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PaintExpo 2020 cancelled, next event in 2022. Aug 5, 2020 309
PaintExpo 2020 cancelled, next event in 2022. Jul 21, 2020 364
BCF: UK Coatings Industry Welcomes Political Certainty. Mar 1, 2020 289
Automotive OEM Coatings: Global trade relations, stronger emission regulations and the coronavirus outbreak could all have a serious impact on the automotive OEM coatings market this year. Pianoforte, Kerry Mar 1, 2020 2725
Thermal Spray Coatings Market To Be Influenced By Rising Need To Enhance Durability of Machines Among Industries To Reduce Maintenance Costs Till 2025 / Million Insights. Jan 21, 2020 1111
BRITISH COATINGS FEDERATION: Coatings industry cautiously welcomes new Brexit deal but fears border delays and UK REACH. Nov 1, 2019 485
USMCA: Coatings Industry Urges Swift Passage. Nov 1, 2019 363
Coating Binders Market Prospects and Growth Assessment Presented Until the End of 2027. Sep 7, 2019 793
Metal Packaging Coatings Market: Industry Analysis and Detailed Profiles of top Industry Players. Sep 6, 2019 603
Coating Binders Market Prospects and Growth Assessment Presented Until the End of 2027. Sep 6, 2019 808
Coating Binders Market Precise Study on Factors, Market Drivers and Key Players Strategies Analyzed. Aug 27, 2019 799
Louisiana Painting, Sandblasting Company to Pay $90K to Settle Disability Lawsuit. Jones, Stephanie K. Aug 8, 2019 253
The Marine Coatings Market: Growth expected despite increasing regulations and raw material supply issues. Locicero, Anthony Cover story Aug 1, 2019 2002
Automotive Refinish Coatings Market - Manufacturers Adopt High Molar Volume Technology as Multifunct. Report Jul 26, 2019 705
Automotive Refinish Coatings Market - Manufacturers Adopt High Molar Volume Technology as Multifunct. Report Jul 25, 2019 718
Now Available -- Worldwide Ketone Based Solvents Market Report 2018-2028. Jul 8, 2019 1080
Coating Binders Market Portrays High-End Demand across Major Geographies during 2018 to 2027. Apr 22, 2019 825
Coating Binders Market Prognostications Highpoint Positive Revenue during Forecast Period, 2018-2027. Apr 16, 2019 825
China Coatings Market Keeps Upgrading in 2019. Wang, Arnold Apr 1, 2019 1070
Ketone Based Solvents Market Greater Revenue Share by 2028. Mar 6, 2019 970
Ketone Based Solvents Market Expansion Projected to Gain an Uptick During 2018 to 2028. Mar 5, 2019 1102
Domestic Companies Reshape CHINACOAT 2018 Blueprint Structure. Wang, Arnold Feb 1, 2019 1257
Coating Binders Market Insights, Trends & Future Development Status Recorded during 2018 to 2027. Dec 1, 2018 789
Global Ketone Based Solvents Market Scenario Highlighting Major Drivers & Trends, 2018-2028. Nov 16, 2018 409
Innovation, Flexibility, and Collaboration--: Keys to Industry Success in 2019. Nov 1, 2018 4712
DOE clears factory accused of emitting toxic fumes. Aug 17, 2018 572
High Performance Pigments Market: HPP makers must face the impact of an escalating trade war with China, rising raw material prices and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Pianoforte, Kerry Aug 1, 2018 1603
Russia Looks for New Impetuses for the Domestic Coatings Industry. Vorotnikov, Vladislav Jul 1, 2018 1537
Resins Market Update: Resins suppliers reported market growth in 2017. Locicero, Anthony Apr 1, 2018 2315
ACA Submits Comments on Chemicals Review Program under Amended TSCA. Mar 1, 2018 788
"R&D Facilities are Forced to Create More Globally Accepted Formulations": ARCHITECTURAL COATINGS: CHALLENGES ARE GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS AND INCREASED ADOPTION OF SUSTAINABLE COATINGS. Briand, Remi Interview Feb 1, 2018 528
"More Than Just Lower Solvent Content": WATER-BASED OPTIONS REMAIN A FOCUS IN METAL COATINGS. Interview Feb 1, 2018 528
Study Concludes SMEs May be Unprepared for REACH Registration. Milmo, Sean Nov 1, 2017 1029
Green Coatings: A combination of regulatory trends and consumer demand help drive the market for green coatings. Pianoforte, Kerry Nov 1, 2017 981
Waterborne Industrial Coatings: Regulatory Changes Slowly Driving Shift to Waterborne. Oct 1, 2017 4157
Industry and MPs aligned on future of REACH. Aug 1, 2017 273
Growth of coatings industry slows down in 2017: quick growth of International trade and domestic consumption offset the softness of the real estate property market. Wang, Arnold Aug 1, 2017 1001
Coatings industry grew fast under new market pressure in 2016: according to a report from the China National Coatings Industry Association, China's total coatings output will for the first time surpass 20 million tons in 2017. Wang, Arnold May 1, 2017 1164
REACH generating new tensions. Milmo, Sean Feb 1, 2016 1129
Heart of the matter. Jan 1, 2016 1303
LANXESS Pigments Symposium 2015 in Shanghai, China. Jan 1, 2016 809
"Higher operating temperatures are in great demand": powder coatings are a viable option to reduce costs and meet stringent environmental regulations. Interview Jan 1, 2016 444
The ongoing quest to coat the world in Green. Alexander, Jeff Oct 1, 2015 1526
EPA and the need to maintain current ozone standards ACA and the paint industry address air quality regulations. Oct 1, 2015 2287
REACH's negative impact on innovation confirmed by the European Commission. Jul 1, 2015 277
Low-and zero-VOC technology: increasingly stringent environmental regulations have created a greater demand for low-and zero-VOC coatings products. Pianoforte, Kerry Apr 1, 2015 1130
ACA responds to marina del rey harbor toxics total maximum daily load suggested reconsideration. Mar 1, 2014 710
REACH exposure scenarios present new challenges for coating suppliers: The legislation, first introduced in 2007 to be enacted over an 11-year period to 2018, is now at a stage where what is called exposure scenarios are being drawn up from dossiers by both chemical suppliers and formulators to be distributed along the supply chain. Milmo, Sean Feb 1, 2014 1123
California Governor Enacts ACA-Supported AB 425, Antifouling Paint Registration and Mitigation. Nov 1, 2013 891
Biocide regulations force producers and importers of coatings to EU to reformulate: over the next several years producers and importers of coatings in Europe face the prospect of being forced to reformulate their products because many biocides are no longer available. Milmo, Sean Oct 1, 2013 1155
New copper coatings bill introduced in California legislature. Apr 1, 2013 745
ACA offers framework for Alternative proposals to CARB-Proposed amendments to aerosol coatings and consumer products regulations. Apr 1, 2013 818
Coping with Coatings Regulations: rule 66, VOC, HAPs. Schoff, Clifford K. Apr 1, 2013 871
ACA submits comments to CARB on proposed changes to aerosol coatings and Consumer Products Regulations. Nov 1, 2012 698
ACA successful in arresting measure restricting antifouling coatings use in California. Jul 1, 2012 555
Industrial coatings segment tackles VOC issues: previously confined to the decorative coatings segment, the VOC issue is now at the forefront of industrial coatings as well. Milmo, Sean Jun 1, 2012 1006
Hempel coating systems for crude oil tankers meet latest IMO performance standards. Apr 1, 2012 176
Jotun's protective coatings pass the IMO PSPC COT rules for protecting tanks against corrosion. Mar 1, 2012 211
Making the most of in an uncertain regulatory climate. Challener, Cynthia Jan 1, 2012 3729
Woman pleads guilty in US on Pakistan reactor scam. Nov 16, 2011 371
In this new monthly column Tony Mash, CEO of the British Coatings Federation looks at issues that are affecting the industry. Column Nov 1, 2011 382
Sourcing and regulatory issues drive: R&D efforts in 2011. Challener, Cynthia Company overview Nov 1, 2011 2038
International paint and printing ink council members meet to explore areas of mutual concern. Sep 1, 2011 1940
ACA submits comments to U.S. DOT on regulatory review focus on incident reporting. May 1, 2011 890
Recovering marine coatings market: prepares for new challenges. Challener, Cynthia Apr 1, 2011 3526
Characterization of various coatings in terms of friction and wear for internal combustion engine piston rings/Ivairiomis dangomis padengtu vidaus degimo varikliu stumokliu ziedu trinties ir isdilimo tyrimas. Guermat, A.; Monteil, G.; Bouchetara, M. Report Mar 1, 2011 4515
ASTM. Brief article Feb 1, 2011 186
Reach for the right regulations: the December deadline for the REACH regulations is fast approaching. Here, Tony Mash (below), CEO of the British coatings federation (BCF), takes a took at the regulations in more detail and considers the affect this will have on the coatings industry. Mash, Tony Sep 1, 2010 622
Using Beer's Law to model: percent transmittance of multilayer composite coatings. Campbell, Don; Pierre, Antonette St. Jun 1, 2010 2212
ACA to host two fall ACSeries programs: Metal Protection Through Coatings and Regulations to be examined. May 1, 2010 338
U.S. efforts underway to regulate AIM VOC. May 1, 2010 790
Shatterproof lighting smashes FEP standard. May 1, 2010 232
EPA increases resins and coatings facility inspections. Feb 1, 2010 524
Jotun Paints supports 'Green Building' concept in Qatar. Nov 3, 2009 542
Car Allowance Rebate System legislation signed; designed to benefit U.S. automotive industry. Jul 1, 2009 266
Is the coatings industry heading towards increased chemical regulation in the wake of the EU's REACH regulation? Mikan, John Jan 1, 2009 2885
Seeking recession-proof solutions: paint and coatings companies invest in sustainable solutions during hard economic times. Milmo, Sean Dec 1, 2008 1101
Top 10 pipeline coatings maintenance tips. Burker, Thomas W. Oct 1, 2008 1523
Low-temperature waterborne pavement marking paints: a road assessment of this low-VOC option. Kosto, Kimberly B.; Schall, Donald C. Jul 1, 2008 5941
FSCT spring VLC focuses on 'REACH--a regulation that the North American coatings industry can't afford to ignore'. Industry overview Apr 1, 2008 382
Wood coatings market: facing a number of challenges including a slumping housing market and VOC regulations, wood coatings manufacturers continue to develop new products and technologies for interior and exterior applications for the professional contractor and DIYer. Wright, Tim Cover story Feb 1, 2008 1790
Coping with the EU VOC regulations: coatings producers and raw material suppliers are dealing with uncertainty in the face of the EU's VOC regulations. Milmo, Sean Aug 1, 2007 1016
NYSCT and MNYPCA sponsor regulatory event. Jul 1, 2007 169
Cost and environmental concerns lead to new auto coatings technology. Challener, Cynthia Jun 1, 2007 4451
The environmental issue. Wright, Tim Editorial May 1, 2007 522
Resin suppliers focus on improved productivity and innovative new products to drive growth in this challenging market. Pianoforte, Kerry Company overview Apr 1, 2007 1400
REACH: redefining supplier-customer relations: with the EU's REACH legislation set to come into effect this June, suppliers and customers in the coatings industry will have to make major adjustments in their business operations to effectively navigate the new regulatory environment. Milmo, Sean Apr 1, 2007 2755
Lower VOC limits are expected for AIM coatings. Mar 1, 2007 367
REACH: what does it mean? With the final approval of REACH legislation on the horizon, the coatings industry is facing new challenges. Milmo, Sean Jan 1, 2007 1050
Paint and coatings: what will be coloring the market in 2007? Challener, Cynthia Nov 1, 2006 3424
Do the evolution. Wright, Tim Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 260
The SED's impact on SMEs: already struggling with higher raw material costs and low margins, how will the cost of conversion impact small- and medium-sized industrial coatings customers? Milmo, Sean Apr 1, 2005 1121
Pipe coaters win by shining a bright light on managing employee safety. Evans, Lee Mar 1, 2005 1082
Marine and offshore Coatings: keeping one step ahead of environmental regulations and developing durable products that can withstand harsh environments remain paramount issues in the marine and offshore coatings market. Pianoforte, Kerry May 1, 2004 1917
NPCA comments on EPA's proposed dye and pigment production waste listing. Apr 1, 2004 397
Industry, regulators turn their attention to members of NAPCA amid growing emphasis on pipeline integrity. Bullion, Lew Mar 1, 2004 1063
California EPA issues SUD for crystalline silica in interior flat latex paint. Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 126
Laboring over labels. (Editor's Page). Esposito, Christine Canning Editorial Jun 1, 2003 341
Industry inks lead label deal: NPCA and state attorneys general come to national agreement on lead exposure labeling of consumer paints. Esposito, Christine Canning Jun 1, 2003 1507
Low-VOC coating systems for oak furniture: cost has been the main reason for widespread use of relatively inexpensive nitrocellulose lacquers in the Dutch furniture industry. That's going to change in the near future as furniture manufacturers will be forced to use lacquers with lower amounts of solvents. van de Velde, Barend; Beckers, Erwin Jun 1, 2003 3478
CEPE voices concerns on EU product directive regarding auto refinish paint. (Fresh Paint). Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 238
Will the industry's lobbying efforts pay off? (PaintChips). Anwari, Barb Apr 1, 2003 1279
SPI meets with EPA on coatings rule. (SPI News). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 171
PPG auto refinish launches online environmental, health and safety service. (Fresh Paint). Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 100
Is your site ready to get on the performance track? EPA program rewards top environmental performers in the paint and coatings industry. Fiorino, Daniel J. Oct 1, 2002 1935
Trivalent chromium plating for a better workplace and environment. (Newsdesk). Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 419
'Standard trading conditions' available to SEA members. (Newsdesk). Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 429
Time to start thinking BAT: John Bennett, consultant to the Surface Engineering Association looks at the requirements to conform to Best Available Techniques (BAT). (Special Feature). Bennett, John Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 616
Carrs acts on regulations. Brief Article Jun 1, 1991 170

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