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Launch Out Into The Deep!

Launch Out Into The Deep!

Acacia L. Slaton

Xulon Press

2180 West State Road 434, Suite 2140, Longwood, FL 32779

ISBN 9781597817042, $13.99,

We all get a little lost in ourselves at times. We doubt God, Jesus and everything that is related to religion. Some people actually get so busy and caught up in their lives that they actually forget about God, Jesus and the Bible. Acacia L. Slaton has written this book, I think, in hopes of getting us to remember what we have learned about God. I believe she is trying to get us to remember that God is there, no matter what we think or believe. She is trying to make us understand that sometimes, it is God who puts us through trials and tribulations and he does it for a good reason. She has some very good Bible quotes in her book. A lot of us have many tragedies that take our thoughts so far away from the Bible, that it causes us to question God and his love for us. Some ask, "How can God do this to me?" Acacia also tries to remind us of how the devil is also in our lives and is tricking us almost every moment that we breathe. She teaches us that we need to be strong and steer totally away from the devil at all times. God is not the one, who wants us to suffer. God is not purposely hurting us or making us follow the wrong path.

A lot of Acacia's quotes from the Bible are pretty much consistent with what she is speaking about at the time. She speaks about Christians questioning their salvation and belief in the Almighty God. Throughout the book, it seems as though Acacia is bringing to light, some of the things that happened in her life. Her stories were wonderful and sad. I am glad that she shared them with us. I can relate to some of them.

Aaron L. Slaton writes the poems in the story. He is the brother of Acacia. His poems are good at times, but then at other times, I didn't truly understand what his poem meant. I am a poem writer myself and for the most part, Aaron did very well. His poems added some light to the story. I think it was a great addition to the novel.

I really enjoyed reading "Launch Out Into The Deep!" This was truly a wonderful story of courage, well-being, kindness, mistakes, and feelings about God. Acacia brought to life some of the trials that we all go through at times, and she showed us a way to get through them, with the help of God's love. Jesus died for us. He went through pain for us. That helps us see that we should not to turn our backs on God at times when we are weak. Jesus might have been weak, but to me, he was a strong man, and he loved us enough to die for us. Acacia really gets us thinking that we need to sit down, take a time out, and remember what God and Jesus has done for us. When we get caught up in society's bad times, we need to turn to God and let him take care of us, the way that he did his only son. Whether it be decisions on life, love, sex, or anything that truly matters to us, we should know that God is watching and we should never lose faith. Knowing that God is there is a breath of relief for many of us. The saying of "Let Go and Let God" truly helps.
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Author:Holland, Gina
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
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Date:May 1, 2008
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