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Articles from Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research (November 1, 2016)

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A cost-benefit analysis of three gillnet fisheries in Santa Catarina, Brazil: contributing to fisheries management decisions. Pio, Vanessa Mafra; Gonzalez-Poblete, Exequiel; Pezzuto, Paulo Ricardo; Wahrlich, Roberto 16023
A new benthic macrofauna and sediments sampler for attaching to otter trawl nets: comparison with the Van Veen grab. Marques de Almeida, Tito Cesar; Arana, Patricio M.; Sant'Ana, Rodrigo; Pezzuto, Paulo Ricardo 2991
Effect of diets containing different types of sardine waste (Sardinella sp.) protein hydrolysate on the performance and intestinal morphometry of silver catfish juveniles (Rhamdia quelen). Wosniak, Barbara; Hessa Melim, Erick William; Ha, Natalia; Uczay, Juliano; Pilatti, Celso; Pessatti, 6514
Effects of marine protected areas on fisheries: the case of Sao Paulo State, Brazil. Rolim, Fernanda A.; Avila-da-Silva, Antonio O. 6196
Gillnet selectivity for whitemouth croaker (Micropogonias furnieri) from southeastern and southern Brazil. Queirolo, Dante; Pio, Vanessa Mafra; Pezzuto, Paulo Ricardo; Avila-da-Silva, Antonio O.; Haimovici, 5189
Industrial double rig trawl fisheries in the southeastern and southern Brazil: characterization of the fleet, nets and trawl simulation. Queirolo, Dante; Wahrlich, Roberto; Molina, Rodrigo; Munari-Faccin, Jose Ricardo; Pezzuto, Paulo Ric 6591
Mechanical undulating towed vehicle for collection of oceanographic data. Costa-Gama Cunha, Dyegho Moraes; Resgalla, Charrid, Jr. 3727
Multiple strategies developed by bottom trawlers to exploit fishing resources in deep areas off Brazil. Coachman Dias, Martin; Alvarez Perez, Jose Angel 6895
Only two fisheries? Characteristics of the industrial bottom gillnet fisheries in southeastern and southern Brazil and their implications for management. Pio, Vanessa Mafra; Pezzuto, Paulo Ricardo; Wahrlich, Roberto 8539
Overlap of the reproductive cycle and recruitment of the four main species caught by the purse seine fleet in Brazil. Petermann, Angelica; Schwingel, Paulo Ricardo 4979
Pathways for sustainable industrial fisheries in southeastern and southern Brazil. Arana, Patricio M.; Pezzuto, Paulo R.; Avila-da-Silva, Antonio O.; Queirolo, Dante; Perez, Jose A.A. 4850
Protein hydrolysate waste of whitemouth croaker (Micropogonias furnieri) as a way of adding value to fish and reducing the environmental liabilities of the fishing industry. Oliveira de Amorim, Ricardo Gaya; Deschamps, Francisco Carlos; Pessatti, Marcos Luiz 4730
Spatial management units for industrial demersal fisheries in Southeastern and southern Brazil. Rosso, Ana Paula; Pezzuto, Paulo Ricardo 12807
Spatial patterns of fishing fleets on the Southeastern Brazilian Bight. Dias Imoto, Ricardo; Carneiro, Marcus Henrique; Avila-da-Silva, Antonio O. 8940
Stocks and management units of Micropogonias furnieri (Desmarest, 1823) in southwestern Atlantic. Haimovici, Manuel; Cardoso, Luis Gustavo; Unpierre, Ricardo Gatto 9463
Surveying while fishing in the slope areas off Brazil: direct assessment of fish stock abundance from data recorded during commercial trawl fishing operations. Sant'Ana, Rodrigo; Alvarez Perez, Jose Angel 7877
The dynamics of whitemouth croaker fishing by gillnet and pair trawl in Southeastern Brazilian Bight. Correa, Katia Maia; Avila-da-Silva, Antonio O. 4496
The evolution of the industrial trawl fishery footprint off southeastern and southern Brazil. Port, Dagoberto; Alvarez Perez, Jose Angel; de Menezes, Joao Thadeu 9680
The first continuous plankton sampling by VOR (Towed Oceanographic Vehicle) in southeastern and southern Brazil waters. Tamanaha, Marcio Silva; Costa-Gama Cunha, Dyegho Moraes; Resgalla Junior, Charrid 5395
Using the turtle excluder device (TED) in the pink shrimp trawling fishery off southern Brazil. Schroeder, Rafael; Bottene, Bruno R.; Sant'Ana, Rodrigo; Wahrlich, Roberto; Queirolo, Dante 3086
Why are Brazilian deep-demersal fish resources valuable? An analysis of the size of edible flesh and its chemical composition. Martinez Musoles, Maria Jesus; Alvarez Perez, Jose Angel; Pessatti, Marcos; Loyola Twardowsky Bova, 5873

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