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Launching the ball into the air.

IN order to get the most out of your ball flight with your driver, it is important to understand that the science required at impact is very different to that of your iron shots.

As we know, in order to strike an iron properly, a descending blow is required to generate the backspin that gets the ball up into the air. However, with the driver, we are looking to sweep the ball off the tee and launch it into the air.

In order to encourage the sweeping movement at impact, it is important to move your ball position towards your lead foot so that it is in line with the heel. Placing the ball here helps us hit the ball on the way 'up', with a slightly ascending blow.

In addition, it is important to place approximately 60 per cent of your weight on the back foot, which tilts your spine away from the target, further encouraging the correct strike.

A very positive swing thought that you can use with your driver is to imagine that you are going to keep your left ear (for a right-handed player) in line with the ball at impact.

Many club golfers struggle to get the ball up into the air because they lean into the ball, get ahead of it and strike it with a very steep angle of attack.

Keeping your left ear in line with the ball at impact, combined with the two set up changes, is the best way to sweep the ball off the tee and launch your drives into the air.

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Date:Nov 29, 2012
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