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VAPP Law legalises abortion, same-sex marriage, bans holy books -Njemanze. Jul 29, 2022 2817
The Right to Life. Benoit, Gary Jul 25, 2022 710
Fistula, Genital Mutilation: Thorns That Injures, Damages Women' Reproductive Health. Jul 17, 2022 1558
Youth Alive, WRAHP, Others Meet To Check Violence, Exploitation Of Women. Jun 29, 2022 1254
Unintended Consequences Overturning Roe v. Wade could have negative impact on faculty, student recruitment in states with restrictive abortion laws. Arnett, Autumn A. Jun 9, 2022 1141
So-called "Women's Health Protection Act" defeated again in the Senate. Popik, Jennifer May 1, 2022 834
Mississippi's 15 week abortion law is not "extreme," or "radical" but mainstream. Andrusko, Dave Apr 1, 2022 452
Implementation of safe abortion service law dismal. Mar 30, 2022 367
Implementation Of Safe Abortion Service Law Dismal. Mar 30, 2022 367
Constitution of Pakistan guaranteed protection of women, children's rights: Dr. Rubaba. Mar 8, 2022 223
Constitution of Pakistan guaranteed protection of women, children's rights: Dr. Rubaba. Mar 8, 2022 223
Voters Must Hold Democrats Accountable for Vote on Abortion-Without-Limits Bill. Cross, Karen Mar 1, 2022 710
Abortions Drop in Texas After Heartbeat Law: Advocates claim women just got abortions elsewhere. O'Bannon, Randall K. Mar 1, 2022 1976
Pro-lifers "flood the zone" in anticipation of a good outcome on Mississippi's Gestational Age Act. Andrusko, Dave Mar 1, 2022 410
34-year-old woman arrested on defilement charges. Feb 20, 2022 477
Four ways the church can get ready for a post-Roe world. Davila, M. T. Jan 21, 2022 1372
Women's Sexual Health Rights in Egypt. Ayman, Mira Report Jan 1, 2022 3021
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) champions' network: A new agenda for women's health reform in sub-Saharan Africa. Okonofua, Friday; Akaba, Godwin Nov 25, 2021 2815
Pritzker vows to protect abortion rights. SOPHIA TAREEN Associated Press Sep 3, 2021 154
Pritzker vows to protect abortion rights in Illinois. SOPHIA TAREEN Associated Press Sep 3, 2021 422
Congress will tackle several pieces of important abortion-related legislation this fall. Popik, Jennifer Sep 1, 2021 958
Many amicus briefs defend Mississippi's pro-life law, strongly supported the conclusion Roe should be overturned. Editorial Aug 1, 2021 1020
Christian attitudes on abortion have a more nuanced history. Jul 18, 2021 996
Sweeping abortion bill seeks to eliminate all pro-life protections nation-wide. Popik, Jennifer Jun 1, 2021 705
SHOCK: Just 3% of women of reproductive age in the U.S. go to Planned Parenthood. Novielli, Carole Apr 1, 2021 1212
President emphasizes on women empowerment through better health, education. Mar 9, 2021 415
Tributes pour in as nation observes women's day. Mar 8, 2021 1035
The dishonest abortion extremism of Sen. Tina Smith. Stark, Paul Oct 15, 2020 801
30,000 Physicians Respond to ACOG claims that elective abortions are "essential healthcare": Continuing to perform elective abortions during a pandemic is medically irresponsible. Apr 1, 2020 521
'Compassionate' care closer. Mar 1, 2020 309
Women's health more than just reproductive issues. Feb 17, 2020 994
Sindh govt urged to implement laws, policies for protection of women. Oct 15, 2019 452
Constructing a longitudinal database of targeted regulation of abortion providers laws. Austin, Nichole; Harper, Sam Oct 1, 2019 3816
Where Roe Doesn't Reach: While people worry about a world in which abortion access is no longer protected, the women of Mississippi are already living in it. Andrews, Becca Sep 1, 2019 3534
The Battle for Abortion Rights Continues in Argentina. Jun 22, 2019 341
Nurse plea: 'Speak up' on abortion law reform. Rae, Susan Report Jun 1, 2019 217
EDITORIAL - Action for women's health. Editorial May 29, 2019 415
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH ACT Women urging state Democrats to 'take action' on bill Act. May 10, 2019 853
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH ACT Women urging state Democrats to 'take action' on bill. May 10, 2019 853
How opposition to protecting abortion survivors points to growing specter of infanticide. Stark, Paul May 1, 2019 1607
EDITORIAL - Teenage pregnancies. Editorial Apr 11, 2019 404
We Will Never Forget: Women's Health is Political. Pearson, Cynthia Sep 22, 2018 676
Global feminist group calls on world governments to force doctors to perform abortion. Risdon, James Aug 1, 2018 803
Will abortion become illegal in the United States? There is growing anti-abortion rhetoric which could have a major impact on women's health care in the US; There is growing anti-abortion rhetoric which could have a major impact on women's health care in the US. May 26, 2018 850
Repealing this callous Amendment finally puts Irish women's health first. May 24, 2018 652
Trump takes aim at Planned Parenthood in proposed abortion regulation. May 19, 2018 241
Mississippi restricts abortion. Brief article Apr 6, 2018 201
Pro-abortionists challenging Missouri's commonsense regulations designed to protect the health and safety of women. Andrusko, Dave Travel narrative Apr 1, 2018 512
Field-level referral network to improve women health. Jan 29, 2018 256
Sectoral health protocol determines health care process for women victims of violence (Chekir). Jan 18, 2018 247
It's official: Ireland parliamentary committee recommends abortion on demand through 12 weeks, also opens door to much later abortions. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2018 520
Culture-sensitive approaches for women reproductive health urged. Dec 14, 2017 212
Culture-sensitive approaches for Women Reproductive Health urged. Dec 14, 2017 580
WHAT'S NEXT IN WOMEN'S HEALTH POLICY? Schneider, Mary Ellen Nov 1, 2017 211
"Blessing" a Texas abortion clinic and what that says about pro-abortionists. Andrusko, Dave Nov 1, 2017 487
Women's Health Protection Act & Abortion Attitudes Research Findings. Sep 22, 2017 120
Missouri Gov. Greitens signs wide-ranging pro-life measure. Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2017 391
Health care bill passes on party-line House vote. Jul 2, 2017 600
Remembering Henry Morgentaler. Rogers, Edwina Letter to the editor Jun 22, 2017 326
Five threats: the AHCA may undermine women's health care. Gallegos, Alicia Jun 1, 2017 890
AHCA in focus: how the health care bill may affect women. Gallegos, Alicia Jun 1, 2017 746
Five ways the AHCA may affect women's health. Gallegos, Alicia Jun 1, 2017 890
Health Care Bill's Insults To Women. May 16, 2017 397
Walking a tightrope: states are balancing the rights of addicted women with the health needs of their developing babies. Wile, Margaret May 1, 2017 1861
Whole Woman's Health CEO on Texas, Trump and the future of women's health care. Apr 27, 2017 1634
Texas Democrat Proposes Bill To Fine Men For Masturbating. Mar 13, 2017 436
Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Right to Decide? How Women's Health Advocates Might Shape End-of-Life Policies. Baehr, Ninia Mar 1, 2017 1425
Bill filing day at the Texas Capitol revives controversies of years past. Nov 14, 2016 1814
Vote for women's health. Pearson, Cynthia Sep 1, 2016 583
Abortion action abounds. Frazzini, Kevin Brief article Aug 31, 2016 252
Analysis: Abortion Stats Reveal Texas Lawmakers' True Intentions. Jul 5, 2016 933
A brief overview of what's happened since the June NRL News. Jul 1, 2016 632
Reporters uncritically accept pro-abortion "research" relied upon by the majority in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt. Andrusko, Dave Jul 1, 2016 708
(In)visibility of violence against women in mental health/(In)visibilidade da violencia contra as mulheres na saude mental. Pedrosa, Mariana; Zanello, Valeska Jul 1, 2016 6387
Zika threatens Latin American women with limited reproductive health options. Jun 22, 2016 254
Conscientious commitment to women's health. Dickens, Bernard M.; Cook, Rebecca J. Excerpt Jun 22, 2016 907
Where the law is an ass. Barbato, Lauren Jun 22, 2016 1167
Oklahoma Passes Bill To Make Performing Abortions A Felony. May 19, 2016 421
The road to 218. Lee, Barbara Mar 22, 2016 323
Mandatory Waiting Periods and Biased Counseling Requirements in Central and Eastern Europe. Brief article Mar 22, 2016 163
Stand Up, Fight TRAP: A Policy and Advocacy Resource to Counter Clinic Shutdown Laws. Brief article Mar 22, 2016 128
Family planning--an evolving service: from its controversial beginnings, Family Planning has developed into an enduring part of the women's health care landscape, with nurses providing the vast majority of services. Halligan, Sandie Mar 1, 2016 1842
Hundreds Of Doctors Decry Ireland's Abortion Laws. Nov 21, 2015 335
The warrior. Hackett, Kim Nov 1, 2015 2921
Historical note: how bringing women's health advocacy groups to WHO helped change the research agenda. Cottingham, Jane May 1, 2015 5467
Idaho Gov. signs bill to curb web-cam abortions. Andrusko, Dave Apr 1, 2015 463
Reproductive Injustice: The State of Reproductive Health Care for Women in New York State Prisons. Mar 22, 2015 131
Missouri bill would require annual inspection of abortion clinic. Andrusko, Dave Mar 1, 2015 321
Women users of drugs of abuse during pregnancy: characterization of a series of cases/Mulheres usuarias de drogas de abuso na gravidez: caracterizacao de uma serie de casos. Marangoni, Sonia Regina; de Oliveira, Magda Lucia Felix Jan 1, 2015 6199
Abortion rights took a major hit in October. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Jan 1, 2015 160
State obligations to prevent and eliminate harmful practices. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 199
Abortion advocates, what are you doing to protect women from other Kermit Gosnells? Bilger, Micaiah Nov 1, 2014 546
Tenn. law criminalizes substance abuse in pregnancy. Gallegos, Alicia Medical condition overview Oct 1, 2014 991
Access denied: immigrant women & the Affordable Care Act. Hewko, Lillian Jul 1, 2014 478
New Zealand Abortion Rate Lowest in 20 Years; NZ Greens to Push For 'Abortion-on-Demand' Bill. Jun 19, 2014 365
The tenacity of reproductive rights a year of operating in the "Abortion Desert". Burkart, Julie May 1, 2014 707
Senate Panel's Hearing to Examine Progress on Women's Health Services. Feb 19, 2014 1212
Women's and children's health: evidence of impact of human rights. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 198
The Brief: Oct. 22, 2013. Oct 22, 2013 954
Against the tide: moving forward on abortion rights. Rowan, Andrea Sep 22, 2013 636
Abortion Legislation Could Get Approved This Week, Dewhurst Says. Jul 11, 2013 1088
La lutte contre la mortalite maternelle en Afrique apres 2015: quelles devraient etre les priorites? Bazuaye, Annette; Okonofua, Friday E. Editorial Jun 1, 2013 5500
Bill Could Reduce Number of Abortion Facilities. Mar 25, 2013 755
TRAP laws gain political traction while abortion clinics--and the women they serve--pay the price. Gold, Rachel Benson; Nash, Elizabeth Mar 22, 2013 4056
Group Aims to Repeal Required Waiting Period for Abortions. Mar 6, 2013 831
Alcohol use during pregnancy in Canada: how policy moments can create opportunities for promoting women's health. Poole, Nancy; Greaves, Lorraine Report Mar 1, 2013 1902
Keeping choice alive: there's only one abortion clinic left in Mississippi. If lawmakers get their way, soon there will be none. Sheppard, Kate Jan 1, 2013 1365
Representations of drug utilization by pregnant women at primary health care/Representacoes sobre o uso de medicamentos em gestantes assistidas na rede basica de saude/Representaciones relativas al uso de medicamentos en gestantes asistidas en la red basica de salud basica. de Campos, Viviane; Renovato, Rogerio Dias; Duarte, Leticia Castellani; Missio, Lourdes Dec 1, 2012 3696
Mammograms: is there a gender bias? Jun 30, 2012 734
Legalizing sexual harassment and legislating rape: Republican statehouses declare war on women. Niman, Michael I. May 1, 2012 1743
Making abortion services accessible in the wake of legal reforms. Apr 1, 2012 3015
Argentina lacks accountability for women's reproductive health. Klasing, Amanda M. Letter to the editor Mar 22, 2012 303
So what if I hadn't been born? Graff, E.J. Mar 1, 2012 764
Health law leaves some women out. Schneider, Mary Ellen Feb 1, 2012 201
Breast tissue density at issue. Brief article Feb 1, 2012 296
For Abortion Providers and Patients, Sonogram Law Causes Complications. Jan 29, 2012 1217
Bangladesh's menstrual regulation programme. Nov 1, 2011 767
A giant leap forward for women's health. Frizzell, Jennifer Oct 7, 2011 503
The position of the Rede Feminista de Saude on Provisional Measure 557. Oct 1, 2011 241
Know the law on expedited partner Tx. Ellen, Mary Sep 1, 2011 136
Mothers and babies--widening the HIV safety net. Bateman, Chris Aug 1, 2011 1222
HHS Mandates copay-free contraception. Anderson, Jane Report Aug 1, 2011 1298
Restricting choice: South Dakota law makes women's access to reproductive care increasingly difficult. Bathija, Sandhya Jun 1, 2011 1869
Report finds reform pro-women. Schneider, Mary Ellen Jun 1, 2011 149
Older women & health care reform. Allina, Amy May 1, 2011 443
Abortion practices undermining reformist laws--experts. Bateman, Chris May 1, 2011 1219
Hillary Clinton praises Morocco's efforts in women's economic empowerment. Mar 9, 2011 168
Nurses welcome national women's health policy 2010. Brief article Feb 1, 2011 161
Women's health below par. Dec 17, 2010 560
Reproductive health issues emanating from the Children's Act No. 38 of 2005 as amended in 2008: A pilot study of the rights of parents versus rights of children. Ncube, Mpumelelo Ennocent; Ross, Eleanor Report Dec 1, 2010 8064
Health reform law could benefit millions of women. Miller, Naseem S. Nov 1, 2010 308
Second trimester abortion laws globally: actuality, trends and recommendations. Boland, Reed Report Nov 1, 2010 11943
Millions of women could benefit from health reform law. Miller, Naseem S. Sep 1, 2010 418
Millions of women could benefit from health reform. Miller, Naseem S. Sep 1, 2010 307
Bending toward health justice. Allina, Amy Jul 1, 2010 1624
Activists fight Mexican states' abortion bans. Brief article Jun 22, 2010 210
Mommies yes, women no. Mitchell, Penni Jun 22, 2010 741
Public support in Ireland for abortion law reform. Brief article May 1, 2010 220
Muslim leaders ban female circumcision. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 280
Ob.gyns. Consider impact of landmark health reform law. Schneider, Mary Ellen Apr 1, 2010 784
Women's health care: why it matters in the health care reform debate. Davis, Gregg Mar 22, 2010 1798
Oklahoma law could make abortion records public. Jan 1, 2010 339
Ending the banishment of menstruating women to a shed: Nepal. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 208
September 28: day for the decriminalization of abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean. Jul 1, 2009 1064
Cameroon: abortion, the Catholic hierarchy and the Maputo protocol. Atemnkeng, Elizabeth Jun 22, 2009 1064
A radically immodest judicial modesty: the end of facial challenges to abortion regulations and the future of the health exception in the Roberts era. Hill, B. Jessie Jun 22, 2009 12593
Prenatal testing and disability: a truce in the culture wars? Dresser, Rebecca May 1, 2009 1519
Attitudes towards the legal context of unsafe abortion in Timor-Leste. Belton, Suzanne; Whittaker, Andrea; Fonseca, Zulmira; Wells-Brown, Tanya; Pais, Patricia May 1, 2009 6403
Issues in women's health and rights: international, Arab regional and Egyptian perspectives. Brief article May 1, 2009 155
APHA applauds repeal of gag rule. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 191
Hysterical Pro-Abortion Reaction Speaks Volumes. Mar 1, 2009 973
Kingdom to create jobs for women. Feb 27, 2009 528
Shopping for fertility markets: when it comes to reproductive technology, Americans are more tolerant than the French. Faure, Guillemette Feb 1, 2009 1012
The government of the Dominican Republic is violating women's human rights: LACWHN public declaration on the constitutional reform. Jan 1, 2009 507
Constitutional and penal reforms should enhance women's rights, not limit them. Jan 1, 2009 840
President's veto an insult to democracy. Oct 1, 2008 449
In vitro fertilisation policy in Israel and women's perspectives: the more the better? Birenbaum-Carmeli, Daphna; Dirnfeld, Martha May 1, 2008 6205
Law, women and health in Nigeria. Ozo-Eson, Philomena I. Report May 1, 2008 7887
Responding to a real need: liberalizing Mexico City's abortion law. Mejia, Maria Consuelo; Sanchez, Maria Luisa Mar 22, 2008 1817
Cambodia. Jan 1, 2008 20665
China. Jan 1, 2008 13097
India. Jan 1, 2008 16958
Indonesia. Jan 1, 2008 14818
Malaysia. Jan 1, 2008 21287
Nepal. Jan 1, 2008 16065
The Philippines. Jan 1, 2008 13901
A regional overview. Jan 1, 2008 21945
Bill supports pregnant women. Brief article Dec 28, 2007 163
On guard: women's health activists are skeptical about a federal plan to vaccinate girls as young as nine with Gardasil. Downton, Dawn Rae Sep 22, 2007 1815
Safe abortions for women in Mozambique. Katerere, Fred Jul 1, 2007 622
Laws requiring health plans to provide direct access to obstetricians and gynecologists, and use of cancer screening by women. Baker, Laurence C.; Chan, Jia Jun 1, 2007 7140
Still in the shadows: Kirby report turns a blind eye to women. Malik, Laila Dec 22, 2006 856
Status of women Canada cuts a loss for healthy democracy: grassroots organizations play an instrumental role in government accountability and contribute to healthy public policies. O'Grady, Kathleen Dec 22, 2006 1119
Putting more heart in women's heart care. Dec 1, 2006 333
Health: commission keen to improve breast cancer screening. Brief article Apr 10, 2006 268
South Dakota enacts far-reaching abortion ban. Schneider, Mary Ellen Apr 1, 2006 608
"The Women's Health Movement in Canada: Looking Back and Moving Forward.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article Mar 22, 2006 118
Nutrition hotline. Hobbs, Suzanne Havala Jul 1, 2005 441
Sexual and reproductive health and rights in the United Kingdom at ICPD+10. Davey, Caroline May 1, 2005 4541
Global progress in abortion advocacy and policy: an assessment of the decade since ICPD. Hessini, Leila May 1, 2005 8720
Beijing+10: women's human rights and gender equality prevail. Brief Article May 1, 2005 230
Danielle Nierenberg: population and parasites. Nierenberg, Danielle Mar 1, 2005 704
Ana Guezmes Garcia: Reforma del Sector Salud y Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 132

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