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BratiA: State Agency is the only responsible for representing BiH. Jun 24, 2020 239
QU research centre obtains ISO certificate. Jun 11, 2020 217
QU's SESRI receives ISO 9001:2015 certification from Bureau Veritas. Jun 11, 2020 347
LASG To Register Contractors For Project Quality Regulation. Jun 10, 2020 397
Coronavirus: House postpones discussion of emergency education bill. Annette Chrysostomou May 15, 2020 228
Agric: Skepticism over enforcement of National Fertiliser Quality Control Act 2019. May 4, 2020 625
Education Ministry to accredit universities in Qatar soon. Feb 12, 2020 439
Hotel group seeks rules on Airbnb. Dec 3, 2019 309
Hotel group seeks rules on Airbnb. Dec 3, 2019 300
Committee calls for discussing private member bills with law ministry. Nov 22, 2019 254
Committee calls for discussing private member bills with law ministry. Nov 22, 2019 294
Glencore Grain Pty Ltd - Viterra invests to meet end use customer needs -- 23/10/2019. Oct 31, 2019 587
Glencore Grain Pty Ltd - Viterra invests to meet end use customer needs -- 23/10/2019. Oct 23, 2019 587
Centre, provinces lock horns over establishing uniform food standard. Sep 1, 2019 525
MPs seek ban after children aged 14 get 'trout pout' jabs. Aug 4, 2019 137
10 reasons to change your mind about illegal drugs -- Tommy Sheppard. Jun 20, 2019 667
Legalised highs... is it right? May 26, 2019 249
Inside a suburban marijuana farm. May 20, 2019 491
Recovering from shock, PU sees loopholes in HEC rules. May 18, 2019 719
Murphy signs bill to improve safety in sign fabrication, manufacturing facilities. May 8, 2019 325
Inside a suburban pot facility. May 7, 2019 495
Inside a suburban pot facility Pot: 'Our philosophy is we're cultivating medicine'. May 7, 2019 495
Take a look inside a suburban marijuana farm. May 7, 2019 495
UAE nuke project wins ISO certification for quality management. Apr 11, 2019 293
District officials sneaking bite out of Punjab Food Authority's pie. Apr 4, 2019 477
Stiffer Penalties Await Suppliers Of Fake Fertilizer, FG Warns. Mar 26, 2019 663
Fish fouling to earn 2yr jail. Mar 19, 2019 471
SECP rejects non-QCR audit of National Productivity Organisation. Jan 22, 2019 646
Identifying and Eliminating Laboratory Contamination by Topical Testosterone Therapeutics. Genzen, Jonathan R.; Laulu, Sonia L.; Wyness, Sara P.; Scholes, Kelly L.; Signorelli, Heather N.; Gr Jan 1, 2019 3896
Japan Legislative Bureau, Senate of Pakistan discuss modalities of quality control, standards legislation. Dec 6, 2018 316
UNPA &TraceGains Promote Supply Chain Quality & Transparency. Dec 1, 2018 353
Easy, adaptable ERP is a reality. Editorial Nov 30, 2018 811
FEPSAN decries increased adulteration of fertiliser. Nov 27, 2018 329
Supplier Quality Management Applications Market Size will Observe Substantial Growth by 2026. Nov 16, 2018 328
Easy, Adaptable ERP Is a Reality. Neil, Stephanie Nov 5, 2018 809
Government Issued Ministerial Regulation for Distant Learning Program. Oct 31, 2018 380
Dead in the Water: Fault the Scott administration for the nutrient loads to Lake O. Conway, David Oct 1, 2018 2120
Stakeholder's Assessment of the Awareness and Effectiveness of Smoke-free Law in Thailand. Kungskulnitlii, Nipapun; Pitayarangsarit, Siriwan; Hamann, Stephen L. Report Oct 1, 2018 2994
Minister tells PSQCA to step up efforts. Aug 4, 2018 241
Intertek to certify for UAE standards, regulations. Jul 24, 2018 382
JS passes Pesticides Bill, 2018. Jul 3, 2018 221
Central Coast growers' trust in water quality regulatory process needs rebuilding. Drevno, Ann Report Jun 1, 2018 5894
Groups call for government regulation of e-cigarettes. May 29, 2018 1065
PSQCA banned 313 items in 2017. May 25, 2018 172
EOTECH Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification. May 1, 2018 200
NA's body turns down PSQCA bill. Apr 24, 2018 210
NA's body turns down PSQCA bill. Apr 24, 2018 210
Restaurant smoking sections in South Africa and the perceived impact of the proposed smoke-free laws: Evidence from a nationally representative survey. Little, M.; van Walbeek, C. Survey Mar 1, 2018 4352
1018 FIRs lodged against culprits involved in counterfeit drugs business: DRAP CEO. Jan 26, 2018 855
1018 FIRs lodged against culprits involved in counterfeit drugs business: DRAP CEO. Jan 26, 2018 859
Empower gets global certification upgrade. Dec 28, 2017 218
Food safety laws to be strictly implemented: Dr Sikandar. Dec 11, 2017 484
Laws on food safety to be strictly deployed in Sindh: moot told. Dec 11, 2017 777
Pakistan Dairy Association meets Senate committee. Oct 17, 2017 565
PDAaclaims tea whiteners are safe, healthy. Oct 17, 2017 399
999 BOSSES TOLD: CLEAN UP YOUR ACT; Ambulance bases dirty and in disrepair; Chiefs given two weeks to sort mess. Oct 11, 2017 499
NA body adopts NUOT Bill 2017 with amendments. Oct 10, 2017 236
109 items included in PSQCA mandatory list with only 38 food. Sep 11, 2017 275
109 items included in PSQCA mandatory list with only 38 food. Sep 11, 2017 275
The Importance of an Integrated QMS Within Regulatory Industries. Ysaguirre, Emily May 1, 2017 1635
Quality control. Weber, John Oct 1, 2016 1732
External and internal QC for blood gases. Jordan, Al Aug 1, 2016 1035
Abu Dhabi closes admissions in 24 low performance schools. Jun 22, 2016 307
Bahrain MTT selects Ideagen for quality management. Apr 1, 2016 370
Developing standard reference materials for herbal supplements: Dietary Supplement Laboratory Quality Assurance Program will help manufacturers meet regulatory requirements. Sharaf, Maged Sep 1, 2015 741
American Laboratories begins Phase II of MasterControl. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 180
A simple rule for re-ending hydraulic hose assemblies-don't: following on from last month's look at the importance of hydraulic hose quality and how certified holders of the British fluid power distributors association's approved hose assemblies mark scheme are dedicated to high standards in hose assembly, this article stresses the importance of avoiding the practice of hose re-ending at all costs. Aug 1, 2014 540
Regulations for use of geosynthetics for road embankments and subgrades/Geosintetiniu medziagu naudojimo keliu pylimams ir pagrindams norminiai dokumentai/Geosintetiku izmantosanas noteikumi cela uzberumos un zemes klatne/Geosunteetide kasutamise juhised tee muldkehas ja aluspinnases. Vaitkus, Audrius; Siukscius, Aurimas; Ramunas, Vaidas Report Jun 1, 2014 4086
Understanding the CLIA Individualized Quality Control Plan (IQCP). Orton, Sharyn May 1, 2014 1246
The road to IGCP new federal government regulations are reducing risk in laboratory testing. Casados, Rose Mary Report Jan 1, 2014 800
Telltale signs your QC program has problems. Walzak, Becky Nov 1, 2013 2466
Quality: it's personal: hands-on connection with the device and quality processes as well as a personal stake in the target market is key to ensuring the best possible quality for a product. Arrowsmith, Ranica Company overview Nov 1, 2013 2921
Protecting the process: 10 U.S.C. [section] 1102 and the army's clinical quality management program. McDonald, Edward B. Sep 1, 2013 8346
Quality control: Part 3. Plaut, David; Davis, Deena Aug 1, 2013 1509
New regulations for car imports. Mar 15, 2013 839
Circular 230 changes: suitability to practice, quality control among proposed revisions. Dellinger, Kip Jan 1, 2013 1698
The slaughter of chickens by the kosher method: definitions, market situation and prospects of study/O abate de frangos pelo metodo kosher: definicoes, conjuntura de mercado e perspectivas de estudo/Sacrificio de pollo mediante el metodo kosher: definiciones, mercado y perspectivas de estudio. Izidoro, Thiago Braga; Pereira, Juliano Goncalves; Soares, Vanessa Mendonca; Spina, Thiago Luiz Bele Sep 1, 2012 3461
CLSI creates standards and guidelines for the clinical laboratory community. Lenhoff, Alan Jul 1, 2012 996
Revolutionizing policing through servant-leadership and quality management. Gardner, Bill; Reece, John Company overview Jun 1, 2012 2975
Using health information technology to advance preventive care in West Virginia. Schade, Charles P.; Bliziotes, Mary T.; Ruddick, Patricia B.; Berg, Sven T. Report May 1, 2012 4052
PSQCA asked to co-ordinate with quality control labs. Brief article Mar 18, 2012 213
One vision, one goal: connecting the supply chain with real-time quality control solutions. Jan 1, 2012 758
What's in the numbers? Here's a snapshot of the history of FHWA's Highway Statistics and a sampling of the data that make the publication so highly respected and so fascinating. Lomax, Brian Nov 1, 2011 2639
Medical Care foundation: jobs at risk. Friedman, Mark Oct 24, 2011 683
Zakat House passes tests on info security management system. Jun 2, 2011 252
The evolution of the standards industry: technological improvements, well-defined standards and new regulatory requirements have positioned the standards industry at an all new level. Russo, William Jun 1, 2011 1036
Short historical and institutional guide of educational institutions: major steps in achieving quality of the Romanian Higher Education. Piturca, Aurel Report Apr 1, 2011 1374
The US Army public health command initiative: transforming public health services for the Army. Ugalde, Rosemarie M.; Resta, John J. Apr 1, 2010 2589
Microbiological testing: is it worth the time and effort? Herring, Lyn; Kappell, Guimel; Turman, Cheri Jul 1, 2009 934
Quality assurance frees scrap plastics from waste rules. May 1, 2009 282
Analysis of FDA's risk assessment methodology at pharmaceutical manufacturing sites. Adis, Warren Report Jan 1, 2009 5463
Boston Scientific Corp. (Natick MA) said the Food and Drug Administration has lifted some restrictions imposed more than two years due to quality control problems. Brief article Oct 27, 2008 220
Good manufacturing practices should not be "skin deep". Czap, Al Jul 1, 2008 1732
Xlear, Inc., Orem, UT, has achieved ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certification for quality management, which is the recognized international standard for medical device regulations around the world. Nov 1, 2007 86
Inspection, acceptance, and warranty. Kantner, Andrew S. Jan 1, 2007 1641
Protecting quality assurance documents from discovery: steps to help keep plaintiffs' attorneys away from sensitive quality-of-care information. Van Ee, Jonathan Nov 1, 2005 2687
CLIA 2003's new concept: equivalent quality control. Laessig, Ronald H.; Ehrmeyer, Sharon S. Jan 1, 2005 1949
Evolution of Quality Review Programs for Medicare: Quality Assurance to Quality Improvement. Bhatia, Anita J.; Blackstock, Sheila; Nelson, Rachel; Ng, Terry S. Sep 22, 2000 2893
Strategic compliance. Wallace, Melissa Richards Cover Story Nov 1, 1998 2888
How many mistakes, how to find them. Blase, Amy B. May 1, 1997 4268
A quality system for transfusion medicine ... and beyond. Berte, Lucia M. Oct 1, 1995 2188
Ensuring quality in spice exports: example of India. George, C.K. Apr 1, 1994 1671
Establishing and evaluating QC acceptability criteria. Westgard, James O.; Quam, Elsa F.; Barry, Patricia L. Feb 1, 1994 2992
Walking the straight and narrow on quality control. Passey, Richard B. Feb 1, 1993 3532
Understanding ISO 9000: using it painlessly day to day. Law, Trevor Industry Overview Aug 1, 1992 3116
Total quality management in the DOD. Porter, John Jul 1, 1989 657

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