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United States : Reps. David Trone, Barbara Lee, Don Bacon, Susie Lee Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Repeal the Ban on Pell Grants for Incarcerated Students. Jul 30, 2019 499
Illinois House bill offers student financial aid to undocumented immigrants. Apr 19, 2019 439
House bill offers student financial aid to undocumented immigrants Bill also applies to transgender individuals who haven't registered for the draft. Apr 16, 2019 493
UNFORGIVABLE: Why is the nation's flagship debt forgiveness program failing the students it's supposed to help? Liebethal, Ryann Sep 1, 2018 7038
United States : Heitkamp Announces U.S. Dept. of Education Waiver that will Prevent UTTC from Losing Pell Grant Eligibility. May 18, 2018 290
Florida HBCU Institutes a Promise Program. Brief article May 17, 2018 105
VOUCHING FOR BULLIED KIDS. Brief article Apr 1, 2018 108
An Unexpected Benefit: For one young woman, Linfield College's tuition remission benefit was a "blessing in disguise". Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Nov 16, 2017 1466
Protecting Student Borrowers. Sep 1, 2017 334
Student loans--an essential element of the financial aid system in the US. Nica, Elvira; Bonciu, Catalina Ioana Report Jun 1, 2017 1622
Tackling tuition: lawmakers continue to seek ways to help students and families as the costs of college soars. Fillion, Roger Mar 1, 2016 2694
A degree of savings: savings accounts dedicated to paying for college can take the sting out of increasing tuitions and help develop the habit of saving. Hathaway, Jessica Mar 1, 2016 1853
Don't be fooled. Brief article Feb 5, 2016 218
Philippines : PNoy signs law on financial aid to poor students. Oct 28, 2015 253
Philippines : President Aquino signs law on financial assistance to poor students. Oct 24, 2015 222
Vouchers multiply even without public support: more states allow public funding for students to attend private and religious schools, but are these plans in line with state constitutional provisions? Underwood, Julie Sep 1, 2015 1330
WE LET YOU DOWN; MAN CITY PELLEGRINI STAYS; Khaldoon admits poor buys and FFP rules hit City's title defence and backs Pell for next term. Jun 12, 2015 449
Student bill of rights. Mar 20, 2015 505
Montana tribal bill. Davis, Crystal Brief article Feb 26, 2015 133
Denying Pell Grants to Prisoners: Race, Class, and the Philosophy of Mass Incarceration. Mallory, Jason L. Essay Jan 1, 2015 9139
Launching new institutions: solving the chicken-or-egg problem in American higher education. Manning, Sylvia Oct 1, 2014 5845
Should pell grants target the college-ready? Sep 1, 2014 4080
Congress unveils series of higher ed legislative proposals. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Aug 14, 2014 924
Ex-sites. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 161
Access to what and for whom? A closer look at Federal Parent PLUS loans. Rodriguez, Awilda Report May 1, 2014 7972
Focus on higher education. Dec 20, 2013 505
Study now, pay later. Brief article Dec 9, 2013 141
A poor idea: statute of limitations decisions cement second-class remedial scheme for low-income children with disabilities in the Third Circuit. Valverde, Jennifer Rosen Dec 1, 2013 7594
A poor idea: statute of limitations decisions cement second-class remedial scheme for low-income children with disabilities in the Third Circuit. Valverde, Jennifer Rosen Dec 1, 2013 24870
Funding phantom students: state policies insulate districts from making tough decisions. Roza, Marguerite; Fullerton, Jon Jun 22, 2013 4381
No school breaks: the ongoing struggle to preserve secularism in education. Hughes, Sarah Anne May 1, 2013 995
Latino blueprint offers new ideas for financial aid policy. Dervarics, Charles Mar 14, 2013 818
Shut out: new federal rules excluding CC students from Pell Grant Program. Bradley, Paul Cover story Feb 4, 2013 1303
Top 10 resource wasters: a hit list for reducing work for students and financial aid staff. Kurz, Kathy Jan 1, 2012 957
Odds and ends. Brief article Aug 5, 2011 279
31 Days, 31 Ways: Texas College Students to Receive Less Financial Aid. Aug 4, 2011 872
For-Profit Schools: Large Schools and Schools that Specialize in Healthcare Are More Likely to Rely Heavily on Federal Student Aid. Nov 1, 2010 565
Student aid rules. Oct 1, 2010 195
The Dutch experience with Weighted student funding: the Netherlands' centralized school funding, long-term stability of education policies, and extensive social services contribute to its success. Weighted student funding might not translate well into the U.S. system. Fiske, Edward B.; Ladd, Helen F. Sep 1, 2010 2523
Graduate tax is proposed. Brief article Jul 30, 2010 192
School Daze. Leibovitz, Liel Jun 18, 2010 977
Pell grants. Apr 5, 2010 81
Federal Pell grants will grow under new law. Mar 30, 2010 183
Second course costs add up. Brief article Feb 12, 2010 205
Veterans at the gates: exploring the new GI Bill and its transformative possibilities. Keillor, Joseph B. Nov 1, 2009 13685
Federal Student Aid: Highlights of a Study Group on Simplifying the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Report to Congressional Committees. GAO-10-29. Report Oct 1, 2009 319
Federal Student Aid: Highlights of a Study Group on Simplifying the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Report to Congressional Committees. GAO-10-29. Scott, George A. Author abstract Oct 1, 2009 317
Low-Income and Minority Serving Institutions: Management Attention to Long-standing Concerns Needed to Improve Education's Oversight of Grant Programs. Report to the Chairman, Subcommittee on Higher Education, Lifelong Learning, and Competitiveness, Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives. GAO-09-309. Report Sep 1, 2009 329
Simplifying Student Aid: The Case for an Easier, Faster, and More Accurate FAFSA. Author abstract Sep 1, 2009 387
H.R. 3221: Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009. Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate. Report Jul 24, 2009 297
Gutting D.C. School vouchers after they work as predicted. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Jun 1, 2009 399
The 2008 Amendments to the Federal Higher Education Act: Are We on the Right Track? WISCAPE Policy Brief. Stampen, Jacob O.; Zulick, Bradford J. Report Mar 9, 2009 239
Student aid office rewriting direct loan deferment forms. Jan 12, 2009 202
HEOA and the life of an aid officer: what the impact of this new legislation will be for financial aid offices. Kurz, Kathy; Scannell, Jim; Veeder, Samantha Nov 1, 2008 1197
Input being sought on revamped rules for student aid program. Pekow, Charles Sep 22, 2008 476
The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program and Other Federal Student Aid Programs. Final Rule. Federal Register, Part III, Department of Education, 34 CFR Parts 668, 673, 674, 675, 676, 682, 685, 686, and 690. Author abstract Jun 23, 2008 304
Increase financial support for low-income students: this article is part of a yearlong series that will more closely examine the recommendations made in ACTE's postsecondary reform position statement and highlight best practices for implementing each of the recommendations. To access the complete position statement, visit legislative_issues/postsecondary.cfm. Hyslop, Alisha Apr 1, 2008 1501
Too many cooks: how to manage financial aid programs that involve multiple offices. Kurz, Kathy; Scannell, Jim; Veeder, Samantha Mar 1, 2008 1510
Education Dept. to consider new rules for student aid. Jan 28, 2008 398
Technical errors in student aid bill corrected. Pekow, Charles Jan 14, 2008 182
Education department seeks input for rules on new student financial aid law. Nov 5, 2007 375
President signs college cost reduction act: law provides largest student aid increase since GI Bill. Brief article Nov 1, 2007 302
Bush swallows objections and signs student aid legislation. Oct 22, 2007 526
Transforming higher education. Oct 12, 2007 502
Welcome expansion; Bipartisan support strong for new Pell Grant law. Editorial Oct 5, 2007 256
The End of Need-Based Student Financial Aid in Canada? Junor, Sean; Usher, Alex Aug 1, 2007 797
House panel approves bill boosting college aid. Thomas, Trevor Jun 25, 2007 408
House approves equity plan for recipients of Pell Grants. Pekow, Charles Mar 12, 2007 104
Report: IRS privacy laws restrict education department and colleges from verifying financial aid applications. Pekow, Charles Dec 4, 2006 580
Twenty questions about paying for college: demystifying financial aid and the related tax benefits. Karl, Peter A., III; Petronio, Edward; Wallis, Kenneth Dec 1, 2006 5228
Washington State Need Grant: Less-Than-Halftime Pilot Project (SHB 1345). Report Dec 1, 2006 228
State Tuition, Fees, and Financial Assistance Policies for Public Colleges and Universities, 2005-06. Boatman, Angela; L'Orange, Hans Author abstract Nov 1, 2006 246
Senate committee rejects Pell increase. Pekow, Charles Jul 31, 2006 657
House committee recommends Pell increase. Jun 19, 2006 305
Perceptions of College Financial Aid among California Latino Youth. Policy Brief. Zarate, Maria Estela; Pachon, Harry P. Report Jun 1, 2006 273
California congressman named chair of House Education Committee. Dervarics, Charles Mar 9, 2006 708
Pell Grant flat in 2006 ed bill. Jan 30, 2006 219
Iowa Tuition Grant Legislative Policy Report. Greiner, Keith Author abstract Jan 26, 2006 131
U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid Five-Year Plan, 2006-2010. Report Jan 1, 2006 264
Opening the Doors to Higher Education: Perspectives on the Higher Education Act 40 Years Later. Cervantes, Angelica; Creusere, Marlena; McMillion, Robin; McQueen, Carla; Short, Matt; Steiner, Matt Nov 1, 2005 665
Federal student aid program funding in Limbo. Pekow, Charles Oct 24, 2005 127
Mass. student aid shrinks while college costs spike. Mar 28, 2005 436
Congress leaves town with unfinished business. Dervarics, Charles Nov 8, 2004 696
When a win may not mean much. Doerr, Edd May 1, 2004 1058
College aid and tax planning. Part 1 of 2. Sumutka, Alan R. Feb 1, 2004 4467
You protest, you pay. Pietras, Jamie Nov 3, 2003 765
Certificate exam fails federal financial-aid test. May 12, 2003 326
Colleges say welfare-reform bill hampers education. (dateline Washington). Dervarics, Charles Mar 17, 2003 549
Hidden costs of estate planning on student financial aid. Zupanc, Thomas; Wells, Wayne; Sytsma, Joleen R. Sep 1, 2002 2821
Congress may push Pell increase through a back door. (dateline washington). Dervarics, Charles Brief Article May 27, 2002 704
Bill would change drug provision. (Capitol briefs). Brief Article Apr 15, 2002 182
Fed. Up. (In Washington). Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 236
Sinking economy may pull down planned increase in Pell grant. (dateline Washington). Dervarics, Charles Brief Article Nov 26, 2001 682
Bill Would Reward Service. Brief Article Aug 6, 2001 127
Drug Policy Could Deny Federal Aid For Thousands. Brief Article Aug 6, 2001 287
Congress Wants to Keep it Simple. DERVARICS, CHARLES Brief Article Jun 25, 2001 599
Anti-Drug Aid Law Decried. WRIGHT, SCOTT W. Brief Article Jun 11, 2001 758
The Higher Education Act of 1992: skills, constraints, and the politics of higher education. Hannah, Susan B. Sep 1, 1996 11364
Tougher oversight of schools needed. Aug 1, 1994 320
Making college possible. Cohn, Jonathan Apr 1, 1994 2076

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