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UP Law professors urge House to junk impeachment rap vs. Leonen. Dec 15, 2020 527
As soon as SC opens, law professors fire petitions vs anti-terrorism law. Jul 6, 2020 1285
FEU law professors call for caution in passage of controversial Anti-Terrorism bill. Jun 5, 2020 557
Professor Emeritus Frank Pommersheim & Justice Steven L. Zinter. Hagen, Alex M.; Hutton, Chris; Riley, Angela A.; Barneti, Mark; Gilbertson, David; Parsons, Ronald A Testimonial Mar 22, 2020 15854
TRIBUTE TO JUDITH LIPTON. Adamson, Bryan L. Testimonial Dec 22, 2019 2089
TRIBUTE TO JUDY LIPTON. Hardaway, Ayesha Bell Testimonial Dec 22, 2019 1097
TRIBUTE TO PROFESSOR JUDITH LIPTON. Joy, Peter A. Testimonial Dec 22, 2019 1124
TRIBUTE TO PROFESSOR JUDITH LIPTON. Margolis, Kenneth R. Testimonial Dec 22, 2019 1803
PASSIONATE ADVOCATE. McNally-Levine, Laura Testimonial Dec 22, 2019 649
Report: +500 Law Professors Sign Letter Calling Trump Actions Impeachable. Dec 7, 2019 335
More than 500 law professors declare 'impeachable conduct'. Matt Zapotosky The Washington Post Dec 7, 2019 464
Tribute to Professor Lewis Katz. Benza, Michael; Gabinet, Leon; Klein, James M.; Korngold, Gerard; O'Connor, Maureen; Snyder, Barbara Testimonial Sep 22, 2019 7445
Student Wellbeing Through Teacher Wellbeing: A Study with Law Teachers in the UK and Australia. James, Colin; Strevens, Caroline; Field, Rachael; Wilson, Clare Aug 15, 2019 4579
Legal education and law teachers. Jul 3, 2019 1098
LAW AND MAN AT YALE. Herstein, Carl W. Essay Jun 22, 2019 3791
Law professors: Muscogee (Creek) Nation's reservation still stands. Mar 8, 2019 554
Le droit a l'alimentation au Canada: Un entretien avec la professeure Martha Jackman. Wormington, Taylor Interview Dec 22, 2018 11689
Finding higher ground. Chaney, Matt Interview Dec 19, 2018 704
IN MEMORY OF GUS A. SCHILL, JR. Skelton, James W., Jr. Testimonial Sep 22, 2018 1003
A sidebar with David Moran. Franz, Thomas Interview Jul 6, 2018 867
PROFESSOR MICHAEL J. HUTTER. Bonuentre, Vincent Martin Testimonial Jun 22, 2018 1338
PROFESSOR STEPHEN T. ZAMORA: A VISIONARY AND GENEROUS SOUL. Escribano, Alfonso Lopez de la Osa Testimonial Jun 22, 2018 3192
TRIBUTE TO PROFESSOR JORDAN PAUST. Nanda, Ved Testimonial Jun 22, 2018 2261
MEMORIES OF PROFESSOR ATHANASSIOS YIANNOPOULOS. Vetter, Bernard Keith Testimonial Jun 22, 2018 1335
IN MEMORIAM: JOHN W. REED. St. Antoine, Theodore J. Testimonial Jun 1, 2018 539
A Tribute To Yoram Dinstein. Shamir-Borer, Eran May 1, 2018 1217
A sidebar with John Scott. Franz, Thomas Interview Apr 27, 2018 827
Law professors call omnibus crime bill unconstitutional. Apr 5, 2018 321
The Volokh Conspiracy Comes to Reason. Gillespie, Nick Interview Feb 17, 2018 747
TRICKS OF THE TRADE. Fischer, Raymond L. Jan 1, 2018 1904
Reflections on Reconciliation after 150 years since Confederation: An Interview with Dr. Cindy Blackstock. Marsh, Kirsten; Karabit, Mina Interview Dec 22, 2017 5336
Let George Do It! Barnettf, Randy E. Testimonial Sep 22, 2017 1612
George W. Dent, Jr.: Engaged Scholar. Entin, Jonathan L. Testimonial Sep 22, 2017 1444
George W. Dent, Jr. Jensen, Erik M. Testimonial Sep 22, 2017 3804
Tribute to George Dent. Wood, Peter W. Testimonial Sep 22, 2017 1474
LAW PROFESSORS AS PLAINTIFFS. Jarvis, Robert M. Sep 22, 2017 39164
About Howard Leeson. Sep 22, 2017 769
Black former professor files pay bias complaint against Campbell University. Hudson, Walter Aug 10, 2017 746
Tribute to Professor Jonathan L. Entin. Adamson, Bryan; Berg, Jessica W.; Scharf, Michael P.; Gray, Fred D.; Hill, B. Jessie; Hoffman, Sharo Testimonial Jun 22, 2017 10791
What Makes a Good Teacher? Going, David L. Jun 22, 2017 1792
Judge Barry S. Schermer: A Teacher of Law and of Life. Cohen, Emily K. Jun 22, 2017 3511
A Tribute to Judge Barry S. Schermer: Judge, Teacher, Friend & the Lessons Learned. Louis, Sandra F. Jun 22, 2017 2263
Leadership in law schools. Chemerinsky, Erwin Jun 1, 2017 3525
Leadership in educational institutions: reflections of a law school dean. Post, Robert Jun 1, 2017 5865
Tribute to Professor Judith Mosoff. Testimonial Jun 1, 2017 890
Dedication to Dean and Professor Emeritus Barry Vickrey. Gilbertson, David E.; Sabers, Susan; Schulte, Eric C.; Hutton, Christine Testimonial Mar 22, 2017 2655
Tribute to Professor Erik Jensen. Austin, Arthur D., II; Entin, Jonathan L.; Gabinet, Leon; Geir, Deborah A. Testimonial Mar 22, 2017 18307
Reflections on Teaching the First Day of Contracts Class. Stockmeyer, Norman Otto Essay Mar 22, 2017 4205
IN MEMORY OF PROFESSOR STEPHEN T. ZAMORA. Skelton, James W., Jr. Testimonial Jan 1, 2017 1171
WashUlaw's 150th anniversary: celebrating our faculty. Staudt, Nancy Jan 1, 2017 1301
A guide for defending students' free speech. Macrae, Cathi Dunn Dec 1, 2016 1047
Terrorism and the bill of rights: Suicide pact or not? Mukasey, Michael B. Oct 1, 2016 7018
A scholar, teacher, judge, and jurist in a mixed jurisdiction: the case of Aharon Barak. Kedar, Nir Sep 22, 2016 14631
Interpreting the law in a mixed jurisdiction: the professor vs. the judge - peers or rivals? Sammut, Ivan Sep 22, 2016 13500
Law Professors' Analysis of a Need for Legal Guidance and Policy-Making on Religious Exemptions Raised by Federal Contractors. Jun 22, 2016 200
The John M. Olin Fellowships and the advancement of conservatism in legal academia. Cady, Erin Jun 22, 2016 16902
The individualist Constitution: libertarian legal superstar Randy Barnett challenges conservative judicial orthodoxy. Root, Damon Interview Jun 1, 2016 4067
Bernie Adell remembered. Flanagan, Bill Testimonial Mar 22, 2016 895
Bernie Adell remembered. Ford, Sharon Testimonial Mar 22, 2016 3474
Bernie Adell remembered. Dann, Erin Testimonial Mar 22, 2016 836
Bernie Adell remembered. Yorke, Cody; Di Sauro, Giovanna Testimonial Mar 22, 2016 1412
Providing a dynamic classroom experience. Baron, Roger Mar 22, 2016 7774
In memory of Harvey J. Goldschmid. Seligman, Joel Testimonial Feb 1, 2016 2586
Remarks for Robert Burt. Post, Robert C. Testimonial Feb 1, 2016 1520
The odd couple. Fiss, Owen M. Testimonial Feb 1, 2016 3019
Bo Burt: in the whirlwind of his own making. Price, Monroe E. Testimonial Feb 1, 2016 2943
Connecting to what matters: remembering Bo Burt. Minow, Martha Testimonial Feb 1, 2016 2034
Robert Burt: repetition and insistence. Bohmer, Martin Testimonial Feb 1, 2016 1540
Two dreams. Kronman, Anthony T. Testimonial Feb 1, 2016 1996
A tribute to my friend, Professor Robert A. Burt. Iacobucci, Frank Testimonial Feb 1, 2016 1807
Insider, outsider, Robert A. Burt. Burt, Andrew David Testimonial Feb 1, 2016 4200
Challenging Muslim identity. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Interview Jan 28, 2016 680
Measuring diversity: law faculties in 1997 and 2013. Lindgren, James Jan 1, 2016 5144
Measuring diversity: law faculties in 1997 and 2013. Lindgren, James Jan 1, 2016 21503
Why are there so few conservatives and libertarians in legal academia? An empirical exploration of three hypotheses. Phillips, James C. Jan 1, 2016 6743
Why are there so few conservatives and libertarians in legal academia? An empirical exploration of three hypotheses. Phillips, James C. Jan 1, 2016 10619
The law of force and the force of law: lecture for the participants of the v St. Petersburg international legal forum St. Petersburg, 28 may 2015. Zorkin, Valery D. Lecture Oct 1, 2015 9125
Where does law come from? Finnis, John M. Interview Oct 1, 2015 1033
A better tenure battle: fighting bias in teaching evaluations. Deo, Meera E. Sep 22, 2015 15832
How to eat the elephant in the legal academy. Rozelle, Susan D. Sep 22, 2015 883
Podia and pens: dismantling the two-track system for legal research and writing faculty. Tiscione, Kristen K.; Vorenberg, Amy Sep 22, 2015 7251
A bisexual perspective on law school hiring. Tweedy, Ann E. Sep 22, 2015 2064
Oil and water: how legal education's doctrine and skills divide reproduces toxic hierarchies. Jewel, Lucille A. Sep 22, 2015 10965
"Just another little black boy from the South Side of Chicago": overcoming obstacles and breaking down barriers to improve diversity in the law professoriate. Green, Michael Z. Sep 22, 2015 9187
Must we deploy drones in the twenty-first century to target under the radar discrimination against minority women at law schools at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)? Jackson, Faith Joseph; Wu, Edieth Y. Sep 22, 2015 12645
Who's afraid of white class migrants? On denial, discrediting and disdain (and toward a richer conception of diversity). Pruitt, Lisa R. Sep 22, 2015 7083
Who's afraid of white class migrants? on denial, discrediting and disdain (and toward a richer conception of diversity). Pruitt, Lisa R. Sep 22, 2015 21396
Un entretien avec professeure Nicole LaViolette. Albert, Marie-Pier; Bah, Regina; Logie, Anna; Meiners, Amber Interview Sep 22, 2015 17192
From West Point and armored cavalry officer to Harvard Law and the Judge Advocate General: the life and career of Wilton B. Persons (1923-2015). Borch, Fred L. May 1, 2015 3241
Joint dedication: Justice John K. Konenkamp & Professor Jo Pasqualucci. Gilbertson, David; Zinter, Steven; Miller, Robert A.; Meierhenry, Judith K.; Kern, Janine M.; Vickre Testimonial Mar 22, 2015 4606
In memoriam: Professor Charles E. Rice. Newton, Nell Jessup Testimonial Mar 1, 2015 1518
Law School revolt. Soave, Robby Brief article Jan 16, 2015 164
Arab American advocate. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Jan 1, 2015 728
Death, taxes, and misinterpretations of Robert Nozick: why Nozickians can oppose the estate tax. Rodgers, Lamont Report Jan 1, 2015 7005
In memoriam: Honorable John E. Fenton, Jr.: remembering an extraordinary teacher, leader, and friend. Corbett, William T. Testimonial Jan 1, 2015 1476
In memoriam: Honorable John E. Fenton, Jr., a teacher and friend extraordinaire. Leon, Richard J. Testimonial Jan 1, 2015 1427
Tribute to David D. Siegel. Gleason, Thomas F. Testimonial Dec 22, 2014 1407
Mentor to the profession: David D. Siegel. Carpinello, George F. Testimonial Dec 22, 2014 2069
Professor David D. Siegel: amicus curiae-a special relationship with the Court of Appeals. Halloran, John J., Jr. Testimonial Dec 22, 2014 2233
The king of New York practice. Connors, Patrick M. Testimonial Dec 22, 2014 3913
Collegiality in the law school. Allan, James Dec 1, 2014 3554
Chronic illness: training in mindfulness. Zablocki, Elaine Dec 1, 2014 1504
Harvard Law professors back away from sexual misconduct policy. Lewin, Tamar Oct 16, 2014 467
The teacher becomes student: what law professors can learn from the legal profession. Pritikin, Martin H. Oct 1, 2014 6862
In memoriam: Professor Harold G. Maier. Testimonial Oct 1, 2014 729
Tribute to Professor Leon Gabinet. Entin, Jonathan L.; Jensen, Erik M.; Katz, Lewis; Korb, Donald L.; Snyder, Barbara R. Testimonial Sep 22, 2014 9950
Defending women who kill in self-defence. Tremblay, Lisa Interview Jun 22, 2014 1472
African expert. Stewart, Pearl Jun 5, 2014 742
Reactionary rhetoric and liberal legal academia. Driver, Justin Jun 1, 2014 10725
The former clerks who nearly killed judicial restraint. Snyder, Brad (American law professor) May 1, 2014 12720
By Grace alone: as sex-abuse allegations multiply, Billy Graham's grandson is on a mission to persuade Protestant churches to come clean. Joyce, Kathryn Essay May 1, 2014 9762
Remembering Joe Feller. Squillace, Mark Testimonial Mar 22, 2014 372
The status gap: female faculty in the legal academy. Monopoli, Paula A. Report Mar 22, 2014 3999
Dedication. Newton, Neil Jessup Testimonial Mar 1, 2014 425
Legal academia and the blindness of the elites. Campos, Paul Jan 1, 2014 3125
A tribute to the work of Patricia Williams. Franke, Katherine Testimonial Dec 22, 2013 1943
Copyright law professors support the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Dec 1, 2013 200
Justice scholar: Rebecca Tsosie has devoted her life's work to teaching Indian law. Watson, Jamal Eric Cover story Nov 21, 2013 1171
What the best law teachers do. Book review Oct 1, 2013 180
A tribute to Ron Delisle. Stuart, Don Testimonial Sep 22, 2013 1803
Ron Delisle: a personal tribute. Manson, Allan Testimonial Sep 22, 2013 1186
Tribute to Professor Calvin William Sharpe. Cooper, Laura J.; Entin, Jonathan L.; Ray, Douglas E.; Strassfeld, Robert N.; Thompson, Samuel C., J Testimonial Sep 22, 2013 6628
Three generations and two tiers: how participation in law school clinics and the demand for "practice-ready" graduates will impact the faculty status of clinical law professors. Berger, Todd A. Jun 22, 2013 11387
Dedication. Vickrey, Barry R.; Sargent, Clint; Garry, Patrick M.; Konenkamp, John K. Testimonial Mar 22, 2013 2035
Robert G. Natelson on state-driven amendments to restrain federal spending. Armstrong, Ari Interview Mar 22, 2013 2170
Cass Sunstein and the "Second Bill of Rights" seek to obliterate rights. Armstrong, Ari Mar 22, 2013 389
The con law professor with judicial appointment power. Beiner, Theresa M. Mar 22, 2013 4700
Remembering Judge Bork. Dobranski, Bernard Testimonial Mar 22, 2013 1032
Tribute to Larry Ribstein. Adler, Barry E. Testimonial Mar 1, 2013 996
A Yale first. Davis, Crystal Brief article Feb 14, 2013 119
Financial retrenchment and institutional entrenchment: will legal education respond, explode, or just wait it out? A clinician's view. Weinstein, Ian Jan 1, 2013 10861
Un entretien avec le professeur emerite Joseph E. Roach. Malone, Nicholas; Antakly, Dana; Bosse, Darius; Courtemanche, Ariane Interview Dec 22, 2012 15691
Louise McKinney: advocate, activist, mentor. Lipton, Judith P. Testimonial Dec 22, 2012 560
A tribute to Louise McKinney. Geraghty, Thomas F. Testimonial Dec 22, 2012 1255
Louise McKinney: mentor and friend. Porath, Ann McGowan Testimonial Dec 22, 2012 1037
University of New Hampshire Law professors Sophie Sparrow and John Garvey have been named to the National Jurist's list of the 25 most influential people in legal education. Brief article Dec 14, 2012 107
From West point to Michigan to China: the remarkable career of Edward Hamilton Young (1897-1987). Borch, Fred L. Testimonial Dec 1, 2012 1965
The Walter Berns constitution day lecture series. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 195
Tribute to Professor Bill Leatherberry. Stokes, Louis Testimonial Sep 22, 2012 902
Tribute to Wilbur C. Leatherberry. Moore, Karen Nelson Testimonial Sep 22, 2012 594
Wilbur C. Leatherberry: a CWRU lifer. Entin, Jonathan L. Testimonial Sep 22, 2012 1449
Wilbur Leatherberry: our center of gravity. Gerhart, Peter M. Testimonial Sep 22, 2012 873
Tribute to Bill Leatherberry. Neth, Spencer Testimonial Sep 22, 2012 981
J. Anthony Lukas book prizes. Jun 22, 2012 386
What's wrong with rights? Mary Ann Glendon challenges America's supreme political values. Madar, Chase Apr 1, 2012 2841
Passionate advocate: law professor Amos Jones is a sought-after expert on employment agreements, higher ed legal issues. Gray, Katti Mar 29, 2012 610
What we should do about social security disability: a response to Richard J. Pierce, Jr. Wolfe, Jeffrey S.; Glendening, Dale D. Mar 22, 2012 6479
Laura Chisolm: colleague, peer, friend. Entin, Jonathan L. Testimonial Mar 22, 2012 1315
Laura's contributions. Leatherberry, Wilbur C. Testimonial Mar 22, 2012 1235
Laura Brown Chisolm. Moore, Karen Nelson Testimonial Mar 22, 2012 670
Laura Chisolm and the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations. Hammack, David C. Testimonial Mar 22, 2012 1399
Laura Chisolm: the light in the room. Dale, Harvey P. Testimonial Mar 22, 2012 951
An ode in memory of dear Laura. Simon, John Testimonial Mar 22, 2012 306
Laura Chisolm: an advocate and ally. Hill, B. Jessie Testimonial Mar 22, 2012 961
A tribute to Professor Chisolm. Van Grol, Daniel Testimonial Mar 22, 2012 559
Curt Flood and "The Show Me" spirit. Devine, Joshua C. Testimonial Jan 1, 2012 1255
Presentation of the Henry T. King, Jr. award and remarks. Jan 1, 2012 10119
The water law scholarship of Jim Huffman and Janet Neuman: prologue to the festschrift. Blumm, Michael C. Testimonial Jan 1, 2012 5819
Against the current: four decades in water law and policy. Huffman, James L. Jan 1, 2012 4250
Going with the flow: a water law journey. Neuman, Janet C. Jan 1, 2012 4550
Health insurance exchanges. Interview Nov 15, 2011 897
New role for former HDC. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 323
A tribute to professor Arthur Austin. Gabinet, Leon Testimonial Sep 22, 2011 712
Arthur D. Austin. Jensen, Erik M. Testimonial Sep 22, 2011 3827
Teaching as product differentiation: studying under professor Arthur D. Austin. McDonald, J. Timothy Testimonial Sep 22, 2011 3045
Law professor challenges CUA's single-sex dorms. Filteau, Jerry Aug 5, 2011 349
Israeli Law Professors Protest Anti-Boycott Law. Jul 14, 2011 259
Should college athletes be paid to play? Michigan State law professors Robert and Amy McCormick say Division I college athletes qualify as 'employees' under federal labor laws. Cooper, Kenneth J. Cover story Jun 23, 2011 1240
Loss of a legend. Pluviose, David Column Jun 9, 2011 372
Felonious speeches: 'material support' for terrorism. Sullum, Jacob Brief article Apr 9, 2011 231
Dedication. Gilbertson, David; Hutton, Chris; Meierhenry, Judith; Morris, Bob; Vickrey, Barry Testimonial Mar 22, 2011 1485
Law Professor Marcus Hurn. Kenny, Jack Interview Dec 3, 2010 574
History of the Garrick chair at the TC Beirne School of Law. White, Michael Dec 1, 2010 7215
Morris Shanker. Rawson, Robert H., Jr. Testimonial Sep 22, 2010 434
Professor Morris Shanker. Shea-Stonum, Marilyn Testimonial Sep 22, 2010 1634
Professor Shanker. Leatherberry, Wilbur C. Testimonial Sep 22, 2010 1708
Professor Morris Shanker. Jensen, Erik M. Testimonial Sep 22, 2010 984
Teaching teachers about teaching students. Becker, David M. Sep 1, 2010 9345
The judiciary and the academy: a fraught relationship. Posner, Richard A. Jul 1, 2010 3550
A full day's work: a study of Australia's first legal scholarly community. Bartie, Susan Jul 1, 2010 20514
Doing the business: judges, academics, and intellectuals. Hutchinson, Allan C. Jul 1, 2010 5816
Tribute to professor Brian Bercusson. Gould, William B., IV Interview Jun 22, 2010 505
Robinson Everett: the citizen-lawyer ideal lives on. Levi, David F. Testimonial Apr 1, 2010 2211
The Honorable Robinson O. Everett: chief judge. Cox, Walter Thompson, III Testimonial Apr 1, 2010 2729
A tribute from a student. Markham, James M. Testimonial Apr 1, 2010 953
When congress passed. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 297
Leveling the playing field: Dr. Elizabeth Warren--head of Congress's TARP watchdog and veteran Sunday school teacher--talks with Sojourners about facing down the goliaths of wall Street. Wallis, Jim; Choi, Jeannie Interview Apr 1, 2010 1731
Not since Thomas Jefferson dined alone: for Geoff Hazard at eighty. Burbank, Stephen B. Testimonial Apr 1, 2010 1819
A time-honored model for the profession and the academy. Fitts, Michael Testimonial Apr 1, 2010 1621
Hazard. Koh, Harold Hongju Testimonial Apr 1, 2010 2327
A wise man of the law. Scirica, Anthony J. Testimonial Apr 1, 2010 1549
Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.: scholar, law reformer, teacher, and mentor. Struve, Catherine T. Testimonial Apr 1, 2010 2095
Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.: a curious American. Taruffo, Michele Testimonial Apr 1, 2010 1352
Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.: director exemplar of the American Law Institute. Traynor, Michael Testimonial Apr 1, 2010 2419
Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr., and the lessons of history. Wolff, Tobias Barrington Testimonial Apr 1, 2010 2005
Henry T. King, Jr., at case, and on the Nuremberg case. Barrett, John Q. Testimonial Mar 22, 2010 4466
The spirit of Nuremberg and Henry T. King, Jr. Crane, David M. Testimonial Mar 22, 2010 1258
Henry King: reflections on a legal giant. Entin, Jonathan L. Testimonial Mar 22, 2010 912
Henry King: Ian Holloway. Holloway, Ian Testimonial Mar 22, 2010 576
Henry King: Erik M. Jensen. Jensen, Erik M. Testimonial Mar 22, 2010 634
Henry King remembered. Picker, Sidney, Jr. Testimonial Mar 22, 2010 1734
Professor Henry T. King, Jr., 1919-2009: honoring his legacy. Rassi, Christopher M. Testimonial Mar 22, 2010 1180
Dean's tribute to Henry King. Rawson, Robert H., Jr. Testimonial Mar 22, 2010 386
Remarks at the memorial program for Professor Henry T. King, Jr. Rosenbaum, Eli M. Testimonial Mar 22, 2010 1148
A tribute to Henry T. King. Scharf, Michael P. Testimonial Mar 22, 2010 1745
Tribute to Henry King. Snyder, Barbara R. Testimonial Mar 22, 2010 629
Measuring the value of collegiality among law professors. Seigel, Michael L.; Miner-Rubino, Kathi President's page Mar 22, 2010 9186
Remembering Ed Baker. Seth, Kreimer Testimonial Feb 1, 2010 1674
35 years ago in reason. Brief article Jan 26, 2010 165
Holy hullabaloos: how Boston law professor Jay Wexler's road trip around America turned into a darn good book about church-state law. Interview Jan 1, 2010 1476
Introduction. Franke, Katherine M.; Goldberg, Suzanne B. Jan 1, 2010 818
Educating digital natives. Eisele-Dyrli, Kurt Interview Nov 1, 2009 1485
The Constitution and American Soverignty. Sempa, Francis P. Brief article Sep 14, 2009 296
Spencer Neth: an appreciation. Entin, Jonathan L. Testimonial Jun 22, 2009 1120
A wise man makes his exit. Durchslag, Melvyn R. Testimonial Jun 22, 2009 1178
Spencer Neth. Leatherberry, Wilbur C. Testimonial Jun 22, 2009 1008
Information-seeking behavior of law faculty at Central Law College, Salem. Thanuskodi, S. Report Jun 1, 2009 2213
Exploring the affective constitution. Abrams, Kathryn Testimonial Mar 22, 2009 12190
A tribute to David D. Siegel. Carpinello, George Testimonial Mar 22, 2009 2738
The king of New York practice. Connors, Patrick M. Testimonial Mar 22, 2009 3875
The one and only. Shoot, Brian J. Interview Mar 22, 2009 1474
Foreword. Lorio, Kathryn Venturatos Mar 22, 2009 926
In remembrance: Donald F. Clifford, Jr. Broome, Lissa Lamkin Testimonial Mar 1, 2009 809
Closing the regulatory gap: derivatives and the hedge fund industry. Interview Jan 1, 2009 2959
Sterilized by the state. Root, Damon W. Interview Dec 1, 2008 655
Consequences of globalization: for the emerging stay-at-home movement, globalization has become a pejorative term symbolizing the flawed excesses of American capitalism. Thomson, James W. Essay Sep 1, 2008 2345
Alan Dershowitz: the advocate and scholar as Jew; the Jew as advocate and scholar. Belsky, Martin H. Testimonial Jun 22, 2008 11111
Foreword: David Fischer, the fox. Partlett, David F. Testimonial Mar 22, 2008 4011
How would Blackstone teach today's law students with learning disabilities?: a proposal. Schmitz, Suzanne J. Dec 22, 2007 9154
James G. Dwyer, The Relationship Rights of Children. Mason, Mary Ann Critical essay Dec 1, 2007 1040
Stetson Law's Hall of Fame adds eight new inductees. Nov 15, 2007 510
When smart law firms ask dumb interview questions: marketing departments should know what's appropriate to ask in a job interview--but they don't always. Stickel, Amy I. Oct 1, 2007 775
Out of range: an interview with Mark Tushnet on the Second Amendment. Landman, James H. Interview Sep 1, 2007 3161
Rose to run Stetson's Advocacy Center. Brief article Aug 1, 2007 142
Let them sue. Jun 22, 2007 522
Origins of the Speculation Economy: an interview with Lawrence Mitchell. Interview May 1, 2007 4140
A teacher. Powell, H. Jefferson Testimonial May 1, 2007 1562
Interview with James Boyd White. Interview May 1, 2007 9153
A team of Florida State. Brief article Apr 15, 2007 161
Professor Harold G. Maier at Pepperdine. Bigham, W. Harold Testimonial Nov 1, 2006 768
A teacher's teacher. Brown, Lonnie T., Jr. Testimonial Nov 1, 2006 1056
Four decades later. Covington, Robert Testimonial Nov 1, 2006 214
Harold G. Maier: a world class fellow indeed. Kurtz, Paul M. Testimonial Nov 1, 2006 1048
Transnational litigation: is there a "field"? A tribute to Hal Maier. Silberman, Linda Testimonial Nov 1, 2006 5108
In honor of professor Harold G. Maier. Stewart, David P. Testimonial Nov 1, 2006 1437
He knew why he was here. Welch, D. Don Testimonial Nov 1, 2006 953
Australia's Asian law pioneer: Professor Malcolm D.H. Smith 21 August 1945-22 June 2006. Lindsey, Tim Testimonial Aug 1, 2006 986
Law and order dilemma: who checks the prosecutors? Peirce, Neal Jul 24, 2006 841
Thomson West (Eagan, MN) and Thomson Tax and Accounting (New York) have signed a three-year agreement to sponsor "Law Professor Blogs," a network of 28 "blogs by law professors for law professors.". Jun 1, 2006 154
Dedication Professor emeritus Melvin G. Shimm 1926-2005. Magat, Joan Ames; Everett, Robinson O.; Robertson, Horace B., Jr.; Horowitz, Donald L.; Siegel, Alle Testimonial Jan 1, 2006 6845
Roe v. Wade: Questions & Answers. Jan 1, 2006 1296
Boris I. Bittker. Chirelstein, Marvin A. Testimonial Jan 1, 2006 752
Boris I. Bittker. Graetz, Michael J. Testimonial Jan 1, 2006 2577
Remembering Boris. Pollak, Louis H. Testimonial Jan 1, 2006 1969
Let us count the ways: a tribute to Boris Bittker. Simon, John G. Testimonial Jan 1, 2006 1442
Edwin S. Cohen. Graetz, Michael J. Testimonial Jan 1, 2006 4525
Celebrating Edwin S. Cohen - "master practitioner-teacher" September 27, 1914-January 12, 2006. Caplin, Mortimer M. Testimonial Jan 1, 2006 1355
Befriended by Abe Goldstein. Kahan, Dan M. Testimonial Dec 1, 2005 1751
My friend Abe Goldstein. Krash, Abe Testimonial Dec 1, 2005 2157
Abraham S. Goldstein's contributions to criminal law scholarship. Stith, Kate Testimonial Dec 1, 2005 2372
The essential dean. Wellington, Harry H. Testimonial Dec 1, 2005 1271
Dean of law and life. Wheeler, Stanton Testimonial Dec 1, 2005 916
Blogging with Black professors launch Internet blog to discuss race, law and culture. Roach, Ronald Nov 17, 2005 807
When 'priceless' becomes 'worthless'; caps on noneconomic damages have created a system in which harrowing losses may go uncompensated. An expert in tort law says poverty, age, and gender should not be barriers to justice. Sileo, Carmel Interview Sep 1, 2005 2736
A tribute to William W. Van Alstyne. Bartlett, Katharine T. Testimonial Apr 1, 2005 822
A tribute to Bard R. Ferrall. Obituary Mar 22, 2005 246
The Elysian fields of the law. Sullivan, Kathleen M.; Karlan, Pamela S. Testimonial Dec 1, 2004 13740
Choosing heroes carefully. Koh, Harold Hongju Testimonial Dec 1, 2004 1717
The elusive search for constitutional integrity: a memorial for John Hart Ely. Issacharoff, Samuel Testimonial Dec 1, 2004 4257
John Ely, war, and responsibility. Sofaer, Abraham D. Testimonial Dec 1, 2004 3615
In memoriam. Obituary Nov 1, 2004 620
Tribute to Yale Kamisar. Ginsburg, Ruth Bader (U.S. Supreme Court Justice) Testimonial Aug 1, 2004 1759
Professor Yale Kamisar: "awesome". Edwards, Harry T. Testimonial Aug 1, 2004 3801
Yale Kamisar the teacher. Lehman, Jeffrey S. Testimonial Aug 1, 2004 994
Yale Kamisar: warrior scholar. Allen, Francis A. Testimonial Aug 1, 2004 1827
Saying goodbye to a legend: a tribute to Yale Kamisar - my mentor, teacher, and friend. Brensike, Eve L. Testimonial Aug 1, 2004 1925
Yale Kamisar: collaborator, colleague, and friend. Choper, Jesse H. Testimonial Aug 1, 2004 1264
Seven habits of a highly effective scholar. Israel, Jerold H. Testimonial Aug 1, 2004 13137
Yale Kamisar: a principled man for all seasons. Kahn, Douglas A. Testimonial Aug 1, 2004 2454
Inspiring generations. King, Nancy J. Testimonial Aug 1, 2004 1985
"What is a Kamisar?". LaFave, Wayne R. Testimonial Aug 1, 2004 7579
Yale. Spindelman, Marc Testimonial Aug 1, 2004 14613
Yale Kamisar: the enemy of injustice. White, Welsh S. Testimonial Aug 1, 2004 1253
Publications by Professor Yale Kamisar. Bibliography Aug 1, 2004 4115
In the beginning ... the lawyer, the bible, and the governor: how a newspaper article and simple biblical ethics put a Southern law professor at the cutting edge of a tax reform movement. Cover Story Apr 1, 2004 2758
In memoriam: Professor Jerome M. Culp, Jr. 1950-2004. Jones, Trina Testimonial Mar 22, 2004 966
A tribute to Burke Marshall. Barak, Aharon Testimonial Jan 1, 2004 535
Remembering Burke Marshall. Clinton, Hillary Rodham Testimonial Jan 1, 2004 1745
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