delay? Continuing to press for more key policy changes. Caldeira, Stephen J. Aug 1, 2013 585
IFA and state legislative/ regulatory issues require constant vigilance. Heyl, Dean Aug 1, 2013 691
IFA increases focus on state issues impacting franchising. Caldeira, Stephen J. Jul 1, 2013 670
IFA protects and promotes the independent contractor status of franchisees: a widely used test for determining independent contractor status in some states does not account for the franchise relationship. Heyl, Dean; Serafino, Kevin Jul 1, 2013 908
"Carve out" exceptions could strengthen the three-tier system. Thompson, Joe Jun 7, 2013 1748
Protecting, promoting and enhancing franchising in all 50 states. Caldeira, Stephen J. Jun 1, 2013 608
The Dealer Bill of Rights is fair to all: all auto dealers want is an honest and open relationship, with transparency and clear, fairly applied rules. Hosmer, Donna Gaudet May 17, 2013 679
Making sense of health care law implementation: franchise owners should begin preparing now for implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Thorman, Judith Apr 1, 2013 899
Dubai Chamber seeks to revise franchising law. Mar 4, 2013 313
2013 IFA legal symposium--making the "must-do" case for attending: legal symposium attendees want to be engaged, pushed to be creative about solutions and take home ideas that will stimulate their practices and benefit their clients. Mazero, Joyce Mar 1, 2013 889
The shared responsibility of the employer mandate. Gilmartin, Kathleen Jan 1, 2013 581
IFA updates its dues structure to meet the needs of members. Lehr, Scott Nov 1, 2012 1212
State wholesaler associations condemn MillerCoors. Oct 5, 2012 638
The new FTC business opportunity rule makes waves: impact on franchise systems: disclosure obligations may be as light as a one-page document, but the rule is now broader. Krakus, Beata Oct 1, 2012 1249
Franchisees are independent contractors, but not as easy as "ABC" in some states: IFA will continue to educate lawmakers in other states about the importance of clarifying state franchise laws regarding the independent contractor status of franchisees. Heyl, Dean Oct 1, 2012 757
Financing strategies for multi-unit operators: maximizing your funding strategy in multi-unit development takes thoughtful planning. Fiorentino, Rocco; Kerley, Dallas Oct 1, 2012 1323
Converting a licensee or dealer into a franchisee: franchisors can find solutions that will allow a winning result for dealers and licensees in converting to a franchise system. Duvall, Gary R. Oct 1, 2012 1187
Are franchisees well-informed? Revisiting the debate over franchise relationship laws. Emerson, Robert W.; Benoliel, Uri Sep 22, 2012 9947
Harnessing the power of IFA's grassroots: it is critically important to ensure your lawmakers know first-hand how economic and political uncertainty is affecting your ability to grow and hire. Fitzsimmons, Erica Sep 1, 2012 1171
Franchise industry optimistic despite regulatory uncertainty: attitudes for the next year are slightly more optimistic in terms of overall business conditions, unit growth and improved same-store sales. Jones, Blaire Aug 1, 2012 910
Coast-to-coast, state legislatures shoot down so-called "fair franchising" legislation: unnecessary government regulation of businesses has held back a full economic recovery in the United States. Heyl, Dean Jul 1, 2012 942
Franchising at the forefront: state-level initiatives could affect franchising in this whirlwind legislative year. Heyl, Dean; Serafino, Kevin Jun 1, 2012 831
California Assembly Bill 2305 would be bad for franchisors and franchisees: if adopted, AB 2305 would make it extremely difficult for existing franchise systems to conduct business in California and make the state an unattractive place to open new businesses. Thorman, Judith May 1, 2012 896
Trademarks: essential differences exist between Canada and the United States: applications to register trademarks in both countries must describe the relevant products or services and set out the basis of the application. Rogers, John L.; Spratley, David May 1, 2012 1279
Opinion/small brewer carve-outs from Beer Franchise Laws: franchise laws, Part two: united we stand. Ettelman, Gary Apr 27, 2012 1794
New tools demonstrate the economic impact of franchising. Caldeira, Stephen J. Apr 1, 2012 594
IFA Releases: pro-growth policy platform: small business, including franchise businesses, are the backbone of American job creation. Perron, Jay B. Apr 1, 2012 607
Dictating disclosure: provincial Canadian laws are providing a wrinkle for U.S. franchises looking to expand north of the border. Vorro, Alex Mar 1, 2012 1277
The state of franchising. Caldeira, Stephen J. Jan 1, 2012 723
CEO roundtables brief franchise executives on pressing issues. Conference news Jan 1, 2012 590
Statewide cable franchising: expand nationwide or cut the cord? Parker, James G. Dec 1, 2011 9701
FranPAC International Franchise Association: 2011 report card. Reed, Gabby Dec 1, 2011 1439
Health care mandates put jobs at risk in franchising. Caldeira, Stephen J. Oct 1, 2011 677
Credit access and health care reform raising concern among franchise executives: a new IFA survey shows franchise executives are taking a less optimistic view about current and future business conditions. Reynolds, John Survey Oct 1, 2011 1073
IFA Web sites provide new windows of information: health care reform, credit access and veterans outreach updates are now available on Oct 1, 2011 266
Criticizing the economic analysis of franchise encroachment law. Benoliel, Uri Sep 22, 2011 8299
High-speed rail chairman urges extension of franchise period. Liu, Philip Brief article Sep 6, 2011 290
Improperly prepared FDDs: what's a franchisee to do? Franchisors must be aware of the dangers of preparing an inaccurate or misleading disclosure document. Tifford, John M.; Laidhold, Michael R. Apr 1, 2011 1960
Dealing with the complexities of international expansion: success at home does not necessarily translate into success abroad. Mihoubi, Bachir Mar 1, 2011 2314
Health care law stalls economic growth, franchise CEO testifies: small and midsized businesses will struggle to expand under health care law. Mar 1, 2011 211
Massachusetts bill would modify franchise laws. Feb 28, 2011 210
Franchise Congress prepares for big changes in 112th Congress. Feb 1, 2011 339
IFA's 2011 Legal Symposium--embracing change. Feb 1, 2011 640
Known by the company you keep (or sue): it is a foolish franchisor whose dealings with current franchisees are conducted without regard to their impact on possible future franchisees. Zeidman, Philip F. Jan 1, 2011 1138
Looking ahead to the 112th Congress: what do the midterm elections mean for franchising in 2011? Straczewski, Jason Dec 1, 2010 1229
Success in Washington takes time. But it's worth the wait. Caldeira, Stephen J. Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2010 790
IFA members join House leaders for news conference after bill's passage. Nov 1, 2010 348
Community commitment safeguards franchising industry: advocacy can take many forms, but all begin with one action: taking the first step. Nov 1, 2010 696
"International Franchising: A Practitioner's Guide," Published by Globe Law and Business.r. Book review Oct 1, 2010 137
Kuwaiti legislators probe franchise bill. Sep 21, 2010 136
Protecting free enterprise ... why IFA members must get engaged. Caldeira, Stephen J. Aug 1, 2010 868
IFA Public Affairs Conference: delivering franchising's message: as Congress faces re-election and touts job growth as a top priority, franchise-business leaders are positioned to play a pivotal role in Congress' agenda. Straczewski, Jason Aug 1, 2010 2543
Franchise leaders outline: growth strategies to congressional committee: IFA members testify during "Heroes of Small Business" hearing. Jul 1, 2010 1176
New health-care law burdens small business, says rainbow station's Gail Johnson: new health-care regulations will slow or stall growth of small--and mid-sized businesses as they struggle to absorb the new costs, the International Franchise Association recently warned Congress. Jul 1, 2010 701
IFA supports legislation to increase capital to franchises. Brief article Jul 1, 2010 213
IFA legal session: franchise law, trends made transparent: nearly 500 legal professionals exchanged ideas to boost their franchise's expansion capabilities. Jul 1, 2010 785
VetFran committee leader testifies before congress for veterans' franchise bill support: former marine corps officer Mary Thompson shares experience on making transition from military service to franchise company president. Thompson, Mary Jun 1, 2010 546

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