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Germany extends troops' stay in Afghanistan. Basir Fitri Mar 26, 2021 184
Orlu: It's Disappointing Buhari Is Using Military To Fight Innocent Civilians - Ezeife. Feb 26, 2021 275
Orlu: Sad That Buhari Is Using Military To Fight Innocent Civilians - Ezeife. Feb 25, 2021 395
Duterte 'not extorting' US on VFA; PH should be getting more than $3.9-B, says Roque. Feb 15, 2021 854
FM asks UNSC to urge India lift military siege in IIOJK. Feb 6, 2021 338
FM calls upon UN to urge India to immediately lift military siege in IOK. Feb 6, 2021 283
Command and Control of Operations in the Information Environment: Leading with Information in Operational Planning, Execution, and Assessment. Mulgund, Sandeep S.; Kelly, Gen Mark D. Dec 22, 2020 3857
Tribal leaders, Army vow to end insurgency in Agusan, Misamis provinces. Dec 8, 2020 911
The Time for Judgment Has Arrived: The Zivotofsky v. Clinton Effect on the Political Question Doctrine's Application to the War Powers Resolution. Doughty, Shannon M. Mar 22, 2020 7122
US House passes resolution limiting Trump's power to carry out military action against Iran. ANI Jan 10, 2020 344
The US House of Representatives votes on a resolution restricting Trump's ability to launch military action against Iran without congressional approval. Jan 10, 2020 181
Pelosi: We Will Vote On A Law To Limit Trump's Military Moves Toward Iran. Jan 6, 2020 195
Turkish military units moving to Libya, Erdogan says. Jan 6, 2020 262
Army vows to fight terror groups in C. Mindanao sans ML. Dec 12, 2019 338
Pakistan condemns killing of Palestinians in military strikes by Israeli forces. Nov 16, 2019 130
FO: (Pakistan condemns killing of Palestinians in military strikes by Israeli forces). Nov 15, 2019 130
'NO AMNESTY FOR KILLER SOLDIERS' Coveney hits out at Boris proposals to avoid Troubles trials. FERGHAL BLANEY Political Correspondent Nov 12, 2019 471
Baaiji Calls On Govt To Act To Protect The Iraqi-Syrian Border From Terrorist Infiltration After The Turkish Military Operation. Oct 12, 2019 229
DPP lawmaker lobbies for Taiwan to join Pacific military exercises. Sep 15, 2019 523
Eastern Visayas Army scores in fight vs. NPA. Sep 9, 2019 362
Expert: Armenia destabilize region by expected military exercises near Azerbaijani borders. Jul 22, 2019 808
Ukraine considers martial law after naval clash with Russia. Nov 26, 2018 300
Troops sent to BoC to test law's limits? Oct 31, 2018 1126
Migrant Caravan: Trump Vows To Send Troops To Border. Oct 23, 2018 768
Arab Military Coalition operations in Yemen is legitimate: Malki. Aug 10, 2018 591
Troops kill 5 militants in Kashmir. Aug 4, 2018 431
Spokesman of JIAT confirms the procedures of Coalition Forces military operations in Yemen carried out in accordance with Int'l humanitarian law and its Customary Rules. Jul 15, 2018 131
Spokesman of JIAT confirms the procedures of Coalition Forces military operations in Yemen carried out in accordance with Int'l humanitarian law and its Customary Rules 2 Riyadh. Jul 15, 2018 457
Spokesman of JIAT confirms the procedures of Coalition Forces military operations in Yemen carried out in accordance with Int'l humanitarian law and its Customary Rules 3 Riyadh. Jul 15, 2018 667
Mobility Challenges in the European Theater: A reduced movement control force structure, commercial carrier dependence, bureaucracy, and a lack of movement control experience contribute to the difficulty of planning and executing U.S. military movements throughout the European theater. Johnson, Chris Jul 1, 2018 1561
The Rule of Law: Fifteen Years of Lessons. Snellen, Jeremy; Nachbar, Thomas B. Jul 1, 2018 4351
UN calls for immediate halt of military operations in Southwest Syria. Jun 30, 2018 171
Operational Challenges in Ground Operations in Urban Areas: An IDF Perspective. Alon, Nitsan May 1, 2018 7809
Challenges in the Interpretation and Application of the Principle of Distinction During Ground Operations in Urban Areas. Neuman, Noam May 1, 2018 9462
Decision on Martial Law petitions to bear on military operations. Jan 10, 2018 719
War Without a Rationale: Exploding the myth of the Afghan safe haven. Horton, Scott Jan 1, 2018 3334
Iran Warns against US Unilateral Military Move in Syria. Jun 28, 2017 429
Duterte vows all-out support for troops fighting terrorists - then cracks rape joke. May 26, 2017 486
Our UN-American military: since the advent of the United Nations, the U.S. military has served as an arm of the UN, and U.S. soldiers have fought and died for that entity, even as it betrayed them. McManus, John F. Aug 22, 2016 4278
Turkey Boosts Military Powers in Fight Against Kurdish Militants. Aug 8, 2016 749
Curfew, use of military in domestic operations legally questionable. Dec 21, 2015 1174
Japan ratifies controversial bills that allow military to fight overseas. Sep 18, 2015 334
Frames of law: targeting advice and operational law in the Israeli military. Jones, Craig A. Essay Aug 1, 2015 13024
Nicholas: Extending military mandate strikes army institutio. Apr 27, 2015 103
House approves military campaign against extremists. Cassata, Donna Dec 5, 2014 424
14 killed, 56 hurt as soldiers clash anew with Abu Sayyaf. Nov 15, 2014 351
A new authorization for use of military force against the Islamic State: comparison of current proposals in brief. Weed, Matthew C. Report Oct 1, 2014 6848
Proposed train and equip authorities for Syria: in brief. Blanchard, Christopher M.; Velasco, Amy Report Oct 1, 2014 9626
U.S. Congress passes a resolution not allowing to Obama to send troops to Iraq without consulting it. Jul 25, 2014 154
The effects of international human rights law on the legal interoperability of multinational military operations. Fussnecker, Jerrod May 1, 2014 12321
Mexican soldiers in Texas courts in 1916: murder or combat immunity? Borch, Fred L. Mar 1, 2014 2619
State of Law MP: Nujaifi's comments on military operations in Anbar are personal comments. Jan 29, 2014 122
Douglas Valentine: The United States doesnaACAOt Recognize SyriaaACAOs Sovereignty. Sep 29, 2013 2587
US finds LTTE activist guilty under 'Material Support' law: Is Rudrakumaran next? Sep 28, 2013 2383
Obama calls off congress votes over Syria strike amid negotiations. Sep 11, 2013 224
Obama calls off congress vote on Syria strike amid negotiations. Sep 11, 2013 224
Obama declines to say if will strike Syria if U.S. Congress votes 'no'. Sep 6, 2013 133
Senate committee approves resolution authorizing US military strike on Syria. Sep 5, 2013 163
Hollande calls on Europe to unite over Syria, says France 'will not act without US'. Sep 3, 2013 223
Obama and aides confront skeptical Congress on Syria strike. Sep 2, 2013 1272
Republican Lawmakers Doubt Congress to Approve Syrian Military Strike. Sep 2, 2013 403
Obama approves military strike on Syria but only after Congress OK. Sep 1, 2013 286
Russia: Any attack on Syria without U.N. mandate is "an aggression". Aug 31, 2013 205
Obama: US will launch military action against Syria but to seek Congress approval. Aug 31, 2013 199
Cyprus calls on Turkey to return Famagusta ghost city. Aug 14, 2013 401
Arms control and nonproliferation: a catalog of treaties and agreements. Woolf, Amy F.; Kerr, Paul K.; Nikitin, Mary Beth D. Report Jul 1, 2013 18000
Detention of U.S. persons as enemy belligerents. Elsea, Jennifer K. Report Jul 1, 2013 22396
Proportionality in military force at war's multiple levels: averting civilian casualties vs. safeguarding soldiers. Bohrer, Ziv; Osiel, Mark May 1, 2013 10753
Proportionality in military force at war's multiple levels: averting civilian casualties vs. safeguarding soldiers. Bohrer, Ziv; Osiel, Mark May 1, 2013 30171
Closing the Guantanamo Detention Center: legal issues. Garcia, Michael John; Elsea, Jennifer K.; Mason, R. Chuck; Liu, Edward C. May 1, 2013 9887
Navy irregular warfare and counterterrorism operations: background and issues for Congress. O'Rourke, Ronald Report Mar 1, 2013 15963
Gun Law: Barack Obama Highlights Military Assault Rifle Ban. Jan 16, 2013 454
Multinational rules of engagement: caveats and friction. Williams, Winston S., Jr. Jan 1, 2013 3779
Army: Open fire at a military location in AlQaa Projects. Dec 2, 2012 101
A military practitioner's guide to the Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act in contingency operations. Batema, Aimee M. Dec 1, 2012 17205
Mexican soldiers in Texas courts in 1916: murder or combat immunity? Borch, Fred L. Nov 1, 2012 2624
Humanitarian and civic assistance: a primer for the judge advocate. Milewski, Steven E. Nov 1, 2012 13958
Offensive cyber for the join force commander: it's not that different. Carter, Rosemary M.; Feick, Brent; Undersander, Roy C. Jul 1, 2012 4773
Increased US troops criticized. Brief article Jun 22, 2012 158
The law: military operations in Libya: no war? No hostilities? Fisher, Louis Mar 1, 2012 6937
US carrier leaves Persian Gulf after three weeks. Brief article Feb 17, 2012 129
Military under attack over law on presidential poll. Feb 1, 2012 481
Egypt risks losing military aid with raids. Jan 1, 2012 696
Barack Rumsfeld. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 139
Soldier fought the law. Dec 3, 2011 121
Three disputes and three objectives: China and the South China Sea. Dutton, Peter Sep 22, 2011 11396
Current U.S. Air Force drone operations and their conduct in compliance with international humanitarian law - an overview. Drake, Aaron M. Sep 22, 2011 16877
Canada and afghanistan. Sep 1, 2011 1007
Knowing when to say no and providing a way forward: the commander's emergency response program and the advising judge advocate. Paschal, Marlin Sep 1, 2011 18556
Hashemi: Maliki alone should make the decision whether U.S. troops stay in Iraq--new alliance may form from defectors of Iraqiya and state of law coalitions--7 Iranian soldiers killed in minefield explosion. Jun 17, 2011 696
U.S. house of representatives prohibits use of funds for American military operations in Libya--Royal Navy may question role in Libya if war drags on. Jun 14, 2011 352
Discussions set to begin on Jordan, Morocco's participation in GCC--Saudi-led GCC troops to remain in Bahrain after emergency law lifted. May 13, 2011 298
Influence operations and the internet: a 21st century issue: legal, doctrinal, and policy challenges in the cyber world. Keller, Rebecca A. Report Apr 1, 2011 5585
LIBYA MILITARY ACTION -Turkish FM says western powers did not fully respect procedures in international law to form coalition. Mar 21, 2011 309
Bahrain launches massive military assault against anti-govt protesters--Bahrain's king declares martial law; three month state of emergency--US tells Saudi Arabia military force was not the answer to Bahrain unrest--Clinton expressed alarm over "provocative acts and sectarian violence. Mar 16, 2011 1028
A new twist on an old story: lawfare and the mixing of proportionalities. Blank, Laurie R. Jan 1, 2011 14937
New National Guard missions and the Federal Tort Claims Act. Parker, Walter E., IV Jan 1, 2011 1492
The law of air mobility - the international legal principles behind the U.S. Mobility Air Forces' mission. Petras, Christopher M. Dec 22, 2010 38649
Mina Corp reports on obstacles created by Kyrgyz government to deliver jet fuel to US military base supporting operations in Afghanistan. Dec 20, 2010 630
Navy irregular warfare and counterterrorism operations: background and issues for Congress. O'Rourke, Ronald Report Oct 1, 2010 10967
Military action. Katzman, Kenneth Oct 1, 2010 1610
Pakistan Warns NATO against Conducting Military Operations. Sep 28, 2010 242
Future relations between the United States and Japan: article 9 and the remilitarization of Japan. Gibbs, D. Bradley Sep 22, 2010 13756
Court halts US use of bases. Brief article Sep 17, 2010 167
Residual issues from past conflicts. Katzman, Kenneth Report Jul 1, 2010 571
Punjab won't allow military operation in province: Sanaullah. Jun 11, 2010 259
The New START Treaty: central limits and key provisions. Woolf, Amy F. Report Jun 1, 2010 15073
The Nunn-McCurdy Act: background, analysis, and issues for Congress. Schwartz, Moshe Jun 1, 2010 12531
Publishing doctrine on stability operations and the rule of law during conflict. Harlow, J. Porter Jun 1, 2010 4575
Two hats are better than one: the dual-status commander in domestic operations. Gereski, John T., Jr.; Brown, Christopher R. Jun 1, 2010 8212
Afghan National Security Forces. Katzman, Kenneth Report May 3, 2010 17925
Making a molehill out of a mountain: the U.S. Army's counterinsurgency doctrine applied to operational law in Iraq. Norman, Russell E.; Leary, Ryan W. May 1, 2010 21468
Herding cats I: disposal of DoD real property and contractor inventory in contingency operations. Olson, Lyndsey M.D. Apr 1, 2010 11343
Herding cats II: disposal of DoD personal property. Navin, Kathryn M. Apr 1, 2010 15007
Human terrain teams: an enabler for judge advocates and paralegals. Tanabe, Dan Apr 1, 2010 3192
The influence of law on command of space. Bellflower, John W. Mar 22, 2010 18028
The take down: case studies regarding "lawfare" in international criminal justice: the West African experience. Crane, David M. Mar 22, 2010 6411
Whose lawfare is it, anyway? Scheffer, David Mar 22, 2010 6347
Illustrating illegitimate lawfare. Newton, Michael A. Mar 22, 2010 10650
Finding facts but missing the law: the Goldstone Report, Gaza and lawfare. Blank, Laurie R. Mar 22, 2010 12623
The Knight's Code, not his Lance. Williamson, Jamie A. Mar 22, 2010 4309
Transnational lawyering and legal resistance in national courts: Palestinian cases before the Israeli Supreme Court. Jabareen, Hassan Jan 1, 2010 19845
'Direct participation in hostilities': a legal and practical road test of the International Committee of the Red Cross's guidance through Afghanistan. Van Der Toorn, Damien Jan 1, 2010 10832
U.S. foreign aid reform: changing institutional problems in order to meet modern day needs. Wiese, Stephen J. Dec 22, 2009 9096
Command authority over contractors serving with or accompanying the force. Kirchmaier, Charles T. Dec 1, 2009 5627
Overview. Dale, Catherine Report Apr 1, 2009 11760
Major combat operations. Dale, Catherine Report Apr 1, 2009 2075
The end of proportionality. Keiler, Jonathan F. Report Mar 22, 2009 5076
Post-war security operations and force capacity building. Katzman, Kenneth Report Mar 1, 2009 9394
Troops to stay in Swat after Islamic law imposed. Feb 21, 2009 296
China's top legislature approves treaty on SCO joint military exercises. Dec 29, 2008 147
China's top legislature approves treaty on SCO joint military exercises. Dec 29, 2008 145
Iraqi parliament rejects stay of British troops beyond Dec. 31. Dec 21, 2008 286
French 'toxic' ship may sail to North; Navy applies for move to Able UK yard. Oct 28, 2008 434
Cultural property protection in stability operations. Jackson, Dick Oct 1, 2008 7685
Report: military should help fight gangsters. Erwin, Sandra I. Aug 1, 2008 185
Detention of civilians on military operations: reasons for and challenges to developing a special law of detention. Oswald, Bruce Aug 1, 2008 16621
Yoshinori Ikezumi. Brief article May 16, 2008 95
General amnesty ministers interrogation, military operation in press. May 15, 2008 406
Delegation success and policy failure: collective delegation and the search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Tierney, Michael J. Mar 22, 2008 15344
Key Japan lawmaker eager for permanent law to send SDF troops abroad. Mar 16, 2008 252
Constitutional questions raised. Grimmett, Richard F. Mar 1, 2008 1974
Major cases and issues prior to the Persian Gulf War. Grimmett, Richard F. Mar 1, 2008 5588
Proposed amendments. Grimmett, Richard F. Mar 1, 2008 2220
LEAD: Ruling LDP discusses permanent law to send defense troops overseas. Feb 18, 2008 373
Attribution of conduct by State armed forces participating in UN-authorised operations: the impact of Behrami and Al-Jedda. Van Der Toorn, Damien Jan 1, 2008 9926
Developing the rule of law in Afghanistan: the need for a new strategic paradigm. Tasikas, Vasilios Jul 1, 2007 11736
LEAD: Lower house passes bill to extend Japan troops' mission in Iraq. May 21, 2007 394
Potential oversight issues for Congress. O'Rourke, Ronald May 1, 2007 9112
New USAF doctrine publication: Air Force Doctrine Document 2-10, Homeland Operations. Conway, John L., III Mar 22, 2007 467
Hamdan, Lebanon, and the regulation of hostilities: the need to recognize a hybrid category of armed conflict. Corn, Geoffrey S. Mar 1, 2007 26477
Preparing interrogators to conduct operations lawfully. Barnard, Thomas H. Feb 1, 2007 7889
Naval officials seek 'intellectual renaissance' in the sea services. Erwin, Sandra I. Nov 1, 2006 1239
The assault on democracy. Rothschild, Matthew Nov 1, 2006 1180
Chronology of major events related to Japanese troops in Iraq. Chronology Jun 26, 2006 511
Contractors on the "battlefield:" providing adequate protection, anti-terrorism training, and personnel recovery for civilian contractors accompanying the military in combat and contingency operations. Addicott, Jeffrey F. Jan 1, 2006 26676
Regulating the battlefield of the future: the legal limitations on the conduct of psychological operations (PSYOP) under public international law. Smyczek, Peter J. Dec 22, 2005 14209
Air Force Doctrine Document 2-1.6, Personnel Recovery Operations. Whitcomb, Darrel Dec 22, 2005 569
"Improving the fighting position": a practitioner's guide to operational law support to the interrogation process. Kantwill, Paul; Holdaway, Jon D.; Corn, Geoffrey S. Jul 1, 2005 12100
The Defense Institute of International legal studies goes to Iraq. Brief Article Jun 22, 2005 236
Legal team trends at the Combat Training Centers. (Center for Law and Military Operations (CLAMO) report: the Judge Advocate General's legal center and school. Feb 1, 2005 3379
Deploying the force. Claburn, Joseph Sep 1, 2004 5617
Center for law and military operations (CLAMO) report: the Judge Advocate General's legal center & school. Stahl, Pamela M.; Harryman, Toby Mar 1, 2004 6478
Aland Islands protests against military routes. Brief Article Sep 17, 2003 169

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