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Proposed law to regulate digital lenders goes for public hearing. Aug 4, 2020 673
The small-dollar loan industry: a new era of regulatory reform- and emerging competition? Hemphill, Thomas A. Report Jul 1, 2020 8434
Rolled Over: How the Trump Administration is Failing to Protect Civilians and Military Service Members from Predatory Payday Lending. Martin, Zackary A. Jan 1, 2020 11592
Government takes bite out of loan sharks. Dec 13, 2019 574
Government takes bite out of loan sharks. Dec 12, 2019 580
SEC asks BSP to stop 'predatory lending,' set limit on interest, other charges by lenders. Oct 28, 2019 293
Sander, AOC Want To Cap Consumer Loan Interest Rates 6 But That's A Bad Idea. May 29, 2019 872
Sanders, AOC Want To Cap Consumer Loan Interest Rates 6 But That's A Bad Idea. May 29, 2019 872
BIPARTISAN BILL AGAINST PREDATORY LENDING. Barias, Stephen Brief article Mar 1, 2019 235
Sens. Warren And Brown Slam Mulvaney's Conflicts Of Interest. Dec 9, 2017 820
Protecting student borrowers. Nov 4, 2016 525
Dirty deals: how Wall Street's predatory deals hurt taxpayers and what we can do about it. Bhatti, Saqib; Manley, Renaye Sep 22, 2015 10128
Predatory public finance. Sgouros, Tom Sep 22, 2015 4873
Lawmakers to Again Take Aim at Predatory Lending. Jan 18, 2013 690
Working papers: below is a summary of some recent papers that may be of interest to Regulation's readers. Van Doren, Peter Sep 22, 2012 2679
Mortgage finance markets: lessons from the past and keys to the future. Pennington-Cross, A. Sep 1, 2012 844
Mortgage product substitution and state anti-predatory lending laws: better loans and better borrowers? Bostic, Raphael; Chomsisengphet, Souphala; Engel, Kathleen C.; McCoy, Patricia A.; Pennington-Cross, Sep 1, 2012 10553
Government's efforts to root out predatory lending. Jun 1, 2012 680
Section 1044 of Dodd-Frank: when will state laws be preempted under the OCC's revised regulations? Hensley, Danyeale L. Mar 1, 2012 14402
Texas Payday Lenders Face New Rules, Scrutiny. Jan 5, 2012 1020
Payday lending: a thin line between love and hate. Shih, Jopei Sep 22, 2011 20023
The Dodd-Frank Act's expansion of state authority to protect consumers of financial services. Wilmarth, Arthur E., Jr. Jun 22, 2011 35945
Reforming regulation in the markets for home loans. Block-Lieb, Susan; Janger, Edward J. Mar 1, 2011 16785
Small-dollar loans, big problems: how states protect consumers from abuses and how the federal government can help. Plunkett, Leah A.; Hurtado, Ana Lucia Jan 1, 2011 25193
Anti-predatory-lending provisions most far-reaching of Dodd-Frank Act. Wisniowski, Charles Oct 1, 2010 653
Payday of reckoning: new laws aimed at kneecapping payday lenders will end up hurting the poor. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Oct 1, 2009 3844
Consumer group bashes CUs for pushing 'predatory' payday loans: assailed CUs defend rates and fees. Morrison, David Aug 12, 2009 1887
Housing agenda advances in Congress. Wallace, Mike Law overview May 4, 2009 619
Private risk, public risk: public policy, market development, and the mortgage crisis. Immergluck, Daniel Apr 1, 2009 17379
Subprime loans: turning the American dream into a nightmare. Martinez, Baldy Mar 22, 2009 13382
Helping law catch up to markets: applying broker-dealer law to subprime mortgages. Macey, Jonathan R.; Miller, Geoffrey P.; O'Hara, Maureen (American law professor); Rosenberg, Gabrie Mar 22, 2009 33254
Stemming the subprime crisis: the North Carolina foreclosure prevention project. Miller, Michael Jan 1, 2009 2913
Claims against professionals arising from real estate flipping schemes. Abrutyn, Elliott; Eapen, Shaji M. Jan 1, 2009 14552
The poor still pay more: the small-loan industry preys on low-income Americans who often have no choice but to accept their outrageous payment terms. But this big business may be facing trouble. Mierzwinski, Ed Sep 1, 2008 5664
Reining in the loan sharks: in Ohio, a victory over predatory lending. Allio, Tom Aug 1, 2008 651
Payday loan limit delay fails in House. Sanders, Bob Brief article May 23, 2008 182
Predatory-lending litigation looms. May 1, 2008 818
Discriminatory practices. May 1, 2008 467
Beyond borrowers. Burtka, Allison Torres May 1, 2008 531
Legal assistance: the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 and protecting soldiers against predatory lending. Gordon, Jason M. Apr 1, 2008 9221
The deregulation of usury ceilings, rise of easy credit, and increasing consumer debt. Mercatante, Steven Mar 22, 2008 7272
The evolution of a suitability standard in the mortgage lending industry: the subprime meltdown fuels the fires of change. Hirsch, Frank A., Jr. Mar 1, 2008 8695
Federal usury law for service members: the Talent-Nelson Amendment. Aul, Patrick M. Mar 1, 2008 9256
Dodd introduces anti-predatory-lending bill. Feb 1, 2008 382
Predatory lending laws: the next, not last, step: new laws expand the prohibitions on predatory lending, and more regulation is on the horizon. Weston, James K. Jan 1, 2008 853
House passes mortgage reform bill. Jan 1, 2008 632
Emerging consumer credit issues for older Australians. Gibson, Frances; Rochford, Francine Jan 1, 2008 13086
New rule limits predatory loans. Wood, Sara Brief article Dec 1, 2007 187
MBA cites 'serious issues' with House mortgage reform bill. Dec 1, 2007 641
House passes bipartisan Mortgage Reform bill. Wallace, Mike Nov 26, 2007 434
Mortgage reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act passes committee. Wallace, Mike Nov 12, 2007 485
Bill would reform the nation's mortgage process. Wallace, Mike Oct 29, 2007 543
Dodd to file anti-predatory-lending bill. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 213
Predatory lending: the continuing saga: a new bill would redefine yet again the Illinois anti-predatory-lending law. Weston, James K. Oct 1, 2007 610
Predatory lending and the military: predatory lending is always problematic, but it's a special concern when military personnel are preyed upon during active duty. A new law will help curb abuses, and the federal reserve is playing a regulatory role alongside the department of defense (DOD). Milner, Michael Sep 22, 2007 991
A tale of too many cities and states: states and cities have been where the action is in terms of new laws and regulations of concern to the mortgage business. Working together, industry coalitions have fought off threatening policies in a growing number of places. Pfotenhauer, Kurt Aug 1, 2007 2615
Legislative developments for real estate lawyers: mortgage fraud and bifurcated closings are among the issues that confronted this year's General Assembly - and last year's predatory lending law may yet have a new lease on life. Weston, James K. Jul 1, 2007 890
Can states tax national banks to educate consumers about predatory lending practices? Jackson, Howell E.; Anderson, Stacy A. Jun 22, 2007 22038
Congress, policymakers weigh subprime foreclosure fixes. Jun 1, 2007 552
House committee moves forward on predatory lending. Wallace, Mike Apr 23, 2007 591
Revive usury law. Editorial Apr 5, 2007 455
Governor puts predatory lending legislation on hold: an executive order by Governor Blagojevich effectively shut down the program to combat predatory lending authorized by House Bill 4050. Weston, James K. Apr 1, 2007 674
Senate predatory lending hearing to be followed by more hearings. Mar 1, 2007 466
Lenders shunned ZIPs before law. Strumpf, San Mar 1, 2007 268
City governments and predatory lending. Entin, Jonathan L.; Yazback, Shadya Y. Mar 1, 2007 12289
Payday moles. Editorial Feb 19, 2007 458
The varying effects of predatory lending laws on high-cost mortgage applications. Giang, Ho; Pennington-Cross, Anthony Report Jan 1, 2007 8803
Defending the industry: a handful of veteran lawyers say this industry falls victim to plaintiffs' attorneys more often than not because laws and regulations governing it are antiquated. Here's their brief on some thorny issues, including predatory lending laws, RESPA reform and appraisal fraud. Quinn, Lawrence Richter Nov 1, 2005 4388
Kanjorski calls for self-regulation against predatory lenders. Oct 1, 2005 435
Compliance: danger in the details. Lambropoulos, Bill Sep 1, 2005 1216
Flagstar selects PCi to combat predatory lending. Aug 1, 2005 201
MBA calls anti-abusive lending bill a good first step. Apr 1, 2005 507
North Carolina's predatory mortgage lending law: 1999 N.C. Sess. Laws Chap. 332. Morton, Heather Dec 1, 2004 1163
In pursuit of safety and soundness: an analysis of the OCC's anti-predatory lending standard. McMonagle, Diana Nov 1, 2004 9144
The pre-emption debate. Milligan, Jack Jun 1, 2004 3140
Real estate finance industry calls for uniform national standard on predatory lending laws. May 1, 2004 335
Federal agencies publish consumer brochure on predatory lending. Nov 1, 2003 860
A defensive strategy. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Sep 1, 2003 354
More transparency. (On the Road). Morse, Neil J. Jul 1, 2003 1019
MBA hosts enforcement summit to combat predatory lending. (Business Alert). Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 251
Making and selling good loans. (On the Road). Morse, Neil J. Jun 1, 2003 1083
A "flip" look at predatory lending: will the Fed's revised Regulation Z end abusive refinancing practices? Pyle, Michael J. May 1, 2003 3749

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