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Lawrence Kirk: twelve year recovery from pancreatic cancer.

Long-term subscribers to our Healing Newsletter will remember the story of Lawrence Kirk, published in Vol. 19, #1, Jan/Feb 2004.

Lawrence was born on the now fateful date of Sept. 11, but in the year 1938. He is currently 68 years old.

In 1993, during a regular annual check-up, the doctor felt "something" in Lawrence's abdomen. They were unable to get a good picture at that time. However, by summer of 1994 he had lost 24 pounds and a lot of energy. An early diagnosis and drugs did not settle his problem, and only in November of 1994 a mass on his pancreas was seen on a CT scan. The doctor explained to Lawrence that he had pancreatic cancer and that neither surgery nor radiation would work. With an additional discouraging report, the patient's wife, Ruth, looked for "a better way" to deal with the situation. They found the Gerson Therapy and, after talking to a recovered patient, they decided to come to the Mexican Gerson Clinic.

After 20 months on the Gerson Therapy, a new CT scan showed no tumors. The doctor and nurse examining Lawrence and checking his records were amazed that, though he had received no surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, he appeared clear of cancer. After five and a half years on the Therapy, another CT scan showed 'clear'. However, a few months later, Lawrence injured his back, crushed a vertebra which caused severe sleep disturbance since he was unable to turn without waking up from the pain. The doctor assumed that he had pain from "recurring cancer", but the MRI scan was clear; only a later body scan showed the fracture to T11. With the ongoing Therapy, the vertebra healed.

Now, 12 years after his diagnosis, Lawrence is doing very well, helps his wife part-time in her book business, does some gardening, and looks after his aging mother. He continues taking five juices daily, one coffee enema every day and eating almost exclusively organic Gerson food. He and his wife visit restaurants very rarely and he wants to stay close to the Therapy because "I feel good."

Lawrence told us he feels that "It is important to keep in touch with Gerson doctors after a patient recovers."
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Author:Gerson, Charlotte
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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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