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2019 Franklin County final multiplier announced Multiplier. Submitted by the Illinois Department of Revenue Mar 11, 2020 427
Amended NAB ordinance includes clause to 'benefit' accused property owners. Jan 1, 2020 837
Finance department welcomes House approval of real- property valuation bill. Dec 4, 2019 446
'Property valuation reform is unconstitutional'. Nov 27, 2019 429
House approves CTRP Package 3. Nov 26, 2019 972
House OKs bill reforming real property valuation system. Nov 25, 2019 278
Atienza ready to go to SC on Package 3. Nov 22, 2019 882
Package 3 of CTRP hurdles 2nd reading. Nov 21, 2019 633
House OKs Package 4 of CTRP; panel clears property valuation bill. Sep 6, 2019 722
Our View: When will MPs realise they can't rule the markets? Jul 24, 2019 481
Amending real estate appraisal comes in favour of state projects: source. Jun 13, 2019 380
VALUATIONS OF BUILDING PLOTS USING THE AHP METHOD. Unel, Fatma Bunyan; Yalpir, Sukran Report May 1, 2019 12521
Bill would expand methods of appraisal for foreclosed properties. Apr 17, 2019 480
Superadequacy of a property in valuation for a bankruptcy proceeding. Blair, Benjamin A. Mar 22, 2019 688
Effective Bank Valuation Programs--An Examiner's Perspective. Rawson, Richard G. Mar 22, 2019 5836
President signs legislation increasing commercial appraisal thereshold. Jan 1, 2019 212
Appraisal of a racino can value fee simple interest assuming a lease if lease reflects relevant real estate market. Blair, Benjamin A. Jan 1, 2019 793
Exploring Condemnation: Commentary on Real Property Valuation in Condemnation. Swango, Dan L. Jan 1, 2019 7453
Appearance of bias' not enough to void real estate appraisal. Olson, Kris Dec 6, 2018 1748
House approves measure updating Corporation Code. Nov 14, 2018 662
Liability Risks for Appraisers in Condemnation. Christensen, Peter Sep 22, 2018 4916
Borrower's suit over flawed appraisal dismissed. Donovan, David Jun 26, 2018 1087
Exterior inspection alone does not vitiate new assessment. Mueller, Scott B. Jun 22, 2018 754
Reliance on sheriff sale appraisal value improper in tax assessment contest. Mueller, Scott B. Jun 22, 2018 873
Credit agreement disclaimer does not relieve lender of liability for fraudulent property appraisal. Mueller, Scott B. Jun 22, 2018 845
Conservation easement's value is zero where it does not affect highest and best use or value of property. Mueller, Scott B. Jun 22, 2018 892
Treatment of expenses most important consideration in valuing nursing home as a going concern. Mueller, Scott B. Jun 22, 2018 912
Court has duty to step in and determine value of property where there are divergent appraisals in "dirt for debt" bankruptcy agreement. Mueller, Scott B. Jun 22, 2018 748
Highest and Best Use and Property Rights--Does It Make a Difference? Fanning, Stephen F.; Wright, Larry T.; Muenks, Rick J. Jun 22, 2018 12155
2017 Williamson County Final Multiplier Announced. May 15, 2018 434
LLA, World Bank to launch Liberia Land Authority Project. Apr 19, 2018 190
Broker can testify on value of condemned land. Donovan, David Mar 15, 2018 701
Original purchase price included improvements. Lightle, Rebecca M. Feb 7, 2018 535
Statute of limitations in negligence claim begins to run when claimant first has notice of irregularities. Mueller, Scott B. Jan 1, 2018 1003
Assumptions for determining fair rent. Dec 24, 2017 672
School district not permitted to selectively appeal only assessments of commercial properties while not appealing assessments of other property types. Mueller, Scott B. Sep 22, 2017 661
The 50% FEMA Rule Appraisal. Staebler, Patricia Sep 22, 2017 5975
Benford's Law in Appraisal. Pomykacz, Mark; Olmsted, Chris; Tantinan, Katherine Technical report Sep 22, 2017 4877
House panel passes third-party appraisal bill. Sep 22, 2017 158
In assessment contests, courts will look at evidence supporting tax commission's valuation, not original valuation of tax assessor. Jun 22, 2017 505
Post-appraisal submission of additional costs based on contractor's opinion is not sufficient basis for reopening appraisal. Jun 22, 2017 540
Judge rather than jury determines if injury to residue is compensable in Ohio eminent domain. Jun 22, 2017 338
Appraisal for refinancing is not sufficient for determining market value in a marital dissolution settlement. Jun 22, 2017 443
Borrower not liable for loan deficiency where credible appraisal shows fair market value of interest in the property exceeded indebtedness on the relevant date. Jun 22, 2017 700
Assessor's limitation on operating expenses requires supporting data to ensure current and correct assessed value of property. Jun 22, 2017 743
MLS information in an appraisal may be credible if actually independently verified. Jun 22, 2017 598
Assessor's appraisal based on actual evaluation is more credible than appraisal that did not include visit to property and relied on computer database search for comparables. Jun 22, 2017 563
Mass appraisal is not necessarily a due process violation. Jun 22, 2017 583
Lack of maintenance, low facility management skills wastes EGP 20bn. May 24, 2017 731
QC taxpayers hornswoggled-again. Dec 27, 2016 717
Al joins groups asking Congress to address appraisal regulation. Mar 22, 2016 245
Appraiser does not owe duty to property owners that did not request or review appraisals. Case overview Mar 22, 2016 643
Purchaser who uses third-party appraisal to apply for loan admits to validity of appraisal through adoptive admission. Case overview Mar 22, 2016 816
A jury may determine fair market value within a range of appropriate values based on expert appraisal evidence. Case overview Mar 22, 2016 753
Appraisal of underground natural gas storage rights in depleted reservoirs. Shaner, Bernie Mar 22, 2016 4965
Leveraging workflow automation in the appraisal management process. Bien-Aime, Vladimir Mar 1, 2016 1249
Fully loaded tax additur was appropriate for property under lease where owner pays property taxes. Jan 1, 2016 574
Expert appraisal testimony reliable despite not using all three appraisal methods. Jan 1, 2016 578
Minnesota Tax Court erred when it rejected appraisal because it could not replicate calculations, and when it failed to consider income approach for income-producing property. Jan 1, 2016 947
Residential units of comparison--a common denominator. Mills, Arlen C. Abstract Jan 1, 2016 4937
STAKEHOLDERS' PRACTICES: A CHALLENGE TO EARTHQUAKE RISK MITIGATION DECISIONS. Egbelakin, Temitope; Wilkinson, Suzanne; Potangaroa, Regan; Rotimi, James Dec 1, 2015 8740
Broker price opinion considered an appraisal because it provided opinion about value of property. Sep 22, 2015 421
Insurance appraisal may be used to determine amount of loss and causation but not whether additional property should be replaced to achieve visual consistency. Sep 22, 2015 486
Agency taking property for public use may rely on appraisal of fair market value to assess just compensation. Sep 22, 2015 458
North East shopping centres report strong first half, following retailer demand for space; The chief executive of intu Metrocentre and intu Eldon Square also welcomed news of a Sunday trading law review. Jul 30, 2015 593
Significant adjustments to comparable sales leave court with insufficient evidence of value. Jun 22, 2015 574
Development cost approach may not be used to value property that has already been platted and developed. Jun 22, 2015 603
Aces of advocacy: AI advocates on appraisal laws and regulations around the country. Coyle, Lance M. Jun 22, 2015 663
Insureds waive their rights to appraisal if their request is delayed and significant litigation activities are pursued after insurers admit a loss is covered. Mar 22, 2015 513
Mass action joinder allowed where alleged inflated appraisals are part of alleged fraudulent scheme. Mar 22, 2015 629
Appraisals may be properly excluded as evidence in hearings regarding property valuation if good faith efforts are not made to comply with rules of procedure. Mar 22, 2015 600
In Florida, the statute of limitations for negligence attaches when party knew or should have known appraisal misrepresented value of the property. Jan 1, 2015 425
In Ohio, it is appropriate to determine value of retirement community property based, in part, on comparison to apartment buildings. Jan 1, 2015 678
Appraiser did not provide authority that appraisal based on photographs was acceptable and reliable. Jan 1, 2015 516
An appraisal or other relevant data may be used to rebut or support accuracy of property assessment. Jan 1, 2015 435
Create a viable buy-sell agreement now. Newman, Marc Nov 12, 2014 662
In Ohio, each condominium unit must be valued as a separate parcel for taxation purposes. Sep 22, 2014 465
Difference of 16% between appraisal and foreclosure sale price is insufficient as a matter of law to prove the property sold for materially less than fair market value at foreclosure sale. Sep 22, 2014 741
An appraisal report can serve as basis for a negligent misrepresentation claim by lender who relied on the report in making a loan. Sep 22, 2014 771
In Georgia, appraiser owes no duty of care to borrower who relies on appraisal intended for use only by a lender. Sep 22, 2014 344
The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the tax deductible value of perpetual conservation easements using the before and after method. Sep 22, 2014 979
Fifth Circuit affirms Tax Court's valuation of facade easement. Aug 1, 2014 1481
Connecticut law shifts appraiser requirements. Jun 22, 2014 177
New valuation regulation for UAE real estate valuers. Jun 16, 2014 317
Proper date to determine fair market value of property under Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan is date of confirmation of plan, not date of commencement of bankruptcy case. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2014 416
Assessor required to make individualized consideration of effect that a housing-subsidy covenant has on property's fair market value, rather than assigning automatic reduction for property tax valuation. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2014 777
In determining amount of deficiency judgment, court is not bound by irreconcilable appraisals offered by parties. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2014 559
A lump sum appraisal under an insurance policy that requires itemized appraisal award may be valid. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2014 436
Assessor who accepts appraisal of natural resource property received from state tax commissioner cannot later challenge appraisal. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2014 561
In context of sale of partial interest, highest and best use of land may be used to determine fair market value. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2014 489
Appraisers are not required to enter home to conduct appraisal if interior condition does not impact value of property. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2014 510
The appraiser's role in calculating casualty loss deductions from natural disasters. Smith, James K.; Lougee, Barbara A. Abstract Jan 1, 2014 6156
County may appraise property for tax purposes only in specified permitted years. Weinberger, Alan M. Jun 22, 2013 607
Underwater property and like-kind exchanges. Belanger, Holly; Fields, Deborah Jun 1, 2013 1546
The property matrix: an analytical tool to answer the question, "is this property?" Morales, Francisco J. Mar 1, 2013 17369
Appraisal award issued pursuant to insurance contract is "favorable resolution" of underlying breach of contract dispute for purposes of filing a bad faith cause of action. Weinberger, Alan M. Jan 1, 2013 608
All interests in leased property must be aggregated to arrive at actual market value of property for tax assessment purposes. Weinberger, Alan M. Jan 1, 2013 638
Neither lay opinion nor out-of-court expert testimony carries taxpayer's burden of showing that property tax assessment was incorrect. Weinberger, Alan M. Jan 1, 2013 573
Zoning expert Nygard has eye on all the moving pieces. Barbarino, Al Oct 31, 2012 730
Appraisal of real property must meet all substantial requirements to allow for charitable contribution deduction. Weinberger, Alan M. Column Sep 22, 2012 670
Valuation in matrimonial dissolution cases. Graziano, Anthony S. Sep 22, 2012 7957
The effects of mineral interests on land appraisals in shale gas regions. Lipscomb, Joseph B.; Kimball, J.R. Report Sep 22, 2012 7686
Certified appraisals submitted by taxpayer for values of real property are adopted by default when board of tax assessors failed to meet statutory deadline to accept or reject appraisals. Jun 22, 2012 554
Tax court required to explain reasoning for rejecting expert appraisal testimony in favor of party's proposed valuation. Jun 22, 2012 596
If there is significant time lapse between valuation date and actual date of taking, the court-determined valuation may no longer constitute just compensation. Jun 22, 2012 695
Advisory Opinion 9 and contingent valuation. Jackson, Thomas O.; Pitts, Jennifer; Norwood, Stephanie Jun 22, 2012 3171
Damage control: AI warns congress about 'dangerous' new regulation. Stephens, Sara W. Jun 22, 2012 683
Value furor much ado about nothing. May 17, 2012 716
The key points of a systematic technical risk assessment: David Collier of Pilz Automation Technology explains the key points of the process of systematic technical risk assessment that are required when building, retrofitting or interlinking machines, as required by the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (MHSWR 1999). May 1, 2012 507
Appraiser's use of listing price in appraisal did not chill homeowner's right to free speech. Mar 22, 2012 557
Property value is determined in light of purpose of valuation and proposed disposition or use. Mar 22, 2012 505
Sound advice: Al advises U.S. sentencing Commission to require appraisals. Stephens, Sara W. Mar 22, 2012 305
Appraiser's determination of value must be based on actual assessment, not on experience alone. Jan 1, 2012 809
Fair market value of condemned property is at highest and best use on date of taking, even if owner did not use property to full potential. Jan 1, 2012 786
Appraiser's expert opinion supported court's conclusion that foreclosure sale brought true market value of property. Jan 1, 2012 494
Airport property may properly be designated as open space. Jan 1, 2012 433
Economic infeasibility: a rare and complicated defence. Bailey, Adam Leitman; Treiman, Dov Dec 7, 2011 977
Compensation for land expropriation will be based on market prices. Liu, Philip Brief article Aug 24, 2011 266
Extreme appraisal makeover: the appraisals you receive will be dramatically different in a matter of weeks. Here's what to expect. Miller, Jennifer Jul 1, 2011 3042
Use of the local comprehensive plan in the appraisal process. Rasmussen, Wayne Report Jun 22, 2011 3270
On target: appraisal Institute asks congress to direct regulators. Jun 22, 2011 337
"As is" valuation is appropriate when extent of restoration and specific restored condition are unknowable. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2011 923
Seeing green: the six elements of green building and tips for supporting appraisals. Adomatis, Sandra K. Mar 22, 2011 1228
Damages are based on diminution in value of the total acreage, not just the portion damaged. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2011 596
An interloping purchaser is not entitled to entrepreneurial or residual profits. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2011 613
Appraisal Institute weighs in on fee disclosure with call for more transparency in mortgage forms. Feb 2, 2011 538
Appraisals under fire--again. Hanford, Lloyd D., Jr. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 3188
IDS phases HVCC out of mortgage doc packages in 2011. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 274
Agencies issue final appraisal/evaluation guidelines. Sorohan, Michael; Murray, Michael Jan 1, 2011 525
The new age for AMCs: the era of appraisal management company proliferation may be over, but don't count AMCs out. There are plenty of reasons for AMCs to live on. But they will have to solve the fee question. Durbin, Ernest W., III Oct 1, 2010 3259
Taxpayer not required to prove manifest error in how taxing authority arrived at assessed value of real property. Weinberger, Alan M. Sep 22, 2010 1208
Adjusting market value over time. Wolff, Mike Sep 22, 2010 3875
Appraising low-income housing tax credit real estate. Alford, Kenneth N.; Wellsandt, David C. Sep 22, 2010 6377
Game change: 2010 was a landmark year in legislation and regulation, but the devil is in the details. In 2011, the Appraisal Institute will build on advances it has made in Washington and in state capitals. Start here to see how the new rules might affect your business. Garber, Bill; Rodgers, Brian; DiBiasio, Scott Sep 22, 2010 2173
Feeling undervalued; property posers Your legal questions answered by RICHARD BATTRICK. Aug 26, 2010 118
Appraisers salute the Senate on reform bill. Jul 21, 2010 366
Three legs of the appraisal management stool: lenders need a commonsense approach to collateral valuation policy that embraces three key components: regulatory compliance, quality assurance and fraud management. This three-legged-stool approach can keep valuation risk at bay. Calvery, Adam Jul 1, 2010 2610
Appraisal Institute applauds financial reform bill. Jun 30, 2010 459
Dubai spurs regional standardisation. May 29, 2010 629
Home valuation code of consternation. Lewis, Ken May 1, 2010 4732
Appraisal Institute opposes use of BPOs in HAFA short-sale program. Apr 1, 2010 410
Real property valuation issues in environmental class actions. Jackson, Thomas O. Mar 22, 2010 5459
Professional valuation in Russia: its past, present, and future. Artemenkov, A.I.; Artemenkov, I.L. Mar 22, 2010 10433
Valuing high performance houses. Adomatis, Sandra K. Mar 22, 2010 4546
New law brings transparency to homestead assessments. PA 096-0122: (Effective 1/1/10). Nov 1, 2009 201
The subprime crisis--implications for property valuation? The revival of mortgage lending value. Quentin, Jorg Sep 22, 2009 4383
The Missouri Eminent Domain Reforms of 2006 "good faith negotiation" requirement: cities can use illegitimate appraisals under Kansas City v. Ku. Cranford, Jeremy T. Sep 22, 2009 15154
Appraisal management companies on the rise. Schneider, Howard Law overview Jul 1, 2009 851
The bursting bubble - dealing with the marital home during a real estate recession. Schwartz, Robert M. Jul 1, 2009 4674
A new code of conduct. McGarity, Mary Cover story May 1, 2009 5259
Federal law could jumble NYC appraisals. Kelly, James Apr 22, 2009 575
Appraisal commissioned to resolve purchase-price dispute must conform to professional standards. Mar 22, 2009 409
Manufactured home's status as real property does not depend on surrender of motor vehicle title. Mar 22, 2009 410
Property's total value must be allocated appropriately between land and improvements. Brief article Mar 22, 2009 273
Value of leased fee relevant to fee simple value of property subject to long-term lease. Mar 22, 2009 385
Appraisal of commercial property must reflect the land's income-producing potential. Mar 22, 2009 370
When good things happen to bad properties. Jackson, Thomas O. Report Mar 22, 2009 3073
Appraising interesting holes in the ground. Wise, Henry J. Report Mar 22, 2009 6704
Market prices and capitalization rates for commercial real estate in Ukraine. Thomas, Paul R.; Simonova, Ludmila M. Report Mar 22, 2009 3413
Financial reporting for real estate: will FASB 157 achieve a higher and better use? Gottlieb, Steven; Meulmeester, Robert; Bohlin, Matthew Jan 1, 2009 3229
Comparable sales that occur after a taking can be considered in establishing fair value. Jan 1, 2009 415
Assessed value can be established without a certified appraisal for the relevant tax year. Jan 1, 2009 358
Documenting a casualty loss. Schreiber, Gerard H., Jr. Nov 1, 2008 761
When property is valued for the purpose of setting rent under a renewed lease, the effects of the lease itself must be considered. Sep 22, 2008 431
Thomas Inserra--CEO, Zaio Corporation, and former appraisal regulator. Wisniowski, Charles Interview Aug 1, 2008 3550
Bush signs housing relief bill; appraisal institute applauds. Jun 22, 2008 398
Tax law - railroads may not challenge a state's valuation methodologies for ad valorum tax purposes under the 4-R Act - CSX Transportation, Inc. v. State Board of Equalization. Gentile, Donald Jun 22, 2008 5046
Ken Harney - Will ruling impact mortgage lending? Harney, Ken Mar 31, 2008 757
County cannot alter the state revenue commissioner's valuation of property owned by a statewide public utility. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2008 511
Club membership fee included in valuation of condominium when membership is requirement for ownership in the community. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2008 423
Income approach preferable to cost approach in appraising subsidized housing. Weinberger, Alan M. Jan 1, 2008 454
Property taxes may be based on existing assessment when taxpayer fails to state property's fair market value. Weinberger, Alan M. Jan 1, 2008 488
POD and TOD accounts and your estate-planning arsenal: payable/transfer-on-death accounts are handy probate-avoidance tools that can even be used to transfer real estate. Or can they? Gunnarsson, Helen W. Oct 1, 2007 1087
Nonmarital real estate: is the appreciation marital, nonmarital, or a combination of both? Nichols, Dawn D.; Ahmed, Sean K. Oct 1, 2007 4931
Compensation for property damages measured by loss in property value, not cost of restoring the property. Weinberger, Alan M. Sep 22, 2007 509
Property's market value not enhanced by owner's right to access underground gas reservoirs or by proximity to the reservoirs. Weinberger, Alan M. Sep 22, 2007 549
Forced home sale can result in income to the borrower. Nevius, Alistair M. Sep 1, 2007 483
Coordinating Section 4(f) compliance: given SAFETEA-LU's changes to the law for evaluating projects that involve publicly owned property, consultation is the key more than ever. Starner, Kevin J.; Smith, Lamar S. May 1, 2007 3703
Highest and best use of property determines whether contiguous parcels are appraised separately or as single unit. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2007 439
Appraiser has duty to disclose mixed-use of property. Jan 1, 2007 417
Three approaches? Hodges, McCloud B., Jr. Reprint Jan 1, 2007 7833
Compensated short-term conservation restrictions may reduce sale prices. Taff, Steven J.; Weisberg, Sanford Jan 1, 2007 5891
Net liquidation valuation of transportation corridors. Rahn, Arthur G. Jan 1, 2007 3637
Measuring the financial impact of lot or home removal on home owners' associations. Weaver, William C. Jan 1, 2007 8074
Institutional controls and contaminated property valuation. Jackson, Thomas O.; Sowinski, J. Michael, Jr. Sep 22, 2006 2896
Billboards and the legal and regulatory environment. Stoops, Dwain R.; Wolverton, Marvin L. Sep 22, 2006 9172
Innocent landowner programs and their effects on environmental risk and property value impacts. Jackson, Thomas O.; Pitts, Jennifer M. Mar 22, 2006 2978
Toxic mold liability update: implications of Kilian v. Equity Residential Trust. Aalberts, Robert J.; Hoyt, Richard W. Mar 22, 2006 6443
The effects of land-use regulations on property values. Jaeger, William K. Jan 1, 2006 11554
Transferring measure 37 waivers. Maukonen, Jona Jan 1, 2006 3958
Team effort garners best results in RE appraisals. Wieder, Marc Nov 16, 2005 582
Appraisal standards and professional negligence claims. Sevelka, Tony Sep 22, 2004 12163
Future profits from unleased billboards not compensable in condemnation. Brief Article Jun 22, 2004 323
Proof of property tax discrimination does not require valuation of neighboring properties. Jun 22, 2004 365
Testimony on possible rezoning requires showing of reasonable probability. Brief Article Jun 22, 2004 294
Future rezoning may be considered in determining just compensation. Brief Article Mar 22, 2004 292
Income capitalization approach rejected in valuation of truck stop partial taking. Mar 22, 2004 354
Reducing convenience of access not a compensable taking. Brief Article Mar 22, 2004 312
Donation does not invalidate rezoning. Mar 22, 2004 341
Recovery of litigation fees and expenses in federal condemnation proceedings under the equal access to justice act. Black, David S. Mar 22, 2004 6218
Conservation easements: growth, abuses, and regulation. Garber, Bill Mar 22, 2004 2746
Unit rule violated when timber value added to land value. Jan 1, 2004 378
Opinion of value must be based on facts and data generally relied on by real estate experts. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 310
Neighborhood desirability rating challenged. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 246
Tax credits are intangible property and not included in the value of property. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 274
Wooded area does not constitute "necessary support land" for tax assessment purposes. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 275
Expropriation and condemnation: The larger parcel. (Features). Sevelka, Tony Jan 1, 2003 15507

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