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Laurence has designs on you; PICK OF THE BOX.


Home Front (BBC 2, 8.00pm)

A WELCOME return to Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and his flouncy costumes - I mean clothes. Changing Rooms hasn't been the same without his grand designs.

Tonight in this Gardeners' World meets Changing Room series Laurence and Diarmuid Gavin come to the rescue of a couple from South London who want their bedroom spiced up and their garden revamped.

Laurence goes to work and puts French windows in the bedroom, opening inwards against an iron balustrade for a better view over the garden.

He gets a specially-commissioned silk curtain trimmed with crystal, as well as painting a work of art himself.

In the garden, Diarmuid does his usual and plumps for a minimalist white garden with decking and giant white rocks held in steel gabbions.

He also converts an old air-raid shelter into an outdoor chill-room with a glass ceiling. Perfect for two designers with their heads way up in the clouds.


The Sins (BBC 1, 9.10pm)

PETE POSTLETHWAITE, alias old lag Len Green, the best getaway driver in the business, starts his first day as an undertaker.

After last week's pride, this week the sin he has to fight is covetousness. In his bid to go straight, he sets eyes on the gorgeous hearse owned by a rival funeral firm.

He becomes completely obsessed with obtaining the car, almost to the point where he forgets his family at home, in particular his daughter Hope who is pregnant and desperate to hear her boyfriend tell her he loves her. This series is not to be missed.


The Bill (ITV, 8.00pm)

THE devastating effects of the corruption investigation continue to be felt throughout Sun Hill. Brownlow is forced to resign and many other senior officers fear for their jobs.

The race to find Beech is on and his position looks increasingly bad when his girlfriend Maggie is taken in for questioning. But Beech is far from beaten and bribes a top lawyer to get Maggie off the hook. Beech sets about changing his appearance.

He dons glasses, dyes his hair and has a ponytail fitted as the first steps in forging a new identity.


Peak Practice (ITV, 9.10pm)

A LOVE-STRUCK patient sets out to wreak her revenge on Dr Andrew Attwood after he rejects her advances in the first of a two-part series which sees the departure of actor Gary Mavers.

The patient in question is Gillian Saville, who is left partially paralysed when a routine operation he encouraged her to have goes unexpectedly wrong.

She starts falling in love with him as he tries to rebuild her life. When he knocks back her advances she turns nasty.

Also in this week's episode, love is in the air for Beeches' receptionist Carol Johnson when she meets a man through a dating agency. But the new romance is put under pressure when she discovers his dark secret.
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Title Annotation:Pick of the Box
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 31, 2000
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