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LatinPharma 2005 leads to millions of dollars in deals.

ITC organized the fourth buyers--sellers meeting for LatinPharma, the Latin American pharmaceutical industry, in Santiago, Chile in September. Immediately after the meeting, participating firms reported they had concluded deals worth between US$ 8 million and US$ 18 million. The figure is likely to rise as more companies report deals. ITC arranged for over 1,000 appointments between firms, arising from more than 3,750 business opportunities.

Trade promotion organizations and pharmaceutical associations from the region helped identify the companies able to participate in the buyers--sellers meeting.

Results mean business

* 90% of participants said they identified new business leads and obtained a clear picture of opportunities in the region.

* 75% of participants indicated that business negotiations started at LatinPharma 2005 are likely to result in transactions.

* 60% managed to position their company in the Latin American market and declared that they had identified new products suitable for trade.

* 98% qualified their participation in LatinPharma as a very useful or useful experience.

Who came?

* 220 participants representing 117 companies from 13 Latin American countries (an increase of 110% compared to 2004).

* Three main associations of the pharmaceutical industry in Latin America: Asociacion Latinoamericana de la Industria Farmaceutica (ALIFAR, the Latin American association of the pharmaceutical industry, which groups 15 associations of national laboratories); Federacion Brasilena de la Industria Farmaceutica (FEBRAFARMA, the Brazilian federation of the pharmaceutical industry, which groups 14 pharmaceutical associations) and Asociacion de Laboratorios Nacionales (ALANAC, the Brazilian association of national laboratories).

* Four donors (Denmark, Germany, Norway and Switzerland).

* Eight trade promotion organizations from Latin American countries.

* Representatives from the Asociacion Latinoamericana de Integracion (ALADI, the Latin American association for integration) and the UN Economic Commission for Latin American Countries.

For more information, contact Beatriz Rodriguez, ITC Assistant Trade Promotion Adviser, at

Beatriz Rodriguez, ITC
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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