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Latvia : The goal of comprehensive state defense is the readiness of the whole society to protect Latvia.

The Cabinet of Ministers supported the establishment of a comprehensive national defense coordination working group, appointing a Deputy Prime Minister, Defense Minister Arti Pabriks as its head and giving him the authority to manage and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive national defense system in Latvia.

The goal of a comprehensive state defense is the readiness of every individual, the whole society, the private sector, and state institutions to protect the country, and that means that every industry in their daily activities is aware of their responsibilities in a crisis situation. The introduction of comprehensive state defense in Latvia is essential, because in view of today's security challenges, in case of a serious crisis the involvement of the whole society would be necessary, emphasizes Minister of Defense A. Pabriks.

The aim of the working group is to promote a common understanding and cooperation between sectoral ministries in the field of comprehensive national defense at the strategic level, and will consist of all sectoral ministers, ensuring political oversight and coordination on comprehensive national defense issues. The working group will address conceptual issues related to the implementation and functioning of a comprehensive national defense system, if necessary, preparing and directing draft decisions for consideration by the Cabinet of Ministers. Its task will be to take decisions on the challenges of implementing a comprehensive national defense system, for example in areas such as economic resilience, the provision of vital services for the functioning of the state and society, the promotion of national cyber security, and the promotion of industry and private sector involvement.

The Working Group on Coordination of Comprehensive State Defense in Latvia has been established, taking into account the Scandinavian and Estonian practices in addressing comprehensive national defense issues. It has already been reported that on January 8 this year, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the informative report prepared by the Ministry of Defense on the implementation of a comprehensive national defense system in Latvia, which aims to deepen the cooperation of all state institutions, to ensure the development of effective public-private partnership mechanisms, to raise public awareness of the possibilities to protect oneself your family and the state of Latvia, as well as develop tools for self-organization of the company in case of crisis.

Such a comprehensive approach to state defense will be able to ensure a responsible attitude of the Latvian population towards the state and its security in the long term, to bridge the gap between the population and state administration institutions, as well as to prevent the division between the inhabitants of Latvia. It is planned to focus on the development of military capabilities and the development of defense strategies, promotion of cooperation between the private and public sectors in the defense sector, the provision of statehood in Latvian schools and public education, civil protection, psychological protection, strategic communication and economic sustainability.

By September 1, 2019, state institutions will submit to the Ministry of Defense their assessment and policy proposals on the implementation of comprehensive national defense. The Ministry of Defense is interested in a broad discussion not only among state institutions, but also expects public proposals to strengthen national defense.

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:Apr 5, 2019
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