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Regression to the mean: how Miranda has become a tragicomical farce. Garcia, Alfredo Jun 22, 2013 9406
Interrogation first, Miranda warnings afterward: a critical analysis of the Supreme Court's approach to delayed Miranda warnings. Rodriguez, Joshua I. Mar 1, 2013 6172
Interrogation first, Miranda warnings afterward: a critical analysis of the Supreme Court's approach to delayed Miranda warnings. Rodriguez, Joshua I. Mar 1, 2013 16188
Constitutional law - Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court distinguishes Thompkins's unambiguous invocation requirement of right to remain silent - Commonwealth v. Clarke. Soutter, David C. Feb 1, 2013 5641
J.D.B. and the maturing of juvenile confession suppression law. Guggenheim, Martin; Hertz, Randy Jan 1, 2012 29324
Turning Miranda right side up: post-waiver invocations and the need to update the Miranda warnings. Hammack, Joshua I. Nov 1, 2011 17754
Excluding coerced witness testimony to protect a criminal defendant's right to due process of law and adequately deter police misconduct. Sheridan, Katherine May 1, 2011 22437
"You have the right to an attorney," but not right now: combating Miranda's failure by advancing the point of attachment under article XII of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights. Dearborn, D. Christopher Mar 22, 2011 31085
The Supreme Court's love-hate relationship with Miranda. Kinports, Kit Mar 22, 2011 31816
Prophylactic rules and state constitutionalism. Leavens, Arthur Mar 22, 2011 21839
The Massachusetts Constitution - the last thirty years. Wilkins, Herbert P. Mar 22, 2011 15388
A call to police the margins: the Eighth Circuit's expansion of Miranda's public-safety exception. Dixon, Bradley S. Dec 22, 2010 8253
Don't answer the door: Montejo v. Louisiana relaxes police restrictions for questioning non-custodial defendants. Bretz, Emily Nov 1, 2010 19486
Berghuis v. Thompkins: silence does not invoke the right to remain silent. Jun 1, 2010 1565
Miranda update: Fifth Amendment protection and break in custody. Myers, Kenneth A. May 1, 2010 3325
Criminal law. Flor, Andrew D. Feb 1, 2010 1450
Constitutional law - in-home interrogation in a police-dominated atmosphere ruled custodial requiring Miranda warnings - United States v. Craighead. Vallarelli, Steven Jan 1, 2009 5821
Criminal procedure in perspective. Kinports, Kit Sep 22, 2007 36013
"A little bird told me": U.S. v. Finch and the death of the McOmber rule: the procedural protections of the Constitution protect the guilty as well as the innocent, but it is not their objective to set the guilty free. Varley, James L. May 1, 2007 9288
Miranda, please report to the principal's office. Penrose, Meg Mar 1, 2006 6514
Rehnquist scaled back rights of the accused. Bradley, Craig M. Dec 1, 2005 2790
A walk in the constitutional orchard: distinguishing fruits of Fifth Amendment right to counsel from Sixth Amendment right to counsel in Fellers v. United States. Grewell, Justin Bishop Mar 22, 2005 16630
Yarborough v. Alvarado: at the crossroads of the "unreasonable application" provision of the Antiterrorism and effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 and the consideration of juvenile status in custodial determinations. Park, Jennifer Mar 22, 2005 13643
Missouri v. Seibert: two-stepping towards the apocalypse. Weiss, Stewart J. Mar 22, 2005 15998
Electronic recording of custodial interrogations: everybody wins. Sullivan, Thomas P. Mar 22, 2005 6810
Stories about Miranda. Thomas, George C., III Aug 1, 2004 18382
Self-incrimination: big changes in the wind. Robertson, David H. May 1, 2004 9363
Kaupp v. Texas: breathing life into the Fourth Amendment. Robinson, Denise Mar 22, 2004 13816
Texas 'justice'. Bradley, Craig M. Aug 1, 2003 1813
Miranda's exceptions in a post-Dickerson world. Klein, Susan R. Mar 22, 2001 13701
"Less unequal footing": state courts' per se rules for juvenile waivers during interrogations and the case for their implementation. Huang, David T. Jan 1, 2001 19942
Miranda, Dickerson, and the problem of actual innocence. (Commentary). Rickless, Samuel C. Jun 22, 2000 3165
Miranda's Enemies. May 15, 2000 638
The Supreme Court Revisits Miranda. REGINI, LISA A. Mar 1, 2000 3303
The Miranda flap. Bradley, Craig M. Feb 1, 2000 2433
Protecting the innocent from false confessions and lost confessions - and from Miranda. Cassell, Paul G. Jan 1, 1998 26878
Using the innocent to scapegoat Miranda: another reply to Paul Cassell. Leo, Richard A.; Ofshe, Richard J. Jan 1, 1998 6290
Intentional violations of Miranda: a strategy for liability. Crawford, Kimberly A. Aug 1, 1997 2668
Invoking the Miranda right to counsel: the defendant's burden. Crawford, Kimberly A. Mar 1, 1995 2869
Criminal insanity and the right to silence. Fitch, W. Lawrence Jul 1, 1986 687

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