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The Regime for Protecting Cultural Property during Armed Conflicts: An Analysis of the Historical Development/Silahli Catismalar Sirasinda Kulturel Mallarin Korunmasi Rejimi: Tarihsel Gelisimin Analizi. Cokisler, Elvan Report Mar 22, 2019 8646
Monuments to the Confederacy and the Right to Destroy in Cultural-Property Law. Bissell, E. Perot, V Feb 1, 2019 18221
PLANNING FOR THE UNTHINKABLE: PROTECTING THE NATIONAL HERITAGE SECTOR: Thursday 29th November 2018, Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Gould, Emily Conference notes Dec 1, 2018 1601
Is the system for listing historic buildings in England fit for purpose? Billings, Henrietta; Murphy, Douglas Oct 1, 2017 1436
Art disputes and procedural matters post-Brexit. Gleave, Hetty Report Jul 1, 2017 4071
The rise of negotiation (ADR) in restitution, return and repatriation of cultural property: moral pressure and power pressure. Shyllon, Folarin Report Jul 1, 2017 7464
Art disputes and their resolution through ADR: a matter of creativity rather than of Brexit implications. De Girolamo, Debbie Report Jul 1, 2017 4967
Human remains as heritage: categorisation, legislation and protection. Frerking, Christopher; Gill-Frerking, Heather Apr 1, 2017 14863
Should acts or cultural destruction be prosecuted as war crimes? Daniels, Brian I. Dec 1, 2016 1422
Acting in times of crisis: the Arab states as an exemplary case for UNESCO's new challenges in the safeguarding of cultural heritage. Tabet, Youmna Report Dec 1, 2016 10206
The 'Lex Originis' and its special role in cultural heritage protection: the 'Phrygian case' and the case of Ka Nefer Nefer. Topal-Gokceli, Suzan Jul 1, 2016 8030
The Spoils of History. Vigderman, Patricia Critical essay Jun 22, 2016 3858
Curbing the illicit traffic in African antiquities through legislation. Adewumi, Afolasade A. Apr 1, 2016 6352
Is the German Cultural Property Protection Act to be welcomed? Puhze, Galerie Gunter; Henker, Michael Jan 1, 2016 1559
The hostilities-occupation dichotomy and cultural property in non-international armed conflicts. Carstens, Anne-Marie Jan 1, 2016 28501
Protection of indigenous property in Ilishan-Remo community, Nigeria. Ojomah, Patience Ndidi; Onoyeyan, Glory Ogebule Report Aug 1, 2015 4582
Japan's law for protection of cultural properties and the 2011 great earthquake. Shimada, Makoto Report Apr 1, 2015 11616
Monuments men. Stone, Peter Feb 1, 2015 1557
Traditional cultural districts: an opportunity for Alaska tribes to protect subsistence rights and traditional lands. Ristroph, Elizaveta Barrett Dec 1, 2014 8144
Reviewing the attachment of museum objects located in the U.S. and allegedly owned by Iran, First Circuit finds that such objects are immune from attachment under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA). Apr 1, 2013 2103
Theft in Babylon: repatriation and international law. Akhtar, Zia Essay Dec 1, 2012 10571
State protected, state owned, state sanctioned: cultural heritage and the right of pre-emption. Israel, Camille Essay Aug 1, 2012 7382
Too little, too late: Dunbar v. Seger-Thomschitz and the ongoing challenge posed by prescriptive periods in holocaust-era art and cultural property restitution matters. Mirdamadi, Jhiela C. Case overview May 1, 2012 10414
Heritage in peril: a critique of UNESCO's World Heritage program. Keough, Elizabeth Betsy Sep 22, 2011 11330
$1.5 million in grants announced under Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 221
A Titanic struggle: one possible resolution of the conflict between preservation for the public good and private law property rights. Stevenson, Paul May 1, 2011 6782
The treasure quest: Peru, Machu Picchu and the Yale Peruvian Expedition of 1911-1916. Listing, Rosemary May 1, 2011 6857
Return of Makonde Mask from Switzerland to Tanzania--a righteous conclusion? Shyllon, Folarin May 1, 2011 2382
"Undertake further consultation": a summary of the review of the protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986 and Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Regulations 1987: report of public consultation 2009. Kinsey, Daniel May 1, 2011 6452
Museums in the crosshairs: unintended consequences of the war on terror. Kreder, Jennifer Anglim; Degraaf, Kimberly Mar 22, 2011 26487
Understanding Guatemala's cultural heritage: extending protection to colonial art in the memorandum of understanding between the United States and Guatemala. Kreder, Jennifer Anglim; Beteta, Xavier Jan 1, 2011 13301
The presidential libraries act and the establishment of presidential libraries. Ginsberg, Wendy R.; Lunder, Erika K. Report Dec 1, 2010 13902
Progress in the return of displaced archives from Russia: steps forward and hurdles ahead. Grimsted, Patricia Kennedy Essay Oct 1, 2010 11269
The Dutch ratification of UNESCO: implementation acts and the protection of cultural property. Van Der Horst, N.M. Essay Oct 1, 2010 5856
Understanding Guatemala's cultural heritage: extending protection to Colonial art in the Memorandum of Understanding between the United States and Guatemala. Kreder, Jennifer Anglim; Beteta, Xavier Jul 1, 2010 13022
All in the same boat? Indigenous property rights in underwater cultural heritage. Cheng, Amber Crossman Jun 22, 2010 14269
Forging a career in International Art Law. Czegledi, Bonnie May 1, 2010 736
Protecting antiquities and saving the universal museum: a necessary compromise between the conflicting ideologies of cultural property. Klug, Nicole Jan 1, 2010 12789
The big picture: protection of cultural material. Holder, Frederick Christopher Report Jan 1, 2010 5878
Investing in culture: underwater cultural heritage and international investment law. Vadi, Valentina Sara May 1, 2009 23705
The war on antiquities: United States law and foreign cultural property. Vitale, Katherine D. Apr 1, 2009 18618
Fighting against biopiracy: does the obligation to disclose in patent applications truly help? de Werra, Jacques Jan 1, 2009 16712
Mapping the limits of repatriable cultural heritage: a case study of stolen Flemish art in French museums. Goodwin, Paige S. Dec 1, 2008 14048
Cultural property protection in stability operations. Jackson, Dick Oct 1, 2008 7685
The cultural property claim within the same-sex marriage controversy. Poirier, Marc R. Sep 22, 2008 35214
Connecting to Collections: A Call to Action. Bowen, Katherine; Rogers, Nancy Report Apr 1, 2008 185
Empty "international" museums' trophy cases of their looted treasures and return stolen property to the countries of origin and the rightful heirs of those wrongfully dispossessed. Reppas, Michael J., II Dec 22, 2007 16832
Agriculture et culture: le defi de l'OMC de prendre en compte les considerations non commerciales. Parent, Genevieve; Mayer-Robitaille, Laurence Sep 22, 2007 20795
Putting the "and" back in the culture-nature debate: integrated cultural and natural heritage protection. Carlarne, Cinnamon Pinon Jun 22, 2007 27257
The anarchist in the coffee house: a brief consideration of local culture, the free culture movement, and prospects for a global public sphere. Vaidhyanathan, Siva Mar 22, 2007 2580
Protecting world heritage sites from the adverse impacts of climate change: obligations for states parties to the World Heritage Convention. Huggins, Anna Jan 1, 2007 7999
Exploring Machu Picchu: an analysis of the legal and ethical issues surrounding the repatriation of cultural property. McIntosh, Molly L. Sep 22, 2006 8894
Adrift on a sea of troubles: cross-border art loans and the specter of ulterior title. Palmer, Norman Oct 1, 2005 22148
Globalization and national culture: recent trends toward a liberal exchange of cultural objects. Siehr, Kurt G. Oct 1, 2005 12619
Imaginatively public: the English experience of art as heritage property. Sax, Joseph L. Oct 1, 2005 22420
"Snipers in the minaret - what is the rule?" The law of war and the protection of cultural property: a complex equation. Corn, Geoffrey S. Jul 1, 2005 11970
Nothing besides remains: preserving the scientific and cultural value of paleontological resources in the United States. Chew, Alexa Z. Feb 1, 2005 12224
U.S. policy on the enforcement of foreign export restrictions on cultural property & destructive aspects of retention schemes. Cunning, Andrea Mar 22, 2004 19969
Cultural resource preservation law: the enhanced focus on American Indians. Wright, Lauryne Jan 1, 2004 10219
Intellectual property law and indigenous peoples: adapting copyright law to the needs of a global community. Carpenter, Megan M. Jan 1, 2004 12964
World heritage still at risk. (Global). Alexander, Doug Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 298
U.S. and Greece cooperate in protecting cultural property. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 126
In the wake of the flood: "Like products" and cultural products after the World Trade Organization's decision in Canada Certain Measures Concerning Periodicals. Matheny, Richard L., III Nov 1, 1998 14662
Oregon's Senate Bill 61: balancing protection and privatization of cultural resources. Somervell, Katherine S. Mar 22, 1995 15452
Warp and weft: weaving a blanket of protection for cultural resources on private property. Callahan, Constance M. Jun 22, 1993 10302
Beyond ARPA: filling the gaps in federal and state cultural resource protection laws. Bushbaum, Michael J. Jun 22, 1993 7551

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