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Latino Americans and Political Participation: A Reference Handbook.




Latino Americans and political participation; a reference handbook.

Title main entry. Ed. by Sharon Ann Navarro and Armando Xavier Mejia. (Political participation in America)

ABC-CLIO, [c]2004

321 p.


Eight American academics contribute five chapters examining the historical involvement of Latino Americans in U.S. politics and their contribution to the evolving civil rights of all American citizens. Coverage includes an introductory overview of Latino Americans, including political opinions and issues of key importance to the group, followed by chapters on Latino American participation in protest politics, social movements and interest groups, electoral politics, and political office-holding. The text also includes an alphabetical glossary of important individuals and events; an annotated resource guide of organizations, newsletters, websites, and other contact information; an annotated bibliography of key primary and secondary documents; and excerpts from major documents.
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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