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Laughs all way as bad boys stray.

Gary and Tony went out with a bang last night in more ways than one.

Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey, who play the daft duo in Men Behaving Badly (BBC1) proved that when the girls are away the lager lads will play - and with other girls given the chance.

Opportunity knocked when Dorothy (Caroline Quentin) and Deborah (Leslie Ash) went on a sailing trip.

Two girls arrived to stay next door for the weekend - and were immediately chatted up over the garden fence.

Tony went for Paula (Tracy Whitwell), the sexy- looking one with the short skirt, leaving Gary with Carol (Liz Carling), the quiet one with the glasses.

But appearances proved deceptive once they accepted an invitation to a barbecue.

Paula turned out to be happily married and spent the night showing off photos of her kids.

And Carol, once she removed her specs, was a little raver with a keen interest in nookie.

Teenagers learn more about the birds and the blokes from the hit comedy than they do from sex education lessons at school.

Many parents must be horrified by the pre-occupation with matters carnal. If they are not talking about it, they are doing it.

With Tony's luck that means more talk than action, so mums and dads have something to be thankful for.

The only leg-over he was party to in last night's final episode in the series was when his date dosed off and he lifted her over a fence and dumped her back in her garden. The bang came later when the shed he had converted to a sauna blew up.

Gary was luckier and ended up in the sack with his partner. But he was a reluctant lover and spent most of his time getting her to imitate lovemaking sounds made by regular girlfriend Dorothy.

His horrified face when he realised he had a willing bedfellow was a picture.

Clunes answers the prudes by saying the randy pals are only living up to the title of the show and youngsters are not expected to imitate the bad behaviour.

If they do, they will certainly be laughing all the way to the couch, the bed or even the sauna.

The show gets funnier and funnier and shows no sign of running out of steam.

The scene in which Gary shook hands with his lover after their one-night stand was a gem.

So was the one in which he basked in the afterglow, blowing smoke rings of satisfaction and strutting around the flat like a stud who is built like a stallion.

The men can't behave badly enough for me - and I look forward to their return next year in a sixth side- splitting series.

It's the women who are behaving badly down in Emmerdale (ITV).

Glamorous blonde newcomer Faye Clarke, played by Helena Calvert, made her entrance driving dangerously behind the wheel of a flash sports car.

And last night she was was flirting outrageously with anyone in trousers.

She showed off her bare midriff and prompted Terry from the Woolpack to describe her as the perfect woman.

"Legs up to her chin, loads of dosh and lives next to a pub."

It was only when the credits rolled that we learnt the brazen hussy was spoken for already.

By then, Terry had his hands full anyway with Viv from the post office after she had a bust up with her husband.

Not content with just a shoulder to cry on she attached herself to his lips as well...
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Purnell, Tony
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 2, 1996
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