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MNA: Baystate Franklin Medical Center Repeatedly Violating State Ban Against Mandatory Overtime for Nurses, Harming Rights of Staff and Compromising Patient Care. Apr 25, 2017 1551
Belgium : New EU rules on medical devices to enhance patient safety and modernise public health. Apr 7, 2017 711
Belgium : Medical devices: more safety, more traceability. Apr 7, 2017 563
Winthrop-University Hospital Launches Safe Patient Handling Program. Nov 15, 2016 695
United States : Police officer now on duty in Emergency Department to increase patient safety. Oct 28, 2016 217
10 years' jail for erring doctors in new law. Sep 25, 2016 1877
Health care fraternity welcomes new law. Sep 20, 2016 686
Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality Ignites Relationship with Healthcare Startup. Aug 21, 2016 451
Provision Of Services For The Examination Of The Quality Of Care And Reekspertizy (re-examination Of The Quality Of Care), Health Insurance Organizations Carried Out In The Specialty Dentistry Therapy. Jul 24, 2016 217
Provision Of Services For The Examination Of The Quality Of Care And Reekspertizy (re-examination Of The Quality Of Care), Health Insurance Organizations Carried Out On A Specialty Urology (kind Of Help - Hospital-replacement). Jul 24, 2016 189
Provision Of Services For The Examination Of The Quality Of Care And Reekspertizy. Jul 22, 2016 265
Provision of services for the examination of the quality of care and reekspertizy (re-examination of the quality of care), health insurance organizations carried. Jul 8, 2016 266
Don't chill with pills without prescription. Jul 8, 2016 432
Provision of services for the examination of the quality of care and reekspertizy (re-examination of the quality of care), health insurance organizations carried out on a specialty obstetrics and gynecology (type of assistance - outpatient). Jul 8, 2016 268
Public health officials and MECs should be held liable for harm caused to patients through incompetence, indifference, maladministration or negligence regarding the availability of hospital equipment. McQuoid-Mason, D.J. Report Jul 1, 2016 2189
Another blow to aged care: the NSW government has delivered a body blow to the safety and quality of care in nursing homes. Jun 1, 2016 961
Provision of services for the examination of the quality of care and reekspertizy (re-examination of the quality of care), conducted by health insurance organizations (neurology, stationary). May 20, 2016 264
Provision of services for the examination of the quality of care and reekspertizy (re-examination of the quality of care), conducted by health insurance organizations (urology, stationary). May 20, 2016 264
Provision of services for the examination of the quality of care and reekspertizy (re-examination of the quality of care), conducted by health insurance organizations (otorhinolaryngology, stationary). May 20, 2016 264
Nevada CARE Act. Henkelman, Wallace J. May 1, 2016 364
Optimal staffing: new resource aims to help RNs implement evidence-based staffing plans. Trossman, Susan May 1, 2016 1651
Caring for the patient who is deteriorating. Rolls, Suzanne Apr 1, 2016 1254
Physician Groups Urge Congress to Direct CMS to Adopt Unique Billing Codes for Biosimilars. Dec 9, 2015 1785
Improving hospital reporting of patient race and ethnicity--approaches to data auditing. Zingmond, David S.; Parikh, Punam; Louie, Rachel; Lichtensztajn, Daphne Y.; Ponce, Ninez; Hasnain-Wy Aug 1, 2015 6392
New Ohio Law to Streamline Patient Care, Cut Back on Patient Wait Times. Jul 21, 2015 629
Lahey Health Nurses at Beverly Hospital and Addison Gilbert Hospital Campuses Go Public with Concerns for Patient Safety. Jul 7, 2015 1659
Difficult or complex: creating systems to address the needs of complex patient care. Boerner, Heather Jul 1, 2015 1746
Failing Grades at California Hospitals Expose Lack of Patient Safety Safeguards, Says Consumer Watchdog. Apr 29, 2015 389
Patient safety and tort reform. Tan, S.Y. Feb 15, 2015 1109
AMP releases a white paper describing "a molecular diagnostic perfect storm.". Feb 1, 2015 470
IQCP and more: what's on the horizon for 2015? Miller, Greg; Quintenz, Andy Jan 1, 2015 1711
Women users of drugs of abuse during pregnancy: characterization of a series of cases/Mulheres usuarias de drogas de abuso na gravidez: caracterizacao de uma serie de casos. Marangoni, Sonia Regina; de Oliveira, Magda Lucia Felix Jan 1, 2015 6199
New State Nursing Sedation Rule Promotes Patient Safety and Complies with National Guidelines. Dec 23, 2014 469
Nationwide Cannabis Certification Program Will Be Presented to Legislators and BETA Pilot Tested by Public at New York ICA Cannabis Regulatory Summit October 11. Oct 8, 2014 619
New Law In Effect This Week Guarantees Safer Patient Care for Critically Ill Patients. Oct 1, 2014 1276
U. S. Commission on Civil Rights Announces Release of 2014 Statutory Enforcement Report on Patient Dumping. Sep 30, 2014 449
DELIVER the goods. Brief article Jul 11, 2014 106
Landmark Patient Safety Act Qualifies for November California Ballot, says Consumer Watchdog Campaign. May 15, 2014 1145
HHS strengthens patients' right to access lab test reports. Mar 1, 2014 314
U.S. Senate Passes National Solidarity Day For Compassionate Patient Care Resolution Co-Sponsored By Senators Booker, Kirk, And Menendez. Feb 14, 2014 789
Unlikely To Enroll, Majority Of Millennials Believe Costs Will Rise And Quality Of Care Will Fall Under New Health Care Law, Harvard IOP Poll Finds. Dec 4, 2013 2216
IDSA: Better tests needed to improve patient care, public health. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 185
Focus on patients, not titles. Nash, Robertson Sep 22, 2013 1026
Physicians' Lobby Kills Bill To Suspend Privileges of Doctors Whose Prescribing Led To Overdose Deaths, says Consumer Watchdog. Sep 11, 2013 558
Bipartisan Policy Center Calls for Health IT Oversight Framework That Engages Health Care Stakeholders, Protects Patient Safety, Supports Learning, and Promotes Continuous Innovation. Sep 4, 2013 1133
Future shock--a nurse's warning: a fictional nurse from the future warns of the consequences for patient care and professional practice, if the current proposed changes to employment law go ahead. Robinson, Liz Sep 1, 2013 1040
Shared care and referral pathways Part 6: additional needs--improving access. Steele, Chris Jun 28, 2013 4089
Registered nurse safe staffing bill introduced in Congress: nurse staffing directly impacts patient safety; direct care nurses to drive staffing plans. Jun 22, 2013 559
Advocates & Victims Thank Senate Leader For Holding Hearings On 38-Year-Old Damage Cap Law to Address CA Patient Safety Crisis. May 8, 2013 560
Patient safety in New Brunswick. Duke, Mariette Mar 22, 2013 685
A brief review on informed consent laws in China. Du, Li; Rachul, Christen Mar 22, 2013 4585
Report of resolutions committee. Breinig, Adam Report Mar 1, 2013 635
U.S. Senate Passes Resolution Designating National Solidarity Day For Compassionate Patient Care. Feb 15, 2013 627
You've asked. Guitard, Virgil Sep 22, 2012 716
Population health, HIE policy, or patient safety, telementoring surgical training. Sep 1, 2012 337
To regulate or not to regulate? In May 2012 the Commons Health Select Committee released a report supporting proposals for the 300 000 HCAs who currently work in the NHS to be subject to compulsory regulation, with the aim of improving working conditions and standards of patient care. Harries, Chloe Jul 1, 2012 2145
Necessity, the Mother of Invention, Has a New Baby! Introducing the PINK SLIP[TM] Slide Sheet, an Affordable, High-Compliance Solution to New Safe Patient Handling Legislation. Apr 9, 2012 636
Missouri Medical Home Collaborative. Hinck, Susan; Jones, Janice Mar 22, 2012 2857
Patient Safety Coalition Protests FDA's Approval of Device Used for Treating Aneurysms. Feb 29, 2012 1521
AQNHC: CMS Rule Phase-In, No Additional SNF Cuts Critical to Preserving Quality Patient Care, Preventing More Direct Care Job Losses. Feb 15, 2012 570
Wy'East Medical's High-Compliance Solutions Help Reduce Healthcare Worker Injuries as California's Landmark Safe Patient Handling Legislation Becomes Law. Jan 4, 2012 992
Healthy, wealthy and wise: the impact of regulatory compliance on patient relationships. Gregory, Dan Jan 1, 2012 788
Ensuring Patient Safety With Anti-Counterfeiting and Regulation Reporting. Oct 31, 2011 1009
1 800 GET THIN Supports Surgery Center Bill. Sep 29, 2011 1266
Insured patients rejected by doctors. Aug 1, 2011 338
Planning for those with severe mental illness. Majette, Shawn R. Aug 1, 2011 2045
Is direct access to obstetricians/ gynecologists effective at improving maternal health behaviors? Durrance, Christine Piette; Hankins, Scott Survey Jul 30, 2011 5612
/C O R R E C T I O N -- Massachusetts Nurses Association/. Jul 14, 2011 1528
A call for patient safety: with more changes slated for 2012 as part of healthcare reform, professional liability insurers should approach medical injury prevention with a new focus on clinical risk management. Power, Matthew F. Jun 1, 2011 1411
Affordable Care Act update. Brief article May 24, 2011 207
Research and Markets: Improving Health Care Safety and Quality: Reluctant Regulators. Apr 11, 2011 456
Finance, fitness & federal reform: healthy lifestyles are being emphasized by many companies to reduce costs, and the new health care law includes grants for small employers to establish workplace wellness programs. Pettey, Lynne M. Apr 1, 2011 1700
Driving out errors, with mom in mind: Maine system sets ambitious patient safety goal building processes that 'couldn't fail if you tried'. Weinstock, Matthew Apr 1, 2011 2321
The amended legislation on procedure-related deaths--an advance in patient care?. Madiba, T.E.; Naidoo, Poonitha; Naidoo, S.R. Apr 1, 2011 2809
Alberta's patient charter: is it a course worth charting? Ammann, Mark; Bailey, Tracey Mar 22, 2011 6282
Health and Social Care Bill 'to favour private care'. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 251
Repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act: prospects and limitations. Gorin, Stephen H. Editorial Feb 1, 2011 2185
What would happen if the federal healthcare bill was repealed or defunded-what nurses need to know. VonStar, Brenda Feb 1, 2011 850
Texas Medical Liability Reforms Are a Model for the Nation. Jan 21, 2011 638
CMS creates new center for innovation to explore new ways to deliver patient care; Affordable Care Act funds used to fund the project. Dec 1, 2010 477
Patient safety and quality improvement: a policy assessment. Montoya, Isaac D. Sep 22, 2010 3781
Complaints stack up for Conway chiropractors. Friedman, Mark Sep 13, 2010 1902
Antitrust measures support quality patient care. Birk, Susan Sep 1, 2010 535
New York-based Healthcare Leader Turns to Wyse and VMware View[TM] to Deliver Secure Patient Care and Meet HIPAA Regulations at Lower TCO. Company overview Aug 31, 2010 1231
European laws 'failed spectacularly' to improve NHS patient care. Aug 3, 2010 191
Doctors warn over patient safety fears; Surgeons hit out over time regulations. Aug 2, 2010 437
New Law to Improve Care, Safety for Nursing Home Residents. Jul 29, 2010 547
The affordable care act: immediate benefits for New Mexico. Jul 1, 2010 925
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("PPAACA"): what does it mean to me and my employees? Report Jul 1, 2010 760
Watchdog Warns White House to Resist 'Bully Tactics' of Insurers as Regulations Are Written, or Risk Losing Control of Health Reform. Jun 29, 2010 1365
Reporting adverse events to patients: a step-by-step approach. Cherry, Robert A.; Marcus, Lenny; Dorn, Barry May 1, 2010 2607
President's message. Krause, Carolyn Apr 1, 2010 671
WNA working for you--spring 2010. Table Apr 1, 2010 1155
VA strengthens critical patient-safety procedure: two systems replace traditional paper-based informed-consent process with an electronic time-out checklist integrated into electronic records. Apr 1, 2010 1187
Respect for autonomy; or the right to die? Mair, Judith Report Feb 1, 2010 3673
The Joint Commission cuts key patient-safety measure. Ernst, Dennis J. Jan 1, 2010 900
Risk management: the role of peer review in potentially compensable event and medical malpractice claims processing in the army medical department. Kutsch, Anthony J. Jan 1, 2010 2115
ANA supports the independence at Home Act. Sep 1, 2009 244
Legislating for nurse/patient ratios 'clumsy and costly'--experts. Bateman, Chris Aug 1, 2009 1770
Navigating the new Tennessee General Assembly. Benton, Meredith Sullivan Jun 22, 2009 860
State laws vary on seizure-impaired driving. London, Susan Mar 1, 2009 517
Validity of selected AHRQ Patient Safety Indicators based on VA National Surgical Quality Improvement Program data. Romano, Patrick S.; Mull, Hillary J.; Rivard, Peter E.; Zhao, Shibei; Henderson, William G.; Lovelan Report Feb 1, 2009 8107
Maryland Patient Safety Center named a Federal Patient Safety Organization: Action expands study of medical errors. Feb 1, 2009 630
Assumption of risk. Tan, S.Y. Jan 15, 2009 845
Joint Commission ruling on labs. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 82
Proposed federal health regs could jeopardize patient care, says AU. Nov 1, 2008 388
Where to from here for aged care? The Minister of Health has announced significant changes in aged-care. What will happen to those changes post-election? Mulrine, Lynley Oct 1, 2008 1070
Finding a cure: the case for regulation and oversight of electronic health record systems. Hoffman, Sharona; Podgurski, Andy Sep 22, 2008 29753
Adverse event confidentiality. Zaremski, Miles J. Guest editorial Jul 1, 2008 968
A patient's right to know: a case for mandating disclosure of physician success rate as an element of informed consent. Rado, Steven G. Jun 22, 2008 11830
Advance Directive for Nevada citizens online completion. May 1, 2008 383
CMS updates oversight of outpatient dialysis centers. Schneider, Mary Ellen Apr 15, 2008 375
Draft rule shapes patient safety organizations. Napoli, Denise Mar 15, 2008 657
Patient Safety Goals updated. Anderson, Jane Brief article Mar 1, 2008 118
Executive summary of the Governor's Task Force on Nurse Workforce and Patient Safety. Mar 1, 2008 880
Agency seeks comment on proposed safety rule. Napoli, Denise Mar 1, 2008 700
New Updated Edition of 'Risk Management, and Safety Issues for Medical Practice' Now Available. Jan 28, 2008 426
Ohio supreme court rules on pain and suffering damages. Brief article Jan 7, 2008 239
Can it work? Three New England states have made bold reforms in how we provide health care in America. What can we learn from their lead? Tobler, Laura; Hager, Christie L. Dec 1, 2007 3151
New nursing residency program seeks to increase retention and improve patient care. Nov 1, 2007 416
Rural doctors consider legal action. Bateman, Chris Nov 1, 2007 1309
American Nurses Association and the American Medical Association issue a joint statement on criminalizing medical decisions. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 140
Weathering the perfect storm: an examination of procedures intended to ensure consent is truly informed. Reiter, Margaret; Kelly, Timothy Aug 1, 2007 1690
Legal concerns hinder adoption of gainsharing. Schneider, Mary Ellen May 1, 2007 566
Dental hygienists put bite into patient care. Mar 7, 2007 472
For the long haul: understanding the regulations surrounding long-term-care insurance is the first step to successfully selling it. Darras, Frank N. Mar 1, 2007 595
Legislative odds and ends issues. Brief article Feb 1, 2007 84
Safe patient lift legislation in Congress. Feb 1, 2007 748
Guidance offered on police access to patients. Dixon, Bruce K. Feb 1, 2007 712
Jury still out on viability of health courts system. Ault, Alicia Dec 1, 2006 560
ANA organizes legislative briefing on need for safer chemicals policy. Nov 1, 2006 643
Issuing 'medication passports' for patients. Nov 1, 2006 439
Clinton, Obama pitch patient safety approach to liability crisis. Schneider, Mary Ellen Sep 1, 2006 424
Patient safety checklist: keys to successful implementation. Fabius, Raymond Jul 1, 2006 3870
Dismissing patients properly. Eastern, Joseph S. Jun 1, 2006 823
Bill seeks consent for off-label Rx. Ault, Alicia Brief article Apr 15, 2006 118
National Quality Forum Endorses Additional Voluntary Consensus Standards for Standardizing Measures of Physician-focused Ambulatory Care. Oct 11, 2005 346
Patient safety law presents new challenges: the system will create a searchable database that can be used to prevent similar errors in the future. Bristol, Nellie Sep 1, 2005 716
Patient safety law presents challenges. Bristol, Nellie Sep 1, 2005 522
Impacts of managed care patient protection laws on health services utilization and patient satisfaction with care. Sloan, Frank A.; Rattliff, John R.; Hall, Mark A. Jun 1, 2005 7955
Commentary--assessing the impact of managed care patient protection laws: problems and pitfalls. Hellinger, Fred J. Jun 1, 2005 2550
Senate version of patient safety bill reintroduced. Brief Article May 1, 2005 101
Hospital midwives seek right to certify false labor: EMTALA's guidelines leave it up to the hospital to determine whether doctors should examine the patient. Silverman, Jennifer May 1, 2005 894
New rules would require the nation's transplant centers to employ practices that assure patient safety. Feb 14, 2005 1736
Overinterpreting HIPAA can harm patient care. McNamara, Damian Feb 1, 2005 588
Waiting for health care: what role for a patients' bill of rights? Flood, Colleen M.; Epps, Tracey Aug 1, 2004 21688
Can TB patient be detained & isolated against his will? Tammelleo, A. David Jul 1, 2003 768
Suicidal patient falls from hospital window: case on point: Hofflander v. St. Catherine's Hosp., 664 N.W.2d 545 -WI (2003). (Hospital Law Case of the Month). Tammelleo, A. David Jul 1, 2003 770
First phase of HIPAA gets underway; next compliance deadline is Oct. 16. (Front Page). Lieberman, Lisa Author Abstract May 1, 2003 439
A medical information crackdown. (Privacy Rules). Smolkin, Rachel May 1, 2003 902
U.S. legislative forecast 2003. (Rules and Regulations). Waldman, Joanne Feb 1, 2003 707
California Legislature Oks Non-physician Abortions, Declares Support for Women's Right to Abortion. Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 681
Racing toward the deadline. (Cover Story). Bilyeu, Suzanne Aug 1, 2002 2489
New Medicaid rights. (Policy & Practice). Silverman, Jennifer; Peters, Sally Brief Article Jul 15, 2002 114
APA opposes dilution of patient privacy rule. (HHS Reviewing Comments). Peters, Sally Brief Article May 1, 2002 669
Medical privacy rule changes: Public comments due April 26. Apr 12, 2002 355
ACP-ASIM legislative priorities. (Policy & Practice). Silverman, Jennifer Feb 15, 2002 81
Will there be a meaningful patients' bill in 2002? Loiacono, Kristin Feb 1, 2002 831
HIPPA privacy. (AMA Briefs). Kirn, Timothy F. Jan 15, 2002 90
The Bill for Rights. (at law). Schneider, Carl E. Jan 1, 2002 1803
HIPAA Privacy. (AMA Briefs). Kirn, Timothy F. Jan 1, 2002 94
HIPAA Privacy Rules Challenge Long-Term Care Providers. (Computer Quarterly Update). Morrison, Malcolm H. Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 887
John Edwards, Esq. GREEN, JOSHUA Oct 1, 2001 6117
Bush-Norwood: bad deal for patients. (Washington Focus). Loiacono, Kristin Oct 1, 2001 908
Patients' rights protection regulations proposed. (Recent Health Care Developments). Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 159
Lamaze Urges Expectant Parents to Learn Reasons for Induction. Sep 22, 2001 521
Patients' Bill of Goods. Faria Jr., Miguel A. Brief Article Sep 10, 2001 823
HHS Issues 'Guidance' on Medical Privacy Rule. PETERS, SALLY Sep 1, 2001 516
PATIENT'S RIGHTS COMPROMISE. Silverman, Jennifer; Peters, Sally Sep 1, 2001 110
House Passes Bush-Favored Patients' Rights Bill. Kelly, Dennis Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 881
Compliance Guides Issued For Medical-Privacy Rule. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 103
Pro-Life News in Brief Schindler-Schiavo Death Deadline Extended to October. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 857
House patients' rights bill includes POS provision. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 176
Guidance issued on HIPAA privacy rule; Lillibridge heads HHS' bioterrorism initiative. Szabo, Joan Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 797
House Passes Patients' Rights Bill. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 85
Confidentiality of Health Information Postmortem. Maixner, Andrew H.; Morin, Karine Sep 1, 2001 3382
Meg Gaines. Brief Article Aug 14, 2001 199
Patients' rights legislation: what the senators said. Loiacono, Kristin Aug 1, 2001 896
Bush Balks on Patients' Rights. Kelly, Dennis Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 799
Medical Mayhem. BROWN, MONIQUE R. Aug 1, 2001 2673
AMA Delegates Cheer Pledge of Regulatory Relief. SILVERMAN, JENNIFER Jul 15, 2001 806
Senate Passes Patients' Bill of Rights by 59-36 Vote. Wolf, Jared Brief Article Jul 9, 2001 756
No Assurances in The Health Care Assurance Act Specter Bill Threatens Involuntary Euthanasia under Federal Law. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 759
SECLUSION AND RESTRAINT RULES MODIFIED. Imperio, Winnie Anne Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 165
Costs Separate Dueling Bills. Kelly, Dennis Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 803
HIPAA'S Effect on Laboratory Waste Disposal. Harty-Golder, Barbara Jul 1, 2001 1195
Failure to Make Reasonable Accommodation for Deaf Mute. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 847
Patient Bill of Rights 2001. Benjamin, Georges C. May 1, 2001 1640
Patients' Bill of Rights. Bullard, Joanne Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 768
Supreme Court Finds Prenatal Drug Screen Policy Unconstitutional. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 827
Is Hospital's Data on Infection Rates Subject to Discovery? Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 835
Mr. Bush Goes to Washington. Bullard, Joanne Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 770
New Privacy Rule Will Cost Health Providers Billions. O'REILLY, BRENDAN Industry Overview Jan 22, 2001 1506
Must Patient `Come to' Hospital for EMTALA to Apply? Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 859
HMO `Financial Incentives' for Drs. Can be Deadly. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 970
FL: Jury Instructed on Comparative Negligence: Comparative Negligence Instruction Was Error. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 438
Bill Would Give Providers Rights. Schwartz, Ronald M. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 223
Nursing Notes Are Worth Their Weight in Gold. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 884
Nurses Should Know the Requirements for Witnessing Patients' Wills. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 1026
Insurers Cheer China Trade Bill. Famiglietti, Len Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 821
Allegation of Failure to Render Quality Care Results in Suit. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 848
Patient's Ectopic Pregnancy Misdiagnosed - Tube Bursts. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 910
Do `Expedited Malpractice Trials' Violate Drs. Rights? Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 731
AR: Jury Awards Patient `Expenses Paid' Only: New Trial Awarded Patient and Spouse. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 477
HIPAA compliance could cost dearly. Szabo, Joan Brief Article May 1, 2000 866
NY: Is Burden of Proof Less With Dead Pt.?: Court Holds Dr. Not Deprived of Fair Trial. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article May 1, 2000 467
Pull The Plug. SULLIVAN, KIP Apr 1, 2000 2934
Will health care get the vote? WERESZYNSKI, KATHLEEN Apr 1, 2000 335
The Push for Patient Rights. MORRIS, BARBARA A. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 2611
GA: `Voluntary' Detox Pt. Later `Involuntary': Involuntary Detention Not False Imprisonment. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 522
SHAKING OFF SHAKEDOWNS. Murdock, Deroy Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 761
Legislation Could Mean Higher Health Care Costs. Gatewood, Jennifer Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 660
Protecting Patient Privacy. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 379
How patients view mandatory waiting periods for abortion. Lupfer, Michael; Silber, Bohne Goldfarb Polling Data Jan 1, 2000 4812
Patient Bill of Wrongs. Paul, Ron Dec 15, 1999 690
Show restraint. DEFINO, THERESA Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 305
Mandatory "Hospitalists". Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 217
Odd couple. Bonifazi, Wendy L. Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 2423
No relief? DESSOFF, ALAN L. May 1, 1999 411
The learned intermediary doctrine and patient package inserts: a balanced approach to preventing drug-related injury. Paytash, Catherine A. May 1, 1999 14206
Are You Prepared to Get Needed Care When You're Unconscious? E.B. Jan 1, 1999 640
Patients' rights push seen. (Short Takes). Brief Article Jan 1, 1999 142
Preserving end-of-life autonomy: the Patient Self-Determination Act and the Uniform Health Care Decisions Act. Galambos, Colleen M. Nov 1, 1998 4470
Safeguarding resident data during electronic transmission. Patterson, David Aug 1, 1998 1318
Restoring responsibility to managed care: proposed legislation would curb health care organizations' ability to run roughshod over the rights of patients. Norwood, Charles Jul 1, 1998 2342
Patient or consumer? The evolving role of the purchaser of health care services. Kennedy, James J., III Apr 1, 1998 3080
Keeping confidence. Silberner, Joanne Nov 1, 1997 819
What is a restraint? Bonn, Karen L. Oct 1, 1995 1199
One more pelvic exam. Dwyer, James; Rothstein, Julie Nov 1, 1993 2181
The family in medical decisionmaking. Blustein, Jeffrey May 1, 1993 6930
Venice Hospital decision vacated. Gradle, Brian D. Mar 1, 1993 1354
Who's to choose? Surrogate decisionmaking in New York state. Moreno, Jonathan D. Jan 1, 1993 6451
Surely the wizard will help us, Toto? Implementing the Patient Self-Determination Act. Sabatino, Charles P. Jan 1, 1993 3184
After the Patient Self-Determination Act: the need for empirical research on formal advance directives. Lynn, Joanne; Teno, Joan M. Jan 1, 1993 3780
Even in defeat, Proposition 161 sounds a warning. Capron, Alexander Morgan Jan 1, 1993 1788
Is there a right to die? Kass, Leon R. Cover Story Jan 1, 1993 10069
The nurse as patient advocate. Bernal, Ellen W. Jul 1, 1992 5138
The transplant baby from outer space. Gostin, Larry; Hull, Richard T. Jul 1, 1992 1655
Trumping advance directives. Brock, Dan W. Sep 1, 1991 1073
Honoring broader directives. Wolf, Susan M. Sep 1, 1991 1093
On behalf of the patient. Mason, DaCosta Sep 1, 1991 802
The spirit of the PSDA. McCloskey, Elizabeth Leibold Sep 1, 1991 865
Missouri stands alone. Colby, William H. Sep 1, 1990 949
On taking substituted judgement seriously. Baron, Charles Sep 1, 1990 1088
Cruzan: no rights violated ("Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Department of Health" right to die case) Robertson, John A. Sep 1, 1990 952
A hostage to technology. Cranford, Ronald E. Sep 1, 1990 863
Cruzan and caring for others. Lynn, Joanne; Glover, Jacqueline Sep 1, 1990 1118
The Patient Self-Determination Act: not now. Capron, Alexander Morgan Sep 1, 1990 850
Nancy Cruzan in China. Annas, George J. Sep 1, 1990 2858

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