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Telehealth and medical liability. Skolnik, Neil; Horner, Michael W.; Milewski, Stephen J.Gajer,; Joshua, E. Jul 1, 2020 961
In focus: What is the medical liability draft law? Egypt Today staff Apr 2, 2020 317
Victims of rogue surgeon fear inquiry findings could be 'weak and wishy-washy' WORRIES OF A LONG FIGHT AHEAD FOR ROBUST REGULATION TO SAFEGUARD PATIENTS. ALISON STACEY News Reporter Feb 4, 2020 682
Negligence and medical monitoring. Roche, Jim Dec 6, 2019 679
Significant Developments: UAE Medical Liability Law. Nov 30, 2019 2041
The Perils of Prescribing Medication and the Goldilocks Principle: Defending Related Claims of Malpractice. Durney, Peter M.; Lebov, Harrison L. Oct 1, 2019 4813
The New Cabinet Resolution No (40) of 2019 concerning the UAE Federal Law on Medical Liability (Law No. 4 of 2016): An Analysis. Sep 25, 2019 1037
UNJUST TIMING LIMITATIONS IN GENETIC MALPRACTICE CASES. Marchant, Gary; LeRoy, Bonnie; Clatch, Lauren; Clayton, Ellen Wright Sep 22, 2019 11500
Bill Would Allow Service Members to Sue Military for Medical Malpractice. Andrew G. Simpson Sep 16, 2019 307
Bill Would Allow Service Members to Sue Military for Medical Malpractice. Simpson, Andrew G. Sep 16, 2019 413
What Nurses Need to Know About Statutes of Limitations. Flynn, Jennifer Aug 1, 2019 1076
Misdiagnosis a Leading Cause of Medical Malpractice Claims, Studies Show. Jul 30, 2019 956
Supreme committee's decision final in medical liability cases. Jun 15, 2019 916
Explainer: Who decides on UAE medical liability cases. Jun 15, 2019 1012
Medical errors: How UAE law protects patients, doctors. May 13, 2019 952
Nursing homes take issue with legal landscape. May 9, 2019 829
Pregnant mother's family settles with ER doc for $2.6M. Chaney, Matt May 8, 2019 827
Sorry! Laws Protecting Doctors Who Apologize Don't Lessen Litigation. May 6, 2019 849
Opioid strike force to go after docs who overprescribe. Chaney, Matt May 6, 2019 948
Sanctions over expert requires evidence. Vieth, Peter Apr 16, 2019 810
Organic bill on patients' rights and medical liability sets maximum compensation period of medical errors for 15 years. Apr 9, 2019 273
Sorry, Laws Protecting Doctors Who Apologize Don't Lessen Litigation. Simpson, Andrew G. Apr 5, 2019 852
How Technology is Shifting Agency from Doctors to Patients: The Cost and Impact of Medical Technologies to Traditional Liability and Malpractice. Eikram, Iman Mar 22, 2019 10757
Kentucky Medical Malpractice Review Panels Ruled Unconstitutional. Feb 4, 2019 836
"Sorry" Is Never Enough: How State Apology Laws Fail to Reduce Medical Malpractice Liability Risk. McMichael, Benjamin J.; Van Horn, R. Lawrence; Viscusi, W. Kip Feb 1, 2019 26681
'Venue shopping' amendment ignites debate. Pashakis, Ioannis Jan 31, 2019 457
Partial retrial OK'd after jury awards $1 verdict. Donovan, David Jan 8, 2019 870
Healthcare System and Medical Malpractice Law in Pakistan. Dec 31, 2018 5001
Trump Signs Bill Ensuring Sports Medical Malpractice Insurance Travels Across State Lines. Brief article Oct 10, 2018 336
The evolving role of expert testimony. Tan, S.Y. Oct 1, 2018 1264
The evolving role of expert testimony. Tan, S.Y. Sep 15, 2018 1238
Explaining Medical Errors Cut Liability Claims 66%: Georgia State Research. Aug 22, 2018 487
ER doctor wins defense verdict in Wise County. Bondurant, Jordan Aug 21, 2018 809
Peer review privilege waived over discovery. Vieth, Peter Aug 21, 2018 1182
EDVA: Patient proves horrifying violations by medical staff. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 3, 2018 1276
State doctor hit with punitives for treatment denial. Vieth, Peter Aug 2, 2018 1006
Saiontz & Kirk sued by former client's estate for acting as 'case broker'. Jul 8, 2018 629
Weaver v. Myers: The Future of Ex Parte Communication in Florida Medical Malpractice. Boelens, Brian W. Jul 1, 2018 5823
4th Cir.: Judgment debtor didn't delay payment owed to Medicare. Lightle, Rebecca M. Jun 10, 2018 1451
Law updated so cops can get EpiPens at last EpiPen: Doctors' liability not anticipated. May 24, 2018 943
Law updated so cops can get EpiPens at last EpiPen: Doctors' liability not anticipated. May 24, 2018 518
Peer review privilege waived over discovery. Vieth, Peter May 2, 2018 1221
Hospital must designate witness for 30(b)(6) depo. Berkman, Eric T. Apr 26, 2018 1505
House passes medical and health liability bill. Apr 3, 2018 447
New York Extends Time to File Malpractice Claim. Richman, David E.; Kozicz, Ada Mar 26, 2018 778
If it ain't broke, why fix it? Mar 22, 2018 223
Doctors' group opposes repealing '20 percent rule' for experts in med-mal trials. Mar 20, 2018 599
Are the crime lab scandals Public Safetys Chernobyl? Doyle, James H. Feb 15, 2018 778
Jury Instruction on Patients Bad Outcome Approved. Lightle, Rebecca M. Jan 31, 2018 561
Medical malpractice or ordinary negligence? Dryden, Lee Jan 3, 2018 839
1st Egyptian Medical Liability draft law to regulate abortion. Dec 3, 2017 361
The Impact of State Medical Malpractice Reform on Individual-Level Health Care Expenditures. Yu, Hao; Greenberg, Michael; Haviland, Amelia Dec 1, 2017 7236
Business law critical to your practice: Preventive law, like preventive medicine, can make all the difference. Smith, Steven R. Nov 1, 2017 2312
It Is Time for Florida Courts to Revisit Gooding? Kurzban, Jed; Gallagher, Lauren; Arabnia, Samira Cover story Nov 1, 2017 5282
Claim for missed cancer diagnosis goes back to jury. Donovan, David Sep 27, 2017 672
Sham Peer Review and the National Practitioner Data Bank. Huntoon, Lawrence R. Editorial Sep 22, 2017 5762
Don't fall prey to illegal cosmetic centres. Sep 10, 2017 441
Federal medical tort reform: Has its time come? Tan, S.Y. Sep 1, 2017 1423
Amendments to jury instruction regarding medical negligence. Jun 15, 2017 1350
UAE health care law opens new vistas. Jun 5, 2017 949
Does medical malpractice tort reform have a constructive effect on the healthcare bottom line? Popescu, Gheorghe H. Report Apr 1, 2017 2259
Health Law - Indiana Appellate Court Rules that Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations Applies to Minors in Derivative Claims - Anonymous M.D. v. Lockridge. Doherty, Caitlin Mar 22, 2017 5495
Med mal statute. Shaughnessy, Frank Letter to the editor Feb 15, 2017 313
The New UAE Medical Liability Law: An Analysis. Dec 4, 2016 2565
Resolving malpractice claims after tort reform: experience in a self-insured Texas public academic health system. Sage, William M.; Harding, Molly Colvard; Thomas, Eric J. Dec 1, 2016 6658
10 years' jail for erring doctors in new law. Sep 25, 2016 1877
Health care fraternity welcomes new law. Sep 20, 2016 686
Fundamentals of military health law: governance at the crossroads of health care and military functions. Casciotti, John A. Jun 22, 2016 10341
Missouri's statutory cause of action for medical negligence: legitimate application of legislative authority or violation of constitutional rights? Mace, Emily Jun 22, 2016 7730
Save thousands of lives every year: Resuscitate the peer review privilege. Williams, Alan G. Jun 22, 2016 14663
The verdict is in: surviving a medical malpractice trial. Canady, Michael R. May 1, 2016 2734
Medical negligence: alternative claims resolution an answer to the epidemic? Dhai, Ames May 1, 2016 1291
Mediation as an alternative solution to medical malpractice court claims. Claassen, N. May 1, 2016 3426
Law & Medicine: Which doctors get sued? Tan, S.Y. Report Apr 1, 2016 1331
Franza v. Royal Caribbean Cruises: the Eleventh Circuit opens the door for vicarious liability claims in the future. Amy, Michael T. Jan 1, 2016 9561
Causation in medical litigation and the failure to warn of inherent risks. Barton-Hanson, Jem; Barton-Hanson, Renu Dec 1, 2015 2233
Physician liability issues and telemedicine: Part 1 of 3. Kmucha, Steven T. Oct 1, 2015 1010
Nursing liability and evidence-based practice. Neil, Helen P. Report Sep 1, 2015 1233
Medical peer review in UAE Civil proceedings: A case study. Case study Jul 14, 2015 2381
NHS payouts topping [pounds sterling]78million have been made in the North East due to hospital errors; Medical negligence experts in Newcastle say they expect claims to fall in coming years due to legal aid limitations. Jul 13, 2015 1297
Forty-year anniversary of Louisiana's Medical Malpractice Act, Act 817 of 1975. Palmisano, Donald J. Report Jul 1, 2015 2258
The 20-Year Anniversary of the Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act of 1975, 'Act 817 of 1975': 'a rescue from danger' a tribute to John C. Cooksey, MD. Palmisano, Donald J. Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2015 2381
Medical errors, medical malpractice and death cases in north Carolina: the impact of demographic and medical systems variables. Harris, Catherine T.; Peeples, Ralph A. Report Jul 1, 2015 5111
Rare glimpse into settlements. Mello, Michelle M. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 168
Teleradiology: the perks, pitfalls and patients who ultimately pay. Barlow, Coryell L.; Hodge, Samuel D., Jr. Mar 22, 2015 9921
Pursuit of ch. 415 neglect or abuse of a vulnerable adult claims against hospitals in Florida. Smith, Stephen P. Mar 1, 2015 6696
'Over-servicing', 'underservicing' and 'abandonment': what is the law? McQuoid-Mason, D.J. Report Mar 1, 2015 2038
Medical professional liability insurance for hard-to-place physicians. Brown, Steve Mar 1, 2015 671
Off-label prescribing in a vulnerable pediatric marketplace. Hilton, Kathleen Jan 1, 2015 19478
Mediation--an alternative to litigation in medical malpractice. Walters, Johan Editorial Nov 1, 2014 1991
Senator pandered to lobbyists on early offer bill: a sinister bait-and-switch undermined a bipartisan compromise. Brannen, Barney Jul 11, 2014 681
Too late: med malpractice 'early offer' changes die in conference. Sanders, Bob Brief article Jun 13, 2014 275
Medical Malpractice Laws and Health Care Quality. Gorman, Linda May 1, 2014 435
ACA coverage may lead to more malpractice claims. Gallegos, Alicia May 1, 2014 342
Measure would replace the Med Mal Tort system. Blankenship, Gary Apr 1, 2014 987
CMPA/CNPS joint statement on liability protection for nurse practitioners and physicians in collaborative practice. Mar 22, 2014 1292
Principles of doctor legal liability in Romanian civil law. Lazar, Liliana Marilena Report Jan 1, 2014 2035
Aspects of legal liability in organ, tissues and cells of human origin sampling and transplant. Lazar, Liliana Marilena Report Jan 1, 2014 1936
Are you admitting malpractice if you apologize to a patient? Mossman, Douglas Report Dec 1, 2013 2021
Berwick report backs new criminal sanctions for NHS staff. Oct 1, 2013 513
Mental health innovation vs. psychiatric malpractice: creating space for "reasonable innovation". Kapley, David; Appel, Jacob M.; Resnick, Phillip J. Sep 22, 2013 13129
Public citizen: malpractice payouts dip to record lows. Schneider, Mary Ellen Sep 1, 2013 388
Un-necessary surgical procedures. Jawaid, Shaukat Jul 15, 2013 715
Ex parte contacts revisited. Parsons, Ronald A., Jr.; Falon, Shannon R. Jun 22, 2013 10774
Respondeat superior: what are your responsibilities? Mossman, Douglas Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2013 1958
The malpractice of malpractice. Klebanow, Diana May 1, 2013 3105
Physician countersuits. Tan, S.Y. May 1, 2013 1431
Karabus' 'Argo moment' a long time coming. Bateman, Chris May 1, 2013 1875
Cabinet Condemns Policy of Medical Negligence Against Prisoners, Holds Israel Responsible for Their Lives. Apr 10, 2013 835
Discussion of Laws on Practicing Medicine, Dentistry and Medical Liability. Mar 27, 2013 161
Innovative cost control: an analysis of medical malpractice reform in Massachusetts. Bogue, Kelly Mar 22, 2013 13861
The constitutionality of caps: upholding Missouri's right to jury trial and the non-economic damages debate. Lawrence, Rachel Mar 22, 2013 16345
Diabetes-related malpractice. Tan, S.Y. Mar 15, 2013 1208
Protecting medical liability reform laws. Report Mar 1, 2013 307
Law & medicine: physician liability in driving accidents. Tan, S.Y. Jan 1, 2013 910
Wrongful birth as negligent misrepresentation. Houseman, Gordon T. Jan 1, 2013 9724
Law & medicine: physician liability in driving accidents. Tan, S.Y. Interview Jan 1, 2013 1061
New health push. Dec 18, 2012 594
When your patients disclose 'insider information'. Mossman, Douglas Dec 1, 2012 1764
N.H. top court upholds malpractice panels, mostly. Brooks, David Nov 16, 2012 632
Family of Savita Halappanavar blames Irish law, medical negligence for her death. Nov 15, 2012 855
Risk management: death of the practitioner--coverage, records, professional wills. Leslie, Richard S. Report Nov 1, 2012 1999
Unforeseen ethical/legal complications with screening tests in the capitation model of medical aid schemes. Jansen, Rita-Marie; Gouws, Chris; Verschoor, Teuns Report Oct 1, 2012 2260
The robotic arm went crazy! The problem of establishing liability in a monopolized field. Goldberg, Margo Sep 22, 2012 10227
Lay business protection: AOP extends its professional defence and insurance cover to include lay practice owners. Brief article Aug 17, 2012 306
Healthcare Professionals must come up with some self monitoring and accountability mechanism. Jul 14, 2012 1452
Medical malpractice liability and physician migration. Perry, John J.; Clark, Christopher Jul 1, 2012 7059
Medical Law Cases of Note. Tammelleo, David A. Case overview Jun 1, 2012 1062
Hospital Law Decisions of Note. Tammellero, A. David Case overview Jun 1, 2012 1083
Nursing law case of the month. Tammelleo, David A. Case overview Jun 1, 2012 822
Medical law case of note. Tammelleo, David A. Case overview May 1, 2012 1049
La Supreme Court rules in favor of medical malpractice cap. Brief article May 1, 2012 137
Skepticism builds as tort reform goes nowhere. Schneider, Mary Ellen Mar 1, 2012 991
Skepticism builds as tort reform goes nowhere. Schneider, Mary Ellen Mar 1, 2012 1018
Physicians skeptical about medical liability reform action: 'our desire is to bring some rationality to the system.'. Schneider, Mary Ellen Mar 1, 2012 1028
Skepticism builds as tort reform languishes. Schneider, Mary Ellen Mar 1, 2012 1055
Regulating expert witness testimony. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 198
Protecting Medical Liability Reform Laws. Report Mar 1, 2012 307
LSMS legislative package tackles tough issues legislative session begins March 12. Report Mar 1, 2012 347
Health reform advances. Feb 15, 2012 507
Promises, promises: liability reform remains elusive. Schneider, Mary Ellen Feb 15, 2012 954
PMDC (amendment) Bill to bring medical colleges into certain parameters: Firdous Awan. Feb 8, 2012 220
PMDC (amendment) Bill to bring medical colleges into certain parameters: Firdous Awan. Feb 8, 2012 220
Changes to the Crimes Act: from next month, failure to protect a vulnerable child or adult could be deemed a criminal offence. Nurses and other health workers must know how best to protect their patients. Barnett-Davidson, Margaret Feb 1, 2012 1079
N.Y. department mandates use of claims-made for medical liability. Jan 9, 2012 872
Hospital law decisions of note. Tammclleo, A. David Case overview Jan 1, 2012 1071
More complaints, lower costs after tort reform in Texas. Ault, Alicia Report Jan 1, 2012 512
Nurses' personal liability vs. employer's vicarious liability. Anselmi, Katherine Kaby Jan 1, 2012 3016
Quality of health care and the role of relationships: bridging the medico-legal divide. Mor, Sagit; Einy, Orna Rabinovich Jan 1, 2012 6484
Medical Law cases of note. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Jan 1, 2012 1068
Medical law cases of note. Tammelleo, David Case overview Dec 1, 2011 1094
Punitive damages. Tan, S.Y. Dec 1, 2011 858
The threat of litigation: Private obstetric care--quo vadis? Howarth, Graham Report Dec 1, 2011 2914
Medical law cases of note. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Nov 1, 2011 1070
Patient unaware of abnormal scans until it was too late. Susman, Jeffrey L. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 258
Legal Aid is crucial for families needing help; working day Amanda Yip, QC, is a barrister specialising in personal injury, clinical negligence and medical law at Exchange Chambers, in Liverpool. This is her working day ... Oct 5, 2011 617
AG again seeks to thwart JUA surplus distribution: Delaney tells court he and Legislature again need to approve deal. Kitch, Michael Sep 23, 2011 484
Medical law cases of note. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Sep 1, 2011 1057
KaMMCO CEO calls health reform a 'game changer'. Green, Meg Jul 1, 2011 169
Acuna and the abortion right: constraints on informed consent litigation. Eidmann, Kathryn A. Jun 22, 2011 19958
Nursing the primary care shortage back to health: how expanding nurse practitioner autonomy can safely and economically meet the growing demand for basic health care. Zand, Michael B. Jun 22, 2011 11127
Robbie's Law to give families the right to get the truth about medical negligence; FATHER URGES ASSEMBLY TO IMPLEMENT THE LAW IN WALES. Jun 16, 2011 734
Dr. Could not stop his ins. carrier from settling med-mal case! Case on point: Papudesu v. med/mal joint undwrtng. Assoc. of R.I., 209-364-A2d.-(4/18/20ll)-RI. Case overview Jun 1, 2011 948
Professional Misconduct. Tan, S.Y. Jun 1, 2011 1064
CMS ranks labs as 'moderate' risk. Senft, Donna J. May 1, 2011 833
Apply human trafficking law in 'adl' cases: HRC. Apr 20, 2011 207
Do health reform and malpractice reform fit together? Hyman, David A.; Sage, William M. Report Apr 1, 2011 12441
The case for legal regulation of physicians' off-label prescribing. Rosoff, Philip M.; Coleman, Doriane Lambelet Mar 1, 2011 20135
Protecting medical liability reform laws. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 224
Did premature extubation cause or contribute to death? Mar 1, 2011 769
'Boxed in' or' boxed out'? Prescribing atypicals for dementia. Kristina, Purganan; White, Christopher; Mossman, Douglas Clinical report Mar 1, 2011 2199
Is medical liability reform back on the table? Schneider, Mary Ellen Feb 15, 2011 654
The jury's still out on malpractice panels: lack of data prevents legislative committee from determining panel's effectiveness. Kibbe, Cindy Feb 11, 2011 1341
Medical malpractice. Interview Feb 1, 2011 837
More strategies to avoid malpractice hazards on labor and delivery: 4 problematic L & D cases: occasions for the authors to talk about keeping clear of charges that you are the cause of injury during birth. Gimovsky, Martin L.; Gimovsky, Alexis C. Jan 1, 2011 3341
Risk management: can medical professional liability underwriting be of assistance in physician recruitment? Brown, Steve Jan 1, 2011 809
Clinical practice guidelines and the legal standard of care: warnings, predictions, and interdisciplinary encounters. Kozlick, Dylan Jan 1, 2011 10126
Entering the abyss: the resident's standard of care. Cabaj, Chantel Jan 1, 2011 8944
Medical tourism and the legal impediments to recovery in cases of medical malpractice. Dec 22, 2010 11339
Uniformity, federalism, and tort reform: the Erie implications of medical malpractice certificate of merit statutes. Grossberg, Benjamin Dec 1, 2010 27635
Contributory negligence. Tan, S.Y. Nov 15, 2010 838
A look at the Feres doctrine as it applies to medical malpractice lawsuits: challenging the notion that suing the government will result in a breakdown of military discipline. Bahdi, Edward G. Nov 1, 2010 10510
Complementary and alternative medicine. Tan, S.Y. Oct 15, 2010 918
TribBlog: Magistrate Says Tort Reform Not Unconstitutional. Sep 14, 2010 313
Establishing liability for harm caused to patients in a resource-deficient environment. McQuoid-Mason, David Report Sep 1, 2010 2931
Supervision and collaboration requirements: the vulnerability of nurse practitioners and its implications for retail health. Battaglia, Lauren E. Sep 1, 2010 18996
Gauteng MEC shifts corruption focus to health care workers. Bateman, Chris Jul 1, 2010 1359
Liability of supervising physicians. Tan, S.Y. Jul 1, 2010 842
AHRQ gives grants to test malpractice reforms. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article Jul 1, 2010 258
Law & medicine: liability of supervising physicians. Tan, S.Y. Jul 1, 2010 964
NYIA annual meeting: full plate of issues. Anderson, Cassandra Conference notes Jun 21, 2010 778
Challenge to constitutionality of ER 'gross negligence'. Case overview Jun 1, 2010 785
NY: Drs. Motions for summary judgment denied: failure to timely file motions and/or inadequacy. Case overview Jun 1, 2010 459
Liability fund shift was illegal. Anderson, Jane Brief article May 15, 2010 113
Medical law cases of note. Tammelleo, David A. Case overview May 1, 2010 1048
Medical liability law safe for another year. Brief article May 1, 2010 96
Lost chances, felt necessities, and the tale of two cities. Weigand, Tory A. Mar 22, 2010 36407
The Carmelo Rodriguez Military Medical Accountability Act of 2009: an opportunity to overturn the Feres doctrine as it applies to military medical malpractice. Wiltberger, Kenneth R. Mar 22, 2010 11562
How close are we to gene doping? Friedmann, Theodore Report Mar 1, 2010 1685
Medical law case of the month: can liability exist without a physician-patient relationship? Case overview Mar 1, 2010 781
Contracting over liability: medical malpractice and the cost of choice. Arlen, Jennifer Mar 1, 2010 30469
Splitting treatment: how to limit liability risk when you share a patient's care. Mossman, Douglas; Weston, Christina G. Mar 1, 2010 1883
Nursing law case on point. Mar 1, 2010 873
The impact of malpractice liability claims on obstetrical practice patterns. Gimm, Gilbert W. Feb 1, 2010 6084
Medical law case of the month: settlement release applied to agents as well as principals. Case overview Jan 1, 2010 792
Failure of radiologic communication: an increasing cause of malpractice litigation and harm to patients. Berlin, Leonard Report Jan 1, 2010 3508
Risk management: the role of peer review in potentially compensable event and medical malpractice claims processing in the army medical department. Kutsch, Anthony J. Jan 1, 2010 2115
Adverse privileging actions in the army medical department. Gagliano, Rosalind D. Jan 1, 2010 4569
Medical liability claims on the rise. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 195
FL: Pre-suit notice of expert witness required: patient's sister-a veteran nurse-not qualified. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Nov 1, 2009 569
Wrynn takes control of NYSID. Molinaro, Peter Oct 12, 2009 818
Medical negligence barrister the new boss at city's Atlantic Chambers. Oct 6, 2009 211
Liability fears continue to change ob.gyn. Schneider, Mary Ellen Survey Oct 1, 2009 539
Patient negligence. Goodwin, Michele; Richardson, L. Song Sep 22, 2009 13600
Sibal plans to reform higher education too. Sep 9, 2009 691
Learned-intermediary doctrine. Tan, S.Y. Sep 1, 2009 970
Lean on me: a physician's fiduciary duty to disclose an emergent medical risk to the patient. Hafemeister, Thomas L.; Spinos, Selina Sep 1, 2009 21526
Malpractice tort reform the best Rx. Aug 23, 2009 900
The otolaryngologist as an expert witness. Sataloff, Robert T. Editorial Aug 1, 2009 945
NY: RN's opinion key in denying dr.'s motion: pt. died from bowel obstruction & no consults. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Aug 1, 2009 599
Making hospitals accountable: hospital-level liability could revive the dormant deterrent power of tort liability. Peters, Philip G., Jr. Jun 22, 2009 5302
Learned-intermediary doctrine. Tan, S.Y. Jun 15, 2009 993
Obama: Healthcare reform needed to prevent the govt going broke. Brief article Jun 15, 2009 116
Listen up. Eastern, Joseph S. May 15, 2009 608
Proving proximate cause in malpractice cases: trial and appellate courts in Illinois have struggled to determine the plaintiff's proper burden of proving proximate cause in "lost chance" medical malpractice cases, the authors argue. They offer several appellate court decisions to make their point that confusion persists. Lavin, Terrence J.; Lau, Kristina M. May 1, 2009 4106
Compensation sought for death of pregnant woman, Poland. Brief article May 1, 2009 269
Medical malpractice and new devices: defining an elusive standard of care. Greenberg, Michael D. Mar 22, 2009 10162
Sixth Circuit expands hospitals' responsibilities under EMTALA for patients with psychiatric problems who come to the emergency room; New York City agrees to pay $2 million to family of woman who died on floor of psychiatric emergency room after waiting over 24 hours for treatment. Jan 1, 2009 2551
Tort law. Leonardo, Thomas J. Dec 22, 2008 4635
Poor care behind most paid claims. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article Dec 15, 2008 168
Marsingill v. O'Malley: the duty to disclose becomes the duty to divine. Hutchinson, Douglas E. Dec 1, 2008 8754
Medical negligence and res ipsa loquitur in South Africa. Patel, Bhavna Dec 1, 2008 4218
Torts and innovation. Parchomovsky, Gideon; Stein, Alex Nov 1, 2008 16887
Avoid malpractice and protect your license: your Duty to Report vs. Self- Reporting to the Nursing Board. Singh, Tracy L. Nov 1, 2008 1209
Sweet, short victory: organizers defeat eight anti-immigrant laws but ready themselves for the next round. Hing, Julianne Ong Nov 1, 2008 541
Standard of care is defined nationally in a majority of cases. Zaleski, Theodore; Steinman, Gary Oct 1, 2008 435
What's wrong with America: five proposals. Mailer, Norman Sep 22, 2008 1052
Teleradiology: images of an improved standard of medical care? Nayar, Vivek Sep 22, 2008 12484
Good Samaritan acts. TAN, S.Y. Sep 15, 2008 914
Arizona law limiting med-mal experts is found unconstitutional. Sileo, Carmel Sep 1, 2008 673
Medical malpractice: the trial. Gart, Myles Sep 1, 2008 1838
Don't shoot the messenger: a series of cases of malpractice in the NHS has been brought to light, but what should staff do if they have witnessed malpractice in the workplace? The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 was implemented to enable staff to report such incidents without being victimised. Brown, Barrie Sep 1, 2008 1391
Supremes: the best approach to tort reform survives: the Supreme Court holds that a med-mal plaintiff is entitled to a 90-day extension to file her certificate of merit - and that a 2004 law didn't reenact the version of 2-622 invalidated in Best v. Taylor. Aug 1, 2008 1068
A Doctor's take on legal issues. Keller, David L.; Zaremski, Miles J. Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2008 502
Different standards in med. mal. cases unconstitutional. Tammelleo, A. David Jun 1, 2008 916
An introduction to aspects of health law: bioethical principles, human rights and the law. McQuoid-Mason, David Jun 1, 2008 4464
Expert witnesses under fire. Zaremski, Miles J. Apr 15, 2008 996
Evaluate liability risks in prescribing. Mossman, Douglas Apr 1, 2008 1891
Do you fight--or settle--that malpractice lawsuit? The decision usually isn't clear-cut. Here's what you need to know to make matters come out favorably. Segal, Jeffrey Case overview Apr 1, 2008 2866
Resuscitating hospital enterprise liability. Peters, Philip G., Jr. Mar 22, 2008 12891
ERISA's tangled web. Zaremski, Miles J. Law overview Mar 15, 2008 657
TX: sponge left in patient over ten years: Pt. allowed to sue after statute of repose ran. Tammelleo, A. David Case study Mar 1, 2008 601
Massachusetts doctors liable to third parties for failure to warn patients. Pannell, Susan J. Mar 1, 2008 875
Noneconomic damage caps don't curb premiums. Zaremski, Miles Law overview Feb 15, 2008 1132
New York's high court allows ex parte interviews after discovery. Jablow, Valerie Feb 1, 2008 1070
NY: Pt.'s daughter-exposed to hepatitis B-died: did patient's physicians have duty to warn? Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Feb 1, 2008 582
International outsourcing plus inexpensive, quality healthcare: binding arbitration makes this telemedical dream a reality. Zawadski, Peter Jan 1, 2008 18751
The criminalisation of medical mistakes in Canada: a review. McDonald, Fiona Jan 1, 2008 8974
New federal rules highlight need to curb hospital-acquired illness. Krisberg, Kim Report Oct 1, 2007 663
WY: sponge found during second surgery: 'discovery rule' applied to statute of limitations. Tammelleo, A. David Oct 1, 2007 586
Let them sue. Jun 22, 2007 522
The fairness of malpractice settlements: contrary to conventional wisdom, the adjudication process appears to treat physicians well. Peters, Philip G., Jr. Jun 22, 2007 4129
Juries side with doctors. Anderson, Jane Brief article May 15, 2007 162
Harnessing the hired guns: the substantive nature of Ohio Revised Code (section) 2743.43 under Article IV, Section 5(B) of the Ohio Constitution. Vrobel, Patrick Mar 22, 2007 13417
Medical malpractice overseas: the legal uncertainty surrounding medical tourism. Mirrer-Singer, Philip Mar 22, 2007 10119
News from the agency for healthcare research and quality. Feb 1, 2007 1855
New Jersey statute shielding mental health practitioners from liability does not apply when practitioner has abandoned a patient who subsequently commits suicide. Hafemeister, Thomas L. Jan 1, 2007 862
Research ethics approval for human and animal experimentation: consequences of failing to obtain approval--including legal and professional liability. Tremayne-Lloyd, Tracey; Srebrolow, Gary Jan 1, 2007 3007
Health policy changes in store with new Congress. Frieden, Joyce Dec 1, 2006 1033
Supreme Court approves med mal fee waiver form: justices approve rule change, but decline to address whether fee limits can be waived. Blankenship, Gary Oct 15, 2006 1466
VA: pt. failed to timely serve process on Dr.: plaintiffs' 'voluntary' motions for nonsuit a farce. Tammelleo, A. David Oct 1, 2006 569
Distributive justice in pharmaceutical torts: justice where justice is due? Wu, Chen-Sen Sep 22, 2006 11476
TX: malpractice alleged regarding pacemaker failure to supply 'Expert Report' dooms case. Tammalleo, A. David Sep 1, 2006 599
Expert witnesses win their day in court against medical groups. Jablow, Valerie Sep 1, 2006 1146
Med mal fee waiver procedures argued: the debate involved whether a judicial hearing should be required to give up amendment 3 rights. Blankenship, Gary Jul 1, 2006 1296
Plaintiffs keep their rights in med-mal cases. Jul 1, 2006 374
A chance at justice: some cases seem untouchable: brought by unsympathetic plaintiffs, ridiculed as frivolous, and faced down by a public conditioned to suspect injury claims. But sometimes all those considerations are drowned out by a cry for justice so loud it can't be ignored. Warriner, C. Calvin, III Jul 1, 2006 1391
When only "sorry" will do. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 97
Unwise and unnecessary: statutory caps on non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases and the appellate review alternative. Emery, Ryan T. Jun 22, 2006 10490
Federal cases based on 'diversity of citizenship' are coming. Tammelleo, A. David Jun 1, 2006 897
Two med-mal bills approved: others loom. May 1, 2006 374
Cross-examining the defendant doctor: jurors have been conditioned to suspect your clients' medical negligence claims, and defendants will take every opportunity to encourage these suspicions in court. Keep them in check with well-planned and expertly executed cross-examinations. Mandell, Mark May 1, 2006 3383
How do I blame thee? Let me count the ways: the 'blame the patient' defense is common in medical negligence cases. But with careful preparation, you can confront it and succeed at trial. Laufenberg, Lynn R. May 1, 2006 4427
Virginia plaintiffs can sue over court-ordered medical exams. Porter, Rebecca May 1, 2006 804
By the numbers: Vermont Captives 2005. Tuohy, Cyril Apr 15, 2006 132
NY: defendants fight plaintiff's discovery effort: were all records protected by 'peer review'? Tammelleo, A. David Apr 1, 2006 557
Wisconsin doctors want cap back. Lubell, Jennifer Brief article Apr 1, 2006 211
Theobald v. University of Cincinnati - reforming medical malpractice in Ohio: a survey of state laws and policy impacts. Dunne, Brian Mar 22, 2006 15236
President's health care agenda. Lubell, Jennifer Brief Article Feb 15, 2006 169
Sixth Circuit upholds Michigan's med-mal cap. Burtka, Allison Torres Nov 1, 2005 966
Uncertainty and informed choice: unmasking Daubert. Berger, Margaret A.; Twerski, Aaron D. Nov 1, 2005 18904
Proposed Florida rule would prevent trial lawyers from taking cases. Sep 1, 2005 373
Connecticut passes medical malpractice legislation. Sep 1, 2005 311

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