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Latin America and the Caribbean: El Salvador, April 4th-5th, 2003.

Overcoming Violence

We recommend that the 10th Lutheran World Assembly acknowledge the different forms of violence against women and to declare that we are against all forms of violence and that we need to ask for forgiveness for this whether it has been done intentionally or unintentionally.

We propose:

1. To create institutional policies on gen der issues to face the different types of violence against women and to make it applicable to all the churches and desks of the LWF.

--To use as a guideline the document "Churches say NO to violence against women" among pastors, church workers and among lay women and men from each church.

--To implement training programs that may improve the awareness on gender issues to reach each of the church members and member churches of the LWF and their offices.

--To strengthen the discussion on gender systems among youth and children in all the member churches of the LWF.

2. That the LWF may support research and experimental projects on gender matters in the entire member churches, naming and studying the "new masculine models ".

3. To discuss gender issues with different generations as to get several points of view.

4. To rename WICAS Desk as "Gender in Church and Society".

5. Given the fact that exclusion is a form of violence, we ask that COP (Commission of Bishops and Presidents) meetings be transformed into church leadership meetings to include women and youth.

Economic Globalization

The negative effects of globalization on women:

1. Increase of violence within the family reinforced by the following effects of the neoliberal economic system:




2. Feminization of poverty.

3. Migration of men and/or women to other countries which causes:

--Breakdown of the family structures

--Sole responsibility of women for the remaining family

--Abandoning of children

4. FTAA (Free Trade Agreement of the Americas) and other Free Trade Agreements and their consequences for Latin America.

5. Stereotyped mass media model of women.

--Cross-culture forces women to copy foreign models and stereotyped roles.

--Pressure of mass media creating a consumerist behavior patterns.

--Denial of real identity to women.

6. Lack of discussion within the Churches and the lack of actions that might reduce the problems mentioned above.

Challenge to the Churches:

--to find in the whole process where there are the signs of life and starting from these signs to transform the negative effects of globalization;

--to give an ecumenical response to globalization. To do so, it is necessary to have the human being as the central point instead of the consuming market;

--to work at a grass-root level, women and men making a joint effort to create political awareness leading to social change;

--to develop ecumenism at grass-root level.


1. It has a biblical support in Genesis 1:28 and Lev. 25:1-5.

2. Vision from the point of view of women:

--we want to have access to land and water;

--we want the church to make aware of the negative effects on pollution and the overuse or misuse of natural resources;

--we see depletion of the natural resources, and do not see a culture that encourages care of the environment.

3. The demands of the multinational enterprises and the World Bank in privatizing the basic services (water, public health, electricity, etc), with little or no concern for environmental care.

Actions to be Taken for Healing:

1. Recommend all member churches make major efforts to preserve all God's creation through diaconal actions to bring balance in economic and ecological development.

2. To create and strengthen a network of women to deal with environmental issues, as to have a positive influence in public policies.
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