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Community service a good penalty for ignoring Scott's Law. Aug 27, 2021 409
Drink-drive man rode e-scooter on A38; THREE-YEAR DRIVING BAN FOR MAN WHO ALSO HAD DRUGS. STUART ABEL @plymouth_live Aug 26, 2021 402
Community service excellent penalty for ignoring Scott's Law. Aug 25, 2021 409
Elgin's overall crime continues to be down despite DUIs, gunfire Crime: DUI spike attributed to 'proactive measures'. James Fuller Aug 21, 2021 292
Strengthening Scott's Law Motorists who fail to give space to emergency vehicles could have to work off sentences. Aug 20, 2021 457
N.M. Gas Stations Can Be Sued for Selling to Drunken Drivers. Bergal, Jenni Aug 3, 2021 1231
Crash driver was banned and over the alcohol limit. COURT REPORTER Jul 7, 2021 605
Ban for e-scooter rider over drink-drive limit. STUART ABEL @plymouth_live Jun 30, 2021 343
1043 Suspects arrested for various crimes during police operations in Gauteng over the weekend. May 30, 2021 270
'Social distancing means you can't arrest me': What Scarborough drink-driver told police, after crashing 340 miles from home; A drink driver who demolished a traffic light 340 miles from his home during lockdown told police they could not arrest him because of social distancing rules. Court Reporter Mar 14, 2021 463
790 arrested for Christmas drink-driving; 10 road deaths over festive period Last year's traffic fatalites are up. CLAIRE GORMAN Jan 28, 2021 314
Karachi traffic police set to get 90 breathalysers to discourage drunk driving. Dec 28, 2020 760
Driver charged with DUI after crash into squad car. Daily Herald report Dec 21, 2020 350
Drink-drive arrests hit five a day in lead-up to Christmas. DAVE HIMELFIELD Dec 10, 2020 259
Sheriff's Office to crack down on impaired driving Driving. Submitted by Franklin County Sheriff David Bartoni Nov 18, 2020 250
Ceaseless DUI accidents. Nov 15, 2020 410
In Penang, technician charged with drink driving as law for harsher penalties kicks in. Oct 27, 2020 285
My girl's death has destroyed our family and the guy who's accused of killing Chloe is running around free now. There's no justice; GRIEVING AUNT SAYS DEVASTATED PARENTS CAN'T MOVE ON UNTIL FUGITIVE IS CAUGHT Dad reveals his fury as drunk-driving crash suspect dodges law. Jennifer Hyland Oct 18, 2020 947
Man ploughed into police officer before running off; 32-year-old had been speeding while nearly twice over limit. KRISTY DAWSON @kristy_dawson07 Sep 28, 2020 560
Drunk driving incidents up sharply this year. Sep 28, 2020 670
Calls mounting to punish driver of fatal DUI crash. Sep 11, 2020 493
MMDA's Garcia: 'We will need to enforce' traffic laws to lessen NCR road accidents. Sep 8, 2020 541
Galway revealed as drink-driving capital of Ireland; Safety group in appeal for tougher laws. EXCLUSIVE BY AILBHE JORDAN Aug 2, 2020 468
Malaysia's drink driving problem: How big is it? What the numbers actually say. Jun 11, 2020 1766
Restaurant, bar owners: Ban on alcohol and freezing new licences won't curb drink driving, better enforcement will. Jun 6, 2020 1284
Senate committee finds 'inefficiencies' in enforcement of law vs drugged driving. Jun 4, 2020 418
Perak mulls overhaul of booze sale regulations to curb drink driving. Jun 3, 2020 344
Anwar: How is govt going to amend laws on drink driving without Parliament? Jun 3, 2020 246
Transport minister vows to complete amendments to law against drunk-driving by June. May 30, 2020 274
Malaysia's law minister: Govt not denying non-Muslims' right to drink alcohol if legal limits complied. May 29, 2020 766
Call to respect law at Khmer New Year celebrations. Mar 25, 2020 483
Drink-drive council boss in foul-mouthed rant at police; mum-of-one banned from roads after blaming behaviour on 'hypo attack'. SIMON SMITH Mar 6, 2020 601
MADD Rates States on Drunk Driving Laws. Mar 1, 2020 540
Amended law to require severe drunk drivers to use ignition interlock. Mar 1, 2020 244
What will it take for Malaysians to heed drink-driving laws? More severe punishments? Feb 22, 2020 1213
What are the drug driving limits? UK laws explained; The legal levels are so low they are pretty much a zero tolerance approach to drug driving. Amardeep Bassey Jan 31, 2020 947
What are the drug driving limits? UK laws explained; The legal levels are so low they are pretty much a zero tolerance approach to drug driving. Amardeep Bassey Jan 31, 2020 947
What are the drug driving limits? UK laws explained; The legal levels are so low they are pretty much a zero tolerance approach to drug driving. Amardeep Bassey Jan 31, 2020 947
What are the drug driving limits? UK laws explained; The legal levels are so low they are pretty much a zero tolerance approach to drug driving. Amardeep Bassey Jan 31, 2020 947
What are the drug driving limits? UK laws explained; The legal levels are so low they are pretty much a zero tolerance approach to drug driving. Amardeep Bassey Jan 31, 2020 947
What are the drug driving limits? UK laws explained; The legal levels are so low they are pretty much a zero tolerance approach to drug driving. Amardeep Bassey Jan 31, 2020 947
What the new Traffic Bill 2019 means to motorists. Jan 31, 2020 621
Please change the law; A drunk driver killed my mum and did this to me..FRAYA, 12, IN PLEA FOR ZERO TOLERANCE OFALCOHOL AT WHEEL AFTER HORROR SMASH. Ralph Blackburn Jan 26, 2020 1428
Please change the law; FRAYA, 12, IN PLEA FOR ZERO TOLERANCE OF ALCOHOL AT WHEEL; A drunk driver killed my mum and did THIS to me. EXCLUSIVE by RALPH BLACKBURN Jan 26, 2020 1271
Drug users may be hit with life driving ban. Jan 22, 2020 482
Drunk drivers could be hit with life ban. Jan 22, 2020 482
Sar Kheng: Drug users may be hit with lifetime ban. Jan 22, 2020 471
APPALLING; ANGER AS 580 CAUGHT OVER THE LIMIT; Victims' families on their dismay over new figures. Jennifer Hyland Jan 19, 2020 704
Driver charged after crash involving deputy's squad car. Daily Herald report Jan 17, 2020 204
Driver charged after crash involving deputy's car. Daily Herald report Jan 17, 2020 204
Mandatory Breath Alcohol Screening in Canada--No More "Reasonable Suspicion". Wigmore, James Jan 1, 2020 788
Hyderabad police to conduct surprise checks to restrict violators. ANI Dec 31, 2019 225
11 North East drivers who have been banned from the roads in 2019; These motorists found themselves in the dock for offences ranging from dangerous driving and failing to stop for police to drink driving. Sonia Sharma Dec 26, 2019 2461
Police, NTSA impound 22 vehicles in Malindi crackdown. Dec 26, 2019 674
How long you should wait to drive the morning after drinking alcohol; Your guide to staying on the right side of the law during the festive period. Kristy Dawson Dec 22, 2019 752
Don't risk it, drivers warned. Dec 21, 2019 201
Holiday traffic safety campaign in Lake County to start Monday. Daily Herald report Dec 16, 2019 135
Drink driving: know your limits this festive period; EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO AVOID FALLING FOUL OF THE LAW THIS CHRISTMAS. AMELIA SHAW Daily Post Reporter Dec 13, 2019 768
GRENADA-TRANSPORT-Grenada to enforce mandatory breathalyser testing. Dec 13, 2019 418
Pubs not hurt by drink-drive limit; Study says new law's had little impact on businesses. JOHN ROWBOTHAM Dec 11, 2019 405
Festive drink-driving blitz launched. Dec 2, 2019 175
DON'T RISK IT; Warning as our drivers sit second in league of shame. DAVID CAMPBELL Nov 29, 2019 353
Falkirk drug drivers are key targets in festive season police blitz. Nov 29, 2019 370
Justice secretary joins Christmas campaign; HumzaYousaf in city for police drink drive crackdown. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Nov 29, 2019 469
State police starting holiday-related patrols. SUBMITTED BY BRIDGET R. RICEISP, iLLINOIS sTATE pOLICE, dU qUOIN -CLMN- Nov 20, 2019 213
SOUTHERN ILLINOIS - Illinois State Police District 13 Commander Casey Faro is wa. SUBMITTED BY BRIDGET R. RICEISP, iLLINOIS sTATE pOLICE, dU qUOIN -CLMN- Nov 20, 2019 213
Drink-driver ran red light while double booze limit; driver pleads for the 'lowest punishment' but gets 19-month ban. EMMA DAVISON @EmmaDavison10 Nov 19, 2019 234
West Chicago Police Department releases Halloween traffic enforcement numbers. Submitted by Rosemary Mackey Nov 19, 2019 124
Over 4,000 law-breaking drivers stopped in their tracks; Renfrewshire's traffic cops are kept busy. DAVID CAMPBELL Nov 11, 2019 337
Taiwan's soldiers to face stiffer penalties for drunk driving, false speech. Nov 5, 2019 390
Rough Cuts / A reminder from a dead councilor. Oct 29, 2019 1224
Man drove into special constable as he fled the law; police were acting on drink-drive claim. ROB KENNEDY Court Reporter Oct 28, 2019 762
Actress's DUI sentencing stirs criticism. Oct 20, 2019 457
Police hope saliva solves this pot puzzle Saliva: Urine tests are unreliable. Sep 9, 2019 1256
Police hope saliva solves this pot puzzle Saliva: Urine tests are unreliable. Sep 9, 2019 682
Police hope saliva solves this pot puzzle. Sep 9, 2019 682
Suburban police hope saliva holds the solution to the marijuana impairment puzzl. Sep 9, 2019 694
Impaired by pot -- or not? Sep 8, 2019 1545
Pot Breathalyzer: What You Need To Know. Sep 6, 2019 526
Budding detective in trouble with law; DRIVER WAS CAUGHT TWO AND A HALF TIMES OVER BOOZE LIMIT. Sep 4, 2019 296
Coming Soon: A 'Pot Breathalyzer'? Reinberg, Steven Sep 3, 2019 595
Palatine police traffic safety crackdown:. Aug 24, 2019 117
QC councilor reminds motorists, public to be more cautious during bad weather. Aug 2, 2019 451
104 motorists face raps for intoxicated driving. Jul 11, 2019 348
Casual pot isn't legal yet, and cops follow the law Crime: Police studying how to detect marijuana DUI. Jul 5, 2019 976
Taiwan to introduce bicycle DUI law. Jul 3, 2019 442
Man charged as police act on roads; LAW. JOANNE WARNOCK Jun 29, 2019 240
Jobs lost as casino closes; Economy: Lower drink-drive limits and high business rates are blamed. Jun 20, 2019 446
DAP Youth veep calls for enforcement on booze sales after drunk driver mows down hawker in Penang. Jun 19, 2019 592
Youth asked to pledge responsibility. May 27, 2019 489
Bulgarian man charged with DUI in Taipei pleads ignorance of law. May 22, 2019 485
BAN IT LIKE BECKHAM.. Star's 6-month car penalty for using a mobile. May 10, 2019 357
STUDY: 60% of DRIVERS Who Use MARIJUANA in Legal States Drive UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Based On A Survey Of 811 Drivers Who Use Marijuana In 10 Recreational States And Washington, D.C. Apr 29, 2019 1341
Notice of DWI aggravating factors don't carry over. Chaney, Matt Apr 25, 2019 608
Committee to hear public comments on OWI bills. Apr 3, 2019 367
10 driving offences you didn't know were illegal that you could be fined for; You may not even realise you're committing these offences. Mar 30, 2019 858
New drunk driving law amendment passes Legislature. Mar 27, 2019 326
Seven new bills for stiffer traffic penalties. Mar 22, 2019 479
Police discuss harsher driving offence penalties. Mar 22, 2019 413
Rough Cuts: Something to remember. Mar 12, 2019 1117
Orlando, Florida-Based Bail Bond Agency Announces Safety Tips for Bikers Attending Bike Week 2019. Mar 11, 2019 543
Editorial / Throw the book harder. Editorial Mar 7, 2019 322
Punishment for drunk driving. Mar 2, 2019 766
Taiwanese lawmaker works to make drunk driving causing death punishable by death penalty. Feb 2, 2019 319
Traffic Fatalities Dropped in Texas in 2018. Jones, Stephanie K. Jan 28, 2019 496
Md. lawmakers plan bill to close 'Noah's Law' loophole. Jan 23, 2019 482
Ananias sanctions order extends exclusion of breath tests. Murphy, Pat Jan 10, 2019 624
A sidebar with Michael Nichols. Franz, Thomas Interview Jan 4, 2019 583
Seven drunk drivers fitted with Electronic Monitoring devices. Jan 1, 2019 390
Intoxicated Drivers Beware: Texas Troopers Are on the Lookout. Dec 21, 2018 308
Strictly enforce drunk driving law. Dec 11, 2018 702
Drivers miss new laws on drink-driving. Dec 6, 2018 116
The Impact of a Strict DUI Policy on Alcohol-Related Offenses in the Coast Guard. Blumberg, Daniel M.; Giromini, Luciano; Davis, Kendra Dec 1, 2018 2190
QC councilors ask better traffic enforcement during the holidays. Nov 24, 2018 468
Banned drink-driver caught on phone and failed to stop for police. Nov 14, 2018 444
Halting High Times on the Highway. Brief article Nov 1, 2018 259
The Mellanby Effect: Why Impaired Individuals Should Not Be Allowed to Be Behind the Wheel. Norman, Miriam Nov 1, 2018 1379
Canada legalises sale, use of recreational marijuana. Oct 17, 2018 985
Hyderabad police intensifies fight against drunk driving. Oct 5, 2018 314
Drink-driver avoids prison sentence; In brief. Oct 3, 2018 101
Texas's Criminal Justice System. Brief article Sep 1, 2018 126
Orlando Bail Bonds Agency Heightens Consumer Awareness for Labor Day Weekend Safety. Aug 31, 2018 569
SATURATION SATURDAY Patrol efforts will focus on removing impaired drivers from the roadways. Aug 24, 2018 265
32 driving offences you didn't know were illegal; Do you know all of these? Aug 18, 2018 2025
Car News. Jul 25, 2018 1045
Motorist fell foul of law 11 years after drink drive ban; WATERLOO MAN MARK KEEN HAD NOT PASSED HIS EXTENDED RETEST SO SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN DRIVING. Jul 16, 2018 277
More than 32,000 motorists caught drink-driving at least TWICE - and one had nine convictions; Shocking DVLA figures reveal 28,791 drink-drivers have been prosecuted two times since 2010. Jul 14, 2018 306
TRAFFIC BILL DAIL UPROAR; TDs in angry clashes as drink-drive law passed. Jul 7, 2018 402
Laws will drive down road deaths; COMMENT 2nd floor, 9A Beckett Way, Park West Industrial Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, Jul 7, 2018 228
Traffic enforcers asked to be strict against drivers turning off vehicle headlights. Jun 17, 2018 484
Centre moots linking driving license with Aadhaar. Jun 12, 2018 194
New York Auto Insurance Now Automatically Includes Supplementary Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage, Per New Law. Dodge, Timothy D. May 28, 2018 853
Similar fact patterns, different outcomes in two DWI appeals. Hamacher, Heath May 17, 2018 1420
Does Addiction Impair One's Ability to Drive? Staudinger, Alyssa; Watson, Tiffany; Brown, M. Kimberly May 1, 2018 1603
MY HEALY-RAGE; Distraught mum slams 'selfish' TDs who have delayed drink-drive law. Apr 29, 2018 421
Illinois House passes legislation for stronger drunk driving laws. Apr 25, 2018 295
Drink-drive laws must be tough. Apr 20, 2018 149
Bill to strengthen drunken driving law passes state House committee. Apr 13, 2018 276
DWI forfeiture ruled unconstitutional. Apr 10, 2018 926
Criminal Law: Cases and Comments, 10th Edition. Book review Apr 1, 2018 106
Alberta. Rempel, Jody Mar 22, 2018 868
Eight died... but where's the justice? WIDOW'S ANGER AS TRUCKER IN HORRIFIC M1 PILE-UP CLEARED OF DANGEROUS DRIVING. Mar 9, 2018 543
Inebriated mum was massive 4 times over limit - with son in car; Drink driver gave 'phenomenal' breathalyser reading. Feb 25, 2018 392
Drink driver blamed crash on a 'bad date' motorist injured four and was three times over limit. Feb 23, 2018 389
Senate: Allow DWI at drivers home. Vieth, Peter Feb 13, 2018 537
Man With DWI's Says Law Is Unfair. Feb 13, 2018 374
Exigencies merited warrantless blood draw. Lightle, Rebecca M. Feb 8, 2018 821
Drink-driver gets a frosty reception from the law. Jan 30, 2018 537
Icy window leads to scrape with law for drink driver; OBSCURED WINDSCREEN ENDS WITH MOTORIST BEING BANNED. Jan 30, 2018 476
PS150k payout cut for rape victims with crime record; EXCLUSIVE. Jan 28, 2018 204
Dozens of rape victims lost over [pounds sterling]150k in compensation because they have a criminal record; Payouts from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority were cut by up to 80 per cent to 37 women who had previous convictions. Jan 27, 2018 267
UNBILLIEVABLE slip-up. Jan 19, 2018 130
Drink-drive shame of city is revealed. Jan 12, 2018 213
City one of worst for drink-driving offences. Jan 11, 2018 197
'High' drink-drive crime figures out. Jan 9, 2018 404
10,000 drivers in Cov and Warks have drink-drive convictions. Jan 8, 2018 323
City's disgrace at drink-driving. Jan 7, 2018 457
Teesside is one of worst places in Britain for drink driving - here's how many drivers have been caught; It's one of the highest rates in the country:: One driver in every 83 living in the region were caught. Jan 6, 2018 408
Revealed: Staggering number of drink driving offenders in Coventry; One driver in every 89 has got behind the wheel while over the limit or refused to provide a breath-test or blood sample. Jan 6, 2018 386
One in every 78 drivers in Sunderland have broken a drink driving law; Figures show that only a handful of postcodes in the country had higher rates than Sunderland. Jan 6, 2018 527
NHTSA Releases Report on Marijuana-Impaired Driving. Report Jan 1, 2018 224
LTO, QCPD set up checkpoints vs drunk and drugged driving. Dec 14, 2017 221
Make it none for the road; There is a persistent minority of drivers who continue to ignore the law. Dec 13, 2017 549
Optimal Allocation Strategy Based on Stackelberg Game for Inspecting Drunk Driving on Traffic Network. Jie, Yingmo; Li, Mingchu; Tang, Tingting; Guo, Cheng Report Dec 1, 2017 8701
Marijuana Behind the Wheel. Thiede, Brian; Stecker, Kenneth Nov 1, 2017 1868
Shock of driver who was eight times drink limit. Oct 11, 2017 265
Considering the Impact and Implications of Birchfield on Intoxicated Driver Prosecutions. Lee, Patrick M. Oct 1, 2017 2055
Cross Examination of Experts Preparation Project. Kimball, Tom; Shear, Melissa Oct 1, 2017 1596
Advocates focusing on drug suspensions. Vieth, Peter Sep 27, 2017 898
Schoolyard Felons: Missouri's New Criminal Code and Its Impact on Schools. Moyer, Michele L. Sep 22, 2017 8877
Drunk driver five times over limit. Sep 1, 2017 165
Tourist was more than 20 times over the drink-driving limit. Aug 12, 2017 133
Foster children, foster parents, and drunk driving. Pollack, Daniel Aug 1, 2017 717
ISF cracks down on drunken driving in road safety campaign. Jul 25, 2017 360
Opposition to smacking ban law is criticised. Jul 18, 2017 681
'I just said 3 glasses didn't ever cause a fatality... that's a pint and-a-half' Publican Healy-Rae clashes with drink-drive victims' families at protest. Jul 12, 2017 480
Drink-drive law should be changed; COMMENT Park House, 191 - 197 North Circular Road, Dublin 7 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, Jul 12, 2017 213
News and recent developments: Utah is first state in the United States to set a .05 BAC limit for driving. Fell, James C.; Voas, Robert B. Jul 1, 2017 1869
Utah adopts lowest blood alcohol level. Krisberg, Kim Jul 1, 2017 137
The end of cheap booze in Wales as proposed new law announced; WEBCHAT. Jun 28, 2017 320
Springfield fires teacher arrested for DUII, drug. Jun 27, 2017 1117
70% SUPPORT LOWER DRINK DRIVE LIMITS; Motorists back plan to put offenders off road. Jun 3, 2017 319
I did drink and drive.. it was part of the culture years ago; Minister's admission as he launches new laws. May 15, 2017 375
Young adults have easier access to the Bar's #JustAdulting app. May 1, 2017 605
Development of smart bike with integrated navigation system to detect live traffic and implementing voice interrogation using smart sense technology. Josephine, J.; Abiram, N. Report Apr 15, 2017 1578
Utah Closer To Lowest Permissible Blood Alcohol Level In US. Mar 9, 2017 349
Did you hear that? Mumble strips show promise for fewer roadway departures with reduced road noise near residential and environmentally sensitive areas. Bedsole, Lisa Kinner; Johnson, Ken E.; Satterfield, Cathy Jan 1, 2017 3653
Lawmakers seek to bar DWI ignition interlock GPS. Dec 12, 2016 665
Lawmakers seek to bar DWI ignition interlock GPS. Dec 12, 2016 666
LTO, MMDA fielding more enforcers vs drunk driving. Dec 2, 2016 339
Charges of drink-driving. Nov 18, 2016 1395
Devastated mother wants zero tolerance UK drink-drive limit. Nov 9, 2016 576
Lower drink-drive limit, finds survey; UK BULLETINS. Sep 20, 2016 129
Bring the drink drive limit down says survey. Sep 20, 2016 173
Drake Bell Released From Jail Early After Serving His Time For DUI. Sep 5, 2016 382
NJ Bill Would Ban Drinking Coffee While Driving. Aug 8, 2016 440
Associations between responsible beverage service laws and binge drinking and alcohol-impaired driving. Linde, Ann C.; Toomey, Traci L.; Wolfson, Julian; Lenk, Kathleen M.; Jones-Webb, Rhonda; Erickson, D Aug 1, 2016 6461
Bulgarian MPs Move to Curb Speeding, Drunk Driving. Jun 22, 2016 421
"No hands": reevaluating what control is necessary to establish actual physical control following State v. Nekolite. McNulty, Kimberly B. Jun 22, 2016 18534
Rules of the Uber road: can rural areas accommodate ride-sharing? Proulx, Melissa Apr 29, 2016 1012
Ignition interlocks are saving lives. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 173
Crackdown nabs more motorists on drugs New laws mean Merseyside Police is cracking down on those. Mar 3, 2016 387
Huge opportunity for road safety; Should the rest of the UK adopt the strict new learner driver rules that have been introduced in Northern Ireland to reduce deaths and serious injuries among these most vulnerable drivers? Alisdair Suttie reports. Feb 5, 2016 544
Drugs are a real danger on the road; COMMENT Park House, 191 - 197 North Circular Road, Dublin 7 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, Editorial Dec 16, 2015 220
'Tougher drink law'. Dec 15, 2015 121
Drive dry not high this Christmas, say North East police as they launch festive clamp down; Traffic cops are preparing for the first festive season since new drug driving laws came in - and they have a warning for motorists. Dec 1, 2015 881
Drink drive laws just the limit for struggling clubs. Oct 20, 2015 626
Death does not take a holiday on Halloween. Oct 1, 2015 356
LAST ORDERS FOR 360 PUBS; DRINK-DRIVE LAWS SPARK CLOSING TIME CRISIS; Publicans' fears as one bar a day closes down. Sep 6, 2015 434
Don't lower drink limit; FEEDBACK. Aug 19, 2015 309
Wilson petitions for reinstatement. Aug 15, 2015 147
Wilson petitions for reinstatement. Aug 1, 2015 148
Greene King sales dented by Scots' drink-drive law. Jul 2, 2015 405
Presumed drunk until proven sober: the dangers and implications of anonymous tips following Navarette v. California. Sommers, Christopher D. Jun 22, 2015 13840
Legislature OKs moving primaries. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 267
More than 50 drivers across Durham and Cleveland arrested for alleged drugs offences; More than 50 drivers have been arrested for alleged drugs offences across Durham and Cleveland in less than three months. May 31, 2015 408
Third phase of traffic law begins in June. May 29, 2015 136
Greene King sales hit by tough drink-drive laws. May 6, 2015 167
Drink-drive law hits sales at pub group. May 6, 2015 134
State blames human error; 150 DUI cases affected. Allen, Samantha Apr 29, 2015 801
ISF says Lebanese abiding by new traffic laws. Apr 28, 2015 150
Durham police first force to use new drink drive laws after charging driver minutes after introduction; It's believed Durham police could be the first force in the country to take advantage of a new change to the law. Apr 10, 2015 225
PNP to motorists: Follow 3 basic road safety rules. Mar 31, 2015 334
LOST ORDERS; SPECIAL REPORT SNP'S BOOZE POLICY IS TAKING ITS TOLL Pub bosses say new drink-drive limit is killing licensed trade. Mar 25, 2015 1589
St. Patrick's Day: Drinking, DUIs and your insurance. Mar 11, 2015 2488
Understanding drug driving; We all know the law around drink driving, and the majority of us will limit or avoid alcohol before getting behind the wheel. But our awareness of a new drug driving offence is considerably lower. Here Raj Aggarwal, board member for the National Pharmacy Association and owner of Central Pharmacy Cardiff, explains the new law. Mar 9, 2015 719
MMDA, LTO start breath tests vs drunk driving March 12. Mar 8, 2015 324
LOST ORDERS; BOOS LIMIT FURY AS SCORES OF BARS FACE CHOP Empty boozers and falling sales - drink-drive law is worse than smoking ban, say pub bosses. Jan 21, 2015 1394
Stricter drink-drive laws hit sales for Greene King. Jan 20, 2015 380
A LOW BLOW; Hard core of drink-drivers continue to defy law despite new lower limit. Jan 9, 2015 346
Over the Limit Campaign: More than 120 arrested for drink driving in December; Top traffic cop tells of disappointment that so many suspected of flouting the law and potentially putting lives in danger. Jan 7, 2015 358
Slash drink-drive limit for bus & HGV drivers; Big vehicles can do catastrophic damage, warns SNP MSP Allard. Jan 2, 2015 305
DRINK-DRIVING DOWN 27% SINCE NEW LIMIT; Motorists heeding message since the threshold change. Dec 31, 2014 412
DRINK-DRIVING DOWN 27% SINCE NEW LIMIT; Motorists heeding the message since law was changed. Dec 31, 2014 414
Over The Limit: Leading solicitor warns of dangers of getting caught out the morning after; Motoring offences specialist Jennifer Close gives stark warning to North East motorists who think it will never happen to them. Dec 27, 2014 612
Over the Limit Campaign: Police remind motorists of drink drive penalties; Hefty fines and bans awaiting those who choose to flout the law by getting behind the wheel after too much to drink. Dec 7, 2014 417
Your Super guide to the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act - When did it become a law? Nov 28, 2014 370
Mum calls for change in drink drive laws; Family face up to fourth anniversary of Gary's death. Nov 22, 2014 517
Poots backs charging drunk A&E patients. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 195
Green light for grass?; Police fear marijuana DUI to rise with liberalization. Lee, Brian Sep 8, 2014 1092
TOTAL BOOZE BAN FOR NEW DRIVERS; MINISTERS PLAN DIFFERENT DRINK LIMITS No leeway for first-timers and professionals EXCLUSIVE. Jul 6, 2014 408
Watch: Montana's in-prison DUI trearment program. Moses, Marilyn C. Jul 1, 2014 2577
Just one pint could put you over Border; SLASHED ALCOHOL LIMIT FOR DRIVERS New law sees Scotland break away from the rest of the UK. Jun 30, 2014 389
'You Can Never Drive': Washington's new standard for drugged driving puts patients in peril. Sullum, Jacob Jun 27, 2014 1717
Anti-drunk driving law set for implementation. May 30, 2014 486
Drunk, drugged drivers face tougher penalties. May 16, 2014 451
DRINK & DRIVE LIMIT TO DROP. May 13, 2014 326
Colorado DUI laws include marijuana-impaired driving. May 1, 2014 351
MP Bekeshev proposes to increase penalties for drunk driving up to 9 thousand som. Feb 11, 2014 177
Time for zero drink-drive law; FEEDBACK. Dec 23, 2013 110
Insult to think his life is only worth five years Kieran Lea Arnold and (inset) spot where he was killed; PARENTS HIT OUT AS DRINK-DRIVER JAILED FOR KILLING THEIR SON, 21. Nov 23, 2013 566
Mothers against drunk driving (MADD): history and impact. Loewit-Phillips, Patricia Melody; Goldbas, Abbie Oct 1, 2013 3546
Want peace in the Middle East? Split up the countries. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 130
Poll: Texans Split Along Party Lines on Federal Health Care Law. Oct 1, 2013 456
Jim Dodson Law Supports Crackdown to Reduce Drunk Driving Fatalities in Florida. Aug 30, 2013 424
More than 2,200 drivers caught by police so far in 2013. Aug 27, 2013 253
Mint condition: cool, refreshing DWI. Feeney, Matthew Brief article Aug 1, 2013 229
New traffic law brings harsh penalties for breathalyzer refusal. Jul 26, 2013 319
No more mandatory drug tests, 2 senators insist. Jun 28, 2013 599
The right to challenge the accuracy of breath test results under Alaska law. Clark, Paul A. Jun 1, 2013 21503
DOH to set alcohol limit for motorists. Jun 1, 2013 531
Law bringing heavy penalties to drunk drivers approved in Parliament. May 31, 2013 324
Too stoned to drive? DUID laws. Sullum, Jacob May 26, 2013 376
MOB RULE; Cops want tough laws for scooters and warn of drink-driver purge. May 2, 2013 250
MOBRULE; Cops want tough laws for scooters and warn of drink-driver purge. May 2, 2013 250
Ignition interlocks: stalling drinkers. Teigen, Anne May 1, 2013 319
Drink-driver gets his dad's PS12k new car confiscated; Shiny new motor is seized under tough new legislation. Apr 26, 2013 607
Drunk Saudi diplomat effectively held hostage in driving death. Apr 12, 2013 707
DRINK-DRIVE LIMIT CUT TO 1 PINT; Minister backs calls for tighter laws in Scotland. Mar 22, 2013 318
Farrah Abraham Arrested: 'Teen Mom' Star Busted For DUI, Almost Twice Legal Limit. Mar 20, 2013 366
Drug-drive law 'to save 200 a year' ROADS. Mar 8, 2013 159
This car brakes for doritos: as legalized pot spreads, what will states do about stoned drivers? Harkinson, Josh Mar 1, 2013 1024
Impact of prolonged cannabinoid excretion in chronic daily cannabis smokers' blood on per se drugged driving laws. Bergamaschi, Mateus M.; Karschner, Erin L.; Goodwin, Robert S.; Scheidweiler, Karl B.; Hirvonen, Jus Report Mar 1, 2013 5834
Drunken driving 'loophole' targeted. Feb 5, 2013 501
Tipplers at wheel get a taste of law. Jan 19, 2013 445
The disposition of intoxicated driving offenses committed by soldiers on military installations. Lykling, Aaron L. Jan 1, 2013 16929
'We must get tougher on drink-drive killers' Town MP says punishment must reflect severity of dangerous offences. Dec 22, 2012 447
ONE LAW FOR THE RICH AND ONE FOR THE POOR; SENTENCING SCANDAL.. Sheriff rules four-times limit drink driver optician can keep PS25,000 Merc - because it's worth so much But the owner of this secondhand, PS8000 family 4x4 had her motor confiscated - for the same crime. Dec 4, 2012 353
Last of the temperance bar owners is done for drink driving; NO-BOOZE BOSS BANNED. Dec 1, 2012 251
Speeding tops list of serious traffic concerns. Aug 12, 2012 422
7 Three tries thwarted. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 169
France Breathalyser Law Comes into Force. Jul 1, 2012 369
Probe of officer's DUII wraps up. Jun 21, 2012 434
96pc back zero tolerance on drunk driving. Jun 10, 2012 633
CALL TO HALF LIMIT DRIVERS CAN DRINK; Law in England should be brought into line with Ireland and Scotland. Jun 6, 2012 434
Criminal law - failed the breathalyzer? Just contest the location of the stop - Commonwealth v. Virgilio, 947 N.E.2d 1112 (Mass. App. Ct. 2011). Ketcham, Jillise Jun 1, 2012 4656
New speeding laws within weeks. May 17, 2012 568
Law gets tough on drugged-up drivers; New offence follows death of teenager. May 8, 2012 580
Too high to drive. Tiegen, Anne Brief article May 1, 2012 234
STOP THIS SUFFERING; Mum demands pre-trial ban on suspected drink-drivers in memory of road crash son. Obituary Apr 29, 2012 446
Higher penalty points for bad drivers. Feb 4, 2012 353
Impact of the Drink-Driving Law on mortality from traffic accidents/Impacto da Lei Seca na Mortalidade por acidentes de transito/El impacto de la Ley Seca en la mortalidad por accidentes de trafego. Abreu, Angela Maria Mendes; Jomar, Rafael Tavares; Thomaz, Renata Glaucy Fernandes; Guimaraes, Rapha Jan 1, 2012 3752
The freedom to cross a border. McElroy, Wendy Dec 29, 2011 1249

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