Printer Friendly, Recommended by CNN INTERNATIONAL and Dow Jones, Provides the Ultimate Information About Latin American Financial Markets.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 12, 1999-- ( is recommended by CNN INTERNATIONAL as a top site to check Latin American Financial Markets.

Throughout the TV show "on.the.web" CNN INTERNATIONAL analyzes the site many times per day. In addition, DOW JONES Latin American edition considered as one of the best Latin American Financial sites of the whole web.

Some information published in the site includes on-line stock quotes, bond quotes, ADRs, equity research, indexes performance, charts, exchange rates, companies directory, banks directory, insurance companies directory, real estate directory, detailed news, brokerage houses directory, macroeconomic data, forecasts, pension funds, mutual funds, discussion forum, commodity prices, technical analysis, job opportunities and more. In the short term the company will include a Financial Search Engine and will offer online trading of Latin American securities.

The most prestigious worldwide companies, universities, and institutions, daily check the business and financial information provided by Some of them are Goldman Sachs, Dow Jones, Reuters, Abn-Amro Services Company, Intel Corporation, Fidelity Investments, General Electric Co., Charles Schwab & Co., Microsoft, Dresdner Bank, Bear Stearns & Company Inc., MCI Internet Services, Merrill Lynch, Andersen Consulting, Citicorp Global Information Network, American Express, Lucent Technologies, The World Bank Group, Salomon Inc., JP Morgan, Santander Investment, Alliance Capital Management, AT&T ITS, Bloomberg Financial Market, Bell Atlantic, IBM Global Network, Cargill, Perez Companc, Morgan Stanley Group, Ernst & Young, Bbv Latinvest Services, Bankers Trust, Ericsson, Inter-American Development Bank, KPMG, YPF, Arthur Andersen & Co, Prodigy Services Company, Pain Webber Capital Markets, Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, and Stanford University. is a pioneering Internet company based in Buenos Aires.
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Date:Mar 12, 1999
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