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Europeans starting an LLC: Five things to know in 2021. CM Guest Columnist May 20, 2021 760
Council of Government to Meet on Thursday. Apr 5, 2021 178
Incorporating a single-owner business. Swenson, Michael C. Sep 1, 2020 1202
Why your multi-owner business needs an agreement. Apr 20, 2020 638
Deregulate New York: Winners Reveal Albany Obstacles. Acunto, Steve Mar 20, 2020 525
CMS: Protections for Minority Shareholders under the New Commercial Companies Law. Nov 26, 2019 1403
Annual Returns: CAC's Threat To Delist Erring Firms. Nov 22, 2019 998
Egypt to establish company to manage investment in SCZone. Egypt Today staff Oct 31, 2019 214
Steps and Requirements for Holding Annual General Meetings Under the New Omani Commercial Companies Law. Oct 14, 2019 1678
Future FinTech Announces Entry into VIE Agreements for the Expansion of its E-commerce Business Scope in China. Aug 12, 2019 398
Future FinTech Announces Entry into VIE Agreements for the Expansion of its E-commerce Business Scope in China. Aug 12, 2019 396
Beneficial Ownership Transparency in Corporate Formation, Shell Companies, Real Estate, and Financial Transactions. Miller, Rene S.; Rosen, Liana W. Jul 1, 2019 12653
Registration of one person company begins. Jun 11, 2019 316
Commerce, Industry Ministry Begins Registering One Person Company via Invest Easy. Jun 11, 2019 324
How liable is a company partner in UAE? Mar 7, 2019 631
How liable is a company partner? Mar 7, 2019 631
UAE firm restructuring its debt is positive news say analysts. Mar 6, 2019 558
UAE bankruptcy law in effect: First firm restructured successfully. Mar 5, 2019 368
Ask the law: How to claim your pending salary. Feb 7, 2019 562
Loans between members and LLCs. Owen, Sheila Oct 1, 2018 3370
Workers free to leave country without exit permit. Sep 15, 2018 1346
Woman employee can take half-pay maternity leave during probation. Aug 9, 2018 598
SECP notifies Limited Liability Partnership Regulations 2018. May 15, 2018 209
SECP notifies LLP regulations. May 15, 2018 190
SECP notifies limited liability partnership regulations. May 15, 2018 214
SECP notifies Limited Liability Partnership Regulations 2018. May 15, 2018 201
SECP notifies Limited Liability Partnership Regulations. May 15, 2018 208
IRS pursuing self-employment taxes from LLC members: The Service has been challenging LLC members on their treatment of LLC income as not subject to self-employment taxes. Lewis, Troy; Worsham, Ron May 1, 2018 2416
Employer has to give experience certificate to worker at the end of service. Mar 8, 2018 873
Practical Insights on Related Party Transactions in PJSCs in the UAE. Feb 28, 2018 1522
The risk of member deadlock: There are three main ways two-member LLCs can prevent one. Cunningham, John M. Jan 19, 2018 720
The Records Company Converts from LLC to Corporation. Jan 12, 2018 258
Board members, investors avoid liability for executives pay. Murphy, Pat Jan 4, 2018 1713
Which type of corporate entity should a foreign investor set up in Qatar? Dec 31, 2017 1017
Minister al-Gharbi ratifies statute of first offshore L.L.C company in Syria. Nov 26, 2017 207
How can an LLC company be closed down? Nov 9, 2017 738
LLC members: beware 2018: New, tougher rules for IRS audits take effect Jan. 1. Cunningham, John Sep 29, 2017 572
Un-Cabined Fiduciary Duties in Florida LLCs: The Common Law and Equity Opens the Door to Expanded Liability and the Manifestly Unreasonable Standard. Conti, Louis T.M. Sep 1, 2017 6851
Nasr, Abdel Reheem discuss proposals of ministries submitted within amendments to Companies Law. Jun 5, 2017 392
Bylaw amendments in companies law are issued to encourage investments: Nasr. May 24, 2017 273
B Corp's paperwork puzzle: confusing state forms lead to accidental filings. Allard, Edie May 12, 2017 1696
Bahrain's Changing Legal Landscape. Mar 29, 2017 1059
Challenges of Multi-State Series and Framework for Judicial Analysis. Gonzales, Alberto R.; Griffith, J. Leigh Mar 22, 2017 30812
How Do LLC Owners Contract Around Default Statutory Protections? Molk, Peter Mar 22, 2017 23019
Personal enough for protection: the Fifth Amendment and single-member LLCS. Inman, Lila L. Feb 1, 2017 13785
Involuntary expulsion of troublesome members under Florida's revised LLC Act. Nowak, Dennis A.; Trowbridge, Caitlin M. Cover story Jan 1, 2017 2908
Judicial exceptions to limited liability protection provided by Florida LLCs. Wells, Thomas O.; Wells, Diane Noller Nov 1, 2016 3417
The series LLC: further limiting liability within the LLC or creating liability in the business organization arena? Only time will tell. Oberloh, Heath Sep 22, 2016 4653
Charging orders: the peculiar mechanism. Adkisson, Jay D. Sep 22, 2016 19210
IRS troubles for partnerships? New federal rules could create grave audit risks for New Hampshire LLCs and others. Cunningham, John Sep 2, 2016 755
California multitiered partnerships: an overview of a complex area. Delgado, Eddie; Schipp, Krista; Rosenthal, Corey Jul 1, 2016 1239
LLCs and the private ordering of dispute resolution. Molk, Peter; Winship, Verity Jun 19, 2016 7061
On revocation of banking licence. Jun 10, 2016 183
Liquidation of an LLC. Ellentuck, Albert B. Jun 1, 2016 2750
Pre-emption right of shareholders to purchase shares for sale in private limited liability companies: the problematic legal remedies. Report Jun 1, 2016 7549
On revocation of banking licence. May 24, 2016 163
On imposing moratorium on meeting creditor claims ofCB BFG-Credit LLC. May 17, 2016 138
On imposing moratorium on meeting claims of LLC FCRB Bank creditors. Apr 8, 2016 127
On revocation of banking licence. Apr 2, 2016 189
Qatar: the corporate veil. Apr 2, 2016 1065
On revocation of banking licence. Mar 30, 2016 152
On revocation of banking licence. Mar 17, 2016 246
On revocation of banking licence. Mar 7, 2016 149
On revocation of banking licence. Mar 7, 2016 215
Bank of Russia to revoke licence from Foreign Economic Industrial Bank. Jan 30, 2016 222
Diversity removal of a limited liability company to federal court: pitfalls and practice tips. Prosser, Deborah C.; Hingle, Stephanie A. Jan 1, 2016 3267
LLC operating agreements boost protection. Fletcher, Jim Oct 1, 2015 524
Single-owner businesses and LLC formation: even if you have a single employee or other person that you work closely with, forming one to conduct your business is a smart idea. Cunningham, John Aug 7, 2015 528
UAE new Commercial Companies Law: Developments relevant to financial institutions. Jul 15, 2015 1687
War of the worlds: partnerships vs. LLCs: New Hampshire general partnership law has many grave flaws. Cunningham, John Jul 10, 2015 564
Incentivising manufacturing: The customs duty implications for manufacturing entities in Dubai. May 20, 2015 1062
Management in LLCs and PJSCs: Key differences under UAE law. May 20, 2015 1342
Two's company: answering questions of partnership in your business. Counts, James C. Dec 1, 2014 1248
Single-owner businesses and LLC formation: even if you have a single employee or other person that you work closely with, forming one to conduct your business is a smart idea. Cunningham, John Sep 5, 2014 534
LLCs waived attorney-client privilege for opinion letters. Jul 1, 2014 1425
Can you use an accountant to form an LLC in N.H.? Cunningham, John Jun 13, 2014 793
Preparing for war in your LLC operating agreement. Cunningham, John May 16, 2014 702
Using LLCs to reduce your business profits tax. Cunningham, John Apr 4, 2014 614
Uncertainty in death and taxes - the need to reform Louisiana's limited liability company laws. Neilson, William A. Mar 22, 2014 9733
Not business as usual: New considerations for choosing your business entity. Hartman, Tacy Feb 1, 2014 906
'Texas shootouts' and New Hampshire LLCs. Cunningham, John Jan 24, 2014 592
Florida's new revised LLC act. Conti, Louis T.M.; Marks, Gregory M. Jan 1, 2014 3769
The best of both worlds: default fiduciary duties and contractual freedom in alternative business entities. Miller, Sandra K. Author abstract Jan 1, 2014 7672
The best of both worlds: default fiduciary duties and contractual freedom in alternative business entities. Miller, Sandra K. Jan 1, 2014 18212
Jan. 1--a big day for New Hampshire LLCs. Cunningham, John Dec 27, 2013 729
Florida's new revised LLC act. Conti, Louis T.M.; Marks, Gregory M. Nov 1, 2013 4639
Damning dictum: the default duty debate in Delaware. Manesh, Mohsen Author abstract Sep 22, 2013 19528
Florida's new revised LLC act. Conti, Louis T.M.; Marks, Gregory M. Sep 1, 2013 5421
A flexible option: forming captives as Series Limited Liability Companies has advantages--and unanswered questions. Gladstone, Steven G.; Doherty, Kevin M. Aug 1, 2013 1839
How the new law applies to two-member LLCs. Cunningham, John Apr 19, 2013 633
The duty of loyalty under the new LLC Act. Cunningham, John Feb 8, 2013 762
When getting to the 'finish line' can be a challenge. Scanlon, Dan Column Jan 25, 2013 840
How to approach a Section 5 election. Cunningham, John Legislation Jan 11, 2013 536
Assembly Bill 318: $2,000 penally for LLCs. Jan 1, 2013 159
'Off-the-shelf' agreements embedded in new LLC law. Cunningham, John Legislation Nov 16, 2012 529
Has the time come for N.H. to adopt the L3C? New low-profit limited liability corporation is a nonprofit/for-profit hybrid. Callahan, Kathleen Nov 2, 2012 1641
Converting corporations under the new LLC law. Cunningham, John Oct 19, 2012 637
The new law and ownership rights. Cunningham, John Sep 21, 2012 666
The rules are changing for operating agreements. Cunningham, John Legislation Aug 24, 2012 718
Opting in to new LLC law: should you or shouldn't you? Cunningham, John Aug 10, 2012 633
What will new LLC Act mean for businesses? Cunningham, John Jul 13, 2012 639
Business as usual--for now: 2012 LLC act delayed until at least 2013. Winger, R. Gary; Pearson, Alexander N. Jul 1, 2012 696
Management working for LLCs subject to personal liability under Mine Act. Smith, Ellen Apr 1, 2012 660
Has the S corporation outlived its usefulness? Stancil, John L. Feb 1, 2012 4099
Where corporations are: why casual visits to New York are bad for business. Schroeder, Jeanne L.; Carlson, David Gray Jan 1, 2012 21955
LLC update: new Utah law for LLCs ushers in sweeping changes. Winger, Gary R.; Pearson, Alexander N. Dec 1, 2011 871
A case for the adoption of the Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act in South Dakota. Dylla, Joseph M. Jun 22, 2011 20157
Kirksey v. Grohmann: LLC dissolution is proper when member deadlock leaves no meaningful way to move forward. Murphy, Ellie J. Jun 22, 2011 13538
The practitioner's role in reviewing LLC allocations. Ellentuck, Albert B. Jun 1, 2011 1640
Basis overstatement still does not trigger six-year limitations period. Stevens, Michael G. Mar 1, 2011 3111
Chinks in the armor: current trends in limited liability company structure after Olmstead. Lioce, Domenick R. Jan 1, 2011 5053
Is it still a good idea to form an LLC? Cunningham, John M. Sep 24, 2010 935
Taxpayer not required to prove manifest error in how taxing authority arrived at assessed value of real property. Weinberger, Alan M. Sep 22, 2010 1208
Distributions by a business entity - cautions for owners and their counsel: before your LLC and corporate clients pay a big distribution to their owners, make sure they aren't opening themselves to claims from disgruntled claimants. Abrams, Sherwin D. Sep 1, 2010 804
Series LLCs: the asset protection dream machines? Bahena, Amanda J. Jun 22, 2010 14753
LLC members by default? Suppose an LLC member loses his or her shares to a creditor outside the company - does the creditor then stand in the former member's shoes, complete with voting rights? Not without other members' consent, says the LLC Act. Make sure you draft operating agreements accordingly. Hanson, Lin Jun 1, 2010 1069
Business groups: LLC tax repeal 'is not enough': all eyes are now on 'reasonable comp' concerns. Landrigan, Kevin May 7, 2010 495
'Reasonable comp' still on the radar: wages vs. profit still in question. Sanders, Bob Brief article Mar 26, 2010 271
Here today, gone tomorrow? Lynch calls for repeal of LLC tax. Mar 12, 2010 427
Panel backs changes to LLC tax law: revenue-neutral fix takes step toward compromise. Landrigan, Kevin Feb 26, 2010 524
Manchester attorney: John Cronin. Sanders, Bob Interview Feb 12, 2010 630
Limited liability company. Jan 1, 2010 363
The L3C status: groups explore structure that limits liability for program-related investing. Hrywna, Mark Sep 1, 2009 1840
Leave me alone; repeated requests to opt-out are ignored. Clolery, Paul Sep 1, 2009 520
Piercing the veil on corporate groups in Australia: the case for reform. Anderson, Helen Aug 1, 2009 20119
Contractarianism and its discontents: reflections on unincorporated business organization law reform. Callison, J. William; Vestal, Allan W. Jun 22, 2009 6794
The plight of the bare naked assignee. Kleinberger, Daniel S. Jun 22, 2009 13629
Are the courts developing a unique theory of limited liability companies or simply borrowing from other forms? Miller, Elizabeth S. Jun 22, 2009 22433
Limited liability companies at 20. Bishop, Carter G.; Keatinge, Robert R. Jun 22, 2009 922
Reverse piercing: a single member LLC paradox. Bishop, Carter G. Jun 22, 2009 17632
Chapter 15: Limited liability companies & limited liability partnerships. Jan 1, 2009 1840
Corporate neglect in nursing homes: over the years, government agencies and independent investigators have found rampant abuse and neglect in nursing homes. So far, nursing home owners have evaded responsibility, but that may be starting to change. Couch, David Sep 1, 2008 3739
Puelo v. Topel: respectfully, the court got it wrong: the Puelo court held that a dissolved LLC was on the hook for liabilities incurred after the dissolution. Wrong answer, the authors argue. Hanson, Lin; Murdock, Charles W. Mar 1, 2008 1321
Comparing state taxes when making business decisions. Wunder, Haroldene F. Table Mar 1, 2008 4912
Piercing China's corporate veil: open questions from the new Company Law. Wu, Mark Nov 1, 2007 4287
S corp LLC: does the LLC make the Illinois close corporation with S election obsolete? The Illinois LLC has many benefits and very few negatives for closely held businesses. Will it render the subchapter S election obsolete? This article compares the two and shows that the corporation with S status is still useful. Petravick, Gail; Troutman, Coleen S. Oct 1, 2007 3783
Piercing all the veils: applying an established doctrine to a new business order. Morrissey, Daniel J. Mar 22, 2007 19519
What fiduciary duties should apply to the LLC manager after more than a decade of experimentation? Miller, Sandra K. Mar 22, 2007 29960
Delaware's answer to management deadlock in the limited liability company: judicial dissolution. Gruebner, Meghan Mar 22, 2007 8667
Who's really running the nursing home? A maze of corporate entities may obscure who actually operates the facility where your client was injured. But if you follow the money, you can find out who's in charge and hold them accountable. Carter, Nathan P. Nov 1, 2006 4348
Forming your LLC in Nevada: does it really work? Nelson, Stephen L. Oct 1, 2006 561
Reviewing LLC documents for new or existing clients. Ellentuck, Albert B. Jun 1, 2006 1186
Liquidation of an LLC member interest. Wright, Carol May 1, 2006 1062
Sidestepping limited liability in corporate groups using the tort of interference with contract. Edmundson, Peter Apr 1, 2006 14880
Registering an out-of-state (foreign) LLC. Ellentuck, Albert B. Feb 1, 2006 622
Lack of insurance hinders recovery in nursing home cases. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Feb 1, 2006 1193
Chapter 44: Limited liability companies. Jan 1, 2006 3992
Planning with LLCs: LLCs offer asset protection, business flexibility, and tax advantages. Stein, Jacob Aug 1, 2005 1760
Limited liability companies and estate planning. Larobina, Michael D. Mar 1, 2005 3781
The ABC's of LLCs. Riles, Jerry; Whitlock, Beanna Aug 1, 2003 2812
Using an LLC to maximize losses. Kalfayan, Garo Dec 1, 2002 3896
Using an LLC to maximize losses. Kalfayan, Garo Nov 1, 2002 3045
Bill Clarifies How LLCs Must Report Income to State. WALDON, GEORGE Brief Article Feb 12, 2001 297
Accounting for LLC conversions. Jones, Glendell, Jr. Sep 1, 2000 3529
IRS' new ownership policy can offer savvy owners a tax break. Newman, Marc Brief Article Apr 5, 2000 662
Malpractice Exposure and Choice of Business Entity. Auster, Rolf Apr 1, 2000 1193
LLC formation. Ellentuck, Albert B. Mar 1, 1998 1732
New equipment leasing LLCs may avoid SE tax. Heatley, Warren Feb 1, 1998 459
Preserving federal benefits of single-member LLCs in light of state tax concerns. Jackel, Monte A. Nov 1, 1997 541
The limited liability company: a catalyst exposing the corporate integration question. Hamill, Susan Pace Nov 1, 1996 28500
Educating your clients about LLCs. Wilburn, Kay O.; Watkins, Frank E., Jr. Sep 1, 1996 4056
The importance of a well-drafted LLC operating agreement. White, Albert S., III Aug 1, 1996 2787
Law favors reorganization of real estate holdings. Weiss, Lois Aug 24, 1994 2277
Update on U.S. classification of U.K. LLCs. Blum, Richard A. May 1, 1994 488
Recent developments in LLCs. Herskovitz, Don Mar 1, 1994 1319
LLC update. Bushnell, Willet R. Dec 1, 1993 1621
Scrambling for limited liability. Burkhardt, D.C. Jesse Industry Overview Sep 1, 1993 1213
S corporations in the international setting. Elliott, Richard Apr 1, 1993 1838
The limited liability company revisited. Sager, William H. Jun 1, 1992 831
The limited liability company - a new form of accounting practice. Sager, William H. Column Mar 1, 1992 1204
The AICPA proposal to permit practice in commercial corporations - potential cure of false hope for limiting liability? Stremba, Lee W. Dec 1, 1990 2655

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