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Publications in International relations

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Americas (English Edition) General Magazine/Journal May 1, 2012
APS Diplomat Redrawing the Islamic Map General Newsletter Aug 28, 2017
APS Diplomat Strategic Balance in the Middle East General Newsletter Sep 4, 2017
Behind the Headlines General Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2008
Caucasian Review of International Affairs Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2010
Currents in Theology and Mission Academic Magazine/Journal Feb 1, 2015
Denver Journal of International Law and Policy Professional Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2017
Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law Professional Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2016
Earth Island Journal General Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2017
Endangered: U.S. Aid for Family Planning Overseas Professional Pamphlet Jan 1, 1996
Estudios Internacionales General Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2017
Ethics & International Affairs Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2013
Foreign Policy in Focus Professional Magazine/Journal Jul 26, 2011
German Policy Studies Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2013
Houston Journal of International Law Professional Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2016
Institute for Strategic Studies General Collection Jun 1, 2009
International Law Update Professional Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2016
International Organization Professional Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2001
International Peace Update General Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2009
Journal of Global South Studies Academic Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2017
Journal of International Affairs Academic Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2016
Journal of International and Global Studies Academic Magazine/Journal Apr 1, 2016
  • Introduction.
  • Ismael, T. Y., & Jacqueline S. Ismael. Iraq in the Twenty-First Century: Regime Change and the Making of a Failed State.
  • Fung, Edmund S.K. & Steven Drakeley, (Eds.). Democracy in Eastern Asia: Issues, problems, and challenges in a region of diversity.
  • O'Connor, Richard & Penny Van Esterik. From Virtue to Vice: Negotiating Anorexia.
  • Casavantes Bradford, A.: The Revolution is for the Children: The Politics of Childhood in Havana and Miami, 1959-1962.
  • Dickson, H. R. P.: The Arab of the Desert: A Glimpse into Bedawin Life in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
  • Ringmar, Erik. Liberal Barbarism: The European Destruction of the Palace of the Emperor of China.
  • Vila, Pablo (Ed.) Music and Youth Culture in Latin America: Identity construction Processes from New York to Buenos Aires.
  • Hunt, Michael H. & Levine, Steven I. Arc of Empire: America's Wars in Asia from the Philippines to Vietnam.
  • Israeli, R.: From Arab Spring to Islamic Winter.
  • The tragedy of the search for security.
  • Saudi Arabia's Raison D'etre: a challenge to the authority of the House of Saud.
  • Entrapment as a threat to community peace in the global war on terror: an analysis of discourse in local press.
  • Contesting the political economy of higher education: educating the good citizen.
  • Anderson, E. W. & L. D. Anderson. An Atlas of Middle Eastern Affairs 2nd edition.
  • Muborakshoeva, M. Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series: Islam and Higher Education.
  • King, Diane E. Kurdistan on the Global Stage: Kinship, Land, and Community in Iraq.
  • Acharya, Arabinda. Ten Years After 9/11: Rethinking the Jihadist Threat.
  • James, P. (Ed.). Religion, Identity, and Global Governance: Ideas, Evidence, and Practice.
  • Allison, A.: Precarious Japan.
  • 326
    Journal of Third World Studies Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2015
  • Corrigenda.
  • Wiarda, Howard. On the Boundaries: When International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Foreign Policy Meet.
  • Tripathy, Jyotirmaya, Sura P. Rath, and William D. Pederson, (eds.): Abraham Lincoln Without Borders: Lincoln's Legacy Outside the United States.
  • Frezzo, Mark. Sociology of Human Rights.
  • Burton, Antoinette. A Primer for Teaching World History.
  • Burns, Richard D. and Philip B. Coyle III, The Challenges of Nuclear Non-Proliferation.
  • Berger, Mark T. and Heloise Weber. Rethinking The Third World: International Development and World Politics.
  • Bangura, Abdul Karim. Keyboard Jihad: Attempts to Rectify Misperceptions and Misrepresentations of Islam.
  • Agyeman, Opoku. Power, Powerlessness and Globalization: Contemporary Politics in the Global South.
  • Polit Duenas, Gabriela. Narrating Narcos: Culiacan and Medellin.
  • Palmer, Steven, Jose Antonio Piqueras, and Amparo Sanchez Cobos, (eds.): State of Ambiguity: Civic Life and Culture in Cuba's First Republic.
  • McSherry, J. Patrice. Chilean New Song: The Political Power of Music, 1960s-1973.
  • Levenson, Deborah T.: Adios Nino: The Gangs of Guatemala City and the Politics of Death.
  • Leonard, Thomas M.: Historical Dictionary of Panama.
  • Darnton, Christopher. Rivalry and Alliance Politics in Cold War Latin America.
  • Ciccariello-Maher, George. We Created Chavez: A People's History of the Venezuelan Revolution.
  • Osnos, Evan. Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth and Faith in the New China.
  • Dayley, Robert and Clark D. Neher. Southeast Asia in the New International Era.
  • Davidson, Christopher. The Persian Gulf and Pacific Asia: From Indifference to Interdependence.
  • Udogu, E. Ike. Examining Human Rights Issues and the Democracy Project in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • 551
    Meridiano 47 Academic Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2015
    Middle East Policy Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2010
    Multinational Monitor Trade Magazine/Journal May 1, 2009
    Naval War College Review General Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2017
    New Zealand International Review Academic Newsletter Jul 1, 2017
    Notes and Abstracts in American and International Education Professional Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2014
    Peace and Freedom General Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2017
    Ploughshares Monitor General Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2017
    Relaciones Internacionales Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2017
  • Alicia Puyana Mutis, Agostina Costantino (coords.), La insercion de America Latina en la economia globalizada.
  • Rafael Velazquez Flores, Salvador Gerardo Gonzalez Cruz y Santos Lopez Leyva (coords.), Relaciones internacionales y desarrollo global.: America...
  • Gerardo Tamez Gonzalez y Carlos Ernesto Teissier Zavala (coords.), Ejes transversales de las relaciones internacionales, negocios internacionales y...
  • Salvador Mora Velazquez y Samuel Leon Gonzalez (coords.), Federalismo e integraaones regionales. Retos de lo local a lo global.
  • Jose Luis Orozco y Jesus Gallegos Olvera, El establishment estadounidensey supolitica exterior.
  • Cronologia de la politica exterior de Mexico Septiembre-diciembre 2016.
  • Las relaciones entre el Peru y la Union Europea, de Fabian Novak y Sandra Namihas.
  • Protestas, conflictos y cambio politico en el mundo arabe y en America Latina, de Malik Tahar Chaouch (coord.).
  • Derecho comercial y globalizacion. Temas selectos, de Jesus Armando Lopez Velarde Campa.
  • Repensar el mundo: 111 sorpresas del siglo XXI, de Moises Naim.
  • Iniciativas de cooperacion cultural de Korea Foundation en Mexico 1994-2014.
  • Gobernanza global y (su propio) desarrollo.
  • El rol de la sociedad siria en las manifestaciones de 2011 a traves del arte y la organizacion local durante el conflicto armado.
  • La relacion reino Unido-Union Europea. despues del Brexit, ?quien gana mas?
  • Los organismos internacionales y su incidencia en la dialectica desarrollo/subdesarrollo: notas introductorias para comprender su naturaleza,...
  • Hegemonia y relaciones internacionales/I un estado del arte.
  • Presentacion.
  • 399
    Revista Brasileira de Politica Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2017
    Social Justice Academic Magazine/Journal Aug 18, 2017
    The Dialogue Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 30, 2017
    The Social Assimilation of Immigrants Professional Report Feb 1, 2007
    U.S. Policy Can Reduce Cost Barriers to Contraception Professional Pamphlet Jan 1, 1999
    Uluslararasi Iliskiler / International Relations Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2017
    Washington University Global Studies Law Review Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2017
    World Politics Academic Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 1995
    YaleGlobal Online General Magazine/Journal Jan 16, 2017

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