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Latvia's cosmic line-up; Band with a capital connection.

Byline: David Owens

WHEN Cardiff band Local Sports Team released their debut EP last year called Latvia, little did they know it would result in a prime gig - in the Latvian capital.

But this weekend sees the band make their debut in the Eastern European city after their five-track release caught the eye of a Latvian music blogger.

"We released the EP at the end of last year and started to promote it on the internet," frontman Andy Regan said.

"This guy called Rodrigo Jansons started contacting us on Twitter and said he was a music blogger from Latvia.

"He got really excited that we had called the EP Latvia - and he sent us loads of messages, asking lots of questions.

"We sent him a copy of the EP and he wrote a review, which has to be one of the more eccentric pieces of writing I've ever read of anything I've ever been involved in, but you couldn't fault him as he was so excited about us."

After the review, the band decided to see if the blogger could snare a gig in Latvia, which he later sorted out.

Tonight, Local Sports Team's spiky post-punk live show will be witnessed by the denizens of Riga when they headline the city's Nabaklab venue, alongside Latvian rock bands Audience Killers and Neon Saturdays.

Formed last year, the band have an elaborate and fanciful explanation for the EP's name, involving cosmic ley lines and intergalactic forces.

Andy said: "I was reading about music svengali Bill Drummond. When he was manager of Echo and the Bunnymen he got obsessed with this idea of intergalactic ley lines.

"He got it in his head that there was one that came down from outer space bounced off Iceland through a manhole cover in Matthew Street in Liverpool and then exited the Earth through Papua New Guinea, so when he was managing Echo and the Bunnymen he got the band to play a gig in Reykjavik and then at the same time he stood on the manhole cover in Liverpool to see if he got affected by the ley lines."

Regan explained - with tongue firmly in cheek - that he has a similar theory.

"So we've got an idea that there is something going on in Womanby Street in Cardiff linked by leyline to Riga in Latvia. That's where the name came from and we're going to see if we can use our music to join up the cosmic ley lines."

"At the time of the performance in Riga, fans are invited to stand in Womanby Street and hum their favourite Local Sports Team songs in order to cement the cosmic harmonic connection."


Cardiff band Local Sports Team are due to play in Latvian capital Riga
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:Apr 27, 2013
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