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Law enforcement supports citizens right to bear arms.

Citing the Law Enforcement Association of America's (LEAA) efforts to champion the partnership between law enforcement and law-abiding citizens to fight crime and preserve the Second Amendment, Art Leiman, senior vice president of Davis Industries, presented LEAA President Brenda Maples with Davis Industries' new D-Series .38 Special derringers for the entire LEAA board of directors.

"Law enforcement is the first line defending the nation against the criminal element and contrary to national media pundits the majority of peace officers support the individual's right and need to own firearms. LEAA carries that pro-gun message on behalf of law enforcement," Leiman said at the NRA show in Nashville, Tenn.

"These back-up derringers are our way of showing LEAA our appreciation of its nearly 30,000-member back-up for every citizen's fight to preserve gun rights of law-abiding citizens," Leiman said.

Each of the 15 presentation derringers bore consecutive serial numbers from LEAA 0001 to 0015.

John Hansen, president of Hansen Cartridge Co., presented Maples with an equal number of boxes of Hansen Cartridges' .38 Special ammo.

BATF Clarifies Use Of Foreign Made Parts

The BATF on July 29 promulgated regulations clarifying the prohibition on the use of foreign-made parts in the assembly in the U.S. of certain semiautomatic firearms banned from import.

The Crime Control Act of 1990 included a ban on the importation of military-style semiautomatics deemed unsuitable for "sporting purposes" or the assembly in the U.S. of the same guns made from foreign parts.

But BATF said that "the amendment (to the Crime Control Act of 1990) did not intend to prohibit the legitimate use of foreign parts in domestic firearms. Its purpose was to prevent circumvention of the import ban." Similarly, the new regulations allow damaged or defective parts on firearms imported or assembled prior to Nov. 30, 1990 to be replaced.

"Importing and using 11 or more listed major firearms components to assemble non-sporting firearms is prohibited," BATF said.

Under the new regulations, other assembly for testing or experimentation is permitted provided prior authorization is applied for and obtained from the BATF.

Staff Changes At RSR Wholesale

Greg Block has been named sales manager at RSR Wholesale Guns' warehouse in Sparks, Nev. Block was previously sales manager at RSR's Bellevue, Wash., facility. He has been employed by RSR since 1983.

Roger Hosford has been named sales manager at RSR's Bellevue facility. Most recently, Hosford served as office manager. He has been an RSR employee since 1989.
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Date:Oct 1, 1993
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