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Ahfad Journal Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2016
APS Diplomat Fate of the Arabian Peninsula General Newsletter Oct 3, 2016
APS Diplomat Redrawing the Islamic Map General Newsletter Nov 14, 2016
APS Diplomat Strategic Balance in the Middle East General Newsletter Nov 7, 2016
Background Notes General Report Jan 1, 2014
Behind the Headlines General Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2008
Budget Requests General Report Jan 1, 2014
Campaigns & Elections Trade Magazine/Journal Aug 1, 2008
Canadian Journal of Public Health Academic Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2016
  • Vaporizing cannabis through e-cigarettes: prevalence and socio-demographic correlates among Ontario high school students.
  • Population attributable risk of smoking during pregnancy on obesity in offspring.
  • Delayed parenthood on the rise: a call for upstream preconception health promotion in Canada.
  • Towards a shared understanding: perspectives from Toronto's first media forum for suicide prevention.
  • Public health systems under attack in Canada: evidence on public health system performance challenges arbitrary reform.
  • Implementation of a radon measurement protocol and its communication plan by child care centre managers in Quebec.
  • Healthy Start--Depart Sante: a pilot study of a multilevel intervention to increase physical activity, fundamental movement skills and healthy eating...
  • Impact of a mass media mental health campaign on psychiatric emergency department visits.
  • The efficacy of calorie labelling formats on pre-packaged foods: an experimental study among adolescents and young adults in Canada.
  • Prevalence of HIV infection and acceptability of point-of-care testing in a Canadian inner-city emergency department.
  • Examination of a prenatal syphilis screening program, Alberta, Canada: 2010-2011.
  • Black-White health inequalities in Canada at the intersection of gender and immigration.
  • Correlates and preferences of resistance training among older adults in Alberta, Canada.
  • Unmet health care needs among sex workers in five census metropolitan areas of Canada.
  • Risk and protective factors for heat-related events among older adults of Southern Quebec (Canada): the NuAge study.
  • Individual- and community-level determinants of Inuit youth mental wellness.
  • Supportive neighbourhood built characteristics and dog-walking in Canadian adults.
  • Homicide mortality rates in Canada, 2000-2009: youth at increased risk.
  • Trends and demographic characteristics of physical fighting and fighting-related injuries among Canadian youth, 1993-2010.
  • Process evaluation of the prevent overdose in Toronto (POINT) program.
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    Canadian Parliamentary Review General Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2016
    Canadian Public Administration Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2016
    Chiefs of Mission General Report Oct 4, 2013
    CHIPS Trade Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2016
    Church & State Academic Magazine/Journal Nov 1, 2016
    CONPLAN - U.S. Government Interagency Domestic Terrorism Concept of Operations Plan General Report Jan 1, 2001
    Countering Terrorism: Integration of Practice and Theory Professional Report Feb 28, 2002
  • Appendix 8: psychology of bias.
  • Appendix 7: training guide for hate crime training program.
  • Appendix 6: decision trees.
  • Appendix 5: data mining.
  • Appendix 4: psychology of deception.
  • Appendix 3: community policing models.
  • Appendix 2: communications technologies.
  • Appendix 1: information management and evaluation.
  • Conference participants.
  • Additional issues for practice, training and research.
  • Scenario 7: effective interview strategies for relatives, friends, or acquaintances of terrorists or suicide bombers.
  • Scenario 6 (a-c): how can law enforcement build effective ties to local Muslim communities, and what can these communities do to mobilize their...
  • Scenario 5: improvised explosive device material is found in an apartment. The only witness to activity there is an alcoholic in withdrawal.
  • Scenario 4: three persons are arrested near a nuclear power plant; two refuse to talk and the third (who recently traveled to Indonesia, Yemen and...
  • Scenario 3b: law enforcement must evaluate hoax terrorist threats. They also must construct media statements about possible threats and false alarms.
  • Scenario 3a: without links to the local Muslim community, police receive an anonymous call about a conversation in a local mosque about plans to...
  • Scenario 2c: a teacher tells an officer about her student's father who talks about killing himself "like the people who flew planes into buildings.".
  • Scenario 2b: a Palestinian reports to the FBI that a recent suicide bombing in Israel was committed by his brother.
  • Scenario 2a: a woman contacts her therapist about a friend of her son's "martyrdom mission.".
  • Scenario 1: a trustworthy local businessman reports suspicious activity by an apparently Middle Eastern neighbor.
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    CPSC Monitor General Newsletter Apr 1, 2004
    Diplomatic List General Report Jun 22, 2016
    DISAM Journal Trade Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2010
  • United States Naval Ship Comfort crew settles into busy reality.
  • Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines and Task Force Sulu partner to treat patients and animals.
  • Raytheon gets $1.1 billion Patriot missile systems order from Taiwan.
  • Taiwan may assemble F-16s if the United States Oks sale.
  • American Institute in Taiwan Director receives honors from Taiwan.
  • Japan and the United States mull F-35 project.
  • Boeing delivers first 737 Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft to South Korea.
  • The United States delivers field cannons to Pakistan's Army, patrol boats to the Maritime Security Agency.
  • Russia to sell twenty MiG-29 fighters to Myanmar.
  • India signs deal to buy 29 more MiGs from Russia: article appeared in Agence France-Presse.
  • India - C-17 Globemaster III aircraft: Defense Security Cooperation Agency Newsletter.
  • United Arab Emirates placing order for six C-17s from Boeing.
  • United States stepping up engagement with African Air Forces.
  • Department of Defense leaders eye higher-priority label for security cooperation missions.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation arrests 22 in bribery sting operation.
  • Past Secretaries ok State push for fiscal year 2011 Budget request.
  • Gates and Mullen report on Merida summit in Mexico.
  • Marshall Center hosts round-table north Atlantic treaty organization responsibilities.
  • Getting Started with Defense Trade Controls Electronic Licensing System United States department of state, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls.
  • Civilian surge comes to life at Training Center.
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    Federal Reserve Bulletin Trade Newsletter Jun 1, 2016
    Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of the Oxford Round Table Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2012
  • Engineering sustainable engineers through the undergraduate experience.
  • University curricula in the global marketplace: bridging the valley between.
  • "The transnational element during the 'war on terrorism,' 1920-2011".
  • Science and religion: drawing the line.
  • The benefits of the use of children's literature in English language and global citizenship education in Japan.
  • Position of the individual and absolute monism: case study on the children in Hatcliffe Extension.
  • Sports and competition in higher education: a search for values and ethics.
  • Human rights debate: an examination of Amartya Sen's countervailing power: public reasoning as a social instrument.
  • 'Critical' feminism and 'misogyny' in philosophy.
  • Critiquing Canada's research culture: social, cultural, and political restraints on women's university careers.
  • Theological contradiction and complementarity between meritocracy and amitacracy: research into the true way of human development and social...
  • Neo-colonial fingerprints of women at the rims of higher education.
  • Preserving our freedoms and civil liberties, combating and preventing terrorism: the history of Islam among urban blacks in New Jersey.
  • The human search for meaning: scientific and theological investigations.
  • Representation of the divine: God and Satan as fantastic characters in the modern novel.
  • Cultural narratives of academic leadership at the dawn of the 21st century.
  • Love and lumos: allusions to god in Harry Potter and its application to the Lenten journey within an Anglican parish.
  • Leadership qualities of a Warrior Queen.
  • Human rights types: separatist to engaged religious variations.
  • Religious reflections from the life of Emily Bronte: the number three and its significance in Wuthering Heights.
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    Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2005
  • Application of freezing method to recover tunnel accident in complex stratum of Nanjing subway.
  • Biological perspective of tsunami: a relief strategy--biopesticide spray operation for the mosquitoes, flies and disease control at the tsunami...
  • Analysis of Longyangxia dam deformation based on seepage and creep coupling method.
  • Underwater detection of scour of abutment foundation and its influence on stability of bridge piers.
  • Analysis by using GIS/RS technology on the geohazard auto mapping of Shou-Shan sliding area in Taiwan.
  • Vulnerability assessment to liquefaction hazard induced by rising sea-levels due to global warming.
  • Mapping liquefaction hazard in Charleston quadrangle, South Carolina.
  • National capital of India: from ignorance towards preparedness.
  • Minimizing karst related risks in highway construction.
  • Modeling of risk acceptance criteria for tunnel and underground engineering.
  • Iran's strategy on natural disaster risk management.
  • Potential earthquake risk of buildings in Sri Lanka.
  • A method of sand liquefaction probabilistic estimation based on RBF neural network model.
  • Probabilistic evaluation of liquefaction potential.
  • Wireless remote monitoring of geotechnical systems.
  • Potential use of Geosynthetic clay liners (GCL) in waste management.
  • Consideration of oversurcharge effects on soft clay with vertical drains.
  • Seismic liquefaction and rehabilitation of large earth dams in U.S.
  • Geosynthetics in the rehabilitation of failed slopes.
  • Settlement of shallow foundation on geogrid reinforced sand.
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    German Policy Studies Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2013
    Government Finance Review Trade Magazine/Journal Oct 1, 2016
    Guide to Doing Business With the U.S. Department of State General Monograph Nov 1, 2006
    Guttmacher Policy Review General Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2016
    International Journal of Educational Policy, Research and Practice Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2006
    International Narcotics Control Strategy Report General Report Mar 15, 2015
    International Religious Freedom Report General Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2007
    Japan Policy & Politics Trade Newsletter Oct 21, 2013
    Journal of Health and Human Services Administration Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2016
    Nation's Cities Weekly General Newsletter May 21, 2012
    New African General Magazine/Journal Oct 1, 2016
    Policy & Practice Trade Magazine/Journal Oct 1, 2016
    Presidential Studies Quarterly Academic Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2016
    Presidential Weekly Radio Address General Audio Jan 17, 2009
    Public Administration Quarterly Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2016
    Public Roads Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2016
  • Wearable Sensors in Transportation--Exploratory Advanced Research Program Initial Stage Investigation (report) Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-16-034.
  • Introduction of Cooperative Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Systems to Improve Speed Harmonization (report) Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-16-023.
  • Synthesis and Evaluation of the Service Limit State of Engineered Fills for Bridge Support (report) Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-15-080.
  • Safety evaluation of Intersection Conflict Warning Systems (ICWS) (Techbrief) Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-15-076.
  • NHI instructors go back to school.
  • Taking the BIRM mobile.
  • Caltrans launches campaign on prevention of stormwater pollution.
  • Assessing bridge vulnerability to climate change.
  • Bike-share stations becoming more popular.
  • USDOT hosts "last mile" Hackathon.
  • Measuring pedestrian and bicycle efforts.
  • FAST Act Web site tracks FHWA progress.
  • FHWA studying use of geospatial drones in highway construction.
  • USDOT announces updates to connected vehicle resources.
  • USDOT earns top grade for small business support.
  • Transportation leaders sign historic U.S.-Puerto Rico MOU.
  • Where were you looking? FHWA equips field research vehicles with tracking technology to gather data on drivers' eye glances to recommend practices...
  • Big data: collecting, storing, and processing transportation information is presenting new challenges but also new opportunities to track travel.
  • How to make better decisions on addressing pavement needs: new research argues that focusing on the remaining service interval is a more effective...
  • A Great day in America: USDOT's 50th Anniversary.
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    Regulation Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2016
    Romanian Government News General Report May 12, 2010
    Social Policy Journal of New Zealand Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2011
    State Legislatures Academic Magazine/Journal Oct 1, 2016
    State Magazine General Magazine/Journal Oct 1, 2016
    State Responses to Substance Abuse Among Pregnant Women Professional Pamphlet Dec 1, 2000
    Supporting Human Rights and Democracy General Report Jan 1, 2006
    Testing Positive: Sexually Transmitted Disease and the Public Health Response Professional Pamphlet Jan 1, 1993
    The Public Manager Trade Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2009
  • The Uncivil Servant.
  • Governing through networks.
  • The public sector and the power of us.
  • Innovating the future.
  • Adaptability: leading through focused conversations.
  • Improving air force transportation systems by using alternative energy: the air force academy exposes its cadets to managerial challenges inherent in...
  • High-speed rail: an idea whose time has come? Passenger rail policy is being revisited at all levels of government and globally--with innovative...
  • Transportation megaprojects: comparing project management and oversight approaches: three recent, well-known initiatives--Boston's Big Dig, Denver's...
  • Introduction: three articles examine how government spends the taxpayer dollar.
  • Leveraging networks and social software for mission success: Web 2.0 tools help dynamically assess contributions, grasp organizational sentiment, and...
  • Future compensation of the state and local workforce: are compensation and benefit packages ready to address the occupational needs of the next...
  • Human capital councils help drive change: USPTO links human capital planning to accomplishment of agency strategic goals.
  • Neighborhood watch in Belgium: two municipal programs illustrate the conditions for successful public participation.
  • The new administration's shared services opportunity: stepping up use of shared services in the federal environment can redeploy resources from...
  • In pursuit of ethical governance: new approaches are emerging to fight corruption, including the use of measurement tools.
  • Performance-based pay at NGA: involving managers and employees from the outset is critical to workforce acceptance and sustained success.
  • Coordinating cross-boundary performance at the FAA: integrating cross-government activities has increased airspace capacity so more planes can fly on...
  • Quattro punti: four steps to budgeting and performance management--Part 1: start by creating a strategic hierarchy, setting targets, and defining...
  • Federal performance reporting: what a difference ten years males! Since CPRA implementation, the annual reporting quality has improved substantially,...
  • The manager's musings.
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    The Surgeon General's Call To Action To Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity General Report Jan 1, 2001
    The Surgeon General's Call To Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior General Report Jul 9, 2001
    Title X at 25: Balancing National Family Planning Needs with State Flexibility Professional Pamphlet Jan 1, 1996
    U.S. Department of Defense Speeches Trade Magazine/Journal Sep 14, 2016
    U.S. Participation in the United Nations General Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2007

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