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Law of Insurance Contract Disputes.

Law of Insurance Contract Disputes, second edition, by Jeffrey W. Stempel, 2000, Gaithersburg, Md.: Aspen Publishers.

Readers of the Journal of Risk and Insurance are familiar with Jeffrey Stempel, who is editor of the "Recent Court Decisions" section for this journal. The current (second) edition of his book on the laws of insurance contract disputes continues to provide in-depth analysis of contract issues in a full and complete manner. While written in a legal style directed primarily towards insurance lawyers, the style is quite readable to risk management and insurance professionals (especially those who read the Recent Court Decisions section of the journal). Many "current" topics are presented that would be useful for discussions in risk management and insurance classes. These topics include discussions of "sudden and accidental" triggers as related to environmental pollution coverages; bad faith and fraud litigation; intentional acts exclusions; punitive damage insurance coverage; the use of the RICO (anti organized crime legislation) statutes in insurance; insurance insolvency and its effect on liability claims; emp loyment claim coverage; and even an extended discussion of Y2K problem coverages issues.

The book is detailed in its discussions and references and should be a very good addition to the law library of any law firm involved in insurance contract litigation. In addition, risk management and insurance professionals involved in expert witness consulting will find the book valuable as a resource as will academics teaching this material in their classes. It is well written and is a comprehensive source of information on contract disputes in insurance. I highly recommend it and have already used it in preparing parts of my risk management classes and my own references.

The book itself is a three-ring notebook with many pages (of standard book size) and an attractive embossed spine. It will fit nicely on a bookshelf, while allowing the author to revise the book as important legal issues arise in this constantly evolving area. Already, an updating supplement is supplied with the book, justifying this publishing approach in which one can "subscribe" to updates as they arise. A list of the chapters is given below to illustrate the scope of the material covered in this excellent book. The author is to be commended for compiling such an exhaustive study of the issues in contract disputes in insurance.

The Law of Insurance Coverage: Background, Basics, Theory, and Doctrine

Chapter 1 Core Insurance Concepts Affecting Insurance Contract Interpretation

Chapter 2 The Nature of Coverage Litigation, the Structure of Insurance Regulation and the Insurance Policy

Chapter 3 Formation and Termination of the Insurer-Policyholder Relationship

Chapter 4 Contract Construction Principles and Methodology

Chapter 5 Waiver, Equitable Estoppel, and Detrimental Reliance in Insurance Contracts

Chapter 6 Agents and Intermediaries

Chapter 7 Efficient Proximate Cause: Causation and Insurance Contracts

Chapter 8 Valuation of Losses

Chapter 9 Obligations of Insurer and Policyholder: Notice; Cooperation; Duty to Defend; Duty to Settle

Chapter 10 The Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing; Bad Faith Litigation

Chapter 11 Subrogation

Chapter 12 Insurer Insolvency and Liability Claims

Chapter 13 Coordination of Coverage and Allocation of Insurer and Policyholder Responsibilities

Specific Policies and Issues in the Law of Insurance Coverage

Chapter 14 Commercial General Liability Insurance

Chapter 15 Property Insurance

Chapter 16 Excess and Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Chapter 17 Reinsurance Coverage

Chapter 18 Life Insurance

Chapter 19 Directors and Officers Insurance

Chapter 20 ERISA and Insurance Coverage

Chapter 21 Insurance Coverage and Employment Claims

Chapter 22 Other Insurance Products and Issues

Chapter 23 The Year 2000 (Y2K) Problem: Coverage Headache or Insurance Crisis?
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Brockett, Patrick L.
Publication:Journal of Risk and Insurance
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Date:Mar 1, 2001
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