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Appeals Court: Market value entails development potential, too. Olson, Kris Apr 25, 2019 1691
Inclusion of billboard income in valuation of real property for tax purposes. Blair, Benjamin A. Mar 22, 2019 781
4th Cir.: Market value should dictate recovery for stolen merchandise. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 3, 2018 618
Regulating Surrogacy Agencies Through Value-Based Compliance. Davis, Jordan Stirling Mar 22, 2018 8578
Broker can testify on value of condemned land. Donovan, David Mar 15, 2018 701
Western District of Va.: Eminent domain possession requires proper valuation. Lightle, Rebecca M. Feb 16, 2018 2576
What will China do when land use rights begin to expire? Stein, Gregory M. May 1, 2017 24232
Trial court did not abuse its discretion in conducting hearing to determine fair market value of foreclosed property. Mar 22, 2016 533
A jury may determine fair market value within a range of appropriate values based on expert appraisal evidence. Case overview Mar 22, 2016 753
Personal representative entitled to purchase property of decedent's estate for fair market value. Sep 22, 2015 512
Parcel of land can be divided and valued as separate economic units in eminent domain proceeding. Sep 22, 2015 703
Tax court may use subsequent sales of condominiums in same building, and of same age and condition, to assess value of condominium. Jun 22, 2015 677
In eminent domain proceeding, exclusion of prenegotiation appraisal and examination of appraiser is reversible error. Jun 22, 2015 580
The Internal Revenue Service and bitcoin: a taxing relationship. Lambert, Elizabeth E. Jun 22, 2015 11928
Significant adjustments to comparable sales leave court with insufficient evidence of value. Jun 22, 2015 574
Development cost approach may not be used to value property that has already been platted and developed. Jun 22, 2015 603
Property's highest and best use can be use in connection with adjoining properties. Jun 22, 2015 486
Actual rent is prima facie evidence of economic rent of residential apartments. Jun 22, 2015 734
Cost to cure pollution was sufficiently reliable to determine fair market value. Jun 22, 2015 774
Project influence doctrine applies where property has always been contemplated for condemnation. Jun 22, 2015 611
Trial court may approve tax foreclosure sale even when court-ordered appraisal not filed in accordance with Uniform Standing Orders for Foreclosure by Sale. Jun 22, 2015 646
Ad valorem taxes assessed on market value of property in year of a use change are void. Mar 22, 2015 404
Determining property's fair market value based upon averaging of comparable sales is not proper. Mar 22, 2015 665
Property owner successfully rebuts assessor's determination of value. Mar 22, 2015 857
A recent sale of property should be considered in determining fair market value. Mar 22, 2015 543
Actual cash value as used in an insurance policy is not synonymous with market value. Mar 22, 2015 641
Lenders may resell property after a previous purchase at foreclosure sale is denied confirmation if they acted in good faith and show good cause. Mar 22, 2015 454
Difference of $1.00 per linear foot of fence in appraisal is enough to survive motion for summary judgment. Jan 1, 2015 631
Cost approach value of house must take depreciation into account. Jan 1, 2015 528
The impact of a "fair price" on the "entire fairness" test. Jan 1, 2015 993
Buying or selling C corporation stock. Ellentuck, Albert B. Sep 1, 2013 1493
Testing a partnership's contribution of appreciated real property to determine developer or investor status. Zemil, Nick Mar 22, 2013 5335
Pension rescue and the fair market value of a permanent life insurance policy. Smucker, David K. Dec 1, 2012 4449
Apportionment: shining the light of day on patent damages. Friedman, Josh Sep 22, 2012 17354
Income evidence generally not admissible for establishing property values in condemnation cases involving commercial enterprises. Jun 22, 2012 519
Where a sale can be explained away as abnormal, the general rule that a recent arm's-length sale is the best evidence of value is not controlling. Weinberger, Alan M. Mar 22, 2011 546
The case for iterative statutory reform: appraisal and the Model Business Corporation Act. Thompson, Robert B. Jan 1, 2011 9208
The CPA's role in quantifying post-acquisition dispute damages. Litvak, Jeff; Mathicu, Kenneth; Kennedy, G. William Mar 1, 2010 4217
Treasury plans to update definition of publicly traded debt. Almeras, Jon Mar 1, 2010 2148
Pricing on purpose: how to implement value pricing in your firm. Baker, Ronald J. Jun 1, 2009 3444
The role of mark-to-market accounting in the financial crisis: does fair value expose problems on the financial statements, or exacerbate them? Jan 1, 2009 3122
Life insurance: what's it worth? (And who says?) Pension Protection Act forces appraisers of donated policies to reassess methods, qualifications. Breus, Alan Jan 1, 2008 2613
Patentee overcompensation and the entire market value rule. Love, Brian J. Oct 1, 2007 15519
USDA approves assessment increase & appoints council members. Brief article Dec 1, 2006 169
Economic benefit from below-market financing can be amortizable asset. Levy, Marc Jan 1, 2004 1315

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