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Where individual, corporate, and passthrough entity taxation meet. Jacobs, Mo Bell; Wlodychak, Steve Jun 1, 2021 4492
The Foreclosure of Local Special Assessment Liens: What, Where, Why, and How of the Civil Action and Enforcement Methods. Carbonell, Catherine M.; Suarez-Rivas, Rafael E. May 1, 2021 3767
TAXING LOCAL ENERGY EXTERNALITIES. Wiseman, Hannah J. Dec 1, 2020 28791
The Year That Left Us SALT-y: Key State and Local Tax Developments in 2020; Yeah, there's the ripple effect from Wayfair and, that's right, a pandemic. Friedman, Jeffrey; Jansen, Dennis Nov 1, 2020 3278
Diagnosing the SALT effects of COVID. McCann, Bridget; Puzella, Carolyn Oct 1, 2020 4010
Diagnosing the SALT effects of COVID-19. McCann, Bridget; Puzella, Carolyn Sep 1, 2020 4052
Amending the 1987 Philippine Constitution. Editorial Jul 26, 2020 1032
True, Correct, and Complete: On-time Filing of State and Local Tax Returns Without Clear, Consistent, or Practical Guidance; In a GILTI world, taxpayers need to make their way without a compass. Friedman, Jeffrey; Betor, Todd; Hilkin, Michael Cover story May 1, 2019 3092
Technology and Automation: A Road Map for State and Local Tax Professionals; Challenges include spreadsheet-based calculations, manual tax software inputs and overrides, and cumbersome work papers. Kammann, Mike; Appel, Amee; King, Jason May 1, 2019 3812
TEI Roundtable No. 24: Putting SALT on the Table; Corporate tax professionals face a plethora of vexing state and local issues. Discussion May 1, 2019 3144
Changing the State and Local Tax Nexus Playing Fields: An Update on the Impact of Wayfair. Rosenthal, Corey L.; Smith, Scott; Galex, Wendy May 1, 2019 1838
The IRS Shutdown of SALT Deduction Workarounds: A Comparison of States. Rosenthal, Corey L.; Yang, Annie Column Dec 1, 2018 1072
Case could upset a key source of cash for local courts. White, Ed Nov 30, 2018 637
Va. Cir.: Country club wins second municipal tax challenge. Lightle, Rebecca M. Jun 17, 2018 852
TEI Issues Policy Statements Regarding the Sales Taxation of Business Inputs, Trailing Nexus, and the Confidentiality of Taxpayer Information. Gordon-Brown, Marji; Pitale, Angela; Sponseller, Roger; Fenwic, Jamie; Mata, Pilar Jan 1, 2018 2043
Risk management: worth its SALT. Rood, Deborah K. Sep 1, 2016 1759
TEI issues policy statement on statutes of limitation for state and local taxes. Jul 1, 2016 730
TEI issues five state and local tax policy statements. May 1, 2016 2079
State and local tax considerations for business acquisitions and divestitures. Duffany, Patrick; Peck, Milo W.; Rosenthal, Corey Column Feb 1, 2016 1788
Supreme court rules that two states may not tax the same income. Levin, Mark H. Jan 1, 2016 1478
Disaggregating the state and local tax deduction. Shobe, Gladriel Jan 1, 2016 29032
Finding the best forum. Friedman, Jeffrey A.; Mata, Pilar; Do, Stephanie May 1, 2015 2489
Making an urban agriculture small business sector feasible in San Francisco: a "Williamson Act" for California's cities. Reed, Nicholas Mar 22, 2013 3461
Online travel companies not liable for occupancy taxes. Cooley, Karen M. Dec 1, 2012 594
Controlling interest provisions in state and local real estate transfer taxes. Dennis, Donald R.; Cesaretti, Jonathan M. Sep 1, 2011 1282
State & local taxes: selected issues concerning the state income taxation of nonresident trusts and estates. Bergmann, Gregory A.; Johnson, Eric L. Sep 1, 2011 5422
Punjab industrial crisis badly affecting labour class. Brief article Jul 31, 2011 214
Drawback scheme is being scrapped. Brief article Jul 31, 2011 124
Flow-through entities and uncertain tax position reporting. Nevius, Alistair M. Jun 1, 2011 614
Caesar as God's banker: using Germany's church tax as an example of non-geographically bounded taxing jurisdiction. Hoffer, Stephanie Dec 22, 2010 17148
The federal role in state tax reform. Stark, Kirk J. Sep 22, 2010 15905
An overview of major property tax relief measures. Melnik, Steven V. Dec 1, 2009 1481
Hiking in Hoboken: revolting property taxes. Welch, Matt Jun 1, 2009 371
Refundable state and local tax credits. Snow, Danny R. Apr 1, 2009 1152
State & local, Canadian activities top TEI's spring agenda: comments also filed on cafeteria plan regs, employment tax rules for disregarded entities. May 1, 2008 2323
Federal fairness to state taxpayers: irrationality, unfunded mandates, and the "salt" deduction. Galle, Brian Mar 1, 2008 27347
Municipal tax exemption depends upon status of beneficial owner, not holder of legal title. Weinberger, Alan M. Jan 1, 2008 619
Will the push for origin-based sourcing derail SST? Nicolas, Karl Jun 1, 2006 2144
Streamlined sales tax up and running - and affecting many businesses. Fishman, Mark D. Dec 1, 2005 2492
There's something, well, trashy about this plan: smelling a rat, the Chamber finds flawed logic in landfill 'tipping' fees. Trustman, Melissa Roy May 1, 2005 577
Legislation and audits: changing trends? Nicolas, Karl Dec 1, 2003 3378
Internet tax bills would deprive cities of telephone and utility tax revenues. Lay, Tillman L. Aug 18, 2003 961
25 years later: cities still battle the fallout of prop 13. Hoene, Christopher W. Aug 1, 2003 797
La fiscalite locale au Quebec: de la cohabitation au refuge fiscal. Premont, Marie-Claude May 1, 2001 27107
Brooks Makes NLC Case for Telecom Tax Simplification. Otero, Juan Brief Article Apr 10, 2000 454
Hilson, Brooks Lead NLC Efforts in Electronic Commerce Project. Shafroth, Frank Brief Article Nov 30, 1998 897
House okays tax-free Internet sales for 3 years; city leaders fear impact on main streets. Shafroth, Frank Jun 29, 1998 801
Some marketers agree to collect state sales taxes. Hendrich, Nikki; Shafroth, Frank Brief Article Nov 10, 1997 629
Don't check the box without first checking SALT ramifications. Curlee, William B. Nov 1, 1997 1708
Lott action delays hasty vote on Internet taxation issue. Shafroth, Frank Oct 13, 1997 1901
NLC testifies on Internet tax issue. Shafroth, Frank; Tabin, Barrie Jul 21, 1997 748
Technical and policy aspects of crossing the presence nexus threshold: how much of what activities may and should cause taxability? Rosen, Arthur R. May 1, 1997 8807
Call for "fair, uniform, and simple" state taxes on Internet and online services. Apr 1, 1997 971
NLC challenges FCC's preemption of local tax authority. Shafroth, Frank Oct 28, 1996 540
NLC asks Congress to reject efforts by wireless cable firms to avoid local entertainment tax. Robinson, Kim Jul 29, 1996 799
Extension of key local programs could be held up in wage battle. Shafroth, Frank Jun 17, 1996 727
TEI opposes Virginia legislation to permit contingency fee audits. Mar 1, 1996 1157
Trespasser on Main St.: (you!). Gallagher, Tom Dec 18, 1995 2144
Discounts on municipal taxes held exempt interest. Green, Gary L., Jr.; Berkery, Peter M., Jr. Feb 1, 1992 388

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