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Second Amendment Balkanization? Krey, Patrick Mar 9, 2020 399
Swiss vote on anti-homophobia law as critics decry censorship. Reuters News Service Feb 7, 2020 525
U-turn? Cook Islands set to retain gay sex ban. Reuters News Service Nov 7, 2019 409
Populists Eye Victory In Deeply Divided Poland. AFP News Oct 13, 2019 734
Calls mount for a more inclusive society after death of transgender woman in Pangasinan. Sep 18, 2019 468
HRW condemns Kazakhstan's denial of feminist group registration. Sep 13, 2019 503
HRW condemns Kazakhstan's denial of feminist group registration. Sep 13, 2019 560
Kenya upholds ban on gay sex. Jul 1, 2019 283
Discrimination vs LGBTQ members now a crime in Marikina. Jun 30, 2019 186
Heavily edited version of Elton John film criticized by Russian activists. Jun 3, 2019 501
'Equality' law reduces rights of many. May 25, 2019 220
Taiwan's equal marriage momentous, but best seen as Tsai's final achievement. May 24, 2019 1131
Taiwan votes to legalise same-sex marriage; EQUALITY. May 18, 2019 158
House approves sweeping bill to expand gay rights. May 18, 2019 269
Taiwan's parliament becomes first in whole of Asia to legalise same-sex marriage; LGBT rights campaigners are celebrating as Taiwan leads the way as the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage. May 17, 2019 647
Bill to protect LGBTQI residents' rights in long-term care facilities clears committee. May 14, 2019 380
Taylor Swift donates $113,000 to fight Tennessee anti-LGBT+ laws. Apr 10, 2019 430
Identity Crisis. Archie, Andre Book review Mar 22, 2019 2914
OTHER RESOURCES. Mar 1, 2019 573
INDIA AT A CROSSROADS. Dalmia, Shikha Jan 1, 2019 1360
Baltimore legal museum launches renovation project. Sep 17, 2018 503
Landmark India Ruling Ends Gay Sex Ban. Sep 6, 2018 226
HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE: A legendary LGBT activist reflects on his legacy, the resistance, and why he refuses to be lauded as though his work is done. Artavia, David Aug 1, 2018 647
Massive protest in Tel Aviv over anti-LGBT surrogacy law. Jul 23, 2018 258
Should Christians Oppose Homosexual Marriage? Jun 7, 2018 1497
LEADING A REVOLUTION. Ogles, Jacob Jun 1, 2018 1574
More LGBT issues loom as justices near wedding cake decision. May 27, 2018 1165
HRH Film Productions showcases its first ever English Telugu crossover film at Cannes this May. May 8, 2018 518
Libraries as Safe Spaces for LGBT+ Patrons. Aycock, Anthony Apr 1, 2018 2172
At UN women's rights review, Putrajaya claims LGBT treated 'equally' in Malaysia. Feb 21, 2018 400
Out in the open. Jan 1, 2018 785
Sorry just isn't enough.. show us the money; CALL TO COMPENSATE GAY MEN JAILED FOR LOVE; Campaign urges redress. Oct 29, 2017 538
Sorry just isn't enough.. show us the money; CALL TO COMPENSATE GAY MEN WHO WERE JAILED; Plea over Sturgeon apology. Oct 29, 2017 538
France eyes legalising assisted reproduction for gay women. Sep 12, 2017 198
Facebook says likely Russian-based operation funded U.S. ads. Reuters News Service Sep 7, 2017 825
'Gay men still stigmatised after 1967 legal landmark'. Jul 28, 2017 631
'Gay men were still stigmatised after the 1967 legal landmark'. Jul 28, 2017 650
Nevada governor signs law ending conversion therapy for LGBTQ youth. Jun 1, 2017 149
Judges rule queers have civil rights. Anderson-Minshall, Jacob Brief article Jun 1, 2017 238
Americans Split Over New LGBT Protections, Restroom Policies. McCarthy, Justin Survey May 18, 2017 874
If Du30 can bury dictator as hero, why can't he promote equal rights for LGBT? Apr 19, 2017 393
No Congress? No problem: the most recent years of Obama's administration have been marked by big leaps in LGBT rights--and all without his ever signing new law. Stern, Mark Joseph Dec 1, 2016 1191
How Trump's Presidency Could Affect LGBT Rights. Nov 10, 2016 873
Three UT Professors Sue to Block Campus Carry. Jul 6, 2016 640
Revoking the man card. Mitchell, Penni Jun 22, 2016 753
Antigay Reaction To Orlando Criticized In Russia. Jun 13, 2016 520
Filling the Supreme Court void: Anthony Kennedy was with us on marriage, but the next justice may be the truly crucial vote in deciding the outcome of future LGBT rights cases. Stern, Mark Joseph Jun 1, 2016 1348
The ghost children of Mormon country: when the repressive, antigay policies of the LDS church were leaked to the media, rates of LGBT teen homelessness and suicide skyrocketed. Moore, Chadwick Jun 1, 2016 3099
Maroon 5 join trans law protest. May 21, 2016 126
Lawmakers Vote Down LGBT Rights Measure. May 20, 2016 406
Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland ranked among worst EU places for LGBTI. May 19, 2016 366
Itzhak Perlman Cancels North Carolina Performance Over 'Discriminatory Law'. Zalman, Jonathan May 18, 2016 101
Italian parliament paves way to legalising same-sex civil unions. May 11, 2016 435
Battle over North Carolina transgender law intensifies. Apr 26, 2016 460
Progress on LGBT rights, but still a way to go, say support groups. Apr 18, 2016 403
Louisiana Governor Signs Order Protecting LGBT Rights. Apr 14, 2016 355
An old problem descends on Texas: the repeal of Houston's anti-discrimination law hinged on familiar fearmongering ("protect the children") and an age-old fanaticism: misogyny. Stern, Mark Joseph Feb 1, 2016 1332
Learning from experience: where religious liberty meets reproductive rights. Sonfield, Adam Jan 1, 2016 4249
Slovenia Votes Against Same-Sex Marriage. Dec 21, 2015 524
Three's company: push for polygamy. Krayewski, Ed Brief article Oct 1, 2015 162
The long fight for marriage equality. Slade, Stephanie Oct 1, 2015 358
Malta now has one of the best trans and intersex laws in the world. Morgan, Joe Brief article Sep 22, 2015 314
The battle of Indiana and the promise of battles to come. French, David Jul 1, 2015 2905
House Passes Bill on Pastors' Rights to Refuse Gay Marriages. May 21, 2015 586
Gay rights must be seen as legal issue. May 4, 2015 791
Gay-rights case caps Cincinnati's transition. Stolberg, Sheryl Gay Apr 26, 2015 940
Gay rights rally at Final Four; Marchers call for added protections against discrimination. Callahan, Rick Apr 5, 2015 464
Cruz Wants to Upend D.C. Laws on Contraception, Gay Rights. Mar 19, 2015 606
Gay rights groups facing challenges; There will be battles in 2015 over transgender rights and anti-bias laws. Crary, David Jan 2, 2015 1066
The road to equality: the struggle of gay men and lesbians to achieve equal rights before the law. Wilson, Kath Dec 22, 2014 5877
Destination News - Latin America / Caribbean. Mar 10, 2014 1421
Ivory Coast: Mob attacks office of gay rights group. Corey-Boulet, Robbie Jan 28, 2014 508
Senate OKs gay rights measure; Bars workplace discrimination. Cassata, Donna Nov 8, 2013 941
Gay rights bill moves forward as opposition still all but silent. Cassata, Donna Nov 6, 2013 364
Gay rights bill clears 1st hurdle; Legislation squeaks by in the Senate, 61-30. Cassata, Donna Nov 5, 2013 988
From Russia, with love: in the face of laws designed to push them underground, these couples announced their bond to the world. Levintova, Hannah Brief article Nov 1, 2013 299
Sochi becomes rallying cause for gay rights activists. Oct 28, 2013 723
Gay rights controversy on sideline at worlds. Aug 14, 2013 131
FRY: RUSSIA SHOULD NOT HAVE OLYMPICS; Angry TV star slams country's 'barbaric' gay rights record. Aug 8, 2013 414
Hell-bent: why gay marriage was inevitable. Wolf, Aaron D. Essay Jul 1, 2013 2795
Gay Rights Activists Clash With Homophobic Protesters in Russia [PHOTOS]. Jun 29, 2013 293
President Obama's inaugural: address made history when he included a plea for gay rights. "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law--for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.". Lowrey, Sassafras Apr 1, 2013 307
Gay Rights Bill Filed on Valentine's Day. Feb 14, 2013 741
Students lobby MP over gay rights. Aug 27, 2012 348
Chile: equal rights bill fast-tracked following beating death of gay man. Witte-Lebhar, Benjamin Apr 20, 2012 1626
Obama: new International bully! Feb 1, 2012 466
Washington governor to support gay marriage law. Jan 4, 2012 268
Thanks but no thanks: as we enter a new year, I pray that Africa will find a new breed of leaders who can stand their ground. Because right now, it appears as if Africa is still being controlled by the West. They say "jump", and we say "how high"? All this has to stop! Djane, Akua Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2012 1367
European Court of Human Rights: influence on advancing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues across Europe. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 302
"We are not aliens, we're people, and we have rights." Canadian human rights discourse and high school climate for LGBTQ students. Taylor, Catherine; Peter, Tracey Essay Aug 1, 2011 15254
Facing Criticism, Perry Steps Back on Gay Marriage, States' Rights. Jul 28, 2011 636
Gay ban soon to be history. Editorial Jul 23, 2011 320
OHCHR-N Chief lauds Nepal's efforts to ensure equal rights to sexual minorities. Jul 8, 2011 416
New York approves same-sex marriage: A key victory for gay rights. Jun 25, 2011 272
Minor details. Minor, Bob Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2011 1075
Gay rights momentum. Editorial Feb 26, 2011 442
Bowing before idols. de Valk, Alphonse Jan 1, 2011 828
Gender identity bill passed for third reading. Jan 1, 2011 538
The enemy within: subverting catholic education. de Valk, Alphonse Jan 1, 2011 2976
The Tea Party ain't no party: equality is a trend that never goes out of style. Fisher, Michele Essay Jan 1, 2011 1070
GAY RIGHTS BILL SIGNED. Dec 24, 2010 158
Don't ask, don't delay. Editorial Dec 23, 2010 585
Critics renew attacks on bishops' campaign. Winters, Michael Sean Nov 26, 2010 526
Group aims to mobilize Catholics for equality. Coday, Dennis Oct 1, 2010 1061
Bulgarian Gay Rights Activists Insist on Prosecutor's Apology. Correction notice Sep 10, 2010 470
Breakthrough for gay rights in American military. Jun 2, 2010 384
Breakthrough for gay rights in American military. May 31, 2010 384
Breakthrough for gay rights in American military. May 30, 2010 384
Breakthrough for gay rights in American military. May 29, 2010 384
'We have to break the wall of homophobia'. May 18, 2010 857
Gates issues terms for 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' review. Daniel, Lisa Apr 1, 2010 518
Cam blunders through a gay rights report. Mar 24, 2010 224
Queer/religious friendship in the Obama era. Redding, Jeffrey A. Mar 22, 2010 25250
Lesbians under surveillance: same-sex immigration reform, gay rights, and the problem of queer liberalism. Lewis, Rachel Essay Mar 22, 2010 7881
South African struggle. Ladly, Meghan Davidson Mar 1, 2010 514
State of the union. Oct 1, 2009 346
Middle American change-makers. Fleming, Lauren Marie Sep 1, 2009 399
Enchanted April: big wins in Iowa, Vermont, and D.C. suggest Prop. 8 was more anomaly than harbinger. Bolcer, Julie Jun 1, 2009 628
Keep the win at your back: wins in Iowa and Vermont give gay rights activists some of the biggest boosts in four decades--and suddenly it's far-right blowhards like Tony Perkins and Rick Warren who are struggling for footing on the issue of marriage equality. Signorile, Michaelangelo Jun 1, 2009 1155
Peaks and Valleys: fighting for equality in the Mormon Church's backyard. Bolcer, Julie May 1, 2009 451
Fear and loathing in Gainesville: a campaign to kill trans and gay protections in a Florida city heads straight to the toilet. Christensen, Jen Apr 1, 2009 325
Bitter leavings. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 177
The 'netroots' revolution. Sousa, Paul Essay Mar 1, 2009 1806
UN goes gay. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 207
Blog of war targets fest. Jones, Michael Brief article Nov 17, 2008 281
Don't ask, don't tell, don't discuss; "Don't ask, don't tell" needs to be an issue this election year. Brownworth, Victoria A. Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2008 1267
This critical moment. Frank, Barney Essay Sep 1, 2008 2477
It's the ENDA the world as we know it. Swislocki, Lina Mar 1, 2008 760
Religious freedom, gay rights and Human Rights legislation: exploring the tension between Section 2(a) and Section 15 of the Charter. Landolt, Gwen Mar 1, 2008 5038
Big gains in GLBT rights from coast to coast. Foreman, Matt Jul 1, 2007 731
Gay sperm ban okay. Brief article Jun 22, 2007 213
Eight in 10 Say Leaders Pay Too Little Attention to Veterans; Liberals, conservatives disagree most about attention paid to gays and lesbians. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 25, 2007 891
A new church-state standoff; adoption case pits traditional family Values against gay rights. Allen, John L., Jr. Law overview Feb 16, 2007 815
A call to arms in Congress: heads up, President Bush: the new Democratic Congress is gay-friendly and prepared to put your antigay mettle to the test. Kuhr, Fred Legislation Dec 19, 2006 1273
Straight talk wins in Arizona: want to get straight people to vote against an antigay ballot initiative? Make it all about them. Christensen, Jen Dec 19, 2006 799
Will New Jersey stop at civil unions? The state supreme court says gay couples deserve equality in marriage, but it gave the legislature 180 days to define what that means. If lawmakers offer civil unions, don't expect much of a celebration. Rostow, Ann Legislation Dec 5, 2006 1021
Gay marriage fits and starts. Brief article Nov 24, 2006 167
Episcopalians ask for gay rites. Brief article Nov 10, 2006 126
New Jersey may ok civil unions. Brief article Nov 10, 2006 135
Outspoken. Munson, Paul Brief article Nov 7, 2006 224
Manoeuverings continue on same-sex "marriage". Gosgnach, Tony Nov 1, 2006 1404
Fall gay rights preview. Rostow, Ann Brief article Sep 12, 2006 278
Freedom and its limits. Jul 18, 2006 369
Does the family on this billboard look like a threat to marriage to you, Senator Bill Frist? Brief article Jul 18, 2006 89
On marriage equality. Brief article Jul 4, 2006 244
Fear and loafing. Steele, Bruce L. Jun 6, 2006 577
Adoptation update: proposed state bans on adoption by gays have been making news in 2006. But so far none has made it very far. Brief article Jun 6, 2006 146
Is pride good PR? A-list Hollywood publicist Michael Levine assesses the public relations impact of pride festivals and parades. Levine, Michael Jun 6, 2006 732
Whose party is it? Goldstein, Richard Jun 6, 2006 511
Washington State's ongoing battle. Brief Article Mar 14, 2006 154
It's official. Brief article Mar 1, 2006 106
Welcome to Marry-land? Brief article Feb 28, 2006 288
Cross country. Feb 14, 2006 222
The last battle: with increasing pressure on Congress to repeal "don't ask, don't tell," a group of out veterans unveils a plan to bring conservatives to their side and win the right to serve. Hernandez, Greg Cover Story Feb 14, 2006 2137
Washington. Cornfield, Jerry Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 149
The trouble with marriage. Weinstock, Laura Jan 31, 2006 540
UN policy on domestic partners thaws a bit. Jan 1, 2006 810
Unions want equality for trans-sexuals. Dec 1, 2005 440
Hong Kong moves forward. Brief Article Sep 27, 2005 127
All hail Connecticut (almost). Incognito, Lauren Brief article Aug 1, 2005 290
Blind Dateline: in two major stories, NBC news hides the fact that the main subjects were openly gay. Why cover up the truth? Kuhr, Fred Jun 21, 2005 1319
Why not gay 'marriage' in Canada? Phelan, James E. May 1, 2005 2240
Support in unlikely places. Brief Article Apr 12, 2005 116
School's in on gay history. Galliano, Joseph Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 153
And speaking of American homophobia, the 1,100-member Druid Hills Golf Club of Atlanta, Georgia, is resisting a court order to grant spousal benefits to members in same-sex partnerships, sparking a local battle over gay rights. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 126
Breakthrough: the 1979 National March. Ghaziani, Amin Mar 1, 2005 1985
George W. Bush: champion of "gay rights". Brief Article Dec 27, 2004 250
Bordering on equality: as Maine recognizes domestic partnerships, Virginia bans them. What happens next? Ryan, Benjamin Brief Article Jun 8, 2004 442
The two faces of George: despite statements to the contrary, Bush's "compassionate conservatism" may stop short of protecting gay men and lesbians. Ryan, Benjamin May 11, 2004 438
The tipping point: beginning May 17 in Massachusetts, gay and lesbian couples will be able to obtain fully legal marriage licenses for the first time in U.S. history. What does this mean for gay equality? (Marriage). Moats, David May 11, 2004 2749
Dodging the altar: gay men and lesbians aren't exactly rushing to marry in Canada. Why marriage equality isn't such a big deal up north. Hays, Matthew May 11, 2004 930
Portland's lifetime commitment: as Oregon continues to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry, some are describing the Pacific Northwest state as the new ground zero for marriage equality. Caldwell, John Apr 27, 2004 744
Across the nation. Brief Article Mar 16, 2004 140
Life after gay marriage: what happens now that gay and lesbian couples can get hitched in San Francisco and Massachusetts? The political backlash has already begun, but the battle for equality may be won in the newlyweds' everyday lives. Graham, Chad Cover Story Mar 16, 2004 2909
No "queers" allowed. Blotcher, Jay Brief Article Dec 23, 2003 166
Presidential praise--but for what? Allen, Dan Brief Article Dec 23, 2003 126
Across the nation. Brief Article Dec 23, 2003 166
Kissed off. Brief Article Dec 23, 2003 145
Confronting Canada: couples who have tied the knot in Canada are forcing U.S. government officials and private businesses to grapple with the reality of same-sex marriage. Delgado, Ray Oct 28, 2003 402
Across the nation. Brief Article Oct 28, 2003 118
Across the nation. Brief Article Sep 2, 2003 169
Gay rights go to court: sodomy laws, same-sex marriage, and the future of homosexual rights. Young, Cathy Jun 1, 2003 1312
Legislation on homosexuality elicits varying responses. (World). Brief Article May 16, 2003 211
Across the nation. (The Advocate Report). Brief Article May 13, 2003 110
Same-sex changes raise concerns. Roslin, Alex Jun 1, 2000 403
The gay moment. Kopkind, Andrew May 3, 1993 6990

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