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Building Back the Care Economy: We have a moment to right many historical wrongs for care workers, which create racial and gender inequities. Spriggs, William E. Nov 1, 2020 1623
Women must not be second class pension citizens. Trevor Law Jan 9, 2020 654
Should the CEO Pay Ratio be Regulated? Anginer, Deniz; Liu, Jinjing; Schipani, Cindy A.; Seyhun, H. Nejat Jan 1, 2020 21799
Labour plot raft of new job laws. CATHERINE NEILAN @CatNeilan Nov 8, 2019 311
Employers can't ask applicants for salary history Salary: Employees' rights to discuss wages now protected. submitted by Jeff Rogers Illinois press association Oct 2, 2019 397
Employers can't ask applicants for salary history Law: Employees' rights to discuss wages now protected. submitted by Jeff Rogers Illinois press association Oct 2, 2019 397
Employers can't ask applicants for salary history. submitted by Jeff Rogers Illinois press association Oct 2, 2019 397
Update on two key laws affecting business. Sep 16, 2019 504
CTU calls on PM to fix equal pay law. Sep 1, 2019 297
Women march for equal pay. Sep 1, 2019 345
Employers can't ask applicants for wage history. Aug 7, 2019 660
Now, employers can't ask about previous wages. Aug 6, 2019 660
New law bars employers from asking about previous wages. Aug 1, 2019 663
The Essential Guide to Federal Employment Laws, 6th Edition. Book review Jun 1, 2019 125
MPs reflect on PM who led 'in a man's world'. May 25, 2019 395
Actress Michelle Williams at US Capitol to push for pay equality. Apr 3, 2019 442
Can unions significantly reduce wage inequality? Depends on whether you're in the public or private sector. Hicks, Maureen Soyars Jan 1, 2019 558
Will 2019 be a quieter year for employers? asks Hannah Strawbridge, employment law associate at Eaton Smith LLP. Dec 6, 2018 356
These are nine crucial changes to employment law you need to to look out for in 2019; From changes in the minimum wage to how your pension is paid into, there's a lot to keep an eye on next year. Nov 26, 2018 1026
Mastering Employment Discrimination Law, 2nd Edition. Brief article Oct 1, 2018 147
Move to reduce gender pay gap at Surrey County Council blocked, with women 'choosing to work part-time'; Council leader David Hodge says the council's pay gap is because many women are working in part-time, frontline, lower grade jobs and for many it's a 'personal choice'. Jul 13, 2018 623
WDVA: UVA pay discrimination case can go to trial. Lightle, Rebecca M. Jul 2, 2018 1174
THE Benefits Of Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives: MANY WORKPLACES TODAY REFLECT THE EXCEPTIONAL DIVERSITY OF the United States. Proud of their workforce diversity, companies highlight it on annual report covers and in recruitment and marketing materials. But beyond looking diverse, are these workplaces actually inclusive? Banham, Russ Jun 1, 2018 2096
South African parliament approves national minimum wage bill. May 29, 2018 128
In Year of the Woman, dads step up for equal time: There is legal risk to employers who give fathers lesser benefits. Stevens, Charla Bizios May 11, 2018 929
Councils in Wales need to adopt a standard measure on equal pay. Apr 16, 2018 1091
Equal pay for equal work. Apr 16, 2018 843
Equal gender pay announced in UAE. Apr 13, 2018 247
Equal gender pay announced in UAE. Apr 12, 2018 287
UAE Government takes steps to bridge gender pay gap. Apr 11, 2018 204
Women in hospitality take note! UAE approves new equal pay law plan. Apr 11, 2018 195
Equal gender pay announced in UAE. Apr 10, 2018 484
Raising Awareness About Gender Salary Gap On Equal Pay Day. Apr 10, 2018 673
Big boost to gender parity as Cabinet passes equal pay law. Apr 10, 2018 994
Three in four firms pay men more than women. Apr 5, 2018 645
We must do more to bridge gender pay gap; To coincide with the imminent release of gender pay gap reports by larger businesses, MARK LANE canvasses North East opinion on the long and painful process of achieving pay and status equality. Mar 29, 2018 1826
CRITICAL EYE. Megan Tatum Mar 24, 2018 280
Family Dollar to pay $45M to settle wage discrim suit. Bantz, Phillip Mar 23, 2018 749
PAY GAP MELTS IN ICELAND. Brief article Mar 22, 2018 165
Firms 'dodge new laws on gender pay'. Mar 19, 2018 124
Set in the Sixties but still topical now. Mar 17, 2018 393
Charlize Theron weighs in on #MeToo in Dubai. Mar 17, 2018 624
What's the law on equal pay? the saturday essay. Louise Lawrence Column Mar 17, 2018 536
To ask or not to ask? That is the question! Mar 14, 2018 581
Labour would create a law ensuring equal pay; Firms would be fined for failing to tackle issue. Mar 11, 2018 607
New Salary History Ban Is Here To Stay: A new law could have a real impact on negotiating salary and total compensation. Tolan, Tim Mar 1, 2018 586
Mississippi House OKs equal pay, sending proposal to Senate. Feb 9, 2018 129
Despite Salary Schedule, Jury Could Find Unequal Pay. Lightle, Rebecca M. Jan 31, 2018 932
Employer must show reasons for pay disparity actually used. Vieth, Peter Jan 11, 2018 825
It's time to mind the gap; Legislation is only the first step towards closing the gender pay gap, writes Helen Bradley. Jan 10, 2018 833
BBC accused of illegal pay as chief quits; She slams 'crisis' over gender gap. Jan 8, 2018 228
Equal pay controversy rumbles on; The latest news from HR, recruitment, employment law and staff issues by Rosemary Gallagher. Jan 5, 2018 534
Prepare to reveal gender pay gap. Jan 4, 2018 664
Bernie Sanders Wants US To Follow Iceland's Equal Pay Policy. Jan 4, 2018 605
The laws being introduced in 2018 and how they could affect you; Changes are being introduced for MOTs, landlords, drones and illegal immigrants. James Aldridge Dec 30, 2017 947
Agency staff in 'pay penalty' NEWS IN BRIEF. Dec 21, 2017 171
PS400m penalty for agency workers. Dec 21, 2017 162
Agency workers lose out on millions in "pay penalty" - to the tune of [pounds sterling]1,000 each this year; It's a pay gap that will cost the average agency admin worker almost [pounds sterling]1,000 a year. Dec 21, 2017 303
Move to scrap pay equity bill welcomed. Nov 1, 2017 143
END THE WAGE GAP. Brief article Sep 22, 2017 281
BBC's pay gap woe casts shadow over British business. Sep 5, 2017 840
I'm not jolly about equal lolly for Holly. Aug 27, 2017 121
There's only one woman on the UK Brexit negotiating team - here's why that matters. Aug 20, 2017 997
8 Closing the gender pay gap. Jun 1, 2017 112
Equal pay for equal work. May 24, 2017 403
Cambridge Trust participates in Cambridge's Early Adopter Initiative of New Pay Equity Law. May 1, 2017 261
Cambridge Trust participates in Cambridge's Early Adopter Initiative of New Pay Equity Law. May 1, 2017 259
'Snapshot day' helps report on gender pay gap in public sector. Apr 27, 2017 328
Increases to minimum pay and apprentices levy affect many firms; The April law changes affect all employers. Peninsula HR & Employment Law Director Alan Price reveals how. Apr 27, 2017 474
The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act: 8 Years Later. Jan 29, 2017 570
Firms must show pay differences; Equal Pay Day means businesses need to switch on ahead of new regulations, says Eleanor Bamber, senior associate at Hugh James. Nov 10, 2016 645
GENDER PAY GAP IS WIDEST IN SCOTLAND; The latest news from HR, recruitment, employment law and staff issues. Oct 4, 2016 498
Keeping a happy balance for employees and firms; We are seeing a lot of doom and gloom in the news at the moment about how Brexit will mean a loss of both jobs and rights for British workers. Owen John writes. Aug 28, 2016 867
Outrage as women underpaid by councils are still waiting for their money; AND MANY HAVE DIED BEFORE GETTING WHAT'S OWED TO THEM IN EQUALITY ACT PASSED IN 1970. Jul 23, 2016 559
Bosses will have to mind the pay gap. Mar 17, 2016 374
Pay gap shows 'racism is alive and well at the highest levels' After David Cameron attacked universities over racial inequality and vowed to introduce new laws to shame them into action, a new study has revealed that black workers face a massive pay gap which widens as they achieve more qualifications. Darren Devine reports. Feb 2, 2016 678
Moving toward equality. Oct 12, 2015 571
Gender pay gap data disclosure is food for thought. Oct 8, 2015 376
"Coercive cooperation"? Ontario's Pay Equity Act of 1988 and the gender pay gap. McDonald, Judith A.; Thornton, Robert J. Oct 1, 2015 8484
Women in California CUs May Get Raises. Sep 28, 2015 710
We asked at TiC Rhyl: If you were Prime Minister what law would you introduce and why? Jul 28, 2015 208
Wage gap myths; Equal pay provisions already law. Editorial Apr 18, 2015 403
Eternal wage gaps: mandatory equality failure. Bailey, Ronald Brief article Mar 15, 2015 195
Measure protects divulging salaries. Mar 4, 2015 485
We must take control of the gender pay gap; We can no longer blame inadequate laws for the pay gap between men and women. It's up to us to make the difference, says Fflur Jones. Dec 10, 2014 853
WOMEN FACE A 'MID-LIFE PAY CRISIS' The latest news from HR, recruitment, employment law and staff issues. Oct 2, 2014 550
Gender pay gap to widen: the gender pay gap--already at a record high of 18.2 per cent--is expected to blow out by a further two per cent under Abbott government proposed changes to workplace laws. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 216
Labor strikes back by taking it to the states. Sanders, Bob Apr 18, 2014 931
It's a job gap, not a wage gap. Birdsell, Regina; Sanborn, Laurie Mar 7, 2014 541
Equal pay decision a 'turning point'. Sep 1, 2013 487
Labour market 'light years' away from equality: a former associate professor of economics and gender and women's studies at Victoria University offers some comments on the hearing. Hyman, Prue Sep 1, 2013 433
Law could see firms audited for equal pay. Jun 20, 2013 601
The Equal Pay Act: 50 Years Later, Pay For Women, And Particularly Women Of Color, Still Lags. Jun 10, 2013 365
State Equal Pay Act Survives the Senate. May 22, 2013 471
Putting bias in check. Davis, Crystal Brief article Feb 28, 2013 114
FEMALE EXECUTIVES STILL FACE GENDER PAY GAP; The latest news from HR, recruitment, employment law and staff issues. Jan 4, 2013 349
Laws end battle of sexes. Dec 29, 2012 218
Equal pay bill goes nowhere; Brown sees more job-killing regs. Jun 6, 2012 800
Bridging compensation gaps in a merger: achieve success by reconciling firms' different pay and perks. Sinkin, Joel; Frederiksen, Chris Jan 1, 2012 2423
Unions welcome reform of equal opportunity workplace laws. Apr 1, 2011 329
Two sides to every coin: as the UK adopts a new Equality Act, Ruth Prickett wonders how managers can reconcile conflicting views to create fairer workplaces. Prickett, Ruth Nov 1, 2010 848
Act equally; COMMENT & DEBATE. Oct 22, 2010 117
Wage differential: food deliverer pay change becomes law. Sanders, Bob Brief article Jul 30, 2010 234
Leaving no stone unturned in pay equity fight. Brief article Jul 1, 2010 322
Is this a new dawn for equality and diversity? Apr 22, 2010 1093
New laws, new liabilities. Garbowski, Mark; Horkovich, Robert M. Dec 1, 2009 670
Women in the UK who work full time earn an average of 17.1 per cent less than their male equivalents--and the gap is even worse in financial jobs, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Sep 1, 2009 164
New law to reveal gender pay gap. Apr 30, 2009 394
New law to reveal gender pay gap. Apr 29, 2009 394
New law to reveal gender pay gap. Apr 28, 2009 394
New law to reveal gender pay gap. Apr 27, 2009 394
In the wake of Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company: applying the discovery rule to determine the start of the limitations period for pay discrimination claims. Zisk, Nancy Jan 1, 2009 9871
Gender and the trans-Tasman world of labour: transnational and comparative histories. Frances, Raelene; Nolan, Melanie Report Nov 1, 2008 11373
Equal work, equal pay: Congress seeks to make gender pay discrimination a thing of the past. Simon, Mashaun D. Nov 1, 2008 608
Pay discrimination claims after Ledbetter. Copus, David Oct 1, 2008 17047
Equality on the record. Brief article Sep 22, 2008 107
Defending the "acceptable business reason" requirement of the Equal Pay Act: a response to the challenges of Wernsing v. Department of Human Services. Pagan, Ruben Bolivar Jun 22, 2008 11395
Wage gaps large and small. Hirsch, Barry T. Apr 1, 2008 9223
Ledbetter in Congress: the limits of a narrow legislative override. Eidmann, Kathryn A. Mar 1, 2008 3905
DADS to add hundreds of nursing positions this fiscal year. Oct 1, 2007 164
Employers win pay-disparity case in Supreme Court: in Ledbetter, the Supreme court rules that Title VII's filing deadline bars employment discrimination claims based on decisions that occurred outside the limitations period, even if the employee's current pay is lower because of the decisions. Gunnarsson, Helen W. Aug 1, 2007 1164
Pay equity: still an issue? McKay-Panos, Linda Jan 1, 2007 930
Market imperfections: public goods and externalities. Trzcinski, Eileen Jan 1, 2005 3136
Treat pay equity as human rights issue, task force recommends. May 17, 2004 397
Finland recommended to increase wage differences. Brief Article Apr 9, 2003 111

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