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Lauri Blank.

BORN IN: Bucks County, Pa.

STYLE/MEDIUM: Romantic Realism

GREATEST ARTISTIC INSPIRATION: The Human Form, Nature, Light and Life



PUBLISHER: Blank Studio & Gallery Inc.

CONTACT: 954-270-1001;


MOST RECENT GALLERY SHOW: Gallery in Worcester, Mass.


* Recent release of "The Art of Lauri Blank," a hardcover coffee-table book


Beauty and romance are at the core of Lauri Blank's sophisticated paintings, which adhere to the expressive style of Romantic Realism. A self-taught artist, Blank brilliantly captures landscapes and the human form with intense beauty and precise attention to detail.

"I paint everything that I would like to see in my own life and transplant that to the canvas," Blank says. "I am an old-fashioned romantic, and that comes through in my paintings."

Guided by an inner muse, Blank's life as an artist started at a young age. She sketched and painted throughout her childhood and was encouraged by her artistic mother and musical grandparents early on. At age 14, Blank began modeling, which furthered her interest in beauty. She eventually went on to create her own couture dress design and manufacturing business.

As an adult, Blank continues to receive praise and acknowledgment for her innate talents. In fact, the transition of Blank's career to full-time painter has a kind of fairytale beginning. Blank always painted as a hobby, but in 1994, she created two paintings, which were acquired by a gallery.

"Within a couple of hours after displaying the paintings, the gallery owner called to tell me that they had been sold and that the buyer would like to meet with me," Blank recalls.

The artist met with the buyer who suggested that she paint full time and be represented by the gallery. Blank marvels at her immediate success with those paintings that started it all. "It was then that I realized I could paint for a living," she says.

The transition to full-time painter was challenging but exciting for Blank, who suddenly had to treat her art as a business. "I had lots of ideas and views of what I wanted to paint and started to produce those paintings," she explains. "In fact, I was creating a new painting about every three weeks."


Those early years built a foundation for Blank to eventually transition into starting her own business, Blank Studio & Gallery, Inc., in Chicago. Since then, Blank has exhibited throughout the nation, and her paintings are displayed in galleries across Texas, Nevada, Florida, Connecticut, Illinois and other states. She hopes to continue to expand her market as her work progresses.

Blank has received important commissions from patrons in Washington, D.C., and the Miami area. In 1999, she was commissioned to paint the dome ceiling of an 18th-century Romanian church in Old Montreal, Canada. "I spent months on scaffolding, and it was like I was up in the heavens," Blank says. "The project flowed. Some things are just meant to be."

In 2002, Blank's painting "Post 9/11" was selected as the official artwork for the 2002 Grammy Awards.

In terms of the future, Blank has a newly released coffee-table book titled "The Art of Lauri Blank." The artist is dedicated to connecting herself with more galleries throughout the world and wants to keep painting. "My muse is my life and what I am going through at a particular time that draws me to paint one thing or another," Blank says. Clearly, Blank's inner muse has served her well.

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